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The Ultimate Guide On How To Compliment A Beautiful Girl’s Picture

The Ultimate Guide On How To Compliment A Beautiful Girl’s Picture

It’s late in the evening and you’re scrolling through your feed when you stumble upon a beautiful smile in a mesmerizing picture of a girl. 

The urge to throw a comment becomes strong with you but out of fear that you’ll embarrass yourself, you choose to play safe and Google instead on how to compliment a beautiful girl’s picture.

Things might not develop in this exact order but you get the point.

The thing is, anyone can make a throwaway comment but learning how to PROPERLY and EFFECTIVELY compliment a beautiful girl is an art in itself! (And yes, you can become a master of it.)

The secret ingredient of the best comments is their uniqueness and creativity and this is exactly what will make your comment stand out in a sea of others!

Anyone can write that one word that many girls out there (including myself) consider extremely generic and unoriginal and that word is: ‘Beautiful’

(And no, when it is followed by an exclamation mark, it doesn’t add to its appeal.)

What girls want is to see that you made an effort to write something meaningful and original (at least to a certain degree).

That is what will make them feel special and what will make you potential dating material (or perhaps something even more). 

In the era of social media, learning how to compliment a beautiful girl’s picture is not a choice but a necessity (especially if you want to learn how to get a girlfriend)!

And that is why, my friend, it is high time you learn how to compliment a girl in the best possible way! 


Compliment her beautiful smile in the picture

There’s something truly radiant and utterly beautiful about a girl’s smile. So many writers and poets have been praising smiles in their work because it’s one of the first things people notice about women.

Also, it is one of the most powerful things that can capture a man’s heart within seconds.

Girls love receiving compliments on their smile because it shows them that a guy is not superficial and only interested in boobs or butts

If you compliment her beautiful smile in the picture, it’s basically like complimenting her soul and trust me, there’s nothing more powerful than that!

Here a few worthy examples on how to compliment her smile like a boss:

You have the cutest cheekbones I have ever seen. Cutiepie, you should never stop laughing.

Girl, you are a glorious mess and your smile is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.

I can’t stop getting high on the beauty you radiate with that angelic smile of yours. 

Your special smile makes my day every single time.

Your smile makes me want to smile for days.

If there was one thing in the world I had to choose to watch on repeat, it would be your beautiful smile.

Compliment her hair

One of the best compliments you can give a girl is about her hairstyle (remember this dating tip). 

Do you know why girls are so obsessed about receiving compliments on their hair?

Girls love receiving good compliments on their hair because they spend lots of time straightening it, styling it, curling it, you name it. 

In other words, they spend a lot of time (and I mean A LOT) on taking care of their hair, starting from nourishing hair products to styling products. 

And, yes, we are completely aware of the fact that half of the male species won’t even notice if we did something with our hair. But it would be SO NICE if someone actually noticed it and praised our efforts. 

Well, you could be that guy who will make a girl’s day and compliment her hair instead of other things that have become, let’s say, slightly overrated.

This is how you’ll do it:

I like how curly/silky/shiny your hair looks

What do you do to make your hair look so awesome?

You rock this hairstyle like a boss!

You’ve got such nice hair.

I don’t know how you manage it but your hair looks flawless.

Your hair color looks amazing.

Compliment her eyes

Just like a smile, a girl’s eyes have been one of the most praised things ever since the world began. When you flirt with a girl, you look her in the eyes. When you’re about to kiss a girl, you look her in the eyes. 

From blue to green and brown to gray, there are so many beautiful shades of eye color that decorate every girl’s face.

If you want to make her feel truly special and impress her with your commenting skills and gentleman manners, try out the following creative compliments:

Your beautiful eyes are so inspiring that I could write a poem in a few seconds. 

Your shining eyes look like pearls in the night sky. 

Your eyes make me feel so calm.

I could be lost forever in the intensity of your beautiful eyes

Your (color of her eyes) eyes make me feel like you’re staring into my soul.

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Compliment her skin

A girl’s skin is one of the most delicate parts of her body and we take real special care of it.

We try to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and we use tons of different nourishing beauty products and whatnot. 

And what do we get in return? No one ever praises it in a picture.

Not so many guys pay attention to a girl’s skin in pictures. So, if you’re wondering how to compliment a beautiful girl‘s picture, pay attention to her skin as well.

