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The Best Partner For A Highly Sensitive Person: 15 Top Traits

The Best Partner For A Highly Sensitive Person: 15 Top Traits

Even if you’re not someone with high sensitivity, it can be a real nightmare to find the best person who’ll satisfy all your needs.

So you can imagine how hard it must be for a highly sensitive person to find the best partner.

Highly sensitive people are often overwhelmed by the world around them and need someone who’ll understand their needs and appreciate their sensitivity.

Although it’s hard to find someone who’ll know how to do these things, it’s still possible, and every HSP will value this relationship even more once they find the right person.

So let’s see what the characteristics of the best partner for an HSP are!

The Best Partner For A Highly Sensitive Person? (15 Traits)

Just a little note for those who may not know what a highly sensitive person (HSP) is. A highly sensitive person is someone who has heightened or deeper central nervous system sensitivity to physical, emotional, or social stimuli (HSP).

People who are highly sensitive typically have a strong capacity for empathy and compassion, but their capacity to experience strong emotions can be overwhelming in romantic relationships.

So for them to make a relationship work, they need a partner with several important characteristics. What are those characteristics? Let’s find out!

1. A patient person

When HSPs enter a relationship, it is critical they find a partner who understands and supports their sensitive natures.

Patient people make excellent HSP partners because they’re more likely to understand and accept their partner’s needs. They provide a sense of security for them, and this is what, in the end, makes them calm.

Every person, but especially highly sensitive people, love to feel stable and secure in a relationship, and their patient partner will be the right person for this task.

They’ll take the time to listen to their partners and understand their needs through patience and calmness, therefore creating a strong bond between them.

2. An empathetic person

The second and most important characteristic required for a functional romantic relationship with an HSP is empathy.

As we know, empaths know how to recognize and understand the emotions and feelings of others.

And there is nothing that forms a deep and strong connection with someone as good as the ability to understand someone on a deeper level.

There are different types of empaths, but general characteristics include emotional intelligence and the ability to sense subtleties, which is more than enough for an HSP to fall in love with them.

3. An honest person

Honest people are some of the best partners for highly sensitive people. They’re the ones who can create an honest and healthy relationship in which the HSP will feel safe and without any judgment.

An honest person represents home and shelter for every thought and feeling of a highly sensitive person because they know an honest person won’t lie to them or leave out important details.

So this is what creates a strong bond between partners and helps the HSP feel more confident in her own emotions and thoughts.

An HSP will allow themself to become emotionally vulnerable and open up about their feelings and thoughts, which will create a comfortable environment they’ll never want to leave.

4. A funny person

If you ask me, a funny and a sensitive person make the best match!

You know how they say that opposites attract? That’s definitely true in this case. A highly sensitive partner is affected by the world around them and overwhelmed with negative emotions.

That’s why they need someone to brighten up their day, someone with a different perspective – someone who will make them laugh.

This helps the highly sensitive person take focus away from those things and provides a much-needed break from feeling overwhelmed.

5. A trustworthy person

Everyone loves a loyal and trustworthy partner, don’t they? But imagine how hard it would be for a highly sensitive person to establish a relationship with someone with completely opposite traits.

They don’t need someone who’ll only cause a build-up of anxiety and overthinking. They need someone who will be loyal to them no matter what because HSPs don’t react the same to even a little betrayal, a little white lie.

So you need to be their shoulder to cry on, someone who will actively listen to them and always act in their best interest.

Then and only then will you be able to form a deep connection with a highly sensitive person.

6. A good listener

All an HSP needs is someone who’ll be there and listen to them talk about the stressful week they had. Sometimes, all they need is exactly this.

As HSPs are often misunderstood, that’s why an active listener is the best catch of all time. They love the fact that an active listener will show they’re really present and actively engage in the conversation.

An active listener is someone who asks questions, makes comments, and encourages further conversations about the topic.

This will be a sign to the HSP that the other person really cares about them and their feelings, which will create an incredibly comfortable environment for them.

7. A non-judgmental person

An HSP needs a lot of things, but judgment isn’t one of them. Therefore, non-judgmental people are a good fit for them.

Again, for an HSP, it’s all about the feeling of being safe and stable in the relationship, and open-mindedness definitely contributes to that.

They are open to hearing their partner’s feelings and experiences without passing judgment or criticism. This type of partner recognizes that HSPs process things differently and is patient and understanding of their partner’s process.

Therefore, HSPs have the freedom to express themselves without being scared of being judged. This also helps build trust between them, which is essential in any relationship.

8. A supportive person

If an HSP wants to make the best out of a relationship, they definitely need someone who can be supportive even in stressful situations.

A supportive person is first someone who knows what an HSP and their needs are. They’re able to recognize them and adequately react to them without making an HSP look weird or different.

The best thing about a supportive person is that they won’t try to change an HSP. They will embrace the differences and love them!

So, not only will the HSP get someone who loves their ‘‘flaws’’ but someone who’ll be good for their mental health and well-being. If this isn’t hitting the jackpot, I don’t know what is.

