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From Friends To Lovers: 11 Steps For Transitioning To The Next Level

From Friends To Lovers: 11 Steps For Transitioning To The Next Level

The most beautiful romantic relationships are those that have transitioned from friends to lovers.

In your best friend, you have that rock and bond that is unlike any other. Truly good friends get each other on levels incomprehensible to others.

Through your make-ups and breakups, you’ve truly gone through thick and thin together and you cannot imagine your life without your bestie.

When you’re just friends with someone you feel a deeply close bond with, deep down, you always know that there are more levels to your friendship.

It’s daunting at first to believe that your best friend could be your true love but in reality, it happens quite often.

The friendzone is the place where many future soulmates have finally found each other after having been there for far too long.

People tend to be scared of the romantic feelings that overcome them because this is their BFF, their person, their partner in crime.

You feel so close to them…  How can you risk ever losing that? You just couldn’t live with yourself.

Just imagining that the first kiss with your high-school best friend gives you the shivers but at the same time, fills your mind with bad things that could wind up happening.

Is your love story truly with your best friend?

Can you go from friends to lovers without compromising the depth of your connection and losing what you have?

Will it lead to a break-up after finally falling in love and letting yourself experience this for the first time?

These are all valid questions that all platonic friends will ask themselves if they sense that there might be more to their friendship.

There might even be some slight awkwardness at first because your relationship is transitioning into something so different that you simply need to let happen to see where it goes.

But one thing I can tell you for sure is that this could end up changing your whole world for the better.

Going from friends to lovers is the most natural thing that can happen to two people who are destined to be together.

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Transition From Friends To Lovers – The Signs

The most surprising thing here is that you might actually be in a relationship without even knowing it.

How crazy is that? It often happens that two best friends (or really good friends) are so close and in sync that they actually act like lovers but aren’t aware of it until someone else points it out.

In my life, I’ve been lucky to experience this amazingly deep transition and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

When you’ve been close to someone for so long, you are able to understand their body language better than anyone else.

You know their favorite TV shows, sports teams and biggest pet peeves.

You know exactly what they’re going to say at certain times and you know what they’re thinking just by looking them in the eye.

You’re already so much more than just friends, you just don’t know it.

You know the movie When Harry met Sally and the scene where Billy Crystal’s character explains about sex always getting in the way of male-female friendships? That’s basically you two.

Only with you, there’s also a deep emotional and intellectual connection on top of the crazy sexual attraction that is almost palpable at this point.

If you’re still not sure that you’re transitioning from friends to lovers and you want me to play matchmaker, I’d be more than happy to!

Stop everything that you’re doing and start reading the following signs.

Once you start checking them all off, you’ll see that your BFF might just be your one true love.

Congrats! Now let’s make sure these romantic feelings are truly there…

1. Never-ending flirting

One of the subtle signs of transitioning from friends to lovers is constant friendly flirting.

It may be perceived as totally innocent and devoid of any romantic feelings because you’re just friends, right?

But friends who engage in frequent banter and flirt on many occasions are on their way to falling in love.

You may not see it that way now but look back. Have you been shamelessly flirting with all of your good friends or just that one particular one?

And there’s your answer. Flirting among friends is a common indication that there’s something much deeper there.

If flirting makes you feel giddy and hopeful and gives you all of the feels, you already know where it’s headed.

This is a very clear sign, you just have to open your eyes and be ready to see it and embrace it.

If it’s meant to be, let your friendship develop to the next level!

2. Eyes only for each other

Has it ever happened to you that you were in a group setting with your best friend and there were many more people present but you and your bestie only had eyes for each other?

That’s what experts would call a dead giveaway of a clear friends-to-lovers transition.

Group conversations normally include all of the people who are present but with you two, you just can’t stop talking to each other, which makes your group conversations a tad awkward and you’re totally oblivious to it.

I bet everybody can see what’s going on except you two.

Your friends and the people close to you usually notice the signs of this transition much faster than you.

