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Dating Advice For Men: This Is How You Play The Game

Dating Advice For Men: This Is How You Play The Game

We all know women are complicated. It’s almost impossible to know when they like you and when they want nothing to do with you because the way they act is too contradictory.

While this is all true, let’s face it – sometimes it’s our fault.

So, what’s the best dating advice for men? How can we get better with girls? What’s a big NO while dating them? How do we master the game of online dating?

If all of these questions eat your soul away, then read on, and let’s help you answer them!

How Do Men Get Better At Dating?

Not by sitting around and waiting for it to happen, that’s for sure.

You have to actually put in the necessary work to get the woman you want. But, first make sure that you really want her. Get to know her. Find out what she likes, and if you are truly compatible.

If you are, then strive to be the best version of yourself. Why? Because the key isn’t only in your behavior towards her, but also in your overall personality.

Simply put, if you want to be considered boyfriend material or be a good boyfriend, be a good person first.

But, okay, we’ve only scratched the surface now. Keep reading for more detailed dating advice for men.

What Is The Best Dating Advice For Men?

The modern dating scene just keeps getting more confusing, doesn’t it? Well, I’m here to tell you that it’s actually quite simple.

All you need to attract women is a little confidence and self-esteem. Do you have that? If you do, how can you use it? If you don’t, what’s to be done?

Well, worry not because I’m your dating coach for the day. Let’s bid that confusion farewell with the following dating tips:

1. The power is in your hands

You are aware that you can’t magically find a girlfriend, right? You have to actually put yourself out there and approach women to accomplish that.

Nothing will happen if you sit alone in your room, despair over your loneliness, and wish for things to happen. You have to make them happen. So, go and get a girl’s number. We only live once, after all.

2. Cowardice is forbidden

I know that the fear of rejection is very strong. Every time you approach a woman, you think it’s bound to get ugly. But, that couldn’t be further from the truth…

Instead of getting cold feet, why not be clear from the start about what you want with her? Whatever happens, at least you’ll know where you stand. And, besides, women love a man who knows what he wants.

3. Knock her off her feet

Rule number one in the playbook: flirt like a pickup artist (but don’t be one). No woman wants to be with a guy who doesn’t know how to flirt with her properly or who never gives her cute nicknames.

There are many romantic pick-up lines or romantic bedtime stories that can help you with that. Or, if you prefer it that way, you can also go with the flow. Just remember one thing – flirting becomes even more important later on in the relationship. Don’t ever let it stop being exciting.

4. A little patience, please!

Every relationship expert will give you the same dating advice for men: Never scare a woman off with your advances if you notice that she’s uncomfortable. The goal is for her to feel as good as she can with you.

So, get to know her first! Show her that you’re genuinely interested in her, and that you don’t just want to get laid.

Besides, even if it’s important to be true about our intentions, it’s always more intense when we take things slowly. That’s how you get a girl’s attention.

5. Make her laugh

We all know this. We can’t get a date (or get her in the mood) unless we can make a woman laugh. Humor might actually be more important than anything. No other quality can help you out if you don’t have it.

So, if you see that she’s laughing a lot with you, it’s a sign she likes you.

On the other hand, if you notice that she’s always serious in your presence, you’re not doing a very good job, so work on it.

If you’re not naturally funny, then prepare some jokes beforehand. Just make sure that she’s happy in your presence.

6. Compliment her

You don’t need a dating expert to tell you how important it is for a woman to feel adored. If you never give her compliments, she will have no problem turning to a guy who will. Don’t let that happen.

If you like the sound of her laughter, don’t keep it to yourself. If she looks good, tell her, and compliment her pictures online.

Express whatever it is that you like about her. When she sees your appreciation, you’re bound to make her yours.

7. First impressions matter

When a woman meets you for the first time, it’s crucial that you show yourself in the best light. Wear your best clothes, be a gentleman, and initiate interesting conversations.

If there are no signs of obvious sexual tension, she is likely to reject your future advances. So, make sure that doesn’t happen.

Win her over straight away. Show her what extraordinary things await her if she decides to let you into her life.

8. Pay attention

Seducing a woman isn’t about grand gestures, but rather the little things. That’s what’s going to make her appreciate you forever.

If she keeps babbling about a subject, don’t interrupt her. If she’s upset, think of the best way to help her calm down. If her birthday is approaching, don’t just give her a gift that you believe to be the most girly. Think of what she truly likes. Just pay attention.

