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Sigma Male: 20 Personality Traits & How To Handle Him

Sigma Male: 20 Personality Traits & How To Handle Him

When you think about personality types in the male socio-sexual hierarchy, you usually sharply divide all the guys you know into two contrasting groups: Alpha males and Beta males. Well, a Sigma male doesn’t fit in any of these categories.

You don’t have to be an expert to know that these two social structure types are completely different: Alpha males are extroverts, leaders, and under the spotlight in all social situations, while Beta men live in the shadows, taking orders, following someone else, and going with the flow.

However, what happens when a man doesn’t belong to either of these two types? When you can’t put him in a box or characterize him as an Alpha male or Beta male?

What if you happen to encounter a guy whose personality type doesn’t belong to this male hierarchy? A guy whose type you have trouble determining and who is somewhere in the middle of the spectrum of this social hierarchy?


Also, I strongly suggest you use THIS GUIDE that gives you insight into the male psyche, whichever the type of guy you’re dealing with.

What Is A Sigma Personality?

Having a Sigma personality means being the lone wolf. It means being an introverted overthinker with your own set of values and always standing out of the crowd.

When you have a Sigma personality, you don’t follow social norms. You can’t be put in the box and you appreciate your independence over everything.

Sigma male definition

What is a Sigma male? Well, the term was first coined by an American writer Theodore Robert Beale, known as Vox Day. He mentioned Sigmas in 2010 on his blog for the first time.

In 2014, author John Alexander wrote a relationship advice book named The Sigma Male: What Women Really Want, which you can purchase on Amazon. In later years, this term got to podcasts, YouTube videos and Twitter users.

To put things simply, the term Sigma male actually stands for an introverted Alpha male who lives his life his own way.

He has numerous characteristics of both types and has actually gotten the best traits of an Alpha male and a Beta male.

Sounds intriguing, right? To win him over – CLICK HERE.

A Sigma man has much more to offer than it might appear at first glance—you just have to dig under the layers because this guy’s personality is way more complex than you might assume.

He doesn’t like being the center of attention, and that’s why you will never see a Sigma male approaching a girl first or doing something funny that will make everyone look at him.

At first, this might make you think he is boring and uninteresting, but later on, as you crush his walls one by one and as you keep on getting to know him better, you’ll see that this can’t be further from the truth.

This guy is very independent and self-sufficient, so he doesn’t really care about the opinions of the rest of them, and he tends to be the black sheep of men.

He goes around being his sexy self, not even looking to see if anyone is paying attention to him and not asking for anyone’s approval.

Are You A Sigma Male?

The Sigma male test is actually quite simple: just follow these 20 traits mentioned below and if you can relate to more than half of them, there is no doubt: you are a Sigma man.

But if that is not enough, answer these questions. If you have 4 or more positive answers- you’re a Sigma male archetype.

  • Are you sick and tired of the Alphas?

I’m not saying that you’re jealous of all those macho guys. After all, what is there to be jealous about?

It’s just that you’re sick and tired with everyone being so fascinated with them. You despise the fact that they’re so full of themselves- and usually without much reason.

You don’t envy their position in society. Instead, you simply can’t understand why would someone go through all that trouble just to climb up the social ladder.

  • Do you despise social hierarchy?

Naturally, you hate the concept of socio-sexual hierarchy, as well. Actually, even this classification into personality types bothers you.

You don’t care who is an Alpha, a Beta, or a Sigma. You don’t care how people perceive you and the last thing you want is to be put in the box.

You don’t give a damn about your type of personality and you’re probably doing this test out of pure curiosity (or someone made you do it to prove to you that you’re a real Sigma).

  • Do you break the rules frequently?

You’re not some kind of an outlaw or a criminal but the truth is that following the rules is not exactly your thing. When you think about it, it has been like that ever since you can remember.

Even when you were a little kid, you were a true rebel. When you grew to be a teenager, you were characterized as a bad boy.

You questioned every type of authority and you couldn’t stand anyone telling you what to do. Well, not much has changed until today, has it?

