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Ignoring A Gemini Man Won’t Make Him Chase You, But THIS Will!

Ignoring A Gemini Man Won’t Make Him Chase You, But THIS Will!

Does a Gemini man keep sending you mixed signals? Does he keep showering you with affection and then pulls away after a few days/weeks?

Do you keep asking yourself the following question: Will ignoring a Gemini man make him chase me?

If yes, you’re in the right place! As a person who has met lots of Gemini men so far, I feel like it’s my holy duty to reveal a few things about them.

They are flirtatious, charming, clever, funny, optimistic, communicative, and friendly. Spending time with them is filled with lots of laughs and fun.

But, apart from the positive Gemini traits, there are some serious drawbacks as well. They can also be emotionally unavailable, moody, demanding, indecisive, or too playful.

The most important thing I learned about Gemini men is that they DON’T like playing mind games. (I’ve learned that lesson the hard way).

Now, let’s get back to your question. What happens when you ignore a Gemini man? Basically, nothing happens because they don’t like playing games and they have an aversion toward ignoring.

Summarized, ignoring a Gemini man won’t make him chase you, but today, you’ll learn what actually will!

Before that, we’ll go through all the common reasons why a Gemini man might ignore you and what happens once you start ignoring him.

Finally, you’ll learn how to seduce him according to his Zodiac sign. You’ll learn all the tips and tricks on how to get the attention of a Gemini man the right way and make him crave you!

What It Means When A Gemini Man Ignores You

I’m sure you know the drill: Things were going really great a week (or a few weeks) ago, but suddenly, he stopped texting you, calling you or initiating any kind of contact with you.

He decided to disappear, and you feel as if he has never even been a part of your life. Also, this is not the first time he has ignored you.

The first thing that will come to your mind is that he’s playing with you.

That’s exactly what I and every other woman would think, too. “Unfortunately”, this is not the case with a Gemini man since they don’t play games.

If a Gemini man ignores you, there is a valid reason why he’s doing that. Well, the majority of these reasons are kind of valid and they make more sense than if he was just playing games with you. So, let’s see!

Six Common Reasons Why A Gemini Man Might Ignore You

He’s not that interested in you.

After an almost relationship with a Gemini male species, I realized that I was the one to blame for it.

I refused to accept the truth that they weren’t that interested in me in the first place, and that’s the main reason why they started ignoring me all of a sudden.

Through time, I’ve also learned that when a guy ignores you, be it a Gemini guy, Aquarius, Aries, Scorpio, Taurus, you name it, this is the most common reason why they do it.

But, we’re often unwilling to accept the truth, so we keep finding excuses for their behavior. By doing that, we keep living in an illusion instead of reality.

Today is the day when you’ll accept the truth. If a Gemini man is ignoring you, the first thing you need to do is ask yourself: Is he really interested in me (or was he)?

There are plenty of body language signs that indicate that a man likes you, but a lack of effort is one of the biggest red flags that he’s not interested in you.

If you have noticed that, then you have the answer to your question.

He became distracted.

It is also possible that he’s ignoring you because he became distracted. He might have been busy with work, parties, or other activities that he found entertaining.

It’s really fascinating how they get distracted so easily by a new person.

One thing is for sure: When a Gemini gets distracted, it will be a real challenge to win their attention again. Double texting him or calling him 24/7 won’t work. It will only make things worse.

The only way to win his attention again is to have your own life and show him that you’re having more fun than him! Once he sees that, he will crave to be a part of your world full of fun and exciting things. Yup.

Feeling overwhelmed.

He might be feeling a little bit overwhelmed. This is one of the most common reasons why men pull away early stages.

In order to find out if he’s feeling overwhelmed, you need to ask yourself the following questions:

Have you recently revealed the deep feelings you have for him? Have you showered him with affection a bit more than usual?

Maybe all this made him feel overwhelmed by his own feelings for you, so he decided that ignoring you at the moment is the best option. Maybe this is all too soon and too much for him.

If that is the case, you need to slow things down if you don’t want him to run away from you for good.

Feeling hurt or upset.

I know for a fact that if a Virgo is ignoring you, they are 100% upset. But, if a Gemini is ignoring you, it could be either that they are feeling hurt or upset.

The only way to find out the truth is to reflect on past events. Have you done something that made them hurt or upset?

Did you argue about something lately or have some complications in your relationship, almost relationship, (or whatever-ship you’re in at the moment)?