9. Be confident

I’m sure you already know that confidence is the key. Yes, some women may love shy guys, but what they usually want is an alpha male who isn’t afraid to go after the thing he wants.

Show her how fearless you are, and how confident in your own skin…

Scared guys don’t accomplish much, especially because women are rarely the ones chasing us.

You don’t want to be the forever alone kind of guy just because you’re afraid of a little risk, do you?
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10. Turn off your phone

Do I even have to say this? A woman will easily get bored if you keep checking your phone instead of devoting your time solely to her.

You can live without your phone for a few hours. Mute all notifications and direct all your attention to her. If she can pick up on how interested you are in the conversation and how much you enjoy her company, she will appreciate you all the more.

11. You’re not the center of the universe

You do know that you can’t win a girl over by never asking her questions, right? If you’re the only one doing the talking, she will be bored very quickly. Nobody likes a show-off.

So, be curious about her life. If she’s a bit timid, help her relax. Just make sure that it’s an actual conversation and not a monologue. You want a girlfriend who’s going to be your equal, not a fan who’s there to listen and praise you.

12. Choose interesting topics

It is crucial that you choose wisely what to talk about with a girl in the initial phase of a relationship. Don’t get all serious and spill out your childhood trauma on a first date (unless you notice that she’s okay with that).

Instead, joke around and tell her about the things you love. Observe her reactions. Make sure that she’s having a great time, but don’t forget to check your own level of happiness when you’re with her!

13. Forget about the ex-girlfriend talk!

Literally no woman ever likes it when you talk about an ex-girlfriend. They immediately get suspicious about your feelings, and it just ruins the overall mood of the date.

If she asks about the history of your dating life, share it, but don’t go into detail. You’re here to form something new, not ruminate about past lives.

You probably wouldn’t like it very much if she were to talk about an ex-boyfriend either, would you?

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14. Open up to her

I’m sorry, boys, but the only way to build a better emotional connection with a woman is through deep conversations. Being mysterious is attractive, but it’s the emotional vulnerability that makes her attached to you.

Let her see your true self. Confide in her about your biggest fears and life disappointments. You won’t be judged. She’ll just see you as a one in a million because you chose to share those parts of yourself with her.

15. Friendship is crucial

It’s important not to treat a woman as a (potential) girlfriend, but rather as a friend. Yes, woo her in the best way possible, but also make sure that you can talk as if you were best pals.

Besides, wouldn’t it be rather dull to be in a relationship with someone who you don’t get along with at all? Think about it.

16. Be honest

We’re always prone to slight pretenses when we like a woman. We never think how that will affect us in the long term.

Be straight with her from the start. Don’t agree with something just for her sake, and never tell her what she wants to hear. Tell her what you really think. She’ll appreciate your honesty, and you’ll have better chances of forming a healthy relationship.

17. Surprise her

Yes, it is important to ask her if she likes the plan you have in mind as well as to make plans together. But, sometimes you need to take the initiative. Don’t always go to the same old places.

Plan a trip and just take her there. Ring her up and tell her to get ready. She will be filled with excitement over having such a man in her life.

18. Practice kindness

You probably believe that they always prefer a bad boy over a nice guy, but I’ve seen countless times that the opposite is the truth. They just want someone who’s exciting not someone who will make their life a living hell.

Kindness is a quality that women most appreciate, gents. None of them wants a disrespectful jerk. So, be kind all the while rocking her world.

19. Communication is key

Neither of you can get mad at each other for something you don’t know about. So, communicate your needs clearly, and tell her to do the same.

Don’t make the relationship more complicated by staying silent. Be adults and talk it through. That way, you’ll solve your problems more easily, and she might just be attracted to your manliness and strong will.

20. Include her in your life

If you’re in a relationship, make sure that you consult with her on every decision you want to make. Or, if you’re an independent guy, always let her know what you’re about to do.

What’s important is that she’s aware of how much you appreciate her input. You may be individuals, but you’re also partners, so share things with each other. Show her that you’re trophy husband material.

21. Don’t hit on everything that moves

This is CRUCIAL in the dating world. A woman will accept you only if she sees that you’re willing to devote yourself entirely to her. If you can’t be committed, but would rather flirt with every girl you see, then expect rejection on her side.

You won’t ever get to the second date if she sees that you’re so desperate that you would easily be with any girl as long as you’re in a relationship.

Prove your love for her because women like feeling special. They don’t want to be just another fish in the sea.

