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Do Rebounds Make You Miss Your Ex More? The TRUTH Revealed

Do Rebounds Make You Miss Your Ex More? The TRUTH Revealed

Hello, new romance, I’ve been waiting for you!

That lovely honeymoon phase! Those butterflies in your stomach and that exciting feeling of something new and fresh… how can you not love it?

Everything is finally going great for you again. Your new partner has so much to offer, but you want your ex more. So, do rebounds make you miss your ex more?

Oh, honey. You just can’t let go of your last relationship. Before you know it, you found yourself in a rebound relationship thinking it might fix everything.

Maybe you didn’t have enough time to get over him/her, but maybe, just maybe, there’s too much emotional connection there, and you’re not a rock. You’re just a human being who can’t let that go.

Worry not. Below, you’ll find everything you need to know about a rebound relationship, why people enter it, does it make you miss your ex, (and much more).

Do Rebounds Make You Miss Your Ex More?

My sweet ladies and my lovely gentlemen… I know… You just want to heal and get over it. I’m sorry to disappoint you, but it’s not that simple.

Every now and then, you will want your ex back no matter how much you try avoiding it.

Rebound relationships will, without any doubt, make you miss your ex more, especially if you had what they call “a real relationship.” So, do rebounds make you miss your ex more? If you didn’t see it coming, what you read next might surprise you even more.

4 Reasons Why Rebounds Make You Miss Your Ex More

We’re giving you four simple explanations of how and why it happens. This may help you for future reference, so keep going.

1. A new girl and a new guy might do their best, but they’re not your ex

No matter how hard they try, you can’t stop comparing your new fresh romance to your previous relationship.

You keep telling yourself your ex did those things better. They were a better kisser, they were better in bed, they just knew when something was wrong.

But, ding-dong… you didn’t unpause your previous relationship where it stopped.

To you, it’s maybe just a rebound relationship, but it’s also a new relationship for your new partner. Let go of your guard and give it a chance; they just started learning about you.

2. You feel like you’re not in a serious relationship like you were before

Well, of course not! As I’ve told you before, this is a new relationship. To achieve a serious relationship and a long-term relationship, you need to dig deeper.

You’re using your new guy as a band-aid, but he’s a human, too… remember that. That person has feelings as well. In order to become serious, that relationship has to go step by step… it can’t happen overnight.

3. Comparison comes naturally

Whether you like it or not, you will compare your ex to your new partner. Giving them minuses and pluses for what they do well and what they don’t do well won’t make your relationship better.

Where does that lead you? You’ll end up thinking about your ex and your ex only.

4. You’re faking your feelings

By denying that we don’t miss our exes or telling ourselves that we had enough time to get over them, we’ll find ourselves in a spot in which we truly miss our ex-partner.

That no contact option might seem like a good idea now, but it doesn’t mean you need to do it.

What Is A Rebound Relationship?

I’m sure one of your friends has told you that you want a rebound relationship. No reason to think you’re a weirdo, relax. A lot of people have struggled with this and went through a rebound relationship.

A rebound relationship is your first new relationship after your breakup from a serious relationship you had… it’s an attempt to move on after your ex.

Sometimes, it will lead you to figure out how much you miss your ex, but sometimes it might go the other way. Due to your past relationship, you think that what you need at that moment is a human band-aid who might help you get over your ex.

You’re simply engaged with your past, and your rebound partner (new guy or a new girl) is part of your healing process.

Why Do People Enter Rebound Relationships?

You’re not a robot. You don’t hang out or date people because someone gave you a command. You have multiple reasons to date people. Even if it’s a mistake sometimes, you will still need someone by your side.

In order to avoid getting your ex back, you jump into a rebound relationship.

After a breakup, we have a need for attention, a need for love, and a need for someone by our side to boost our confidence.

That is our emotional period in which we enter rebound relationships without being fully and completely healed from the last relationship we were in.

1. We need to feel loved again

Jumping into a new relationship won’t make you heal, but I get it. We want comfort, tight hugs, and arms wrapped around us, and instead of having a difficult time, we might fool ourselves with a new relationship.

