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32 Obvious Signs A Female Coworker Likes You But Is Hiding It

32 Obvious Signs A Female Coworker Likes You But Is Hiding It

Welcome, dear friend! If you’re looking for secret signs that a female coworker likes you but is hiding it, know that you’re in just the right place.

When I think of workplace romances, I instantly imagine all those movie scenes where colleagues subtly flirt with each other, help each other with their tasks, and then start spending a lot of time together outside work.

Truth be told, office romances aren’t only popular in movies but also in real life because people spend a great amount of time in the work environment.

Given that you’re here, you’re probably wondering whether that one female colleague of yours secretly likes you or not.

Is she flirting with you, or is she just being friendly? Does she really need help with something, or is she just looking for reasons to be close to you? How do you know if a girl likes you?

Too many questions, right? I’ll tell you one thing. Girls are complex creatures, and they like to overthink things and, let’s say, complicate things. If you’re wondering how I know all this, I’ll just say that I’m a girl myself.

So, if you’re not that good at reading between the lines and dealing with all those mixed signals (and I’m sure no guy is), you might need some help deciphering whether she really likes you or if she just sees you as a friend and dear colleague.

No worries. This extensive list of signs a female coworker likes you but is hiding it will tell you EXACTLY what’s going on inside her head!

She (over)shares personal info and intimate details of her life

She tells you about her friends, family, hobbies, passions, personal problems, and so on.

She keeps you updated on her personal life, and she often overshares things with you. She tells you about her romances and intimate details of her life.

She also shares all the embarrassing situations she experienced as a kid. Even though you never asked her to tell you any of this, she still does.

Do you know why? Because she genuinely likes you, and she feels the urge to share everything with you!

She’s always on your side

One of the biggest signs a coworker likes you is them always being on your side and defending you no matter what.

If there’s a problem in your company and you’re being blamed for it, she will let you know (directly or indirectly) that she’s on your side.

Indeed, that’s what people do when they like someone (be it a female or male colleague).

They want to protect the person they have affection for and be close to them in times of misfortune.

So, if you notice that she’s always ready to help you and watch your back, this may not be just a friendly gesture but something more.

Constant texting and calling

It is universally acknowledged that women LOVE texting, calling, and any other type of communication because this helps them connect with someone they like.

If your female coworker uses any opportunity just to say hello to you, texts you at inappropriate times, or calls you for no specific reason, then you can be sure she’s TOTALLY into you!

You’ll know that she likes you if she constantly initiates casual chatting.

It’s her way of telling you that she wants to stay connected with you, and she wants to be a part of your life (both personally and professionally). So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to ask your coworker out!

She notices EVERY single change in you

If you ask me, this is one of the biggest signs a female coworker likes you but is hiding it from you.

As a female, I can tell you one thing: If a girl likes you, she will notice every single change in you from your personality to your appearance.

She will be the first one to notice when you’ve changed your hair, when you’re feeling off, or when you change your style.

Other people won’t even notice certain things about you, but she will always be the first to compliment you or playfully tease you.

She randomly and subtly touches you

The power of a subtle touch is one of the most underrated things when it comes to romances.

If you’re not that good at reading between the lines, you might think that every time she subtly touches you is just by pure coincidence.

Well, in most cases, it is not a coincidence but a conscious act of affection. Subtly touching your arm when talking to you (or laughing), “accidentally” bumping into you, and doing other similar things all mean that she’s attracted to you.

Initiating physical contact is also one of those subtle signs a male coworker likes you, so if you’re a female reading this, I hope you find it helpful.

You often catch her staring at you

When we really like someone, we can’t help but stare at them all the time. It’s just stronger than us, and we can’t help it.

If you often catch her gaze across the room or if she makes eye contact with you, this is a good sign that she likes you more than a friend or colleague.

It’s clear that she can’t help herself but daydream about you, observe your body language and your addictive aura. If you like her too, make sure to smile at her when you catch her gazing at you.

She asks you about your relationship status

There are two reasons why your colleague (or any other girl) would be interested in your love life:

a) She’s interested in you.

b) She’s wondering whether you’re single (because she’s interested in you).

Asking lots of personal questions is also one of the legit signs a female coworker likes you but is hiding it.

She might not necessarily ask you directly things like Are you single? But she will do it more subtly.

For example, she might ask you about what you do in your free time or some other indirect questions that are still related to your relationship status. Also, if she calls you ‘bro’, know that things are (probably) not that simple.

She’s putting a lot more effort into her appearance

Have you noticed that she’s been putting a lot more effort into her appearance lately? Or have you noticed a lot of changes in her behavior?

You know that a girl is smitten with you when she starts putting more effort into her appearance. Do you know why girls do that?

