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40 Cute And Romantic Ways To Ask A Girl Out (With Examples)

40 Cute And Romantic Ways To Ask A Girl Out (With Examples)

It’s scary for guys to do this. All of us fear rejection and let’s face it, girls really know how to be mean and shut you down cold-blooded.

So, even though I am a girl, I get it—it’s scary to ask a girl out because you never know how she’s going to react.

But what if I said that there is a way, or better said that there are 40 cute and romantic ways to ask a girl out without having to fear she’s going to give you the cold shoulder?

Trust me, there are. So instead, you’re going to sweep her off her feet with your creativity and your approach.

One mistake which every guy makes and so did you (probably) is the minimal effort put in when approaching a girl.

I’m not sure yet why you do it but my best guess would be that you’re scared to tell her you like her so you go in lame because you’ve already got comfortable with the fact she’s going to turn you down.

What every girl gets out of this approach is that you’re not that interested in her but for some reason, you’re still approaching her.

It’s kind of an ‘if it works, it works’ vibe you’re spreading. Logically, the girl is definitely going to turn you down.

Dear guys, girls want to be swept off their feet.

They want to feel special and they want to see through your behavior and your actions that you really want that one special lady and no one else.

That’s why effort matters. That’s why your approach has to be unique, fun and creative.

Put some romance in while you’re at it and there you go—you have a successful recipe on how to ask a girl out.

If you’re by any chance cute, well, that’s an additional bonus, although it’s not the most important thing you need.

The secret ingredient to success is effort and confidence.

And please, hurry up! Don’t wait, don’t beat around the bush, because if you don’t scoop her up, someone else will!

40 cute and romantic ways to ask a girl out

1. Phone her

Chickens text and send messages on social media. I mean, come on, everyone can text and it’s a not a big deal to do it.

With that being said, try doing something not so out of the ordinary but in this era, a bit surprising—call her on the phone.

She’ll hear your voice and you’ll leave a more clear impression through the phone rather than with a text.

And one more important thing—she’ll think you’re really making an effort.

2. Take her on an unforgettable date

The key is to be thoughtful. She’s been on God knows how many regular dates in her lifetime.

What you need to do is something different, something that will make her remember that date for the rest of her life.

Making a date unforgettable doesn’t mean you have to take her to expensive places or buy her expensive things.

Maybe others did that too and it won’t be anything new to her. So, let’s

cross that off from the list of things to make a date memorable.

Find out what she likes and take her there but make it the best date ever. It wouldn’t hurt you to throw in a surprise or two.

Although be careful not to go over the top because unfortunately, she’ll think you’re trying too hard.

3. Ask her out using music

Make a killer playlist—just choose the approach you want to take first.

If you’re about to sweep her off her feet with romance, then make a killer romance music playlist and I don’t mean downloading already made playlists but really make an effort and do it yourself.

She won’t have the heart to say no to you. Love and good music always go hand in hand!

4. Do it on her birthday

Or any special day, in case her birthday already passed. It’s not cheesy, it’s not blah—it’s romantic and creative.

First, you’ll flatter her by letting her know that you remembered when her birthday is and second, you’ll never forget your anniversary.

5. Give her a teddy

Devise a careful tactic to win her heart. You can’t just approach her holding a teddy bear and ask her out.

It doesn’t work like that and it’s not that simple. First, give her a teddy just because you thought of her.

Say to her that you wanted to do something that would make her happy.

Then, let her think for a few days.

By giving her that teddy bear, you’re sneaking into her mind and she won’t be able to get you out of there for some time.

So after these few days have passed, walk up to her again and ask her out.

Oh and why a teddy bear? Every girl likes a teddy bear. You can’t go wrong with a teddy. Ever.

6. Release your inner poet

We all have an inner poet. It’s just a matter of whether we want it to come out or not.

I know for a fact that anyone can put together a few beautiful sentences if they are speaking from their heart.

With that being said, so can you, so don’t be scared and give it a try.

She won’t laugh at you and she’ll love whatever you write, especially if she has a romantic soul.

What you write is not that important, what you think is what counts. The fact alone that you’re opening up to her is a big deal.

She’ll see you’re being honest and letting her see you in your most vulnerable state.

Note: Girls like when men get vulnerable.

7. Bake her something

Man, ask help anywhere you can. Ask your mom to teach you how to bake or go to your grandma’s for rescue, just learn how to bake something.

There is nothing cuter or more creative than a baked cookie saying ‘Will you go out with me?’

And just a hint for you—if it’s perfect, she’ll know you bought it somewhere but if it really looks like a something a guy who never before baked anything in his life, then she’ll definitely know you did it yourself, which means you put in the effort.

In other words, you’ll win her over instantly.

8. Write it down somewhere she doesn’t expect

Use sand, snow, windows, mirrors, whatever you can get your hands on. It’s a super sweet and romantic way to ask a girl out.

It would be even better if you could do it while she is not with you, so she can be surprised when she sees it.

Of course, if you don’t get the chance to surprise her, do it in front of her. The effect will definitely be the same and the answer will be yes!

9. Do it old-school style-take her flowers

Every girl falls for flowers. She may even say she doesn’t like them but deep down all of them are honored and kind of melt when they get flowers.

