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How To Not Be A Dry Texter? 16 Tips To Get & KEEP Their Attention

How To Not Be A Dry Texter? 16 Tips To Get & KEEP Their Attention

“Hi, how are you? What are you up to? What’s up? What’s the weather like there?”

If you think that this is a good way to start a conversation and keep them interested (especially your crush), then it’s high time you learn how to not be a dry texter, aka a boring texter!

Let’s face it. Texting has become one of the most trending means of communication nowadays, especially when it comes to dating and relationships.

The way we (virtually) communicate with others can greatly influence how they perceive us and whether they want to pursue us.

Did you know that when we meet someone new, they will create a solid impression of us within the first seven seconds?

Well, the same thing applies to text messages but only in a different way.

If you’re a bad texter, the other person will know it after the first few messages (usually three or four).

If you’re a bad texter in a relationship, you might disappoint your partner and get stuck in a rut.

Now, what does it mean to be a bad texter?

Basically, it means being a boring texter. If you’re having trouble keeping a convo going or keeping things interesting during a text conversation, then this is a sign that you might be a dry/boring texter.

In order to get and keep someone’s attention, you need to step up your text messaging game and stay away from talking about boring things!

If you’re wondering how to not be so dry while texting, here are some helpful tips to make things exciting and more importantly, to make them chase you:

Avoid one-word answers

If you’re looking for a solution to being a boring texter, here’s one instant solution: Avoid one-word answers!

Why? Because they are not fun and they won’t keep the conversation going.

One-word responses like Yes, No or Probably will not give them much room for a meaningful response. All they can do is press like on your response or send you an emoji.

If you want to keep them engaged in a convo, you need to keep things exciting with creative responses that require them to reply in the same way.

Avoid asking generic questions like, “How are you?”

If there’s one thing I hate the most it is generic questions.

Yup, I’m talking about those questions that I mentioned in the first sentence of this article.

You cannot be a great IRL communicator or virtual communicator if you don’t know how to keep a conversation interesting.

Instead of asking, “How are you?” you can start with something funny that happened to you today or similar.

Trust me, if you do that, you’ll make them stick to you like glue.

Capture their attention by starting an exciting convo

I’ll be straightforward here. Don’t make them think that you’re a boring person talking about boring stuff.

The same thing goes for face-to-face communication.

If you’re texting them for the first time, make sure to capture their attention and make them see how witty, funny and interesting you are.

So, if you want to learn how to start an interesting conversation, avoid texting phrases like: “What’s up?” “Nothing much,” “Wyd?” “Hbu?” and so on.

Ask them open-ended questions, spice everything up with emojis and voilà, you are no longer a part of a boring texting crew (and you will no longer think about the reasons why they’re not texting you back).

And no, these questions don’t need to be complex but simple questions that will trigger their interest.

Don’t start talking about your junior year of high school, your SAT prep class or what your favorite type of bread is.

If you want to have a real conversation, pay attention to their mood, circumstances and other factors when choosing the right topic or conversation starter.

Be spontaneous and mysterious

When you’re the one initiating a conversation, don’t do it at the same time every single time and don’t start with the same one sentence. Be spontaneous, flirtatious and mysterious.

Don’t always reply to them the same second they message you but also don’t let them wait for too long.

Sometimes, you can choose to reply the same second. This inconsistency will create mystery.

Another thing that will create mystery is your flirty comments we talked about above and your ability to present yourself in a mysterious way.

You’ll do that by not giving too many details about yourself but unraveling them bit by bit.

By doing that, they will want more and more which is your main goal, right? Right.

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Use the power of emojis

Emojis have this power to make every text look playful, fun and sometimes mysterious.

Given that the other person cannot see your real facial expression, emojis are a great alternative to show them how you’re feeling.

When you write something teasing, don’t forget to add a face with a stuck-out tongue emoji. Or when you’re excited about something, don’t forget to add a smiley face (or a few of them).

Emojis make a text look more appealing, so it would be a waste not to use them to your advantage.

Don’t keep them waiting too long for a reply

Sometimes both you and them will have short windows of time to reply and you won’t be able to respond in different social situations, which is okay.

But keep in mind not to let them wait for a few days or a week for you to text back.

Also, don’t let them become your top priority where you ignore other people just to text them 24/7.

You have to find a balance here. If you know that you won’t be able to reply in the next few hours or days, just tell them that.

That way, they will know you’re not ignoring them on purpose but you have some more important things to do at the moment.

Well, my friend, that’s exactly what will trigger their attention and make them chase you! No one wants to be with a person who is too needy or available 24/7, so keep that in mind.

Be the first to text them sometimes

This is great relationship advice as well. If you’re only waiting for them to initiate a conversation, they will soon lose interest.

That’s why you also need to be the first to text them sometimes.

Mutual reciprocity is the key to every happy relationship and all successful dating.

