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How Does An Alpha Male Pursue A Woman? 11 Must-Know Tricks

How Does An Alpha Male Pursue A Woman? 11 Must-Know Tricks

Men want to be like him, and women want to be with him. The alpha man seems to be everybody’s desire.

When in the presence of such a man, both men and women feel captivated and enchanted by his powerful energy. His charismatic personality draws people to him. You will spot a true alpha male from miles away.

The alpha man has his way with women. He knows what to do and how to do it to make a woman go crazy for him. And yet, he seems like he’s not doing anything. He doesn’t chase – he just vibes.

What’s the secret behind that? How does an alpha male pursue a woman he likes and manage to do it successfully each time?

The answer will surprise you. He doesn’t have a well-planned strategy and doesn’t perform miracles. He doesn’t go over his limits, and he doesn’t do anything that anybody else can’t do.

How Does An Alpha Male Pursue A Woman? 11 Gentlemanly Ways

A true alpha male is confident yet so down to earth. He has high self-esteem but doesn’t come across as arrogant. He is easygoing and kind yet dominant and powerful. He is not afraid to show his sensitive and emotional side and even shows his insecurities sometimes.

Wait, you’re telling me, to seduce a woman, you have to show her your weaknesses? How does that exactly work?

It works miracles, my friend.

You see, it’s all about confidence and feeling good in your skin, with all your flaws and what appear to be imperfections.

I’ll tell you from a woman’s perspective why we are so mesmerized by alpha men. I’ve encountered a couple of them through my dating life and even ended up with one.

How does an alpha male pursue a woman? The mystery is finally revealed.

1. He makes the first move

When he likes you, he likes you. This man knows what he wants from life. He knows what kind of woman he wants, and if he likes her, he’ll be sure about it.

And he will make the first move.

Asking someone out on a date takes courage, and this man has it. He believes in himself enough to know that even if he gets rejected, it will not diminish his value.

And that’s why he will rarely get rejected.

An alpha man will not leave a woman confused and wondering: “Is he flirting with me or not?”. He will save both her and himself from confusion and childish hot and cold games.

2. He makes a woman feel safe and comfortable

Contrary to popular belief, alpha men are actually really nice guys.

And no matter what popular culture is trying to teach us, nice guys don’t finish last. Ok, sometimes it’s desirable if they do (if you get what I’m saying).

When planning a first date, he’ll propose dinner at a nice cozy restaurant where he can talk to a woman. From the very first moment, he wants to make her feel safe and respected.

He doesn’t try to act like one of the tough guys. Girls go for dangerous guys, but women go for guys who treat them nicely.

He also makes sure that she is safe. Not only when she is with him but also when they are apart. He doesn’t bomb her with calls and texts (he has his own life, after all), but he makes sure she is ok.

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3. He is seductive

One of the most prominent alpha male traits is his seductive and flirty nature.

This is not the type of guy who will flirt with everyone just to satisfy his egoistic impulses. Alpha men are confident in themselves, and confident men don’t go around proving their worth all the time by charming every woman they come across.

However, this man knows the game. He knows how important it is to keep the mystery and passion high. Looks are important, and he is definitely good-looking, but more important is knowing how to keep the spark alive in a romantic relationship.

He will not play games, but he’ll be very flirtatious and seductive with a woman he is pursuing. He is open enough to be able to create a bond with a woman, but at the same time, he leaves space for mystery. That is a winning combination.

He will do things that showcase his masculine traits, his strength, dominance, and assertiveness without coming off as aggressive.

4. He’s a true gentleman

I’m a modern woman, self-sufficient, independent, and all that, but I like when men hold the door open for me or help me with my bags. Call me old-fashioned, but I like chivalry.

Alpha men are big on chivalry. They treat everybody with respect and care, but when pursuing a woman, they will take extra steps to show her how much they care.

An alpha man knows that he doesn’t need to show his masculinity by doing anything crazy and bold. He shows his masculinity by making a woman feel safe, for example, by accompanying her to her house after a date.

5. He doesn’t try to appear cold

A real alpha doesn’t have a problem showing that he needs a woman. He doesn’t try to appear cold and distant just to make her chase him.

Instead, if he likes a woman and cares about her, he’ll also care that she likes him back.

Confidence is great, but even the most confident men love to be admired and appreciated, especially in a romantic relationship. He has all the strength and power to deal with the world, but he still wants to hear words of admiration from his woman.

That’s why he shares his plans and accomplishments with her. Not to showcase his power but to hear what she thinks about it.

Women love it.

I want my guy to be successful and strong, but the last thing I want is to become his fan. I want to be his support instead.

6. He is dominant

An alpha man is a dominant male. He’s a man of action.

