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300+ Dirty ‘Would You Rather’ Questions For Guys And Girls

300+ Dirty ‘Would You Rather’ Questions For Guys And Girls

I’m sure you’ve already heard about the dirty would you rather questions game. Or maybe you’ve even played it before?

This social game is great for friends, couples, co-workers, and you can even play it by yourself whenever you are bored.

A ‘Would You Rather’ questions game is one of the best conversation starters and icebreakers, and it will definitely spice up every party or friendly get-together (the ones where dirty talk is welcome, of course).

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Maybe even after a couple of good dirty ‘Would You Rather’ questions rounds, you’ll have the feeling you’re talking to a completely different person.

Below is the most diverse list of dirty would you rather questions for girls and boys you’ll ever need. You can use these dirty questions on different occasions and with different types of people.

Some of these would you rather questions are hilarious. Some are deep and personal. Some are gross. Some are romantic, and some are dirty (guaranteed to make your partner horny). But none of them are easy to answer, which is actually the whole point of this fun game.

150 Romantic And Dirty Would You Rather Questions For Couples

These are the questions you can ask your significant other because all of them are about love, romantic relationships, and sex.

But be careful because these are not questions for kids. Those are more ‘true love‘ kinds of questions.

Therefore, if you play it right, I’m sure a passionate kiss will follow right after, probably leading to something even more interesting.

Each one of these dirty questions will get you thinking, and they are all quite hard to answer.

If you are not careful enough, some of the answers might even get you in trouble with your significant other.

On the other hand, some of these flirty questions below will help you spice things up in the bedroom to get your love life rolling.

That’s why before you start playing the game, be careful with picking the best Would You Rather questions, and think twice about your choice of answers.

1. Would you rather follow your heart or your head while making important decisions about your love life?

2. Choose a relationship with someone who is 10 years younger than you or someone who is 10 years older?

3. Date your best friend’s boyfriend/girlfriend or vice versa?

4. Be ghosted or get dumped over a phone call or over a text?

5. Marry someone you don’t find physically attractive but has a great personality or someone who is great looking but doesn’t have a personality you like?

6. Live without your boyfriend/girlfriend or without your best friend?

7. Spend your life with someone you don’t love or with someone who doesn’t love you back?

8. Be with someone who loves you more or with someone you love more?

9. Remain single or have a shitty marriage?

10. Would you rather have a fairytale wedding or a fairytale honeymoon?

11. Choose to have a child when you are 18 or not have children at all?

12. Marry at this moment or not marry at all?

13. Have an arranged marriage or never marry?

14. Date someone you know nothing about or someone from your group of friends?

15. Have a jealous partner or someone who doesn’t care if you see other people?

16. Go for a one-night-stand or be in a ‘friends with benefits’ kind of relationship?

17. Have a committed relationship or meaningless flings?

18. Be fatal for the opposite sex or have just one person love you unconditionally?

19. Have a bad relationship with your in-laws or for your spouse to have a bad relationship with your family and friends?