  • Do you prefer being alone to being with a bunch of people?

If you were given two choices: spending a weekend in a country cabin house all by yourself and your thoughts or Saturday night tickets to the wildest party in the city- what would it be? I bet I know the answer.

The truth is that you enjoy your own company the most. You’ll always pick some time alone over any crowded place.

  • Do you believe in yourself?

Some people call you cocky or over-confident but the truth is that you only believe in yourself. Because let’s face it, how can you hope to succeed if you’re not your own number one fan?

Whenever you set your mind to something, you know you’ll get it done. You’re perfectly aware of your abilities and your confidence is always on point. Besides, who needs humblebragging?

  • Do you pursue personal goals?

You have a set of goals you hope to achieve. Actually, you don’t only hope- you work hard to pursue them.

Often, these goals have nothing to do with the people you love. You don’t make plans this big with your closest ones.

Instead, this is YOUR five or ten-year plan. These are YOUR personal goals and you’ll be the one enjoying their fruits.

  • Do you function better alone than in a team?

Team spirit, teamwork… for you, these are all blabberings. When you’re alone- you’re unstoppable. Most importantly: this is the setting in which you’re also the most productive.

On the other hand, you don’t function very well in a team since there is always someone holding you back. Besides, you’re not the biggest fan of compromise either.

How To Be A Sigma Male?

If you want to become a Sigma, the crucial thing is to stop caring about what others might think. You must stop being a people pleaser and instead, focus on yourself completely.

This doesn’t include selfishness. Nevertheless, all Sigmas do put themselves first.

Despite popular opinion, the truth is that you can work on yourself and reinvent your type of personality.

For example, you can be an Omega male but easily transform yourself into a Sigma man—just read these traits and try as hard as possible to adopt them into your own personality.

How Can You Recognize A Male Sigma?

If you want to determine whether a man belongs to this type, the first thing you should pay close attention to is whether he follows the social norms or does his own thing.

You’ll recognize the male Sigma by the way he stands out of the crowd, even though he doesn’t do it to be noticed.

A Sigma is that mysterious guy you know nothing about but yet are incredibly attracted to. In short terms, he is the Alpha who refuses to be an Alpha.

He doesn’t crave the spotlight but somehow always gets loads of attention. He is secretive, doesn’t talk much, and always leaves you wanting more.

Have you ever met a guy whose personality can be roughly described this way? In that case, you’ve got yourself a true Sigma.

20 Traits Of A Sigma Male

Due to the fact that he is a mysterious lone-wolf, you will often have a hard time realizing who a Sigma male actually is.

They are the men who live their own lives, far away from social circles; men who dance to the beat of their own drums, without ever listening to someone else.

However, there are some telltale signs common for all men belonging to this personality type.

Although they are very introverted and avoid every kind of communication with people they don’t like, some Sigmas might find you intriguing enough to let you see who they really are.


If you thought that he cared about your opinion or that he actually needed you in his life, you thought wrong.

He is so dominant that he refuses to be influenced by anyone or anything and always does things his own way.

Men belonging to this type refuse to be bound by tradition and the expectations of others.

They have their own thing and aren’t bothered with social hierarchy.

They don’t care about fitting in with any social structures, don’t let anyone change them, and are everything but people pleasers.

Sigma men are loners who don’t need anyone to give their lives meaning.

The truth is that this guy is a lone-wolf who can make it on his own, no matter what happens to him.


A Sigma man knows himself extremely well. Instead of mingling different social circles, he spends a lot of time analyzing his personality and the world around him, so he rarely makes a decision without thinking it through very thoroughly.

Men of this type will never get drawn into drama because they are overthinkers who know how to handle situations.

They live their own lives inside their heads and always work on self-improvement.

Don’t get me wrong—this doesn’t mean that a Sigma man will never make the wrong choice because he is also a human being who makes mistakes.

However, the difference between him and everyone else is that a Sigma man always learns from his failures and doesn’t have the habit of repeating them over and over again.


These men are not big talkers, so they probably won’t impress you right away.