We all want to know that someone is thinking of us, we want to feel wanted and desired because they are some of our basic needs.

Initiating a conversation from time to time will make him/her feel special and wanted. It will trigger excitement and it will let them know that you’re invested.

Make sure that you add value to every text

Now you’re probably wondering: What does it mean to add value to your text? Well, it means creating a purpose!

Did you know that in order to sell a product, the main thing you need is to create a purpose?

The same thing goes for texting. In order to keep the other person interested in a convo, your questions and replies need to have a purpose. In other words, they need to be meaningful.

Don’t ask them something just for the sake of asking but think about the reason why you want to ask them that in the first place.

If there is no reason, then your question might be lacking a purpose.

Be dynamic

For all of you wondering how to not be dry in text, here’s one answer: Be dynamic!

Just like in writing, you need to keep the flow of the conversation but also add some interesting elements and reactions that will keep things interesting. Emojis, GIFs and memes can help you with this.

Basically, the only thing you need to maintain a dynamic is creativity. See texting as something entertaining and you will enjoy the process of it and if you enjoy it, the other person will too.

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Be invested

When texting, always be present and in the moment. Whenever someone texts me, I can easily tell whether they are mentally absent due to dealing with something else at that time.

Multitasking is not a good option when it comes to texting, so try to text only when you know you can be fully invested.

No one likes to be taken for granted and it’s easy for you to lose track of a conversation when you’re doing several things at once.

All that can make the other person feel frustrated and think that you’re not making an effort because you don’t really care.

Throw in some flirty comments

In the realm of texting, flirty comments are gold! But you need to know when it’s the right time to throw in a flirty comment and you mustn’t overdo it.

The best flirty comments are subtle ones with a dash of sarcasm.

Something like: I’m having difficulty falling asleep and I blame you for that.

If you add a teasing emoji to the equation, there you have it; a text that will DEFINITELY capture their attention, make them feel special and make them laugh.

Do you see how many elements we have covered here with just one flirty sentence? That’s real-life magic.

Focus on sharing details

Another valuable tip on how to not be a boring texter is the following: Focus on details!

When retelling things, don’t talk in a general way but focus on sharing as many details as possible as that’s where all the excitement and fun lies.

In order to be an interesting and fun storyteller, you need to be able to convey information in an interesting way.

You need to help them imagine everything you’re talking about and the only way to do that is with the help of details.

Keep things exciting with your sense of humor

Just like flirty comments, your sense of humor is the most powerful tool at your disposal.

Throw in some humor (flirty jokes) in the middle of a conversation to spice things up and amaze them with your ability to make them laugh.

I mean, who doesn’t like to laugh? The more they (virtually) laugh, the more they’ll be attracted to you because you make them feel good.

If you know how to boost their mood virtually, you will surely know how to do it in person too.

Note: Just pay attention that they are not irritated by it (in case you overdo it).

Ask for their opinions on a certain matter

They say that if you want someone to like you, all you need to do is let them talk about themselves.

While this rings true, it is also true that people LOVE when someone asks them for their opinions on certain things.

This could be about anything from food recipes to comments on Reddit or politics.

Asking for their opinion creates purpose and it helps keep the conversation going, which are two basic elements when it comes to mastering the art of fun texting.

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Show interest in their life

I’ll repeat one of the previous sentences because it is closely related to this one: If you want someone to like you, all you need to do is let them talk about themselves.

If you want to keep their attention, all you need to do is show interest in the things going on in their life.

You can ask them about their hobbies, job, friends or whatever they are focused on at the moment. Keep in mind that every single one of us wants to be listened to.

If you know how to show interest in their life and if you’re ready to (virtually) listen to them and reply accordingly, you will succeed in maintaining a productive and interesting convo.

Spice things up with funny GIFs and memes

Wondering how to not be a dry texter and keep them interested? Well, use the power of funny GIFs and memes!

Apart from emojis, GIFs and memes have become two of the most popular ways to share emotions and your reactions.

The best thing of all is that you can use them anytime you want but you have to make sure that they are related to your topic.

I like to throw in some funny GIFs and memes in the middle of a conversation because they always spice things up and I usually get a positive reaction from the other person.

As a result, they become more engaged in a convo because they are secretly expecting some more funny stuff to receive in the future.

You know that you’re a fun texter if you yourself enjoy the conversation!

I hope you enjoyed our journey called How to not be a dry texter.

Remember that mastering the art of fun texting will take some time and the change will not happen overnight.

A sure-fire way to know that you’re on the right track is if you yourself enjoy the conversation.

If you’re feeling bored, then chances are your convo is not going in the right direction and you haven’t succeeded in keeping their attention.

But if you’re feeling excited about it and you can’t wait for their reply and to write something fun next, then you know you’ve become a legit master of fun texting!

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