20. Would you rather move in with your partner before or after marriage?

21. Meet your soulmate and end up without them or never meet them?

22. Love someone unconditionally and have your heart broken forever or never have anyone love you?

23. Get caught cheating or catch your partner cheating?

24. Would you rather have your partner love or respect you?

25. Be with someone who thinks you are too clingy or have a too clingy partner?

26. Hit on someone or have someone hit on you?

27. Like to know that your partner is cheating on you or live in a lie?

28. Be with someone more or less attractive than you?

29. Would you rather date someone who has more or less money than you?

30. Would you rather spend your life with a person more or less educated than you?

31. For your partner to have an emotional affair or to physically cheat on you?

32. Stay in or go out on a date?

33. Have unlimited money or unlimited love?

34. Kiss your partner or hug them right now?

35. Hold your partner’s hand or put your hand around their waist?

36. Fall asleep next to your partner or wake up next to them?

37. Text your partner you love them or say it to them in person?

38. Kiss your partner in public or when you are alone?

39. Send your partner a good morning or a good night text?

40. Celebrate Valentine’s day or your anniversary with your better half?

41. Have a romantic dinner or breakfast in bed?

42. Break someone’s heart or let someone break your heart?

43. Be dumped or be the one who breaks things off?

44. Have a partner who emotionally neglects you or a partner who is too clingy?

45. Would you rather shower with your celebrity crush or your high school crush?

46. Tell someone you love them or have them tell you they love you?

47. Break up with your partner now or after the two you spend another year together?

48. Would you rather have sex with your biggest celebrity crush or your favorite porn star?

49. Be a good kisser or great in bed?

50. Meet someone and fall in love with them over time or experience love at first sight?

51. Would you rather have another 10 years with your partner or a one-night stand with your celebrity crush?

52. Have hundreds of lovers during your life or only sleep with just one person your entire life?

53. Be unattractive and have an attractive partner or be attractive but have an unattractive partner?

54. Give up kissing or give up sex?

55. Keep a secret from your partner that is eating you alive or tell them that secret and hurt their feelings?

56. Drunkenly text your ex, telling them you still love them or get stopped by the police for drinking and driving?

57. Would you rather go back to the ex who has hurt you the most or end up alone?

58. Fall asleep next to the ex you hate or next to a complete stranger?

59. Know that you’ll never find everlasting love or know that you’ll always get cheated on?

60. Be with someone, knowing they don’t love you or be with someone who cheated on you, knowing that they love you?

61. Would you rather live in a lie thinking that the person you love loves you back or to know that they don’t have feelings for you?

62. Propose to your girlfriend / be proposed to in a public place or in private?

63. Have an average love story that ends well or a once-in-a-lifetime love story that ends up sadly?

64. Be in a relationship with someone who gets along with your best friend or with someone who gets along with your parents?

65. Confess your feelings to your crush or patiently wait for them to make the first move?

66. Would you rather fart or burp every time you orgasm?

67. Spend Valentine’s day all alone or go on a blind date on Valentine’s day?

68. Get an expensive gift from your loved one or have them hand make you something?

69. Have your other half cook you a meal or take you out to a fancy dinner?

70. Go on vacation with your partner or with your friends?

71. Would you rather have your sex toy die in the middle of your sex session or lose your orgasm entirely?

72. Discover that your partner doesn’t find you sexually attractive or that they are with you just to get into your pants?

73. End a relationship or have your partner end it for you?

74. Be extremely jealous but never get cheated on or to have your partner constantly cheat on you without you ever suspecting a thing?

75. Have your partner cheat on you with a different person every month for a year or cheat on you with one person for twelve months?

76. Have a person by your side who has completely different worldviews than you or someone who has completely different interests than you?

77. Be with someone who is terrible in bed but can make you laugh or with someone who is incredibly boring but great in bed?

78. Lose all of your photos ever taken with your partner or lose everything they’ve ever given you?

79. Would you rather Netflix and chill or go out with friends?

80. Live for 100 years without ever having love or live for 30 years with your true soulmate?

81. Be with someone who is a good person but whom you don’t truly love or with someone who is a bad person but is your real love?

82. Would you rather experience a short, passionate romance or a peaceful, long-term relationship?

83. Be in a relationship while still having feelings for your ex or in a relationship where your partner still has feelings for their ex?

84. Would you rather have a drawer full of sex toys or kinky outfits?

85. Spend your entire life with the person who gave you your first passionate kiss or with the person you lost your virginity with?

86. Would you rather use a sex toy to please yourself in the presence of your significant other or use a sex toy to please yourself when your significant other is away?