A Sigma male is not the one who will shower you with compliments, the one who will engage in much small talk, or the one who will use empty phrases just to keep the conversation going.

However, this doesn’t mean he doesn’t have anything to say or that his communication skills are poor.

Sigma men are introverts, and they won’t talk just to fill the silence or to be noticed in the crowd.

Nevertheless, if this guy starts addressing you or talking about something, prepare yourself to be mind blown and flattered because you definitely intrigued him.

Beware of the fact that everything a Sigma male tells you has a deeper meaning and is not without a reason.

Take him seriously because he never opens his mouth just for the sake of doing it.

He will take his time to think through what he’s going to say next, so don’t rush him into speaking his mind, but be prepared for an awesome response.

Also, don’t ever confuse his silence with shyness—he simply couldn’t be bothered to talk.


Two of the best personality traits of a Sigma male are his incredibly high IQ and his wit, which come from his constant desire for self-improvement.

These people are usually educated, well-informed, and naturally intelligent.

They are experts in analyzing things, people, and experiences, and learning from them.

The Sigma male will most probably ask questions if he’s interested in a certain topic, and he won’t hesitate to find the answer to something he’s concerned about.

They are quick learners and always curious about the world around them.

Most Sigma males have the INTJ personality type and aren’t really popular for their social skills but rather for their brains.


Even though his introverted side might make him look this way, a Sigma male is not the nice guy from around the corner who lives his life by the rules and does everything by the book.

Instead, he is actually a bad boy and a rebel in disguise who doesn’t follow the social hierarchy.

These men are usually on the other side of the morally grayscale and sometimes, even on the other side of the law.

They often get into trouble, and they don’t even see anything wrong with that.

The truth is that these appearing nice guys actually find it fun to challenge everyone’s moral principles.

In a Sigma male’s mind, no rules apply to him, and he is under no obligation whatsoever to respect and obey them.


This guy doesn’t have the ambition to blend in, nor does he want to stand out in the crowd or be dominant in social situations.

He doesn’t follow trends and despises popularity.

Even though some might think a man like him has no close friends, the truth is actually different.

He likes to socialize only with the ones who understand him, and he isn’t ready to waste his time, energy, and effort on friendships that have an expiration date.

No matter how close friends you are with this guy and how important he finds you, a Sigma man values privacy more than anything, and he always needs some time away from the rest of the world; time to organize his thoughts and feelings, without others interfering.


Another personality trait of most Sigma men is that they are professional caretakers and saviors.

These are the people you can always count on, no matter what, and the people who will drag you out of your worst nightmare.

For this type, everything is possible. He is not a quitter and someone who gives up after the first obstacle or minor inconvenience.

Instead, a Sigma man will always accomplish everything he set his mind on.

He knows how to take care of his family and himself because of the fact that he is very capable.

He is the person you need to go to when you have had a bad day or when you don’t know how to fix a problem.

The guy you call when you have trouble organizing something or when you need something fixed around the house.

A guy whose advice you want to listen to and a guy who always turns out to be right.

A guy who won’t leave you hanging even if you call him in the middle of the night because you have a flat tire, a family emergency, or need a loan.

He probably won’t be happy that you are disturbing him, but he will help you, no questions asked.


One of the most appealing sigma male personality traits is without a doubt his charisma.

This characteristic isn’t natural for a Sigma, but with time, his high intelligence has made him realize that his introverted side can’t help him learn more about people.

So he’s developed his social skills and his charisma to the point where he can hold the attention of a full room just by talking—when he wants to do it.

His charisma comes from his confidence and the way he looks at himself.

He uses the empathy of his introverted personality to connect with people at a higher level.


Different from the Alpha male who is a dominant extrovert—making sure everyone knows how amazing he is—the Sigma male is a dominant introvert.

He doesn’t need to be loud and show everyone his power just to feel better about himself.

It’s enough for him to know how much worth he actually has.

The Sigma male doesn’t feel the need to convince anyone of his abilities or prove to them that he will achieve his goals.

His self-esteem doesn’t come from social media, other people’s opinions, or approval.