It’s a genuine gesture made when someone likes someone. Who can stay indifferent at that moment?

Flowers cannot mean anything else, other then ‘I like you’.

10. Or try something new-pizza?

If old-school dating habits fail, try being creative. Truth be told, it may be a bit cheesy but it’s funny, trust me.

Order an extra cheese pizza and slip a note in it saying ‘I know this is cheesy but I’d love to take you out for dinner next week’.

Note: If she’s lactose intolerant, maybe it would be wiser to try something else.

11. Set up a treasure hunt

Girls love playing games. Therefore, I’m suggesting a treasure hunt and yes, I’m implying you are the treasure at the end of the game.

Give her riddles and clues to make that time memorable.

She’ll have a ton of fun and I promise she will never have had a more original idea for being asked out in her life.

This will excite her and you’ll leave a great impression since you’ve organized all of that just to ask her out.

Of course, don’t forget to let your last clue lead directly to you, when you have to ask her out face-to-face.

12. Do it with your vocals

Okay, we both agree that a person has to have the talent to be able to sing.

If you do, then it’s a huge plus and it can turn your performance into a highly romantic one, leading you to a definite yes from the lady.

On the other hand, talent is desirable but not necessary. Furthermore, if you can’t sing, it would be even better.

In that way, she’ll see that you’re willing to make a fool out of yourself to get her to go out with you.

She’ll think you’re funny and you’ll win her over by showing how much effort you’ve put into asking her out.

13. Fortune cookie?

If you succeed in this, then you are really the man.

Somehow, I don’t know how, try slipping a note saying ‘Will you go out with me?’ in her fortune cookie.

She’ll be speechless for everything other than ‘yes’.

14. Buy tickets in advance

Don’t give her any hints and don’t say anything.

Buy tickets for the band you both like or for the game you both like and just show up in front of her, holding the tickets in your hands and ask her to go with you.

She won’t be able to say no. It will come as a pleasant shock and a surprise for her.

15. Light some candles

Wait for the chance to get her alone. Plan this during the evening, otherwise it won’t make any sense.

Light some candles and set up a romantic mood and then pop the question.

Nothing says effort and romance like a couple of lit candles and she won’t be able to not melt because of your boldness, creativity and the fact that you genuinely care about her.

16. Try writing a message on a balloon

Not all of you get particularly talkative around girls.

Truth be told, more of you get so nervous that more than once you say something completely wrong, something you shouldn’t have said that ruins everything.

Well, if you belong to the group of men who are not so good with words around women then try something like a message on a balloon.

Make this balloon special, make it just for her. Write down your message and leave it tied to her window or to her car door.

17. Write her a letter

Don’t use your computer, don’t use your phone. Write her a handwritten letter.

Nothing says ‘I like you’ more than putting that amount of effort into asking someone out.

You could just as easily write it down in an email and send it with just one click but you decided otherwise—she’ll appreciate you taking the time and putting that much effort with nice handwriting to write down your thoughts and let her know you like her.

18. Ask your friends for advice

If you really like her, then you’ll ask your friends to help you, either with coming up with ideas or with the execution of an already made-up plan to ask her out.

If you don’t have any ideas, write down ‘Will you go out with me?’ on some card and ask your friends to hold the pieces of card along the road you know she passes by every day or somewhere you know she’ll see them.

19. Send your dog to deliver a message

If you see each other in a dog park, then it’s an excellent idea to tie a note around your dog’s neck and accidentally let him run away to her or you can just walk by, so she can see the note.

I must admit, this moment could easily turn out to be a movie scene.

20. Take her to do something you know she likes

If you know she likes music, then take her to a concert. If she’s a bit of an art freak, then take her to a new gallery opening or to the gallery she always wanted to visit. Whatever the destination is, make sure it’s something she likes.

You’ll definitely get some extra points for making that move and you’ll get her to go out with you, especially if she didn’t know whether to go or not.

21. Try hard to create a perfect atmosphere

Sometimes, romantic candles and the cheesiest pick-up lines are not quite good enough to make her go out with you.

Well, in those times, what you need is a good atmosphere. You need to create the perfect setting for both you and her to relax.

When you manage that, then you have a higher chance of winning her over.

22. Hack her phone

This is so easy to do, yet so clever.

Use an excuse to take her phone, which shouldn’t be a hard thing to pull, and while she’s not looking, change your name to ‘Will you go out with me? :)’.

Wait for her to go away and then call her.

She will fall for that imaginative move, no doubt about it.

23. Buy her a lottery ticket

If you don’t want to complicate things, try this tactic.

Buy her a lottery ticket and tell her if she wins, she’s taking you out for a dinner and if she doesn’t, you’re taking her out instead.

It’s a win-win situation.

24. Chocolate = romance

Who doesn’t like chocolate? It’s basically equal to romance and dates. Now, you have two choices.

Either buy her some chocolate you know she likes and slip a note inside asking her out, or write ‘Will you go out with me?’ with chocolate.

Honestly, I don’t know which option she’ll like better. Either way, you can’t go wrong.

