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How To Make Her Chase You: 18 Tricks That Work Every Time

How To Make Her Chase You: 18 Tricks That Work Every Time

Are you tired of chasing girls and trying to prove yourself to them? Wouldn’t it be nice to make girls chase you for change?

I bet I know your answers. That’s why we will show you some of the most efficient tactics on how to make her chase you.

They aren’t that difficult, and once you master the art of making women chase you, you’ll see your dating life change for the better.

You just have to play it cool and keep her curious all the time. It’s a game of playing hard to get. It is one of the most common strategies that many people use when it comes to dating.

You have to pique her interest while maintaining a dose of mystery.

If you learn this fine art of seduction and these rules to make women chase you, it’ll be like your superpower.

However, you shouldn’t use these tips to make every girl you meet chase you. Use it only on the one you truly like or, even better, the one you’re in love with. 

How To Make Her Chase You? 18 Easy Steps To Take 

Here are some simple ways that will help you approach a beautiful woman, make her fall in love with you instantly, and make her chase you. The dating advice below will help you become the man of her dreams indeed. 

The first impression is always important

First impressions are powerful and lasting, and that’s why you have to do everything you can to make it a great one. A woman will always remember the first time she met you.

If you want to get the girl to chase you and fall in love with you instantly, you have to nail the first impression and make her realize what a nice guy you indeed are. Believe me; it’ll be love at first sight

Also, another thing you have to pay attention to is how you’ll approach her. You don’t have to be a pick-up artist, but you’ll have to find or come up with a nice and romantic pick-up line for her

Oh yes, forget about making the first move with a dirty pick-up line because it’ll only be a major turn-off for her. 

However, sometimes things can go wrong and you can fail to leave a good first impression. Don’t worry if that happens; I have great news for you.

Women are reasonable and forgiving when it comes to that and they’ll give you a second chance to turn things around.

Invest in yourself

There are plenty of other ways to attract women besides your looks, but we all like it when someone takes care of their physical appearance.

Exercise. Eat healthy food. Take care of personal hygiene. Don’t forget that women are crazy for men that smell good, so remember to wear deodorant or cologne. Wear clothes that fit your body. A good hairstyle will always significantly improve your looks. 

Also, your haircut tells a lot about your personality.  Physical appearance is also related to your self-esteem. And a well-known fact is that women always fall for confident men.

Looking good and attractive will boost your confidence and you won’t feel insecure around girls. So, like the famous dating coach, Darcy Carter, says in her book, “Stop acting like an attractive man and become an attractive man.” 

Use your body language to seduce her

If you want to get the girl to chase you, using appropriate body language is probably the best way to do it. It’s effortless; you just have to know some tricks.

First of all, eye contact. Make eye contact every time you talk to her. That’s how you’ll show her that you are interested in her.

If she is also looking you directly in the eyes, it means she likes you too. 

Smile while you’re talking to her. A smile can sell basically anything you say. Also, it’ll help you look more relaxed, fun, and friendly.

Your posture has many benefits for your appearance and your physical health also.

It says a lot about your confidence. If you have bad posture, you can always improve it.

Find some exercises, stand in front of a mirror, and get the posture that will make women chase you.

Stay busy

Don’t hang with her all the time. Let her breathe. Also, she needs to know that you have other things in life besides her.

If you start treating her like she is the only person in the whole world, she might start thinking that you are desperate.

You have to prove to her that you are a high-value man who thinks about his future and how to create a better future for him and his future family. Show her that you want to make the most out of life. 

Focus on your work and goals. Hang out with friends more. Go on some trips with your friends. Find a good book to read… Write, clean, cook…

You have to show her that you have your own life, your own social circle and that she will have to make an effort to become a part of it. 

Friendzone her

Maybe you are doubting the efficiency of this dating advice because you think that you might lose the girl you like, instead of making her chase you. But you’ll have to trust me on this one. 