87. Run into your ex or run into their ex on your first date with someone new?

88. Get a horrible present from your partner or give them something you see they don’t like?

89. Break up with your partner on your anniversary or while you two are on a road trip?

90. Find out your partner had a one-night-stand or that they cheat on you with their ex?

91. Stay friends with your ex or never talk to them again?

92. Would you rather cuddle or make out?

93. Cheat on your partner or propose a threesome?

94. Have your partner cheat on you with your best friend or cheat on you with your arch enemy?

95. Know your partner cheated on you or never find out about it?

96. Experience unrequited love or never know how it feels to be in love?

97. Be with someone who stops loving you after a while or with someone who never loved you back?

98. Hang out with your partner’s ex or have your partner hang out with your ex?

99. Have children with someone you don’t love or be with someone you love but without ever being able to have children?

100. Would you rather tease with hot water or ice cubes?

101. Do it in missionary with someone who turns you on or have wild sex with someone you don’t find attractive?

102. Never have an orgasm or know that not one of your sex partners has ever had an orgasm with you?

103. Have anal or oral sex?

104. Do it on the kitchen table or on the kitchen floor?

105. Have sex in the car or in a house filled with other people?

106. Get caught doing it by your parents or catch your parents doing it?

107. Would you rather try a threesome with your ex or with your partner’s ex?

108. Have sex in the morning or at night?

109. Would you rather your porn tape go viral or your partner’s?

110. Do it with the lights on or off?

111. Read an erotic novel or watch porn?

112. Make out on your parents’ bed or in the furniture store?

113. Would you rather sext or talk dirty over the phone?

114. Be a sex addict with an asexual partner or have a partner who is a sex addict while you are the asexual one?

115. Have great foreplay but lousy sex or lousy foreplay but great sex?

116. Engage in sexual intercourse on a first date or hold off sex at the beginning of a relationship and wait for a month to do it?

117. Would you rather give or receive oral sex?

118. Have phone or cam sex?

119. Be submissive or dominant in the bedroom?

120. Make love or have a quickie?

121. Do it doggy or girl on top style?

122. Have sex in the shower or in the bathtub?

123. Talk dirty during sex or be completely silent while doing it?

124. Watch your partner touch themselves or have them watch you do it?

125. Wear a chastity belt for a year or be someone’s sex slave for a year?

126. Watch someone have sex or have someone watch you do it?

127. Would you rather sleep with someone 10 years older than you or with someone 10 years younger than you?

128. Have sex with only one person for your whole life or with another partner every time?

129. Wait to have sex until you are married and have an amazing sex life with your spouse or try everything before marriage and have a lousy sex life with your marital partner?

130. Would you rather have your partner watch you sleep with someone else or watch them do it with someone else?

131. Be on the bottom or on the top?

132. Would you rather give a lap dance or a strip tease?

133. Have sex ten times a day or not have it for an entire year?

134. Only sleep with the people of the same sex or give up sex completely?

135. Have great and short-lasting or bad and long-lasting sex?

136. Would you rather give up sex for good or have bad sex from now on?

137. Abstain from sex for a month or give up masturbating for three months?

138. Would you rather send your nude photos or dirty talk messages?

139. Be in a ‘two girls one guy’ kind of threesome or in a ‘two guys one girl’ threesome?

140. Would you rather have sex in the club bathroom or in the airplane bathroom?

141. Do it on a live webcam or make a sex tape?

142. Give head to your boss or give head to a stranger?

143. Be an escort or a porn star?

144. Flash your neighbor or have your neighbor watch you having sex without you knowing it?

145. Would you rather be a professional porn star or have your amateur porn tape leaked?

146. Lose your virginity with a stranger or with your arch-enemy?

147. Make out in public or walk naked in public?

148. Have sex with your favorite musician or sleep with your favorite actor?

149. Know that you can’t please your partner in bed or spend your life in ignorance, thinking you are giving them pleasure?

150. Pay for sex or get paid for sex?

151. Would you rather give a lap dance or get one?

152. Shave your partner’s private parts or have them shave your private parts?

153. Have a threesome with someone you know or invite a complete stranger in your bedroom?

150 Deep, Gross And Funny Would You Rather Questions

Here is the list of Would You Rather questions that will help you explore your opponent’s mind.