Alpha males are natural leaders in every aspect of their lives. They don’t wait for others to do something, and they don’t follow. They take charge and start first.

This also applies to pursuing a woman.

It doesn’t mean he wants a woman who will follow him blindly. He wants a woman who will be open about what she wants. And then he will try to make it happen.

7. He is open about his fears

With all the strength, power, and confidence they have, alpha males are still just human beings. They have their fears, insecurities, and weaknesses.

And they don’t pretend about it.

Many men fall into the trap of showing how bold, cold, and untouchable they are when trying to impress a woman. But a woman is impressed when a man is fragile with her. She wants to see his scars and everything he is hiding from the rest of the world.

There’s something magical and beautiful about a man who is strong enough to conquer the world but chooses to be open and vulnerable with you.

8. He shows his possessive side

Don’t get me wrong here. Nobody wants to deal with a possessive and jealous partner, and an alpha man is certainly not one.

However, a certain healthy level of jealousy is perfectly normal in a relationship. It’s an indicator that you care about them and have feelings for them.

Alpha men will not become overly jealous because they have self-respect and know their worth. But at the same time, they are confident enough to show that they care about a woman.

9. He is not afraid of commitment

A woman’s worst nightmare is a man who is scared to commit. An alpha man is not.

If he pursues a woman, it’s because he sees potential for the two of them. He chooses a woman he can see a future with.

He has plans for his life and is working hard to achieve his goals. This man does not waste time on things he is unsure about.

He’ll talk about his plans for the future and let the woman know that she is included in them also.

Let me tell you something as a woman: that’s when we completely fall for a guy.

10. He shows his respect

An alpha guy doesn’t want a woman who will be in his shadow. He wants a woman who will stand by his side.

If he pursues a woman, it means he has huge respect for her. And he has no problem showing it.

He will make a woman feel appreciated and admired. He will listen carefully when she talks about things that are important to her.

As they need a woman who will be their support, they will also show how supportive they are.

11. He is protective

Alpha males, as I already stated, are generally nice guys and don’t start fights. But they are very protective and, if needed, will stand up for a woman.

This is the type of man that a woman can turn to anytime. When she is out with him, she knows that she is safe. Not because he is the strongest and most dangerous guy, but because he cares for her and won’t let anybody harm her.

Alpha men show their protective side daily. They will make small gestures to offer help and show that a woman is safe with them.

Women will agree with me: we don’t necessarily need protection, but we love to know that someone is there for us.

How To Spot An Alpha Male: 5 Common Traits Of A High Value-Man

“How does an alpha male pursue a woman?” Mystery solved! But how do you know a man is a true alpha? How do you spot such a high-value man?

You will spot him easily. His body language, the way he speaks, and the energy he reflects will make him stand out in every social group. Here are some common traits of an alpha man:

• He has high self-esteem

The main character trait of an alpha male that differentiates him from a beta male is his captivating confidence. Such a man believes in himself strongly and doesn’t need anyone’s confirmation.

• He is focused on self-improvement

Alpha men are passionate about their careers, and they are always working on improving their lives and general well-being. This man doesn’t waste time and always works hard to achieve his goals.

• He speaks his truth

He is not afraid to tell the truth, even if he is the only one doing it. He is open and honest and lives authentically.

• He treats others with respect

Alpha men are so loved because they are polite and kind. They are confident but not arrogant. They know that real men always treat others with respect and kindness.

• He is courageous

An alpha man will do what needs to be done even if he doesn’t have anyone’s support and help. He will go where no man has been before. He is always the first, and people follow him.

What Makes Alpha Males Fall In Love?

An alpha male chooses a woman who is similar to him. She has to be powerful enough to handle him. He doesn’t want a woman who will be in his shadow and follow him blindly.

These are some of the characteristics a woman must have to make alpha men fall in love:

• Femininity

Alpha males are masculine men, and, in this case, they look for complementary traits in a woman. Femininity has nothing to do with physical appearance and what’s on the outside. A feminine woman is someone who is in touch with her soft feminine nature and is not afraid to show it.

• Self-confidence

A man with high self-esteem will also want a woman with the same trait. He will not be attracted to a woman who thinks poorly of herself.

• Intuition

An alpha man is dominant and bold. He wants a woman who is powerful enough, but not in a way that she needs to show dominance. Instead, such a woman is intuitive and always knows in which direction she is going. Her energy is subtle but equally as strong as his.

Final Words

How does an alpha male pursue a woman, and what can you learn from him?

What makes an alpha man so desirable and successful is that he knows the secret: women want a man who is authentic, confident, and true to himself.

Such a man will courageously walk through life and inspire her to do the same.

What do women want? is an eternal question, yet the answer is simple.