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How Does A Gemini Man Test A Woman? 15 Ways To Tell

How Does A Gemini Man Test A Woman? 15 Ways To Tell

How does a Gemini man test a woman? How does he decide whether you’re the woman he should settle with?

Before I give you the answer to this question, keep in mind that the devil works hard, but Gemini works harder.

The trick with a Gemini man is that he won’t pressure you into becoming someone you’re not. He won’t tell you what to do or ask you to change your ways. Instead, he’ll give you a chance to behave the way you feel is right.

How refreshing, you might think. Well, that’s the whole point. In the meantime, he’s paying close attention to your every move.

And he’s taking notes. He’s observing you closely, trying to conclude whether you’re the one for him.

How does a Gemini Man test a woman?

Here are the 15 most common tests a Gemini guy will put you through to decide whether you’re girlfriend material. Pass them, and you’ll keep him around forever.

1. Will you give him enough space?

So, here’s the way to trick a Gemini guy into a serious relationship. Ironically, the only thing you should do is set him free.

You know the saying: If you love someone, set them free. If they come back, they’re yours. If they don’t, they never were.

Well, this line applies to a Gemini man more than anyone else. Besides, it’s the first thing he’ll test you on before deciding if you’re girlfriend material or not.

Being clingy is a big no

This is not the type of person who will openly ask you for more space, even though things would be much easier if he did.

The catch is that he’ll let you be as clingy as you want. At first. He wants to see whether you truly understand the importance of everyone’s independence.

If he’d ask you for some more space, you’d probably give it to him – just to keep him around. But that’s not what he wants.

He goes a bit deeper. He wants to be with a woman who appreciates her independence the same way he does.

2. Will your relationship fall into a rut?

This is probably every Gemini’s biggest nightmare: living a boring, everyday life. So how does a Gemini man test a woman?

Well, he checks whether your relationship will fall into a rut. And what’s even more important: he is figuring out whether you’re okay with it or not.

This man needs constant excitement and change. He couldn’t stand living a peaceful, dull life.

What he doesn’t understand is that these initial butterflies have to fly away sooner or later. He refuses to admit that every romance will fall into some kind of rut after years of being together.

Despite the reality, this man wants to avoid this scenario at all costs. He’ll run away from you the moment he starts picturing you as boring.

3. Can you spark his imagination?

The next thing he’ll test you on is your imagination. He wants a creative girlfriend who’ll always have something new to offer.

At the end of the day, he expects you to entertain him at all times. A Gemini male expects your relationship to be a huge, never-ending party. And he is looking for the type of woman who’ll be okay with this kind of lifestyle.

At first sight, you might accuse him of being childish. And what if he is? These are HIS standards and HIS tests – take it or leave it.

Between the sheets imagination

While we’re talking about your innovative side, let’s not forget the bedroom. This is a hard pill to swallow, but this guy will judge your bedroom performance based on the first time you sleep together.

He refuses to waste time on a shy woman who doesn’t want to experiment and can’t follow his lead in the bedroom. Gemini loves trying new things, and he is looking for a woman who is similar.

This is a guy who thinks of physical intimacy as a crucial part of every romance. So, if you two don’t click in the bedroom, he’s out of your life.

4. Are you confident enough?

The last thing a Gemini male wants is a woman who doesn’t believe in herself and asks for his validation constantly. Don’t get me wrong: I’m not saying he’ll dump you at the first sign of insecurity. After all, who doesn’t have insecurities?

But a proven fact is that he is looking for a woman who can match his self-confidence. You don’t have to be cocky to prove him your worth.

Nevertheless, you have to know what you want, and you mustn’t be afraid to get it.

Let’s not forget that you’re looking at one of the most confident zodiac signs of the entire horoscope. With that in mind, I bet it’s quite normal for him to search for a similar woman.

This is not the type of man who’ll put all of his efforts into building up your self-esteem. If you don’t see how attractive, smart, and interesting you are – he won’t be the one to convince you that you have these qualities.

5. Can he trust you?

How does a Gemini man test a woman? Surprisingly, he’ll test your loyalty before he allows himself to fall in love with you.

You probably see him as a carefree guy who doesn’t give a damn about what tomorrow might bring. You think that he only thinks about enjoying the present moment and that he’s just looking for new ways to have fun.