It just takes a while to take that risk, be honest with yourselves and go all in.

Good friends are hard to come by and while your deep bond is more than evident, are you ready to take that chance and delve headfirst into a romantic relationship?

You will only know if you decide to give it a shot and simply let go.

3. You’re willing to take the risk

You’re aware that, sure, things might be a little weird and uncomfortable in your friend circle but you’re more than willing to take the risk.

You haven’t had a full-blown conversation about it yet but you know that both of you are one hundred percent in.

Things will settle down and your friends will get used to the idea of seeing you two kissing and when that all becomes the norm, you won’t be able to believe that you were once just friends.

​The risk is more than worth every obstacle and any awkwardness if it means being truly happy with each other.

It takes courage to go from friends to lovers because while it can be so rewarding, it can also lead to a failed attempt and a broken friendship.

But you two know your feelings better than anyone and you’re here to stay.

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4. You’re always texting and talking

A normal amount of daily interactions has stopped being enough. You never get tired of them.

You always want to hear their input and their thoughts on everything.

As soon as you go home, you get this urge to text them, even if you have nothing much to say.

There’s a palpable need for always being in communication with them.

You often talk over many different social media platforms at the same time and maintain three different conversations.

Your connection runs so much deeper than with the rest of your friends and for the first time ever, you feel like this person truly gets you and what you’re all about.

That’s why talking to them is such a breeze!

Could he be your happily-ever-after? Are you finally ready to say the words out loud and see what happens?

Transitioning from friends to lovers is a natural thing that those who are meant to be will always know to cherish.

5. You have cute nicknames for each other

Yes, plenty of friends develop nicknames for each other but not like this.

Yours are cute and intimate and have likely stemmed from a personal situation that only you two are privy to.

Bonus point if you call each other babe or baby. Busted!

You know that friends who call each other affectionate pet names are on their way to becoming something more.

My nicknames for my friends are funny ones and are more commonly embarrassing ones!

But calling close friends something one would call their romantic partner is a clear indication of taking your friendship to the next level.

It usually feels very natural, intimate and beyond comfortable; almost as if you’re already taken that next step without ever actually uttering the words.

6. Body language signs

Body language speaks when words fail and if you pay close attention to your friend’s body language (as well as your own), you’ll notice what’s already there.

Friends who are in reality much more tend to showcase their romantic feelings with their bodies.

For example, when you’re in a group setting, you two are much more likely to be facing each other as opposed to someone else from your group.

You also occasionally (or frequently) lean in and make strong eye contact, so as to make each other feel seen, heard and understood.

Your hands are always reaching out to them and vice versa and you’re much more physical with them than with any other group member.

These are all among the stealthier signs of the friends-to-lovers transition.

Your body will show the real situation even if you still haven’t embraced it fully.

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7. Their needs are most important

There are those people who you’ll always make time for but you know those people who you never need to check your calendar for?

Those are the most special people in one’s life and this is a valid example of just that.

This person is someone you absolutely always have time for.

You’ll move your schedule, finish work later or meet at a time that isn’t ideally convenient for you.

If it’s them, you’re simply there! When they need you, there’s no looking at your schedule and trying to fit them in. They are a priority.

And that’s the most indicative sign of changing from friends to lovers.

When you have that one person whose needs trump everyone else’s, there’s nothing to think about.

Their role in your life is of vital importance and nothing can change that.

If this is the situation you’re in, then your friendship is truly ready to take that next natural step.

The thing is, you’re already a couple, you just don’t know it yet. And that is the most amazing thing of all.

Once you finally become aware of the actual nature of your relationship, you will be surprised you hadn’t realized it sooner.

8. Seeing them with others sparks jealousy

This is THE sign.

There’s nothing subtle about it and if you can honestly say that seeing your best friend with someone else (in a romantic manner) sparks any jealous outbursts in you, then you know you’re already transitioning from friends to lovers.

Even if they were once in your friend zone, now you know better. Much better.

