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Falling In Love Sucks When You’ve Been Broken Too Many Times

Falling In Love Sucks When You’ve Been Broken Too Many Times

“Love is deceitful and sublime. In its truest form, it brings out the best in all beings. At its worst, it’s a tool used to manipulate and ruin anyone who is stupid enough to hold it.” – Sherrilyn Kenyon

Falling in love with another human being is one of the most beautiful things on earth but when you’re a sensitive person who has been broken too many times, then it’s a totally different thing. 

Being in love means experiencing a whole lot of everything; butterflies in your stomach, happiness, mood swings, dealing with bad guys/girls and gradually losing your mind.

Being in love means being on a constant roller coaster, dealing with your partner’s ex boyfriends/girlfriends, surviving first love, complicated love affairsyou name it.

In its worst form, love is a weapon that can destroy even the strongest ones and turn your world upside down. 

When you fall in love with someone who is right for you, your world becomes a colorful placea fairy tale where you can hear only love songs playing and see the most beautiful flowers.

But when you fall in love with someone whose heart doesn’t match yours, your world becomes your biggest nightmare and you wish you had never opened yourself up to them.

You wish you didn’t have a heart because then you wouldn’t be able to love anyone and you wouldn’t be able to hurt yourself.

When you’ve been broken too many times, falling in love feels more like falling off an icy cliff and trying to climb it every time you fall

Falling in love sucks when your heart has been deceived and broken multiple times.

Every time your heart was broken, it means you believed in love. You believed in love every single time you met someone who you thought was the right one for you. 

And you had no problem opening yourself up to them and sympathizing with all those annoying little things.

You had no problem waiting for them to come to their senses, you had no problem taking care of them, you had no problem loving them with all of your heart.

And every time they break your heart, you realize that all this time the biggest enemy of yours was hope.

You hoped like a fool that they would change. 

Every time they did something wrong to you, you showed them understanding instead of criticizing them.

Every time they hurt you, you gave them a second chance.


Because you hoped. You hoped that they would change. You hoped because you wanted it to happen and you waited for it to happen.

When you fall in love with someone, you see and feel things differently.

Hope becomes the essence of your being and patience becomes your biggest friend.

You think about their happiness more than you think about your own. You worry about them more than you worry about yourself.

You want them to be happy because their happiness is a reflection of your own. And that is why love sucks!

Love sucks because once you fall in it, you either find a way out of limbo and experience ultimate happiness or you get stuck in it forever

Every time someone breaks your heart, your hopes and dreams break with it as well. When you’ve been broken too many times, you lose hope for good.

And when you know how much love sucks, you despise it.

When you get tired of being lovesick and waiting next to your phone for their call, you start despising love.

You start despising all those soft boys (or girls) who are actually narcissists in disguise and master manipulators.

You start despising all those (fake) romantic gestures that are not coming from their heart and instead from their greediness and selfishness.

You start despising social media and all those cute emojis you ever sent them. 

You start despising yourself, the people around you, the world you live in. 

Alone time becomes your biggest friend and you wish you could live in a jungle far away from people because only then you would not come to the temptation to fall in love with another human being.

Only then you would not come to the temptation to trust another human being again.

And all of this because of love! As Steve Martin said: “Love is a promise delivered already broken.”

So, the only way to fix and save love is by mutual efforts and two hearts that are equally eager and ready to love madly, crazily, deeply.

If two hearts match, the promise will be fulfilled but if they don’t, someone’s heart will break. 

Sensitive people have higher chances of experiencing heartbreak because their big hearts trust blindly and love selfishly

If you’re sensitive, you wear your heart on your sleeve and you’re not afraid to show your emotions.

You trust other people blindly and you never question anything. You feel everything ten times more intensely and by doing all of this, you deceive yourself. 

Every time you meet someone new, you tell yourself: “This time I will protect my heart.”

And every time you make that promise, deep down in your heart, you know that you will break it. 

But you still hope that you won’t. You believe that this time things will be different and you refuse to listen to that little voice in your head telling you to slow down.

You invest everything you have only to watch it break into pieces.

You create an atomic bomb of all of your love for another human being and in the end it somehow always manages to destroy just you. 

It doesn’t destroy the person whom you loved with all of your heart.

It doesn’t destroy the person to whom you gave all you had. It destroys you. And that is why love sucks

When you trust blindly and love selfishly, love becomes your biggest enemy and danger.

Love turns into an everlasting battle where you question everything and you’re desperately trying to protect your heart when it is already broken into pieces. 

Falling in love sucks when you’ve been broken too many times

Falling in love sucks when you believed too many times. Falling in love sucks when they’ve played with your heart too many times.

Falling in love sucks when you can’t find one valid reason why you should keep opening yourself up to others just to keep watching yourself getting hurt.

Falling in love is one of the biggest mysteries since the world began and to some questions, we’ll never find an answer.

And that is why love sucks

Love sucks because we hate it and yet crave it. Love sucks because it is impossible to give up on the feeling of empathy and understanding toward others. 

As Oscar Wilde said: “Deceiving others. That is what the world calls a romance.” But it is more like deceiving ourself. 

If we choose not to love, we will deceive ourself because it is in our nature to crave romance.

If we choose to love, we will deceive ourself by deliberately risking another painful heartbreak. And that is why falling in love sucks!

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