Because they want you to notice them. They want to catch your attention because, evidently, they like you.

If your female colleague always wears perfect makeup, surprises you with a new haircut, wears interesting shirts and outfits, and so on, know that she’s doing it for a reason.

She wants you to notice that new shirt she recently bought, and she wants you to like her the way she likes you. So, yes, her extra effort is definitely one of the biggest signs she likes you.

She compliments you

Compliments are always a great thing! If your female coworker keeps showering you with compliments, then you know that she notices every single thing about you.

It could be your new hairstyle, your skill when resolving a difficult task, or your overall personality. It’s her way of subtly telling you that she’s into you, and she likes every single thing you do, say, or wear.

If it weren’t so, she wouldn’t bother noticing all those things about you, and she wouldn’t bother thinking of sweet things to say to you.

If she bothers, it means she cares. If she cares, it means she likes you.

Mirroring your body language

They say that we subconsciously mirror the body language of a person we like.

For example, if you touch your nose or hair when talking to her, she will do the same thing without even being aware of it.

I suggest that you pay close attention to those things because they happen subconsciously.

Body language is one of the most powerful things when it comes to affection because it tells us things that words cannot.

You can decide not to express your feelings with words, but your body cannot hide it, and that’s the real beauty of it.

She offers to help you with your work and tasks at hand

Sure, we all need help from our colleagues from time to time, and it’s normal that we help each other and expect others to offer help when needed.

But if she constantly offers to help you (even with not so complex tasks), then you know something else is going on here.

Then you know that she’s just looking for an excuse to be close to you. Perhaps she doesn’t have the guts to ask you out for a drink or dinner, so the only way to spend more time with you is through work.

The other reason she wants to assist you is that she genuinely cares about you and wants to be helpful. Nurturing and caring are innate female qualities.

When we care about someone, we readily do anything for that person, which sometimes puts us in a position of being taken for granted.

Don’t let that happen to your female colleague if you like her back.

She’s playfully flirtatious

If she tells flirty jokes, then you know this is not just a friendly interaction, but it’s a clear sign that she’s totally into you!

Perhaps she sends you flirty texts and GIFs, teases you a lot, and surprises you with other flirty gestures.

If she does all that, then you know there’s something more than a friendship. Then you know that she’s probably expecting you to reciprocate.

I know for a fact that when I dig a guy (be it my colleague or someone else), I can’t help but become a ‘flirtatious beast’ because it’s so much fun, and it’s one of the best ways to let them know that I’m interested.

Even the shy ones figure it out, and they become more relaxed and open. That’s why we girls love this method.

She suggests hanging out after work

If your colleague is shy, you can’t expect her to suggest hanging out after work because she’s more of a ‘subtle hints’ type of person.

But, if she’s an open and extroverted person who likes to meet new people and you’ve been friends for a while, initiating spending time together after work will come naturally to her.

We all know what this means. I imagine lots of alcohol, laughter, and plenty of good times, which all can lead to one thing: connecting on a deeper level.

Evidently, that’s exactly what she wants. She wants to get to know you better, she wants to know your fears and dreams, and she wants to have a special relationship with you not only as her colleague but maybe as her future boyfriend as well.

She packs extra food and shares it with you

Who doesn’t love lunch breaks? Well, when you have a crush on your coworker, you basically live for lunch breaks, and you can’t wait to share your food with the one you daydream of.

If she always “unintentionally” packs extra food and shares it with you, that girl really cares about you! I know for a fact that I would never share my food with someone I don’t like. It’s just against human reason.

Joking aside, this is a good sign that she thinks about you all the time. She wants to share her food with you because this means sitting next to each other and having some chill time together.

And that is why she never forgets to treat you with something tasty from her lunch box.

She gets jealous of other female coworkers

Just like guys, girls can get jealous too. In fact, it’s in our human nature to HATE everyone who talks to our crush because we get insecure that they might start liking that other person instead of us.

We don’t want our crush to notice other people but only compliment us and stay focused on all the sweet things we do for them. So, if she acts jealous when you talk to other female coworkers, now you know the reason behind it.

On the contrary, if she makes you jealous, this is one of the signs she likes you but is playing hard to get. It means she wants you to make an effort and win her like a real man! (And I have no doubt that you will).

She keeps looking for reasons to get in touch with you

“I don’t understand how this functions. Could you come over and fix my wardrobe? I don’t really feel well. Could you help me finish (something) I’m working on at the moment?”

Perhaps she really needs your help, or she just keeps making excuses and is looking for new reasons to get in touch with you.


This is one of the ultimate signs of attraction because it’s evident that she’s going out of her way to get in touch with you. She’s really creative with inventing tasks for you and pretending that she needs your help with every single thing.