Besides being hilarious, these deep questions can really help you to find out some personal things about the person you are playing the game with.

Although you think you know everything about a particular someone, this fun game will probably give you some insight into things about that person you had no idea about.

But that is the whole point, right? Buckle up and let the fun begin!

1. Would you rather have the power of being invisible or the power of moving things?

2. Go back 10 years into the past or 10 years ahead into the future?

3. No one shows up at your funeral or no one shows up at your wedding?

4. Have the ability to freeze time or have the power to read minds?

5. Be locked in a hot or in a freezing room?

6. Have the power of flying or the power of super memory?

7. Forget your own identity or forget who everyone you know is?

8. See how the world started or see how the world will end?

9. Would you rather find the love of your life or find a million pounds?

10. Work for 10 hours, 2 days a week or for 4 hours, 5 days a week?

11. Be incredibly rich or incredibly good-looking?

12. Turn into a zoo animal or an animal who lives in the wild?

13. Achieve a successful career or find the love of your life?

14. Live without food or live without water?

15. Have an attractive body or a beautiful face?

16. Would you rather eat as much as you want without getting fat or travel as much as you want without having to pay for anything?

17. Have a pet who can talk or a flying car?

18. Would you rather burp butterflies or fart glitter?

19. Drink as much as you want to without ever getting wasted or eat as much as you want to without ever getting fat?

20. Have to live without your brother or without your sister?

21. See or hear perfectly?

22. Have a perfect memory or the ability to forget about the things you want to forget?

23. Celebrate Christmas or Easter every month for as long as you live?

24. Spend your whole life living without a car or without the Internet?

25. Live in the world of Star Wars or in Harry Potter’s world?

26. Would you rather become Superman or Batman?

27. Be the best villain that ever existed or an average superhero?

28. Find out you are an only child who was adopted or find out that your siblings aren’t actually blood-related to you?

29. Have a dog or a cat?

30. Be incredibly talented in painting or in playing an instrument?

31. Travel to the mountains or to the seaside?

32. Would you rather date your celebrity crush or your real-life crush?

33. Be a fish or a bird?

34. Give up showering or brushing your teeth for a week?

35. Get a tattoo or get a piercing?

36. Pet a snake or find a spider on top of you in the middle of the night?

37. Go blind or go deaf?

38. Live inside of your favorite book or inside of your favorite movie?

39. Would you rather be plain-looking but always the funniest person in the room, or super hot but always the most boring person in the room?

40. Speak fluently in the language of your choice or have singing talent?

41. Take a cruise or a road trip?

42. Be attractive but not so intelligent or unattractive but incredibly smart?

43. Never again eat ice cream or give up chocolate?

44. Go to your favorite band’s concert or go to the filming of your favorite TV show?

45. Turn into a person of the opposite gender or a 10-year-older version of yourself?

46. Change some things about your personality or some things about your looks?

47. Be a newborn with all of your existing memories or have your memory erased?

48. Work harder for more money at the job you love or work less for less money at the job you hate?

49. Would you rather drive a bus or ride a bike to work every day?

50. Would you rather be the funniest person in every room or the most intelligent person in every room?

51. Show everyone your browsing history or fart during an important event in a room full of people?

52. Spend a year in prison, as a prisoner or a year in a hospital, as a patient?

53. Turn your favorite video game or your favorite comic book into reality?

54. Turn into your dog for a day or have your dog spend a day as a human instead?

55. Have the ability to control the weather or to control the people around you?

56. Be burned alive or frozen to death?

57. Go back to high school or go back to college?

58. Spend your entire life as a child or as an old person?

59. Run or swim for 10 miles?

60. Have an unlimited phone battery or unlimited WiFi wherever you go?

61. Lose the ability to swim or to ride a bike?

62. Be great at playing basketball or at playing football?

63. Play professional football or be a celebrity?

64. Would you rather live in a house or in an apartment?

65. Explore Space or the depths of the Ocean?

66. Have dinner with your favorite book character or with your favorite celebrity?

67. Would you rather come everywhere half an hour early or half an hour late?

68. Have amazing cooking skills or be great at dancing?

69. Be poor and live for 100 years or be wealthy and live for 30 years?

70. Tell the truth or be dared to do something you don’t want to?

71. Have the ability to make anyone you want to fall in love with you or have the ability to make yourself fall out of love with someone whenever you want?