The moment you see a possibility of them having a romantic relationship with someone else, you get this urge to just nip it in the bud.

There’s nothing wrong with that. All it means is that you two finally need to have the talk!

You need to realize what’s becoming of your friendship and be delicate and careful about it.

This is likely one of the biggest changes in your life, so naturally, you need to be very mindful of your approach.

Talk to each other. Let your buried feelings swim up to the surface.

Your bond is already so strong, can you imagine how unbreakable it will become once you realize the actual nature of it?

9. You have the hots for them

Okay, so this one is on the kinky side but it’s still totally valid. Have you ever daydreamed about sleeping with your best friend?

Have you ever thought about how amazing it would feel to be in an intimate setting with them and just be yourselves around each other, no one around but you two?

If you have, I think it’s time to come clean about how you truly feel. You don’t just have the hots for every person you encounter.

If your bestie makes your imagination run wild (but you never acted inappropriately on it) it means you’re on the verge of finally coming clean about your feelings.

Who knows, maybe your friend is having the exact same thoughts about you!

Think about everything this romantic relationship would entail and ask yourself if this is who you want to do it with.

If the answer is yes, then go for it.  Tell them how you feel. You’re very likely to go from friends to lovers but one of you has to take the first step.

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10. You talk about them 24/7 (even when they’re not around)

You just love the sound of their name.

Even when they’re not around, you’re always finding new ways to incorporate them into every conversation just so you can keep them with you in spirit.

Trust me, this is such a clear sign, even if you don’t want to admit it. Chances are, the situation is the same on their part.

You’ve caught the lovebug and you just don’t know it but you will soon enough. Good friends will surely point it out sooner or later; they always do.

It’s fun watching two people being so obsessed with each other (in a good way) without being aware of what it means.

Your friends get it though, trust me.

Everyone close to you sees that you’re evolving from friends to lovers and when they have their fun with it, they’ll let you know.

Until that happens, they’ll just smile and nod as you go on and on about this person without knowing the depth of what it all really means.

11. Friends tease you about each other

Friends becoming romantically involved is one of the cutest things ever (don’t fight it).

And whether you know this or not, the first people to notice your transition from friends to lovers are none other than your closest friends.

They will ship you so hard.

They will make it a point to tease you about each other every chance they get but not in an annoying, overbearing way, more in a cute, adorable way that you’re totally on board with but have to pretend to be reluctant about because you don’t know if the other person shares the feelings.

But the incessant teasing will be such a clear reminder of what’s really going on and at that point, it’s just a matter of time before you two realize that you are transitioning from friends to lovers.

Promise me this: Next time you’re with your friend, pay attention to these signs.

If you can check most of these off the list, you know what you need to do.

Clearly, your friend means much more to you than you’re ready to admit so take your time figuring things out, though.

But always remember, the transition from friends to lovers is one of the most meaningful things that can happen to you. The person you used to keep in the friend zone could end up becoming your one true love. Isn’t it amazing how life works sometimes?

Taking The Risk… Is It Worth It?

A million times yes. What you don’t realize is that by transitioning from friends to lovers, you’re losing virtually nothing and gaining everything!

This person is already your best friend, your rock, your partner in crime. And now they get the most coveted title of all—your lover.

And by letting your feelings guide you and not hesitating to let yourself feel, you make room in your heart for an additional level of closeness that has already been there for too long, you just suppressed it out of fear.

But there is nothing to fear. You cannot lose this person if they’re your true love.

Being friends first means they already know you better than anyone else.

They know that chewing loudly annoys the heck out of you and that seeing a cute doggo on the street pulls at your heartstrings.

They know you live for old-school rock and cannot stand the sound of jazz music.

They know your every thought before it has even formed and they’ll always get what you mean, even when everyone else fails to.

They’re your person. They’re the missing puzzle piece.

The transition from friends to lovers is one of the most organic things to happen to two people who are destined to have their lives forever intertwined. Take the risk, have the talk and enjoy your happily-ever-after. Sometimes, it really is that simple.

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