Regardless of whether she’s your good friend, a stranger or an acquaintance, complimenting her skin will truly impress her because you actually noticed it on a girl’s photo (when other guys didn’t). 

Your skin looks flawless

You have the prettiest skin.

I bet your skin is so flawless because it radiates the beauty that comes from within.

Your skin is radiating/glowing. 

Your skin looks so shiny and healthy. I bet it is capable of illuminating even the darkest rooms.

Compliment her outfit

Girls like it when a guy compliments their outfit because it takes a lot of time, effort and style to come up with the perfect one.

We don’t just open our wardrobe and wear the first thing we see (like the majority of you guys) as we’re really sensitive when it comes to fashion.

We like to rock our own style and we like to inspire other people with our unique sense of fashion. 

I understand that most of the male population notice only if a girl is semi-naked (or naked) on the photo but we would really appreciate it if you made an effort to compliment our outfit as well, preferably in the following ways:

I’m in love with your dress sense.

You have a great sense of fashion. 

I love the way you matched all the colors. 

Your sense of fashion is a true inspiration in itself.

I love your dress/skirt/T-shirt!

How do you always come up with such inspiring/amazing outfits?

Compliment her accessories

The secret of leaving a mind-blowing comment for a girl pic lies in the details. The more details you notice on a girl’s pic, the better.

One of the reasons why guys don’t usually notice accessories is because they’re not really familiar with all of them.

Of course, every guy will notice if a girl is wearing a watch but how many guys will notice if she’s wearing earrings or a ring? That’s exactly what I’m talking about! You want to be that one guy who notices it all.

I know it sounds ridiculous but if you think that you will forget to pay attention to all the details on a girl’s pic, try writing them down (or take a screenshot) so that you have it as a personal reminder. 

When it comes to complimenting accessories, there are not so many things you can say about them. You can either add nice/hot/stylish and similar to the following items:











Complimenting accessories is really simple, so you cannot go wrong with it. The above are some of the most common accessories worn by girls, so make sure to spot them on a girl’s photo!

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Compliment her natural beauty

I have the urge to get one thing straight. So, you guys are claiming that you LOVE seeing a girl rocking the natural look accentuating her inner beauty but you seldom ever compliment her on it.

I think it’s time we change that.

Complimenting her natural beauty will boost her confidence and make her feel good in her skin. Man, if you’re able to do that, you have won the girl already.

It’s true that some girls prefer posting pictures only with tons of make-up (which I don’t really approve of) but there are times when a girl will gather courage and post a pic with minimum make-up accentuating her natural beauty or with no make-up on at all.

When that happens, make sure to notice it and PRAISE it! Actually, by doing that, you’re doing yourself a favor.

If you want girls to feel confident rocking their natural beauty, you have to motivate them to do so. And here are some brilliant ways in which you can do all that:

Your natural beauty takes my breath away.

Your natural beauty is ravishing.

So much natural gorgeousness in one photo.

You are a very marvelous girl

What do you do to look so perfect? 

Just when I couldn’t be more crazy about you, you posted this beautiful pic and made my heart beat faster.


Yes, girls love receiving compliments on their appearance but they also love being complimented on their personality. I daresay that the majority of women actually prefer the latter. 

Now, you’re probably wondering: How in the world can I compliment a girl’s personality on a picture?

Well, you can do it by paying attention to the activities she’s doing in the picture, her facial expression, style and all other aspects that accentuate her personality.

If you compliment her personality, you will let her know that you’re not like the rest of them who are only interested in one thing (jumping into her pants).

Well, even if you are, she won’t notice it if you compliment her personality and not only her physical appearance.

So, pay attention to those positive vibes on the picture because sometimes complimenting physical beauty is just overrated. Here are some of the best compliments for a girl’s picture praising her personality.

You are a precious diamond.

I love your adventurous spirit!

Your smile is so mesmerizing. I’m totally sure you’re a fun girl to be around (if not the funniest)!

I daresay that you’re a girl with the coolest and most addictive personality ever.

I’m so inspired by your free spirit, bravery and willingness to constantly try new things. 


Compliment her on activities

If she is doing something in the picture, add this one into the equation as well. 

I understand that it’s really hard to keep in mind all those things from accessories to hair, so you might forget to check if she’s doing anything in the picture. 

Please, try not to forget. Pay attention to if she has a drink in front of her at a bar, if she’s graduating from college, if she’s riding a horse, if she’s playing volleyball, you name it.