When a Gemini is feeling hurt, they will automatically shut you out because they don’t know how to deal with such powerful emotions.

They might contact you when they become ready or wait for you to make the first move.

He’s seeing other people.

I understand how painful this might be for you, but if you have just started dating, chances are that he’s still seeing other people. Have you ever talked about being exclusive?

If not, then you’re not exclusive. As always, the math is simple here, but we just have this tendency to complicate things for no reason.

He might be seeing other people because he’s still unsure as to whether he wants to be exclusive with you. Maybe he just needs more time to make a decision.

Pushing him to choose between you or others will not bring you anything good. The best bet is to leave him be, but also don’t let him make you wait too long.

He’s just being him (a legit Gemini).

He might just be being a Gemini. No matter how frustrating and unpromising it sounds, perhaps there’s no particular reason why he’s ignoring you. Maybe he’s doing it just because he’s a legit Gemini.

He wants to see your reaction once he stops texting you or calling you. Geminis don’t play games, they just test you. They want to see how compatible the two of you are.

So, if you show him that you’re too needy, he will not see you as a potential romantic partner (in case you just started dating). Pay attention to how you respond to his ignoring. Be clever. Be wise.

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What Happens When You Start Ignoring A Gemini Man?

You’ve been thinking a lot about all the possible reasons why he is ignoring you, and maybe you still haven’t figured it out. You feel furious, mad, and disappointed. You need answers and you need them NOW!

Or, you just want to give him a taste of his own medicine. You want him to feel the same way as you.

After thinking about all the potential pros and cons of ignoring a man in general, let’s say that you still decide to ignore a Gemini male. So, what happens when you start ignoring him?

Why Playing Hard To Get Won’t Really Work With A Gemini

Ignoring a Gemini male won’t give you the same results as if you ignored other men like Pisces, Capricorn, or Libra. The same thing applies to Gemini women. Every relationship astrologer will tell you that.

In other words, ignoring a Gemini man won’t make him impressed; it will make him feel annoyed.

He will suspect that you’re playing games with him and we’ve already established that they HATE mind games (one of the most popular Gemini man secrets).

He may start making assumptions about why you’re suddenly ignoring him, and he may think that you’re not that into him after all (or that you met someone else).

Once he gets tired of all that thinking and overthinking, chances are that he’ll decide to move on with his life.

Geminis crave attention, and if they see that you don’t have time for that, they will think that you’re not a good match. The bottom line is: Don’t ignore him to get his attention, but do the following!

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How To Get The Attention Of A Gemini Man The Right Way: 10 Ways To Make Him CHASE You

Live your life (to the fullest).

When it comes to dating, I cannot accentuate enough the need to have your own life. If you don’t have your own life, you will live his life.

You will want to spend all your free time with him (which might annoy him), which is not healthy at all.

No matter their Zodiac sign or their Sun sign, men, in general, don’t like needy women who don’t know how to have fun on their own. Even if he is your soulmate, you would scare him away.

Do the following: Live your life to the fullest! Don’t bombard him with tons of text messages and calls. Also, show him that you don’t care if he’s ignoring you or doing whatever he wants.

Post photos of your adventurous life on social media and have an active social life. Always keep in mind that the only way to keep a Gemini man in love is to live your life (to the fullest).

Be spontaneous.

Wondering how to make a Gemini male stick to you like glue or how to drive a Gemini man crazy in bed?

Then, learn to be spontaneous. Don’t be one of those women who constantly invents new rules and strictly sticks to them.

It’s okay to have some ground rules; you don’t need to have every single thing organized when it comes to spending time with them. Show him that you can also be spontaneous from time to time.

Surprise him with a hot outfit when he least expects it and you’ll make him yours. Be unpredictable! If there’s anything Geminis hate most, it’s repeating the same patterns and behavior.

Their biggest fear is falling into a rut, so if he sees your spontaneous side, you’ll get his attention in no time and with minimum effort!

Stay active.

Most importantly, stay active! This is also known as “don’t be boring”. Always be on the lookout for new, fun things and activities.

Don’t pay too much attention to horoscopes or tarot. You’ve already learned everything you need to know about this type of man in the first few sentences of this article.

What I’m trying to tell you is that you shouldn’t waste your time overanalyzing his personality.

Instead, you should focus on having fun with him or without him. If he chooses to ignore you at the moment, show him that you’re still capable of having plenty of fun on your own.

Look your best (but don’t overdo it).