In fact, his sense of self-worth comes from within which makes his confidence almost unbreakable.

Sigma men only listen to the beat of their own drums, so you can’t take them down or make them feel like they’re not enough.


Each one of these personality traits of a Sigma male makes him extremely able to attract women.

The truth is that most girls see their bad boy, mysterious and self-sufficient natures as a challenge.

They want to get to the bottom of their personalities and get to know the real guys hiding behind these masks.

Nevertheless, Sigma men don’t play hard to get—they really are hard to get. Actually, these guys hardly let anyone near them.

This man doesn’t chase women nor does he have the habit of jumping from one bed to another.

Instead, in most cases, girls are the ones who approach him, trying to figure him out.

Leadership skills

When you think about leadership, you think about Alphas on the head of the wolf pack. Well, that’s where you’re wrong. Yes, Alphas are usually the ones who get most of the credit but trust me: Sigmas are the ones who get most of the job done.

This man is actually a born leader- he just doesn’t have the need to show this side of his to the rest of the world. It’s not something he craves being. Every Sigma has these inborn talents to always be the head of the crowd.

Besides, what is even more important is that people tend to listen to him. They follow his guidance without asking a lot of questions.

Is this Sigma’s charisma? Or does everyone trust them because it’s more than obvious they know exactly what they’re doing?

I think it’s the combination of both. Either way, the bottom line is that a male Sigma is always a silent leader.

He doesn’t need others praising him nor does he enjoy the title of the chief. On the other hand, he is incapable of avoiding that reputation.

It’s like this with his friends, it happened back in school and is especially the case when it comes to his career. A Sigma hates taking orders and that’s why he doesn’t function very well as long as he has a boss telling him what to do.

In order to avoid constant confrontations (or having to suffocate his true nature), Sigma usually becomes self-employed.


Some might call him a hypocrite who doesn’t stand his ground but a Sigma is everything except that. Nevertheless, the truth is that a guy like him is extremely adaptable.

But don’t see him as a chameleon who is ready to change his opinion or entire personality according to the situation. Instead, think of him like a cat with seven lives. Of course, let’s not forget that cats always land on their feet.

That’s what I’m talking about when I mention this Sigma’s trait. You can leave him by himself in the middle of nowhere but he’ll still find a way back home.

He has this amazing ability to adjust to new conditions and situations. Also, he can get along with different types of people.

Also, let’s not forget how versatile this guy is. He has numerous skills and that’s exactly what makes him this adaptable.

Prioritizing himself

People often accuse Sigmas of being ego-centric. Even though they might appear this way at first, when you get to know them, you see that they’re not selfish.

A Sigma always puts himself first– that’s true. But when you come to think about it, this is actually a good thing, isn’t it?

Their comfort and well-being are a priority. A Sigma won’t do something he doesn’t want just to please others nor will he hurt himself for someone else’s sake.

This guy isn’t ready to sacrifice his own happiness to make you feel better. Even if he loves you to the moon and back, he’ll always love himself more.

A Sigma values all relationships in his life, including romantic ones. Nevertheless, he is also perfectly aware that the most important relationship is the one he has with himself.

His own set of values

Once again, let’s not forget that this guy doesn’t follow anyone’s rules. He won’t consider something morally acceptable just because most people around him do.

Being extremely intelligent, a Sigma always questions everything, especially the attitudes imposed on them. Don’t expect to change his opinion regarding a certain matter without some strong arguments that back up your thesis.

We’re talking about a man who doesn’t need anyone’s validation. Therefore, he’ll stick to his opinion, even if he’s the only one defending it.

This is also one of the reasons why he has the reputation of a rebel. He doesn’t care about the law or authority. A Sigma is smart enough to differentiate right from wrong without anyone’s help.


If you’re friends with a Sigma guy, you can consider yourself lucky. He is one of those people who will never turn their backs on the ones they love.

You can bet on one thing: Sigma’s reliability. No matter what you do and what happens, this is someone you can count on.