You can compliment her on any of those activities and she will LOVE it. 

Now imagine that she’s in the picture holding a diploma and you compliment her on her eyes only and ignore her accomplishment. It would be really insulting and kind of stupid, right? 

So, don’t do that. Whatever she’s doing in the picture, make sure to acknowledge it (if it is something worthy of acknowledging, of course):

If she’s having a birthday: Happy birthday, beautiful girl. Both you and the cake look amazing.

If she’s in the process of cooking: Wow, that food looks really tasty. 

If she’s graduating: Sincere congratulations on your graduation and success.

If she’s volunteering: You’re a true inspiration to the world, girl!

If she’s drawing/painting: That piece of art looks amazing!

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Compliment her on what makes her stand out from the rest

In other words, compliment her originality!

Think about what it is that makes her stand out from other girls. Is it her unique sense of fashion or the activity she’s doing (like abstract art or yoga)? Or does she like playing video games? 

I mean, let’s be honest. How many girls out there are playing video games? Exactly. So, your job is to target all those unique details in the picture and compliment her on that. 

If you’re not sure whether you should compliment her on a pic where she’s just sitting on a chair or where she’s playing video games, choose the latter one. She will be more than surprised and impressed by that.

By praising her originality, you will subtly make her feel special and that’s the ultimate goal of every guy out there:

I have never seen more beautiful and radiant eyes than yours. I’m pretty sure you’re the prettiest girl in the city (and I’m not even exaggerating).

Wow, your vibe is so powerful that I can feel it through the screen.

I’ve never seen a girl rocking that video game. Big props to you, girl!

Your skin looks so flawless and delicate that it should be protected by law.

Compliment her sense of humor

Even though a sense of humor is primarily connected to guys, there are also some girls who are gifted with an inspiring sense of humor that can make you LOL for days. 

One of the foolproof ways to compliment a gorgeous picture of a girl is by complimenting her funny and inspiring caption, her funny facial expression or similar.

I personally always strive to spice things up with some humor when posting pictures and I’m sure some other girls do that as well.

Sadly, that often goes unnoticed because guys pay more attention to physical attributes than captions.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you acknowledged both her appearance and sense of humor? Speaking of the ultimate wombo combo:

I have never seen a girl looking so beautiful, funny and cute all at the same time.

Your funny captions always get me!

Girl, I cannot fail to notice that you have a great sense of humor, which is really hot.

If I spent only one day with you, I’m sure my stomach would hurt for days. I LOVE your sense of humor.

Compliment her talents and passions

One sure-fire way to win a girl’s heart is to compliment her talents and passions. These are the things that mean a lot to a girl and that she spends a great amount of time on. 

This could be just anything from drawing to running or dancing. If a girl likes to run marathons, you have to give her credit for effort and devotion. 

Complimenting her talents and passions will let her know that you’re interested in what is going on in her life and that you know how to appreciate all those things.

The last thing you need is her thinking that you’re only interested in complimenting her physical appearance. 

The best compliments are those that praise her inner beauty and here are some of them:

You’re one of the most gifted individuals I’ve ever virtually stumbled upon.

Your drawings/dancing never cease to amaze me. 

I love seeing that spark in your eye when you’re (doing a particular activity).

You’re the most passionate woman I’ve ever met.

Your work is a true inspiration.

Compliment her lifestyle

Just like all of us, different girls live different lifestyles. Some of them are adventurous, some are passionate, some are focused on a holistic lifestyle and so on. 

Her lifestyle says a lot about her as a person and it is a great honor for her if you decide to compliment her on it.

After all, her way of living is influenced by so many things, including her best friends, her family and the websites she follows.

So, if you compliment her on that, you’re basically telling her: I LIKE YOU INSIDE OUT. I like your mind, body and spirit. 

I daresay there’s nothing more powerful than that. The best compliment for a girl’s pic is not one that will make her feel like a flawless model with a perfect body shape and size.

It is the one that will inspire her to think about it for the next few days. 

Here are some lifestyle compliments that will certainly win her over:

Your healthy lifestyle is one of the most inspiring things I’ve ever seen.

You look so curious and full of life in every picture. It’s truly mesmerizing.

Your friends look so happy in every picture with you. From where do you draw such amazing energy?

Girls who like challenges are real gems.

Bold, fearless, determined, beautiful inside out. You’re a true inspiration, girl!

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Compliment her photography skills

A beautiful picture is not only beautiful because of the person in the picture but it takes some skills to make it look so as well.