72. Would you rather always be tired or always be bored?

73. Spend your life without ever having to work for someone else but having just enough money to meet your needs or work your ass off for someone else but be incredibly rich?

74. Have Internet access in your brain or X-ray vision?

75. Remain physically or mentally healthy when you grow old?

76. Drown to death or fall off a cliff?

77. Be a zombie or a vampire?

78. Sleep peacefully or party hard all night?

79. Have a fever or throw up for a whole day?

80. Be abducted by aliens or be a part of a zombie apocalypse?

81. Would you rather have bad breath or an annoying voice?

82. Take $50,000 you can get right now or take a 50-50 chance to win the lottery for much more?

83. Be male or female?

84. Go to the beach in the middle of the summer wearing a ski jacket or go to the mountain in the middle of the winter wearing a swimsuit?

85. Would you rather drive your own car or have a personal driver?

86. Save the life of the person you love the most or save a hundred other people’s lives?

87. Lose your keys or your cell phone?

88. Have dinner with someone from the ancient past or with someone from the distant future?

89. Go back in time to make a historically significant difference or change something which concerns only your life?

90. Would you rather live on a deserted island or in Antarctica?

91. Live alone and take care of all expenses but have your privacy or live with a roommate you can share expenses with but not have your privacy?

92. Put an item of your choice from the real world into your favorite video game or put an item of your choice from your favorite video game into the real world?

93. Get rich overnight or through hard work?

94. Live without a sense of smell or without the sense of taste?

95. Have as much money as you want or have a superpower of your choice?

96. Do what you love or what brings you a lot of money?

97. Have the ability to teleport yourself to a place of your choice or to teleport yourself to a past or future moment of your choice?

98. Have a talent for every sport or for playing every musical instrument?

99. Would you rather remain anonymous or become world-famous?

100. Change the color of your eyes or the color of your hair?

101. Get up early or stay up late?

102. Be rich and famous or rich but completely anonymous?

103. Choose your morals over money or to have money over your morals?

104. Go skinny dipping or swim fully clothed?

105. Eat fruits or vegetables for the rest of your life?

106. Ride a motorcycle or a jet-ski?

107. Go bungee jumping or go to an amusement park?

108. Would you rather be itchy or sticky?

109. Have 10 million dollars in your bank account or save an entire starving village of people?

110. Be rich but have to hide your money or be poor but have people thinking you are rich?

111. Have alcohol or smoking addiction?

112. Would you rather have your worst nightmare come true or have your biggest dream fail?

113. Live in a big and expensive or in a small and cheaper city?

114. Work the morning or the night shift ‘till the end of your career?

115. Would you rather live without a phone or a laptop?

116. Have inappropriate music playing in your head during all important events or not listen to music ever again?

117. Spend your life traveling, without having a permanent address or stay in the same place, without ever having the opportunity to travel?

118. Would you rather give up coffee or alcohol?

119. Hear voices in your head or see ghosts?

120. Wear a sweatsuit or a suit and tie / a gown?

121. Live somewhere where it is always cold or somewhere where it is always hot?

122. Live somewhere where it snows or it rains?

123. Be so hungry that you have to eat every half an hour or so thirsty that you have to take a sip of water every 2 minutes?

124. Go to bed early and wake up early or go to bed late and wake up late?

125. Drink only water or only one type of juice of your choice for the rest of your life?

126. Go to the bathroom at your girlfriend/boyfriend’s parents the first time you meet them or go to the bathroom on your first day at work?