Well, that girl deserves respect and admiration for her creativity and sheer will to spend time with you. You have no idea how lucky you are, my friend!

She calls you nicknames

Here’s the thing. If I’m not really fond of a guy, I won’t even bother calling him nicknames. I certainly won’t waste my time looking for top nicknames to call a guy.

If she does that, then you know she’s smitten with you! She can’t help herself but call you those cute pet names instead of your real name. What’s interesting is that every couple does this.

I’ve never been in a relationship and called a guy by his real name. I’d always call him by his nickname (that I invented for him) as the utmost sign of my affection.

Her calling you nicknames is also a sign of her fondness for you and a desire to be more than just colleagues and good friends.

She talks to other colleagues about you

Do your colleagues come to you saying things like OMG. You won’t believe what she told me about you! Or do you see and hear for yourself that she’s talking to other colleagues about you?

Now, if she really likes you, you will hear so many great things about yourself from others. She will compliment you in front of them, and she will also use any opportunity to find out something new about you.

Contacting your close friends and family too soon would be a weird thing to do, so for now, all she has is your coworkers. Also, she probably secretly hopes that they will tell you great things about her as well once they get to know her better.

She smiles whenever she sees you or talks to you

Does she smile when you enter the premises? Do you notice that her eyes sparkle when talking to you? If yes, these are also legit hints, aka signs, a female coworker likes you but is hiding it.

Let me explain the reason behind this urge to smile when seeing someone you like. It’s simple. When you do something that fulfills you, e.g., when you eat your favorite food or play your favorite video game, you’re happy, right?

The same thing applies to her seeing you. Since you’re the object of her affection, she can’t help herself but instantly feel happier whenever she sees you.

In other words, you are the person who always brightens her day with your presence.

She’s interested in your life outside of work

Does she ask you lots of personal questions related to your friends, family, and love life? Is she interested in all your activities, from hobbies to how you spend your free time?

If she keeps asking you about your life outside of work, this is a great sign that she wants to be a part of your life.

She wants to get to know you better, and there is no better way to do that than to ask plenty of questions that will help her learn more about your personality.

If you like her back, you can use this to your advantage. Don’t reveal too much about yourself but give her tidbits of information about your life.

Also, make sure to keep things interesting. Don’t tell her boring things about yourself but keep it exciting, and that’s how you’ll become a pro at getting a girl’s attention.

She always sits next to you during meetings

The reason why she always sits next to you during meetings is the same reason why she always smiles when she sees you.

It’s because she wants to be close to you all the time. She wants to talk to you and laugh with you during those often boring meetings.

If she always sits next to you during meetings, other people will start noticing that too. The thing is, it’s really hard to hide when you like someone.

One of my friends is currently crazy about her male colleague, and she told me that she can’t even look at him in front of her other colleagues because they will see in her eyes that she likes him.

Truth be told, some people are really good at hiding their feelings for someone, but others need more practice.

She remembers every single detail about you (including your birthday)

I’ll repeat: If a woman likes you, she will make sure to remember every single thing about you. That includes your birthday, the type of cologne you wear, your favorite colors, all your likes and dislikes, and the list goes on.

The easiest way to learn if she remembers every single detail about you is by focusing on her words and actions. Chances are she will repeat something you told her a long time ago because she memorized it along with other things about you.

By memorizing all this, she is creating a profile of you in her head. She might even go as far as to start looking for perfect Christmas gifts for a boyfriend, and that might be the future you.

Your coworkers are asking you about her

I used to be someone who thought that others don’t notice things unless it’s about them, but I was wrong. Your coworkers, friends, family, and all the other people around you notice everything that’s going on.

If your coworkers start to gossip or ask you things about her, chances are they’ve noticed a potential office romance.

They might even begin to spread rumors about you two, which could be bad for you if your company’s policy doesn’t allow such things.

She’s suddenly extra clumsy around you

Is she suddenly extra clumsy around you, and you have the feeling that she’s the only person in your workplace who bumps into you on a daily basis?

You might think that this is just pure coincidence, but you should actually ask yourself the following: Does my female coworker have a crush on me?

Chances are that she DOES! It is just silly to think that someone would become extra clumsy around you for no apparent reason.

As they say, everything happens for a reason, and it’s a rule that can be applied to everything in life.

She showers you with thoughtful gifts

Gifts always have special meaning whether they are from a friend, family member, or colleague. If she constantly showers you with thoughtful presents, you might be in luck, my friend!

Well, let’s be real, perhaps she’s showering you with presents just because she needs a favor from you, but we’ll exclude that potential fact this time.

So, the other more obvious reason why she would do that is that presents are her way of expressing her emotions for you.

Thoughtful gifts are an act of affection, but they could also be considered a token of platonic intimacy. If all the other signs scream that she’s into you, then you can be sure she doesn’t see you as only a friend but more than that.