This is especially true if he becomes your boyfriend. He is simply a “ride or die” kind of a guy who doesn’t leave people hanging. Besides, your darkest secrets will be safe with him.

First of all, he’s struggling with his own demons and he’s made his share of mistakes. So he’s the last person to judge you for something you did wrong.

Besides, he is exceptionally good at keeping things to himself, which makes him extremely trustworthy.


A Sigma is not a guy who plays it safe. Enjoying his comfort is one thing- that’s something he does. But being afraid to step out of his comfort zone is not a Sigma trait.

On the contrary, he is not a coward and doesn’t allow fear to lead him through life. This man is courageous and isn’t scared of taking risks.

When he believes that something is right, he’ll pursue it, no matter the possible consequences. You know how they say: “He who doesn’t risk, never gets to drink champagne”.

That is Sigma’s life motto. He prefers to regret his bad choices than the chances he lost.

This man is a fighter for freedom. He is ready to do whatever it takes when it comes to standing up for what he believes in.

Strength of character

All of this implies that every Sigma has an incredibly strong character. Don’t ever think of playing him around because if he cuts you out of his life- there is no coming back.

This doesn’t mean that he has no emotions. He has a big heart but just doesn’t allow his emotions to turn into a weakness.

When he makes up his mind about something, there is nothing and nobody that could make him change his decisions. You can try begging, manipulating, and different other tactics- nothing will work.

Also, be aware that this man can’t be easily broken. He’s been through a lot but you can never tell that by his behavior.

His pride will never let him lament over his sad destiny, no matter what he goes through. You can break his heart but he’ll never show you his sadness.

Instead, he’ll always get up stronger after every defeat. He is one of those people who have the ability to go through hell and come back more powerful than ever.

This is a macho guy who considers crying and complaining humiliating. If you’re not one of his closest people, you’ll think that everything is going great in his life, even when he is falling apart from the inside.

Some might say that he bottles up his emotions and that wouldn’t be far from the truth. The fact is that he doesn’t appear as the most sensitive person on the planet.

Nevertheless, he doesn’t run away from his feelings and represses them- he just hides them from the rest of the world. Being too emotional simply doesn’t fit with his personality.


A Sigma is always self-aware. He does a lot of introspection and self-analyzing. Actually, at some point, he overdoes it and engages in a lot of overthinking.

He dissects every word he says and every move he makes. But unlike beta males, that doesn’t make him insecure.

He just wants to know all of his weaknesses and strong points, so he can work on better himself. This guy is perfectly aware of all of his good qualities as well as his flaws- even if he probably won’t admit it to anyone.

But this awareness applies to the entire world around him, as well. It means that he’ll read right through you and see all of your good and bad sides also.

When this man is with you, he doesn’t fall in love with your potential. He doesn’t idealize you and there is no need for you to pretend to be someone you’re not.

He values honesty and truth over everything. He doesn’t look at life through rose-tinted glasses, so don’t think about lying to him “for his own good”.

Another thing you should avoid due to his self-awareness is giving him too many unrealistic compliments. Trust me- he’ll know that you’re lying and he’ll appreciate you less.


It’s your choice whether you’ll call this man stubborn or persistent and whether you’ll see this quality of his as a good or bad side. Either way, the point is that he is not a fan of giving up.

He considers giving up a failure. If he’s put his mind onto something, he’ll get it done, no matter what.

This is an “all or nothing” kind of a guy. He keeps on going despite all the obstacles, which is another sign of his strength.

He is determined not to change his attitude, even if it means going against the flow- actually, especially if it means going against the flow. This is not the kind of a man who goes whichever way the wind blows.

Good manners

Finally, a Sigma is a true gentleman. He has amazing manners and you can easily conclude that he is well-brought-up.

He won’t flirt with you in a typical way. You can’t expect cheesy pick-up lines and especially not some dirty phrases and inappropriate humor.

Let’s not forget that he is not into modern dating, which means that he is quite old-fashioned. Trust me- when you meet him, you’ll be surprised by the way he stands out from all the other guys you’ve dated so far.