22. Keep it exciting

Don’t nurture the relationship only in the early stages. Do it every single day. Never stop exciting your woman.

Yes, romance matters, but don’t limit yourself by going out to dinner all the time. Why not embark on an adventure instead? Show her how life can never be boring with you, not even years after you have started dating.

What Guys Should NOT Do When Dating

Some things are just a big NO when it comes to dating women. They, sooner or later, set you up for disappointment without you even realizing what you have done.

But, once again, I’m here to offer you great dating advice for men that will significantly improve your dating skills. Here’s what you should never do:

1. Don’t try too hard

A lot of guys pretend to be someone they’re not with women. And, that’s understandable. Our main goal is to impress them, not scare them away.

But, don’t forget that you (probably) want a long-term relationship, and you can’t pretend forever.

You don’t have to be ”cool.” As long as you’re comfortable with who you really are, she will like you, too.

2. Don’t play games

Everything they told you is a lie. Women don’t like it when we play games with them. Yes, a little waiting may prove fruitful, but ghosting is a whole different thing. Don’t do it.

The more they wait, the less they will be attracted to you. They may be loyal creatures, but they won’t wait around forever for you. I know… I tried it, and I failed miserably.

So, be direct instead. I can assure you it’s the right way to go.

3. Don’t be cheap

Yes, it is the 21st century, and women like the power play. They will be the ones paying for the drinks sometimes. But, don’t grow to like it too much. Don’t allow yourself to be cheap.

Your woman may want to be in charge sometimes, but she also wants to be taken care of. Once she sees that she’s the one who has to provide for you all the time, she’ll leave for good. Both partners should contribute to the relationship.

4. Don’t make all the decisions

Yes, be a man and take initiative, but don’t neglect to remember that women like to be included, too.

Instead of always being the one who organizes dates, let her do it sometimes. In reality, nobody should be wearing the pants. You two are partners who are equally important.

5. Don’t treat her as your property

Let’s be honest we are all a little possessive at times. Even after we get a girl, we’re so obsessed with the thought of losing her that we do the stupidest things. Stop that.

Trust her instead. She agreed to be with you among all the other guys, didn’t she? Well, then stop treating her as property you own, but rather as a PERSON who committed to you and to whom you committed.

What Is The Best Online Dating Advice For Men?

If you struggle with approaching beautiful women in real life, there is always social media and many dating apps like Tinder that can help you find the woman of your dreams.

But, how do you do it properly? Is a good dating profile all you need, or is there much more to it?

Well, here is some online dating advice for men that has got you covered:

1. A good profile picture won’t help you

Honestly, you can look like Brad Pitt, but that won’t help you one bit if you’re a dry texter.

Do you ask her anything besides ”What’s up” and ”How are you doing?” Do you keep her on read because you don’t know how to continue the conversation?

Well, buddy, things aren’t looking well for you! If you want to attract a girl through texting, you’re going to have to get a bit more creative than that.

2. Don’t spill it all out

Opening up to your woman becomes even easier with online dating. But, while it is always the right way to go, make sure that you don’t tell her absolutely everything. If she knows all there is to know about you, she won’t find you that interesting anymore.

Leave a little mystery instead. Make her wonder. This always works like a charm for me. Women really love fascinating guys who they can’t figure out more than anything.

3. Show her that she’s on your mind

Do you know what the best way to make a girl feel special is? Well, just send her a text as soon as you wake up, and one before going to sleep. Basically, start and end the day by talking to her.

It doesn’t have to be anything romantic. It could just be a meme or a simple goodnight message. What’s important is showing her how much she means to you.

4. Give her space

Yes, women do like attention, but too much of anything is not good. So, stop getting angry every time she’s not around. Don’t text her 24/7.

Realize that she has her own life, and so do you. If you’re too clingy, chances are she won’t want you to be a part of her life anymore.

5. Ask her out on a date

The point of online dating is meeting women, right? You can’t just text them forever because I can assure you, they won’t wait that long.

Sure, get to know each other, but ask her out as soon as you can. Don’t be that guy who’s all talk and no action. Show her how serious about her you really are.

All In All

I hope that this dating advice for men has been helpful to you, and that you’ve mustered the courage to ask the woman you like out. Chances are, she’s waiting for you to notice her

There are ways to bounce back after being rejected, but no way at all to find a good girlfriend if you never try at all.

Now, quit complaining over not having anyone and actually do something about it. You can make it happen.