25. But for a passionate coffee lover, it’s coffee

This approach asks for a few practice runs before asking her out.

You’ll have to buy her a couple of morning lattes before you build up the courage to ask her out.

Anyhow, this is how you’re going to do it. Write it down on the bottom of her cup and wait to see her reaction.

If this for some reason fails, just write it down on the side.

26. Write it down on the side of the road

Make it look fun and creative.

Use colored chalks and write down ‘Will you go out with me?’ in big and colorful letters somewhere you’re positive she’ll walk by.

Nothing says fun and creative like colored chalks and it’s cute, too.

27. Make her a handcrafted gift

You don’t even have to be skilled at it but if you are, then it’s a plus. It won’t take you long to create something for her.

But as I already said, if you are not skilled, there are tons of ideas on the Internet and tutorials which will lead you step by step to making her a perfect present.

You won’t be able to screw anything up. Even if you do, start all over again.

I guarantee you that any gift she receives won’t be as dear to her as the one you’ve made with your own two hands.

28. Snapchat her

Preferably do it in front of all your friends while they are screwing with you about liking a girl.

Tell her that you don’t care if anyone is making fun of you because you like her and you want her to go out with you.

There is no way she’ll be able to resist such a direct message.

29. Ask her out in a public place

This is a tricky one because you really need to be sure she is going to say yes before you put your heart on the line.

As there are girls who don’t like public displays of affection, there are girls who love it.

If your girl is one of those who loves it, then choosing the jumbotron on a game, zooming on on you while you’re holding a piece of paper saying ‘Will you go out with me?’ is a brilliant idea.

30. Recreate a scene from her favorite movie or TV show

I know, this can’t be as perfect as in the movie or TV show but it can be close enough.

Take any show or movie you know she likes and choose an important or super romantic scene from it.

Recreate everything that happened, make her roleplay with you.

Get similar clothes and find a similar place where the action goes down. She will be blown away by your creativity, especially if you do everything right.

31. Use cheesy pick-up lines

Despite what you’re thinking, cheesy pick-up lines work like a charm. When you think about it, you have nothing to lose.

Either she will laugh her head off at one of the cheesy things you say to her and like you for it or she’ll melt and still like you for it.

I suggest you go for it because you never know what might happen. Honestly, this approach seems like a win-win situation.

32. Take advantage of her being a nerd

If she sits in front of you in class and you know she is a nerd who always pays attention in class, write down your message in a book, in the section you know she’ll open to read.

This tactic is right up her street and she won’t be able to say no to you.

33. Do a T-shirt proposal

This is a cool way to ask someone to marry you but it can work perfectly with asking someone to go out with you too.

If you’re not that good with art stuff, hire a professional to do it, so you’ll be sure nothing will be messed up.

The approach is very clear and simple. Paint your question and put a question mark at the end.

Cover up your shirt with a jacket and when you take her someplace nice, wait for the right moment and take your jacket off.

She will say yes in the blink of an eye.

34. Or simply just ask her

No tactics, no secret plans, just walk right up to her and, full of confidence, ask her if she wants to go out with you.

Tell her that you like her and you can’t stop thinking about her. Sometimes, the simplest things do the trick.

35. Use a bookmark

Find out which book she’s currently reading, taken into account, of course, that she is a bookworm, and stick a clever note inside of it.

Bookmark a page with your note and that will make sure you draw a smile on her face when she gets to the note you wrote.

36. Buy her jewelry

It doesn’t have to be anything expensive. You can make a piece of jewelry on your own but you can buy it just the same.

You don’t have to buy her a gold necklace or bracelet to get her attention. Silver jewelry is just as good and it doesn’t cost that much.

Or, as I already said, you can make it yourself.

Personalize that piece of jewelry with the initials of the two of you and give it to her. You will sweep her off her feet.

37. Excite her

Start a conversation with something you are sure that she will get excited about. Work her up and let her do the talking.

Just ask a few questions along the way but actually pay attention to what she is saying.

Girls can tell when you’re pretending to listen and when you’re actually listening to them.

When she gets excited, throw in a ‘Will you go out with me?’ Her positive mood will influence her answer—you’re guessing which one!

38. Use emojis

It’s a bit challenging but if you really like this girl, I’m sure you’ll find a way to use emojis to show what’s on your mind.

Select them carefully, try to be funny and creative and more importantly, try to be clear so she understands what you want to say.

39. Climb up her balcony

If you know this girl from before, if you are already friends but you feel something for her, pull the 90s movie trick by climbing up to her balcony.

It’s risky, because it may be too cheesy or too much, it depends on what the girl likes.

The reason why you have to know her already before you climb up to her room is pretty obvious.

What would she do if saw sees a stranger in her room, right?

When you climb up, walk up to her bed and gently stroke her on her head. Whisper nice things into her ear and wake her up gently.

Right there, right then, admit your feelings for her and ask her to go out with you.

40. Be funny

It’s a fact that girls like men who make them laugh.

If you can do it over the phone, if she always comes back to you with a funny face emoji over a text, the chances are she will immediately say yes if you ask her out.

Whatever tactic you use, remember you have to be confident about what you’re doing. Otherwise, everything will fall to pieces.