Regardless of the setting of the picture, you can always compliment her photography skills.

Truth be told, even choosing the right filter is a lot of work because there are tons of them and if you apply the wrong one, you can ruin the entire picture.

Knowing the right positions for a selfie is a true art in itself and if that girl is rocking it, she surely deserves to be praised for it.

Instead of only complimenting her looks or personality, you can go one step further and compliment her efforts and skill when it comes to making a photograph looking flawless.

You can do so in the following ways:

I’ve noticed that you really have an eye for detail. That’s a really nice trait to have.

I like the way you combined different shades of color and still made it look so simple and amazing.

I’m truly impressed by your ability to find something interesting even in the dullest settings. 

You have a very unique photography style that I never fail to recognize.

Your photos are a combination of a brilliant setting and flawless beauty, which is a killer combo. 

No matter how many photos you post, I can never get enough of them because they are simply amazing.

5 Things To Remember When Complimenting A Beautiful Girl’s Picture

Don’t overdo it!

The number one rule when it comes to complimenting in general is not to overdo it.

This means you shouldn’t choose a few compliments from the above list (or a million compliments) and add them one by one or together in one comment.

Just like with clothing, remember that less is more. Trust me, you will not win a girl if you bombard her with tons of different compliments, from her appearance to her personality. 

The best bet is to focus on one thing that dominates the picture.

This can be a random detail, her dress or similar. If you overdo things, you will not succeed in making her feel special but you will appear desperate, which is something you want to avoid.

Pay attention to details

You would be surprised how much time and effort girls spend on details. Nails, hair, make-up, the color of lipstick, you name it.

There are so many things a girl ‘needs’ to pay attention to, which often go unnoticed by other people.

And that’s where you come in, my friend! If you pay attention to details that other people haven’t noticed, YOU WIN THE GAME.

Pay attention to whether she’s done something different with her hair, if there are some unique prints on her outfit or similar.

Keep your eyes open like a detective if needed because finding a detail that is worth complimenting will be your ticket to heaven (and the first date).

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Be confident

I cannot stress this one enough. Many men think that girls are after a filthy rich man driving an expensive car, who has a six-figure salary. No, this is not true.

Girls fall for CONFIDENT GUYS and you have witnessed it so many times thus far but you still refuse to accept it. 

I bet you’ve seen some random guy approaching a girl in a bar, who looked neither rich nor extremely handsome. However, he still got the girl. And do you know why? 

Because he was confident in front of her and he convinced her that he was EXACTLY what she needed in her life at that moment. 

Think of it like an advertisement on the TV. If they are not sure about what they are selling to you, how can they persuade you to buy it? Of course, they can’t. 

The same thing applies to dating. If you believe that you deserve to date that girl, she will believe it too.

If you act confident and classy, be it when complimenting on social networks or in person, she will fall for you too.

Don’t force things

Let’s say that you compliment a beautiful girl’s profile picture or any other pic and she doesn’t hit the like button or reply to you.

Will you write another comment where you ask her: What is wrong with you? or What have I done wrong? or Why aren’t you paying attention to me?

If yes, think again. Forcing things has never resulted in a positive outcome. By asking her the above things, you would only make things worse, so this is the last thing you would want to do. 

If she doesn’t say anything, just leave it be. You haven’t done anything wrong and there’s nothing you should worry about. 

As a matter of fact, by staying cool and calm, you will let her know that you’re a confident guy who doesn’t have time to bother with trivial things. That’s exactly what you want her to think of you.

Be different

Do you know what the first two things every girl notices about you are? Whether you’re generic (‘like the rest of them’) or different (or at least trying to be different).

Girls are ready to forgive lots of things but they will never forgive you for your lack of effort. 


Every girl in the world wants to feel special and she wants to meet a guy who will impress her and prove to her that he has some qualities that differentiate him from the rest of the male species. 

Being different is about spicing things up with your unique sense of humor, being artistic with words, having exciting, unusual hobbies, acting like a real gentleman (which is really rare nowadays) and so on.

You can implement some or all of those things when complimenting a girl because the best comment for a girl is not about quantity but quality (so, remember to always use your brain when commenting!). 

I’ll repeat again, learning how to compliment a beautiful girl’s picture is a true art in itself. Once you master the art of leaving the best comments for girls, that gorgeous and beautiful woman you like will notice it too!

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