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If A Girl Treats You Like A King Without The Ring, Don’t Take Her For Granted

If A Girl Treats You Like A King Without The Ring, Don’t Take Her For Granted

Let’s be honest—you have never given this girl much reason to love you.

You never promised to spend the rest of your life with her, you never showed her that you are fully committed to her and you never gave her the safety she needs.

You have never shown her that you are all in—that she can count on you through good and bad days, through sickness and health and through thick and thin.

You have never given her assurance, something to help her know that she’s the one for you.

You have never made sure this girl knows you came into her life with the intention to stay—that she isn’t a temporary girl you’ll turn your back on the second someone more convenient comes along.

You have never treated her like your number one priority or shown her how important she really is to you.

Nevertheless, somehow, this girl has found the strength to love you like no other.

Despite the fact that you don’t try around her the way you should, she is still putting all of her efforts into this relationship, trying to make it work.

And the best part is that she isn’t looking for anything in return. She doesn’t expect you to change overnight and to become the man you are not.

She doesn’t need your gratitude and she doesn’t want you to spoil her because she doesn’t consider her behavior extraordinary—she is convinced that this is just the way a girl should treat the man she loves.

However, the least you could do is appreciate her.

If nothing else, you could show her that you respect her love, her sacrifices and everything she’s doing for you.

Because trust me—this girl is one of a kind. I know you assume that you’ll find another her around the corner, if it happens that you lose her.

That she is just another girl passing through your life and that she is easily replaced.

You might think that she doesn’t feel unwanted just because she isn’t some drama queen who demands to be the center of your universe.

That she doesn’t need you giving her back all the love you’ve been getting from her just because she isn’t needy and desperate.

That she doesn’t feel emotionally neglected just because she doesn’t go around begging for your love.

Remember this—just because this girl has dignity and just because she is proud enough not to chase you to give her what she deserves, it doesn’t mean that she is foolish.

It doesn’t mean that she doesn’t see that she deserves much more and it definitely doesn’t mean that one of these days, she won’t get tired of staying by your side.

Yes, you are convinced that there is nothing you could do to make her stop loving her.

That she’ll never leave your side, no matter what happens and that you can spend eternity playing these toxic mind games with her.

Well, guess what? You couldn’t be more wrong. The truth is that this girl is one in a million.

That she is someone you can’t afford letting go of and that no other woman would ever put up with you the way she does.

Yes, she is strong and self-sufficient but she also has this incredible capacity to love.

Most importantly—she knows how to love YOU. And let’s face it—you are anything but easy to love.

So, what exactly are you waiting for to change your ways and see her worth?

What else needs to happen for you to come to your senses and look at things realistically?

Why do you keep on taking her for granted, as if she’ll remain by your side forever?

Why do you continue treating her like shit, as if she’ll never get tired of your immature behavior?

Why don’t you finally start appreciating her presence before you are forced to feel her absence?

Why don’t you see what you have in time before you are forced to realize what you’ve lost?

Believe me when I say that you are running out of time because one of these days, it will be too late.

One of these days, she’ll realize that you’re not worth the trouble and she will walk away from you.

And when she makes the decision of saying her final goodbye, there won’t be anything you could do to change her mind.