Instead of messaging you all the time, he prefers calling and talking to you. He wants to know that he is serious about you and that he isn’t playing mind games.

Instead of inviting you for Netflix and chill, he’ll rather ask you out on a proper dinner. He’ll come to pick you up, bring you flowers, hold your chair, ask you what you want to order, get the check, open the door for you and escort you to your front door.

With him, you’ll have the chance to feel like a real-life Princess and that’s exactly what makes him one of the rarest male archetypes.

I won’t lie to you: he is not some pick-up artist but he won’t try making you a fool either. This man is interested in the whole package and his primary goal is not to get under your pants and never to call you again.

Hand in hand with his good manners goes his honor and dignity. He would never consciously do something that is against his moral values and breaking a woman’s heart in a deceptive way is one of those things.

Pros Of Being A Sigma Male

Even though most people assume that Alphas are the real catch, the truth is that there are some incredible advantages of being a Sigma guy. They’re not as loud and noticeable as the Alphas but that doesn’t mean their worth should be questioned.

Not being an Alpha is a matter of choice

You see, every Sigma could be an Alpha in a blink of an eye- if he wanted to. But he doesn’t crave the spotlight and he doesn’t ask for attention.

On the contrary, he avoids it at all costs. He is an introvert who values his privacy over everything and that’s why taking over the dominance is not his thing.

But that doesn’t mean that he couldn’t take the crown off the Alpha’s head if he changed his mind. He’s as strong, as intelligent, as confident, and as capable and as an Alpha.

He treats everyone the same

Not giving a damn about socio-sexual hierarchy and not caring about the authority turned Sigma into a fighter for equality. His respect for you has nothing to do with your social status, your education, or the money you have.

The only criteria he has is whether you’re a good person or not- according to his standards, of course. He treats everyone the same and has no role models.

He won’t treat a VIP any differently than a homeless guy asking for food.

Amazing listening skills

We’ve already established one thing: a Sigma is not much of a talker. He doesn’t overshare and he keeps most of his private life, thoughts, and feelings for himself.

But that’s exactly what makes him a great listener. Don’t worry: I’m not talking about the fact that he’ll just keep quiet while you’re talking.

The point is that he’ll be invested in what you’re saying. He’ll really listen to you, get engaged in the conversation, and think about your problem.

Being so self-aware, a Sigma is also realistic. He has this amazing ability to look at every situation from different points of view and to always come up with the best solution.

He is not selfish when it comes to sharing his wisdom. If you ask him for advice, he’ll be more than happy to give it to you and to help you out.

This is one of the main reasons why so many people want to be friends with Sigmas. The truth is that they’re not so outgoing and they don’t usually hang out with everyone who crosses their path.

Nevertheless, when they consider you their friend, you’re under their protection. They’re ready to do whatever it takes for your well-being- even if that includes listening to you go on and on about the same problem all the time.

Believe me: a Sigma will never be tired or too busy to hear you out. He is the person you can call in the middle of the night when you need a shoulder to cry on.

But you know what’s the best part? It’s the fact that he knows when to remain silent and when to give you a piece of his mind.

He’ll never impose his opinion on you- unless you ask him.


So, this is not the greatest news for the people in a Sigma’s life but it is one of the qualities that serve him the best. A Sigma guy is not only an independent lone wolf- he is also self-sufficient.

If you’re his friend or girlfriend, trust me that you’re next to him because he wants you there. This guy basically doesn’t need anyone.

Don’t get me wrong: this doesn’t mean that he is heartless and has no capacity to love. A Sigma is able to love you but he will make it without anyone, except himself.

He is not emotionally or financially dependent. Actually, he never lets himself rely on anyone to the point where he can’t picture his life without them.

He is capable of providing for his own needs. That includes money, cooking, doing errands, spending his free time…

Yes, this means that a Sigma could kick you out of his life without much trouble. He’ll just move on as if you were never there.

But there is a good side to this quality of his. You should never question this guy’s motives for being with you.

You can be certain that he is not dating you because you’re convenient, that’s he’s marrying you because he needs someone to take care of him or because he is scared of dying alone, or that you two are friends because he has no one else to spend his time with.

