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40 Golden Girl Code Rules All Women Need To Start Following ASAP

40 Golden Girl Code Rules All Women Need To Start Following ASAP

We, women, have to stick together, and I’m not saying this just because. After all, we’re ruling this world, and just imagine what would happen to it if we would turn against each other.

It’s a law, and laws simply need to be respected, right? Girl code rules help us preserve our power, and all we have to do is follow them. Simple, right?

It’s a way to honor that strongest bond of all, that of our sisterhood and great female friendships. It’s a way to celebrate remarkable girl power.

Now, turn up the volume, go to YouTube and search for Beyonce’s song Run the World. I highly recommend listening to this song the entire time you’re reading this guide on girl codes to maintain the flow of positive vibes.

It’s a song that perfectly describes the power of women, and that’s why it’s one of those songs that will never stop trending.

Now, it’s time to get down to business.

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What Are The Girl Code Rules?

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There are some rules friends need to respect and follow to maintain their friendship. We need to keep our sisterhood safe and sound, and this is the only way to do it.

Simply said, a girl code is a set of rules, unwritten and unspoken rules, that exist between a woman and her close friends that both sides must stick to.

Every single one of you out there must try to stick to each and every one of these girl code rules below. It’s not just the law of feminism; it’ll also help you keep your friendship forever.

Rules Of Girl Code List

Here it is: a list of the unwritten rules of girl code all women should respect and live by. This should be sacred to all of us, and I really mean it, girls.

Sisters before misters!

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No guy is worth ruining your friendship over. So, stay away from your friend’s boyfriend, her ex-boyfriend, or any other man that might harm your friendship.

The bond and relationship you have with your BFF are so much stronger than the bond between you and a man who just wanted to hook up with you. Actually, there is no bond there at all because it probably won’t last long.

Respect your friends and their boundaries

In every kind of relationship, there must be some clearly defined boundaries. Talk to your friends about theirs, and don’t ever violate them. It could really jeopardize your friendship.

Embrace your differences

You and your friends will probably have some differences, but that’s perfectly okay because those differences could actually bring you closer.

Don’t ever think that just because someone has different interests, that it’s impossible to maintain a friendly relationship with that person. Opposites attract, right? And also, the more different you are, the more you will have to learn from each other.

Know how to apologize

This is very important if you want to keep your friendship forever.

The thing is that we all make mistakes, but only those who are strong enough (or those whose love is strong enough) know when to say ‘sorry’ and how to do it the right way.

Be forgiving

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Come on, we’re all only weak human beings, and sometimes, we make mistakes without being aware of them. So, if your bestie wrongs you, don’t hesitate for a moment to forgive her.

Remember, your friendship is and always will be more precious than everyone and everything else.

Make time for your BFFs

If your friend says they need you, you just have to be there ASAP. It’s as simple as that.

Your best friend’s crush is totally off-limits

This is a pretty clear one, right? Flirting with your bestie’s crush is totally forbidden. If you do it, that means you’re violating the rules of girl code. Trust me – it definitely won’t end well.

If your bestie is going through a difficult period, be there for her

I think this girl code rule doesn’t even need to be explained. You must always be there for the people you love.

If your bestie is going through something bad, you have to be there for her. Oh, of course, don’t forget to bring a tub of ice cream because it helps. Ice cream always helps. Full stop.

Help your friend see their own worth and fall in love with themselves

Girls, I’ll just say one thing: self-love is a MUST, and it always has to be the top priority in our lives.

Also, be their number one fan

Girl hugging her best friend

Always stand by your friends. Encourage, motivate, and support them in achieving anything they set their mind to.

If your bestie is feeling low, find a way to lift her up again

Knowing how to make a girl smile when they’re feeling low is really a skill that, unfortunately, most people don’t have. However, that skill is one of the most important girl code rules.

Keep your friend’s secrets FOREVER

Even if your friendship ends, you must take your friend’s secrets with you to the grave.

Don’t keep your feelings bottled up – confide in your best friends

If you’re having any problems, feel free to confide in your friends about it. Those are the people who will always try to get you without being judgemental at all.

Don’t walk out on your friendship no matter what

You’ll have your ups and downs, as every friendship does, but you’re never allowed to give up and walk away from it. Some things are sacred and female friendship is one of these things.

Even when you don’t agree with your friend’s choices, you’re obliged to stand by her

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You’re different, and of course, you won’t agree on all of your choices and decisions, but true friends stay loyal and support each other no matter what and till the very end.

Don’t judge her actions nor her decisions

You’re only human, so leave judgment for God because that’s His job!

Hate everybody your friend hates

If your friend hates someone, the unwritten rule is that you should hate that person too. Pretty logical, right?

Your friend’s enemy is your enemy too

This is pretty much the same as the previous rule.

Ex’s and close relatives are out of bounds unless you have your BFF’s approval

I know that falling in love is a spontaneous act, and we can’t change that too much. However, if you find yourself in a situation where you like your friend’s ex or a close relative of hers, you must admit this to your friend first and see what she thinks about it.

If she’s okay with it and gives you her approval, you can consider it as a green light to date the man you like.

Be the best wing-woman for your bestie

Girl hugging her best friend

Be a killer wing-woman to your friend. The one you would like to have, it’s as simple as that.