Being friendzoned by the person we like is difficult for everyone. But, in some strange way, rejection is what attracts us the most. We all want what we can’t easily get.

Most women (especially attractive women) aren’t used to being put in a friend zone and they hate it because it makes them needy.

Their neediness is good for you because it’ll make them think that they can’t live without you and then the chasing will start.

Win over her friends

Her friends play a huge part in her life – they’re the people she loves and trusts the most. That’s why you need to get to know them and get them to like you.

Treat her friends as your own. You should always respect her and compliment her in their company. You need to convince them that you are interested in her.

Her besties have a big influence on her and she’ll ask them for their opinion about you the first time they meet you. 

Basically, in order to make her chase you, first, you have to win over her friends.

Be mysterious

This is the most important thing you should know if you want to make a woman chase you. Being mysterious with a girl you like can make you look like a true irresistible alpha male.

Don’t reveal much about yourself on the first date. Also, don’t share too much information about yourself on your social media.

Let her investigate things she would like to know about you. This isn’t playing hard to get, it’s how you are going to find out if she likes you enough to find out some things about you by herself.

She’ll watch your every move. If she likes you, she’ll want to know more about you. That’s why your enigma will create an intense sexual tension between you and make her chase you more than ever before. 

Learn to say NO

If you start saying yes to everything she says and suggests, it’ll mean that you don’t have character. She’ll take it that you are a people pleaser and that’s a huge turn-off for every single girl. 

And women don’t like pushovers – men who can’t express their own opinions and don’t have their own views about certain things.

If you don’t like something or you’re not okay with something she suggests, just say that you disagree with her.

Even if she gets mad, you shouldn’t change your opinion. If you want to see a woman chase you, don’t be afraid to disagree with her.

Charm her with humor

Women think that humor is one of the most attractive social skills and traits a man can have. That’s why humor is always a great way to get women to chase you. 

So, the fact is that girls like guys who can make them laugh. But you should know that there are some boundaries you should respect.

Don’t use jokes that will make you creepy. Also, don’t use dirty jokes if you’ve just met a girl.

Take note though: Having a sense of humor isn’t just about telling jokes all the time, it’s also in the ability to find humor in things around you and being able to make her smile in every situation.

Pay her compliments, but don’t overdo it

Compliments can have a magical effect on women. However, you should be careful. Don’t start bombarding her with tons of compliments.

Give her only genuine and sincere compliments. She has to be sure that you really mean it, that you aren’t praising her only to seduce her.

Your compliments have the power to make her day better. If you know when and how to use them, you’ll have the girl you’re into chasing you sooner than you think.

When you first meet a woman you like, you should never pay her compliments based on her physical appearance. Those compliments are never effective because women get them a lot.

Make her jealous

To get girls to chase you, you have to make them jealous sometimes. Don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t mean that you’re allowed to date other girls.

There are plenty of other ways to make her jealous. For example, you can like and comment on photos of other girls on Facebook or Instagram or talk with other girls while she is near.

Once again, you have to be careful and don’t overdo it in making her jealous. She might strike back and start making you jealous.

Worst-case scenario, she might think that you are not interested in her or that you’re not boyfriend material because you flirted with other girls, causing her to end the game and move on.

Don’t text back right away

If you reply to her messages immediately, it’ll make you desperate, and it’ll seem like you’ve been waiting for her text all day.

You can make the first move here, ask her for her phone number, and start texting her first.

You have to know that waiting to text someone back is a tactical game and to make girls chase you, you have to win it.

She has to know that you are a busy man and don’t have time to chat with her all day long. It’ll also mean that you are a serious, mature man and that you prefer talks and dates in person.

Scientists agree that making someone wait for your reply increases your attractiveness.

So, make her wait a bit and wonder where you are and what’s keeping you so busy that you can’t even reply to her text.

Pull back from time to time

It’s okay to be there for a girl you like, but being always with her might give her the impression that you are needy, and that’s the last thing you want. So you have to give her space from time to time.