If you’re a part of a Sigma’s life, you better consider yourself lucky. Trust me- it is a privilege.


Maybe the best thing about being a Sigma is the freedom these people possess. They cannot be put in the box or chained and that’s exactly what makes them so special.

A Sigma will never lose his true self. He doesn’t allow the world to change the essence of his personality.

Consequently, nobody can tell Sigma what to do. I don’t care how much he loves you, don’t ever think about ordering him around unless you want to be cut out of his life.

The same goes for limiting his freedom. The moment a Sigma sees that you’re trying to control him in any way possible, you’re out of the picture for good.

Cons Of Being A Sigma Male

The Forbes magazine says that “A sigma male is, essentially, an introverted alpha male, offering misguided men a chance to place themselves at the very top of this imaginary hierarchy, without the loud, boisterous personality that an “alpha” boasts.” Their article was inspired by a post one Twitter user wrote about the “made-up categories such as Alpha, Beta, Sigma, Gamma and Omega males.

Here, they claim that Sigmas don’t have extremely good reasoning and that they lack judgment skills. Basically, they’re lost boys who strive towards the Alpa position.

Even though I would disagree, the truth is that Sigmas do have some personality flaws. Here are the most obvious ones:

Bad social skills

Despite being such an amazing listener and even better friend, the truth is that a Sigma could invest some time and effort into improving his social skills. But he’s not some insecure, shy guy who doesn’t know how to act around people- he just doesn’t care about the way he’s perceived.

What matters to him is the opinion his closest people have of him. He couldn’t care less about the way their neighbors, coworkers, and acquaintances see him. This even goes for the family members he is not so tight with.

A Sigma doesn’t need anyone’s validation so the last thing he’ll do is waste energy on impressing some strangers he’ll probably never see again.

He doesn’t care about small and empty talk. Due to his good manners, he’ll never be rude to you but he’ll avoid any unnecessary communication.

The same goes for meeting new people. He is not a social butterfly who is going out of his way to fit into every group.

This guy hates formalities and he despises events with a dress code where he has to shake hands and greet dozens of people with phony smiles.

Even when he attends a get-together, he’s never the life of the party. He doesn’t care about being the center of attention, he doesn’t make people laugh, asking for their approval and he is not the one to get the mood up.

Going through life alone

This is something that doesn’t affect other people in his life but it certainly does impact a Sigma guy himself. Due to his loner character, he is often destined to go through life alone.

This is the type of man who has a big chance of never getting married and starting a family on his own. It’s not that women don’t want them (they’re actually quite attractive to the opposite sex)- it’s them who prefer their solitude over companionship.

Also, you already know that this guy is not a social type. That means that he usually has trouble finding friends.

This is especially the case with younger Sigmas. He doesn’t belong to any group in high school, he doesn’t join the fraternity at college and he doesn’t hang out with his coworkers after work hours.

Even though he is a great friend once you get to know him, a Sigma won’t let you in that easily. Only the rarest people get the chance to get inside his walls.

This is a Sigma’s choice but sadly, it makes him miss out a lot in life.

What Are Sigma Males Attracted To?

Sigma males are into special girls who know what they want and most importantly- have a life outside of their relationship. They want a woman who will give them enough space and who won’t display any clingy behaviour.

But that doesn’t mean that you don’t have to be loyal. In fact, fidelity, commitment and devotion are non-negotiable for these guys.

Commitment is a priority

If you plan on having something casual and meaningless with this type of guy, think again because he’s not the man for you.

Even though they have the ability to attract women and can basically have any girl they want, the truth is that Sigma men take their love life very seriously and are not into modern dating practices.

He doesn’t like games and mixed signals and considers them a waste of time and energy, so don’t play hard to get with him because that will definitely chase him away.

He is not the guy who will put up with this kind of nonsense, no matter how much he loves you.

For him, commitment is mandatory. He doesn’t jump from one relationship to another and he is not interested in girls who have that lifestyle.