Always check in on your BFF while they’re on a first date

When your bestie is on a first date, you should be there with her too. I don’t mean literally, but you should check in on the situation constantly, just like you’re really there.

When you arrive at a party together, you must leave together too

This is the whole point of sisterhood, right? We will stick together no matter what.

Allow your BFF to vent to you

When your friend is in a venting state of mind, just allow her to let it all out to you. Good friends are always the best therapy for your mind, soul, and heart.

Respect their privacy

You should always respect your friend’s personal space and their wish for privacy. So, for example, if your friend isn’t a fan of social media and doesn’t want to post pics on social media platforms, just don’t freaking do it.

Accept them as they are

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Nothing screams “I love you” more than accepting a person for who they truly are, with all of their flaws and imperfections.

Celebrate your friend’s success as though it’s your own

You just need to know that your friend’s success and accomplishments are your accomplishments too. Being jealous of your friend is a huge girl code no-no.

Take your bestie’s phone when she’s about to do something stupid

Whether we like to admit it or not, women have that tendency of sending a text to an ex when we’re drunk, or at least it’s when we start thinking about it.

So, the next time your girlfriend starts drinking and grabs her phone to drunk text her ex, take it from her before she hits the send button. Stop her from doing something she would definitely regret the next day when she sobers up.

Jump to the rescue of your friend when it’s needed

If you see that a creepy guy is annoying your friend, it’s your duty to rescue her at any cost.

Be honest when your BFF asks for your opinion about her outfit

Just as you would want your friend to be honest with you, you need to be honest when commenting on their looks too.

You’re never allowed to abandon a drunk friend

Two women having fun drinking cocktails

Friends should never be left behind, especially drunk friends. Don’t allow them to do anything stupid that they might regret once they sober up.

Always make sure they get home safe. Give them a ride and wait in your car until your friend enters their house before you drive away.

You always need to have each other’s backs

You’re each other’s biggest protectors, and you should always bear this in mind.

Let a girl know if her boyfriend is a cheater

If you know your BFF’s man is cheating on her, you ought to tell her. Help her save herself, and don’t allow her to forgive his lame cheating ass.

Solve your issues in a healthy way

Don’t be afraid to confront each other about things that are bothering you in your friendship. It won’t harm your friendship; on the contrary, it can actually only make it stronger.

And remember, the only way you’ll solve your issues is by communicating.

Don’t ever let a girl walk into a stall without toilet paper

I’m sure we’ve all been in this situation, and we all know how disgusting it is when you’re in a public toilet, and there is no toilet paper.

So, whether you know her or not, if a girl needs toilet paper, you should pass it to her.

If you have an extra tampon, you ought to help out a fellow sister in need

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This is one of the most important unwritten rules of feminism that is simply a MUST to follow.

Meeting new friends doesn’t mean you’re allowed to neglect old ones

Of course, you’re allowed to meet people and make new friends, but always keep in mind who your real friends are. Always remember who was with you from the start and through all of your ups and downs, and who was with you all the way from high school till now.

Actually, a true friendship should never be neglected, not by any circumstances, or else it might end.

Don’t ever talk about your friends to outsiders

Just as you should never share your best friend’s secrets with anyone else, you shouldn’t gossip about them with someone else either.

If you do, it’ll make your friend doubt your friendship, and they will have every right to do so.

Don’t slut-shame other girls

Be a lady. It’s not your problem what other girls do with their lives or their bodies.

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Don’t hate a girl you don’t even know

Please don’t ever hate or slut-shame a girl you haven’t had the opportunity to meet just because she talks or flirts with your man. It’s so wrong, and it actually makes YOU look like a bad person.

Stick to your words

When you say or promise something to your friend, you must keep that promise no matter what. Remember, you have your bestie’s trust, so don’t do something that may cause you to lose it.

When Can You Break Girl Code?

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Actually, the better question is, is it ever okay to break the girl code? Are there some special circumstances when you’re allowed to break some of the girl code rules?

Well, you should try to stick to these rules and live your life by them, but if you ever feel like the other side doesn’t do the same, you’re allowed to break the rules. Actually, in those situations, breaking the rules is a must-do.

You can’t hold on to someone and consider them your best friends if they don’t think the same of you. Yes, you should put sisterhood and your friendship at the very top of your priority list. However, the first place on that list belongs to you and only you.

The girl code rules are important because they can make or break a friendship. The bottom line is that if both sides follow all of these unspoken rules, they’ll stay best friends forever.

However, if you don’t stick to them, you’ll make your friend question your loyalty, and that’s when your friendship will start falling apart.

On The Whole

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It’s how it is. We’re living in a cruel world, and most people think we’re too weak for it. That’s why we need to prove to them and ourselves how wrong they are.

And that is why following the girl code rules is so important. Because the only way we’ll do it, the only way we’ll prove them wrong is by sticking together.

There is no single thing that we can’t achieve or conquer TOGETHER, girls. Everything that men can do, we can do it twice as well and while wearing heels.

So, let’s sing it together now… Who run the world? Who run this mother… Who run this mother… Let me hear you all singing, who run the wooooorld? Of course, girls. Girl power, hell yeah. ?⚡