127. Have a job that requires physical effort or a job that tires you mentally?

128. Pee on the street while people see you or pee yourself in the pants while nobody sees you?

129. Fight for your country if it’s attacked or flee from war?

130. Sing while talking all the time or be able to only talk in rhyme?

131. Lose the ability to sleep for more than two hours at a time or not be able to be awake for more than two hours at a time?

132. Would you rather be numb for a week or not be able to shut up for a week?

133. Give up alcohol or ice cream?

134. Would you rather be hungry for three days or an insomniac for three days?

135. Take a steaming hot shower or take an ice-cold shower?

136. Have your neighbors listen to loud music you hate or do loud work around the house?

137. Work at a job that is crowded with people or work alone in a room?

138. Have one expensive outfit or a few cheaper outfits?

139. Give up having toothpaste or toilet paper?

140. Eat chocolate that tastes like poop or eat poop that tastes like chocolate?

141. Have hiccups or constantly sneeze for an entire day?

142. Be stuck in a room with 20 sick people or be stuck in a room with 20 crying babies?

143. Be alone or trapped with a person you can’t stand on a deserted island?

144. Spend your money on food or clothes?

145. Be wasted or hungover at work?

146. Go to one big party once a month or go to a small party every week?

147. Would you rather play strip or drinking poker?

148. Go to the club or have a house party?

149. Spend the rest of your life on a diet and be slim or eat whatever you want and be fat?

150. Would you rather live in your dream house in the middle of nowhere or live in a crappy place in your favorite city in the world?

151. Would you rather tell lies to your parents or tell lies to your best close friends?

152. Fart once or have hiccups all the time on the first date with someone you like?

153. Be with someone who hates your parents or with someone your parents hate?

154. Be ghosted or told that you got dumped because you are unattractive?

How To Play Dirty Would You Rather Questions?

Actually, it’s pretty simple. It all comes down to one thing—making it hard for the person opposite you to answer.

That means that the questions have to be equally difficult.

The person asking the questions has to create them in a way to make the other person think hard before answering.

Whether you play it with one person or a group of people, the rules are the same.

You ask a question and the other person (or people) give an answer.

When everyone has given an answer, another person asks a question.

Things To Keep In Mind While Playing Dirty Would You Rather Questions

  • Some people are not quite open to talking about sex, especially in a group of people they don’t know. This is important to remember!
  • There will always be those whose sense of humor is not quite there yet. This means they won’t get things that were supposed to be funny. Hence, the game can easily turn from a carefree way of spending time or getting to know each other better into a complete disaster.
  • Be careful what you ask and whom you ask. If you’re not particularly close to someone, you can’t ask them something personal or even worse, something dirty and kinky.
  • Keep in mind that you can’t play this game whenever and wherever. There is a place and time for everything. Therefore, don’t force it!

You can even turn this fun party game into a drinking game

Split into two teams. Everyone holds two cards—one card has the number one (1) on it and the other has the number two (2).

When a person asks a would you rather question, everyone puts down a card—either the number one (which represents the first choice) or the number two (which represents the second one).

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Each team counts up its points. The team with more points is spared drinking. Sadly, the team which lost has to drink.

If you find this game exciting and if the questions are interesting and innovative, you can dig a bit deeper and choose from the following similar games which will definitely be your cup of tea:

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On A Final Note

This is a fun game you can play with your crush because it will help you reveal a lot about them.

And not only that, but these dirty ‘Would You Rather’ questions can also be a great opportunity to refresh your sex life because you’ll find out what are your partner’s likes and dislikes in bed. (If you have a boyfriend, you might also be interested in these sexy things to say to your boyfriend.)

Besides, if you ask why someone made the choice they did, you are ready to begin an even more interesting conversation and an opportunity to learn more about your co-players and even about yourself.

Because trust me—you’ll be pretty surprised and sometimes even shocked by most of the answers you are about to give and get.