I think there’s no need to repeat this, but still, I’ll do it: Men are visual creatures! Yes, they notice when you wear something hot and inviting.

They notice when you’re happy or sad (according to your body language). They also notice when a woman is taking care of herself.

But, what they don’t notice is all those little things that women pay too much attention to like the color of your nail polish, lipstick, and similar. My humble advice to you is: Look your best, but don’t try too hard.

Let’s be honest. Perfection doesn’t exist. If you try too hard to impress him, he will notice and he won’t be impressed by it. The best way to win his attention is to look your best, but in an effortless way.

This will show him that you’re not preoccupied with your looks because you’ve got so many exciting things going on in your life.

Be a good listener.

Keep in mind that a Gemini looks for someone who can be their friend, a partner in crime, and so on. That is why compatibility is so important to them.

Pay attention to what he is saying to you. Memorize important things about him. Ask him questions to get to know him better.

Do it all in a fun and exciting way. Retell him all those funny and embarrassing childhood stories of yours that your parents usually tell to other people during dinners.

Tell him about your exciting hobbies and new things you discovered recently. Geminis LOVE listening and learning if it’s done in a way that captures their attention.

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Be mysterious.

It’s in every human being’s nature to love mystery. We’re so impressed by all those things we know nothing (or a little bit) about, and we neglect the things we know everything about. Why?

Because we get bored with them. If you want to learn how to get his attention like a pro, you need to be a mysterious lady. This is one of those attractive tricks women use to make men miss them.

Talk less. Don’t give him every single detail of your adventures. Don’t keep him updated on your every single move. Let him wonder.

Send him a picture instead of explaining what you’re doing at the moment. Create mystery and suspense. Don’t tell him everything about yourself on your first date.

Leave some things for the next time. He will be so excited about revealing bit by bit about you, and that is how you’ll get and keep his attention!

Be adventurous.

There is something about those girls with an adventurous spirit. They win every man by simply living their life. Indeed, being adventurous and excited about life is a great quality to have.

No man wants to hang out with a girl who is overly pessimistic about life and can’t find joy in little things. Show him that you’re not one of those girls. Show him that you’re DIFFERENT.

You don’t need to climb a mountain in order to convince him that you’re a free-spirited lady. All you need to do is be willing to try new things and get out of your comfort zone.

Impress him with your ability to make every activity equally exciting (even if you only stare at the ceiling).

A Gemini male will appreciate this quality in a woman because he’ll know that hanging out with you will always be fun and exciting.

Be humorous.

A Gemini man likes it when a woman is relaxed and doesn’t take herself too seriously. He also likes it when a woman feels confident enough to crack a few jokes and make him laugh out loud.

Don’t shy away from being humorous, and don’t think that humor is only reserved for males because it’s not.

I always use every opportunity to make a man laugh because that’s my thing. So far, I’ve been doing great, and I wish the same for you.

A Gemini appreciates a great sense of humor more than anything.

It is a promise that he’ll never get bored of you. But, keep in mind not to overdo it because you don’t want to scare him off.

Keep things light and know when it’s time to crack jokes and when it’s time to allow him to make you laugh.

Stay true to him.

I’m not sure if you know this, but Geminis don’t like competing with others. If he suspects that you’re seeing someone else, he won’t get jealous and start working on winning you back.

Instead, he will move on with his life. So, if you want to keep him, stay loyal to him. Don’t engage in any kind of drama, and don’t try to make him jealous. Stay true to him and he’ll stay true to you. It’s as simple as that.

Keep things interesting and exciting.

Just like Sagittarius men, Gemini men can’t stand the feeling of being tied down in a relationship.

That is why you need to keep things interesting and exciting, so that he doesn’t even get the feeling that he’s in a legit relationship.

When I was dating a Gemini male, I remember that I never labeled things. I was completely loyal to him, but I never demanded from him to confirm that we were exclusive.

We just knew that we were exclusive and there was no need to say it out loud. That way, he felt less pressured and less scared that one day, he would fall into a rut.

Keep things interesting and you’ll keep him interested. Also, don’t forget to spice it all up with a dash of mystery!

Have Fun!

Don’t worry too much about whether ignoring a Gemini man will make him miss you or not. Don’t play detective or misinterpret his actions.

As always, listen to your gut and remember to have fun. You only have this one life, so you better make the best of it.

If you do everything as described above and you still don’t succeed in getting his attention, don’t worry.

It means you weren’t meant to be, and there’s someone out there who will be just perfect for you. All you need to do is believe and remain patient.