9. A flexible person

Non-HSPs usually aren’t able to respect the needs of HSPs simply because they don’t understand them.

However, when you combine understanding, respect, and support, you get a flexible partner who’s willing to adjust to your needs. Those people aren’t threatened by their partner’s needs and overall sensitivity.

Because they love their HSP partner, they’ll also love to explore new ways of doing things and completely adjust to them.

A flexible person is aware that an HSP will have their ups and downs and will be there for them because they know an HSP can’t control when they’re overwhelmed or anxious in certain situations.

10. Someone who can form deep connections

One characteristic of a highly sensitive person is that they can’t just fall in love with someone who isn’t able to form deep connections. What does this mean?

Well, they don’t love the usual small talk. They love emotionally intelligent people with whom they can form a deep emotional connection.

Meaningful conversations and relationships are their first choice. In fact, they can’t have a functional relationship without them.

They help them understand and emphasize with their partner, and without that, the relationship is ruined.

11. An understanding person

Nobody’s perfect, and we can acknowledge that it can be a real struggle sometimes to date a highly sensitive person.

So, who’s the best partner for a highly sensitive person? The answer is simple: an understanding person.

They understand the fact that an HSP has their own inner world, which is in many cases only known to them, that they feel the need for alone time, and that they can get anxious over little things.

In fact, an understanding person can help them stop being sensitive through emotional support, patience, compassion, and respect.

12. Someone who respects your boundaries

No matter who is looking for a partner, everyone NEEDS a partner with whom they’ll have healthy personal space.

Respecting boundaries is the key to any healthy relationship, but especially one that includes an HSP.

Setting and respecting boundaries has many benefits. This will make your HSP partner feel free to air grievances about your relationship.

By respecting boundaries, you also create healthy and open communication, which is also a big plus. They prevent your partner from experiencing potential burnout as they often become overstimulated and overwhelmed.

13. Someone who embraces the differences

If you’re looking for someone who’ll embrace the differences between you two, then start looking for an open-minded person who’s willing to learn about you and understand you.

Every one of us has our own type of sensitivity, so it’s important that we acknowledge our feelings and emotions. Yes, we should focus more on our HSPs partners, but we should never neglect our feelings.

An HSP needs someone who loves to explore new things, learn about each other’s feelings and new cultures while growing together!

14. A compassionate person

Having a compassionate person will not only help an HSP thrive in their love life but in general.

They will always need someone who can be just a little more emotionally supportive. Most of the time, a highly sensitive person isn’t able to process their feelings alone, so they need a compassionate partner.

A compassionate partner will be their shoulder to cry on and someone who’ll listen to their worries. They won’t judge you but give you the time to process all your feelings and then give you a good solution.

What makes them the best partner for a highly sensitive person is the fact that they’ll know how to handle their emotions – they’ll know how to calm them down and not just make them even more upset.

15. Someone who has a steady lifestyle

Highly sensitive people (HSPs) do not do well in relationships that are full of toxicity or where the dynamics are constantly shifting, especially if this happens too quickly.

Being on an emotional see-saw is not something they enjoy.

When the progress and evolution of a relationship begin to plateau, it sparks a warning sign in their minds. Stability is not boring to them – it is the equilibrium their sensitive minds need.


Can highly sensitive people be in a relationship?

Yes, highly sensitive people can be in love relationships.

Even though this relationship comes with its struggles, there is nothing that honest and respectful people who love each other can’t overcome.

You’d be surprised, but highly sensitive people often make the best partners. They’re typically very attuned to their partner’s wants and needs, displaying a high level of thoughtfulness and understanding.

Additionally, they tend to be great listeners and communicators, which can help foster a healthier and more satisfying relationship.

Which personality type is most likely to be HSP?

Introverts are more likely to be highly sensitive persons (HSP), especially those who identify with the extroverted sensing, feeling, and judging (ESFJ) personality type.

People with high sensitivity are more aware of their emotions and may take more time to process their thoughts and feelings, and that’s why they love alone and quiet time.

Additionally, they’re often more sensitive to external stimuli like loud noises, strong smells, and bright lights.

What are the strengths of a highly sensitive person?

A lot of time, you’ll hear about how HSPs have many flaws, but nobody talks about their strengths.

First, their level of empathy is incredible because they are more aware of the emotional nuances of their surroundings. That’s why they easily notice when someone feels emotional distress.

Besides this, they’re deeply committed to their values and beliefs because this is the foundation of their identity, and they want to make sure they’re respected and protected.

An HSP is also able to process information on a deeper level due to their emotional sensitivity, so it’s no wonder they love emotionally intelligent people.

Bottom Line

A highly sensitive person can find their partner in the most unexpected places, from their own hometown to faraway lands and new cultures, but will they be their parfect partner?

Long story short: the best partner for a highly sensitive person is someone who’s understanding, supportive, and patient.

It’s someone who can solely see from their body language that they’re overwhelmed and anxious and who’ll know how to react properly.Once you’re there, your relationship will last a lifetime. Even though many say that a relationship with an HSP is destined for failure, you’ll be the one who’ll prove them wrong!