It’s a great way to find out if she is interested in you that much that she’ll notice your absence.

Also, it’s how you’ll show her that you are a cool guy of high value and that she has to work hard for your attention.

Remember, you want her to chase you, not the other way around. That’s why it’s okay to sometimes ignore her and pull back a bit. Now, I know this put the following thought in your mind; how to make a girl chase you by ignoring her? 

Simply go out with your friends and don’t answer her calls, but post a photo from the club on your Instagram. Trust me, it’ll drive your girl crazy and make her want you even more.

Challenge her

Always remember, the harder a woman has to work for your affection, the more valuable you’ll become to her. That’s why you’re allowed to play hard to get.

Challenging a woman you like is always a great idea to keep things interesting in your relationship.

You have to make her curious about you and your life. Make her work for the details about your life.

You have to convince her that you are fully enjoying your life and that it is difficult to keep up with you.

The goal is to challenge her without being obvious about it. Not replying to her text instantly, canceling plans you’ve made with her, being mysterious, and being different from other men.

Those are some simple ways you can challenge a girl and make her chase you.

Prepare questions for her

Make some kind of a quiz for her. Ask her questions about her family, her past. Ask her everything you want to know about her. It’ll be great for you to find out what her strengths and weaknesses are.

Don’t ask questions about her ex-boyfriends or what her type of man is.

She will realize that you are interested in her because you want to know more about her, but at the same time, it’ll be confusing for her why you don’t want to talk about her love life.

You always have to listen carefully while she’s talking. Don’t interrupt her.

Women appreciate men who are good listeners. If you show her that you understand her and sympathize with her, you’ll be all she needs.

Don’t admit you like her too soon

This is the step you should let her do first. When she tells you how she feels about you, you can say that you like her too.

You’ll ruin everything if you reveal your feelings too soon. You might even scare her away. And even when she admits that she likes you first, you shouldn’t pour out your entire heart to her completely.

Just say that you’re having a really good time when you’re around her and you would like to hang out with her more often.

Introduce her to your friends

It’s okay to let her in your social circle and to introduce her to your friends, but they should pretend like you never talked about her. Like they didn’t know that you were seeing her.

She’ll think that you aren’t interested enough in her and that would make her work harder for your attention. Also, she will do anything to get your friends to like her.

Don’t start chasing her

If you see that you’ve succeeded in making her chase you, don’t start to chase her. No matter how much you like her, don’t do that, ever.

She might get bored then and the game will end for her. Remember, she’s into you because you’re hard to get.

You’ll see that the moment you decide to stop chasing women, things will come around for you and they’ll start chasing you.

How Do You Make A Girl Chase You After Ignoring You?

Understanding what women want can sometimes be a pretty difficult task, right? In one moment, everything seems just fine but then, everything changes in a second and she starts ignoring you without telling you what lies behind that kind of behavior. 

You try so hard to get her attention but it doesn’t work. Unfortunately, that’s the part where most guys make a mistake without being even aware of it. 

The rule is, if your girl starts ignoring you, you should do the same. In layman’s terms, ignore her to get her attention. 

When she sees that you’re becoming distant, she’ll start worrying that she might lose you. And after you don’t reach out for a few days, it’ll make her miss you like crazy and she’ll be the one who will initiate contact first. 

I know that ignoring your girl might be a hard mountain to climb, especially if you have strong feelings for her, but you must be patient and believe in the power of this method. 

Final Words

If you truly want to make women chase you (or the one particular woman you like), you need to pump yourself up and follow these tips to devise a plan on how to make her chase you. 

It’s not difficult to make a girl crazy about you. You just need to be confident and patient, and you’ll see how it’s going to pay off.

The key is in being mysterious. That’s how you’ll challenge her to find out more things about you.

That’s how you’ll keep things interesting. If you are mysterious, you’ll get her attention before she’s even had a chance to get to know you.

You have to know that no matter what, you always have to be yourself. She needs to get the real you and fall in love with the real you.