Don’t get me wrong: he won’t judge you for your choices. It’s just his right to choose a serious girl who’ll be 100% dedicated to their romantic relationship.

He is not a jealous type in a typical way. He won’t make you a scene when you do something inappropriate nor will he fight for your attention.

But he will let you go, without making a fuss about it. You only get one mistake and there won’t be any second chances if you blew it.

For him, infidelity is not cheating only. It’s also texting other guys, flirting and being active on different online dating apps.

Don’t worry- he’s not possessive. You’ll have your freedom and privacy (these are the things he requires for himself, as well)- he just wants respect and if you don’t give it to him, you’re out.

Be unique

If you want to win this man’s heart and mind, don’t be like other girls. He is a kind of an outcast and he falls for special women who stand out of the crowd.

What a Sigma man wants is a unique girl who won’t blend into the masses and who will intrigue and challenge him. A woman who has the capacity to go through life on her own, without expecting him to save her and solve her problems.

He wants a girl who knows what she wants—a girl who values true love, who knows how to be committed.

A girl who has her own thing and is not obsessed with superficial needs such as make-up, branded clothes, and social media; a girl who won’t allow others to interfere in her love life.

Don’t follow fashion trends blindly and don’t pretend you like something that you don’t just because it’s fashionable at the moment.

Always keep in mind that he never goes with the flow. He doesn’t fit in with society norms, so it’s natural that he is not into girls who do.

But don’t try being a unique, delicate flower just to impress him. Trust me: he’ll see right through it and he’ll think of you as ridiculous.

The best advice I can give you is to just be your true self. No acting, no false pretenses and no trying to be someone you’re not.

Needy behavior is a major turn off

The last thing a Sigma man will put up with is jealousy and clingy behavior.

As much as he loves you, this guy will never have the need to spend every second of his free time with you nor will he expect you to disregard the life you had before him just because he became a part of it.

The best way to chase a Sigma away is being too clingy. Reading all of this helped you get to know this guy better.

It’s not difficult to conclude that he values his private space and time over everything. So, having a girlfriend who is always at his back and who requires non-stop attention.

He always requires a lot of personal space which might even leave his partner feeling emotionally neglected.

Don’t worry- he won’t emotionally neglect you. But don’t expect him to erase his entire life just because you came along.

Don’t take it personally when he tells you that he needs some time off. He is not cooling off and he certainly doesn’t have an affair. He is not tired of you- he is tired of all social interactions and tired of the entire world.

This doesn’t mean that you’re boring or that he thinks of breaking-up with you. He just needs to be alone for a while to recharge his batteries. This is something you’ll simply have to deal with, if you want a happy relationship with him.

The worst thing you can do when this happens is to cling to him even harder. I know that this will probably be your first impulse because you’re scared of losing him but trust me- you’ll only make things worse.

Instead, act like an adult. Remember that the two of you are two separate individuals, regardless of your relationship status.

Changing him is out of the question

You’re already familiar with this guy’s persistency. Please, don’t enter his life expecting that your love will change him because it won’t.

He is not playing hard to get nor is he pretending to be like this to get under your skin- these are his true colors.

You can either accept this man for who he truly is or walk away on time to save you both the trouble.

You can be a femme fatale and he can love you to the moon and back but you will never succeed in changing the essence of his personality. If you do try, it will be a Sisyphean task.

Famous Sigma Males:

If all of these traits are not enough for you, here is a list of the most famous male Sigmas around. See if you can relate to any of them!
    • Keanu Reeves (especially in his role of John Wick)
    • Han Solo
    • James Bond
    • James Bourne
    • Casanova
  • Steve Jobs
  • James Dean
  • Harry Styles

To Wrap Up:

A Sigma male is not perfect– you’ve already seen that. He has his share of flaws, just like the rest of us.

But he also has a great deal of extraordinary qualities. You just have to dig a little deeper to find them.

Once you do, I promise you one thing: you’ll be delighted with everything you’ll discover. Winning his heart over is not the easiest task in the world.

Nevertheless, it’s worth all the trouble because this guy will love you like no other.