You two have an extensive list of inside jokes

When two people have chemistry (be it romantic or friendship) and they really get along, they will have lots of inside jokes.

There’s something special about you two being the only ones who understand these jokes and that other coworkers have no idea what you’re laughing at or talking about.

If you two have an extensive list of inside jokes, this is a sure sign that the chemistry is there, and it’s only a matter of time for it to turn into something more meaningful.

Besides these jokes, you might also have an extensive list of thought-provoking questions because small talk is not your style.

All these things imply that she has a high level of comfort around you, which again adds to the fact that she’s totally smitten with you.

She wants to know your future plans

Does she (suddenly) ask you lots of random questions about your future plans? Does she ask you about your plans for the weekend, your future career plans, and so on?

She might be doing that because she wants to know whether there’s a shot at romance.

If you’re not planning on staying at that workplace, she will know that you two don’t have a chance of being together. In that case, she will withdraw.

Another reason why she wants to know your future plans is, perhaps, to accidentally bump into you at that concert you plan on going to or some other event.

She sends you cute and flirty emails

How do I know if my coworker is attracted to me? One way to know that they are into you is to pay attention to their texting style, especially when they send you emails.

We all know that emails are strictly professional, and there isn’t a lot of space for being creative or flirty when communicating via them.

Still, two things can make those emails less serious and a little more casual: EMOJIS and word choice.

If she sends you an email full of flirty emojis (if you ask me, any emoji is a flirty emoji), then you know she’s trying to be more casual with you. If she adds some jokes to a strictly business-oriented email, know that she just wants to brighten your day.

She walks with you to your car

Do you know that feeling when all the time in the world is not enough when you’re hanging out with someone whose company you enjoy? Well, the chances are high that’s exactly how she feels about you.

If she walks with you to your car, this means that she has so much to say to you, and she can’t get enough of your presence. This is especially true if the reason why she walks with you to your car is to ask you about your plans for the weekend, etc.

Perhaps she’s secretly hoping that you’ll invite her for a drink or to dinner (preferably at your place). So, if you’re into her, don’t miss the opportunity to show her that.

Body language signs

How do you tell if a female coworker secretly likes you? If she doesn’t talk about her feelings and if she’s sending you mixed signals, it’s really hard to know what exactly is going on inside her head, right?

This is where body language cues come in handy! Here are some physical signs that she likes you more than a friend:

biting her lip

• staring at you

• fixing her hair and outfit when approaching you

• being nervous around you

• subtle touches

After all, you’ll know that she likes you by only observing her facial expressions when talking to you. She will act all cute and dreamy because she likes you a lot!

She’s nervous around you

How do you know if a coworker likes you but is hiding it? Or how do you tell if a shy girl likes you?

If your female co-worker likes you and you know that she’s shy by nature, she will blush when talking to you or just by looking at you.

You might think to yourself, “Maybe she’s bad at expressing her feelings because she’s shy,” and you couldn’t be more right.

One of my good friends spent a lot of time wondering how to tell if a shy girl likes you, and he concluded that acting nervous and anxious around you is one of the biggest signs she’s into you.

She asks about your weekend

And last but not least of the signs a female coworker likes you but is hiding it is her asking you about your weekend.

You probably know that work friends are actually your best friends, and you might not see her asking you about your weekend as a sign that she likes you.

If other signs scream that she’s into you, then you know that her asking you this and similar questions all belong to the list of signs she likes you more than a good friend and colleague.

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If your female coworker likes you and you’re interested…

If you like your female coworker and you have suspicions that she likes you back, then don’t play games with her, but ask her out, be flirty with her (but don’t overdo it), and subtly let her know that you also like her.

But first, make sure that she doesn’t have a boyfriend and learn how to tease a girl and win her over like a pro. Learning how to approach women is a true art in itself, but any guy can master it.

Also, keep in mind that your workplace is a place for professionalism, so you might want to check your company’s policy regarding office relationships as well.

If your female coworker likes you, but you’re not interested…

Don’t let her wait just because you know she will. Don’t send her mixed signals. Try to tell her in the nicest way possible that you’re not interested or that you’re already seeing someone (even if you’re not). I guess it’s less painful that way.

I’m not a fan of lying, but sometimes a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do. The worst thing you could do is give her false hope, only to tell her that you’ve never been into her.

Closing Thoughts

I hope this extensive list of signs that a female coworker likes you but is hiding it helped you resolve your dilemmas and that you now know exactly what you ought to do.

If you’re on the same page, I’m glad for you both, and I wish you a happy office romance! In case you’re not, I pray that nobody gets hurt one way or another and that you’ll both stay fellow coworkers and great friends!