2. We can’t let go of old habits

Cute text messages in the morning written by our loved ones are just one of the things we’re stuck on. Your photos from the trips you took together on social media don’t help either.

You used to hang out almost every day, and now it’s gone. Isn’t it easier to just find a replacement?

3. Our self-esteem is shaken

Sometimes, how we value and perceive ourselves is often affected by other people’s opinions and their role in our lives. Like any other human being, we want attention, love, and someone to care for us.

Not having that someone in our lives can shake our self esteem, so we might let anyone who shows that they might care for us into our life.

But, do rebound relationships last?

How Long Do Rebound Feelings Last?

Unfortunately, I don’t have a secret recipe to tell you “do this, and you’ll get over your ex quickly.”

I know, I know… you badly want to know whether rebounds make you miss your ex more. Well, if you’re the type of person who can let go of things easily and see other options that life has to offer you, then I’m sure that for a month, you’ll be happy with other options that life is serving you this time.

If not, maybe within a year or a bit less, you’ll be in your perfect place, happy, healed, and with lessons learned.

Do Rebounds Help People Move On?

Some call it a rebound relationship; some call it moving on. A rebound relationship might help you heal quicker than being single and on your own.

Your new partner will have much to offer you, and in the first few months, that will occupy your thoughts and you’ll be interested in getting to know him/her.

But, you may also feel the invisible presence of the third person in the room while you’re on a date with your new partner. And, that is not so good.

That means that no matter how hard you try, you just can’t forget your ex, and the healing process might seem more difficult.

Either way, don’t give up. One of the feelings will eventually be less expressive and you’ll either be happy and in a healthy relationship or just giving yourself more time to get over your ex.

3 Ways To Use Your Rebound Relationship To Get Over Your Ex

Do rebounds make you miss your ex more? Yes, but not always. Sometimes, your rebound relationship can truly help you to get over your ex if you focus on the right things.

As the saying goes: the best way to get over someone is to get under someone else. It sounds selfish, but you can also fall in love. And, love always deserves a chance.

1. Focus on your new partner

Give your new romance a chance. Instead of just using your new partner to get over your ex, focus on their personality as well. They also have a lot to offer. Maybe your personalities and your energies match more.

2. See how the new better half is treating you

It shocked you. All the romantic gestures, the manners, flowers, opening doors for you, cute text messages, and all the compliments. You’re loving it! Do rebounds make you miss your ex more now? Hmm, maybe not so much…

Maybe you were missing this all the time. Your new partner has shown you so much devotion and love, and you’re surprised, but you’re not thinking of your ex at all.

3. “Let’s simply have fun”

Relationships aren’t just about kissing and sleeping together. They’re so much more. So, why don’t you take a trip together, play some games, or do a cool sports activity together?

Have a crazy cheat day with lots of food. That way, you’ll get to know your new partner better, and you won’t have time to think about your ex or your ex’s rebound.

A New Relationship Will Not Necessarily Make You Happy

Just because your ex’s new relationship is working out doesn’t mean yours will, too. If you’re jumping into a new relationship just to be with someone, you’ll end up even more hurt, and you will hurt that other person as well.

Is that really something you want?

You know how bad it is to go through heartbreak; why would you do it to someone else? They have moved on, they see you as their ex, and maybe you should move on as well.

In Conclusion

Relationships are complicated. It has always been like that from the first two people who dated on this planet. Going through a heartbreak isn’t easy.

All of us would want to skip that part and just go on with our lives as soon as we can. But, we have to patiently give time some room to do its job.

A rebound relationship isn’t always a solution. Being on your own doesn’t always work as well. What we need sometimes is to simply give time some time.

If you’re still wondering whether rebounds make you miss your ex more, I have to tell you: we will miss our exes, we will want them back, we will be hurt and heartbroken, but eventually, we will heal.

Once you’re healed, you’re ready to get back in the game stronger than ever. You got it, darling.