Well, let me tell you a little secret: a Gemini male is anything but superficial. You’re not aware of this, but if he’s interested in you, he’ll spend a lot of time analyzing you.

One of the things he never tolerates in a woman he loves is a lack of loyalty. This man must know you’re his ride or die.

He wants to be able to rely on you, no matter what. If this man falls in love with you, it means you passed his test, and he counts on your loyalty.

6. Can you trust him?

But please keep in mind that this trust thing goes both ways. He is also testing you to see whether you have the capacity to see through his mask.

This man is challenging you to uncover all the layers of his personality. He wants to see whether you have what it takes to trust him and see him as the loyal guy he truly is.

Yes, he is a social butterfly. Yes, he’s a flirt. But the last thing a Gemini man likes is being with a woman who is obsessively jealous.

He won’t tolerate you breathing down his neck. He won’t put up with a woman who monitors his every move.

Look, if he wants to do something behind your back, he’ll find a way. There is no chance of you stopping him.

In fact, he’ll probably do something he shouldn’t if you show him that you don’t trust him. He’ll give you a reason to doubt him out of spite.

That’s why it’s better to accept this man for who he really is.

7. Will you accept their true self?

That’s how we come to this next test. I have to warn you: a Gemini guy will never tolerate a woman who has the ambition of changing him.

This is something he’ll check right away, the moment you two meet. Are you in love with him or the man you want him to become?

Don’t get me wrong – this doesn’t mean that he is not ready for self-improvement. Nevertheless, it has to happen on his terms.

Don’t expect him to change his ways just to make you love him more.

It can start with little things, such as you trying to dictate what he wears or how he should behave around your friends. The moment he sees that you’re trying to reshape him and turn him into someone he’s not, you’re out of his life.

If you want to keep this man by your side, show him that he can be his true self with you.

8. Will you take initiative?

He’s not into toxic masculinity. He won’t feel less of a man if you make the first move or take charge in a relationship.

Actually, he’ll appreciate it. This man will test you to see if you’re ready to take initiative.

Keep him interested by showing him that you’re interested! You can’t act like a puppet and let him take the lead just because you’re a lady. This kind of behavior will bore him in no time.

Being too pushy vs. showing interest

But please, remember to strike a balance. Don’t cross the line and become too pushy, either.

Don’t call him all the time but don’t expect him to always be the one to send the first text or make the first phone call of the day either.

Learn to apologize and make the first move towards making up when you two fight. Come up with some new date ideas, suggest travel locations, and think about fun activities you can do together.

Surprise him every once in a while. Book tickets for next weekend and just give them to him, no questions asked.

Show him that you’re adventurous and that you know how to take matters into your own hands. That will knock him off his feet!

9. What about your communication skills?

Being ruled by Mercury, the messenger planet of communication, the Gemini man is a skilled talker. Nevertheless, he’s also a great listener.

He wants a girlfriend who doesn’t have a hard time expressing herself verbally, a girlfriend he can have a deep conversation with – not someone he can only talk about the weather with.

The bottom line is that this guy will test your communication skills in the initial stages of your relationship. I hate to break it to you, but if you’re an introvert who prefers staying quiet over blabbing all the time, it’s not likely you’ll pass this man’s tests.

He’ll talk to you about different, important topics right from the start. Can you handle his deep questions or not? It’s up to you.

If he sees that you’re a good listener and an even better talker, that will be a great plus for your potential relationship.

10. Will you push him to commit?

Always keep this in mind: a Gemini man cannot be caged. He’s a free bird who cherishes his liberty over everything else.

Of course, that doesn’t mean he can’t have a serious relationship. But, the truth is that he is a commitment-phobe.

But he is able to commit – it just has to happen on his own terms and when he feels ready for it.

The worst thing you can do is try and force him to commit. In that case, you’ll only chase him away.

Saying what you want vs. manipulating him

Just to be clear about one thing: it’s one thing if you want to label your relationship and make it more serious. That’s your right, and you should be honest about it.

But if he notices that you’re trying to trick him into taking your relationship to the next level, he’s out; no questions asked. Don’t try playing any mind games with this man. He’s too clever, and he’ll see right through your intentions.

11. Can you be his friend?

There is something more important to this guy than his love life: his circle of friends. He pays a lot of attention to his social life, and he wants a romantic partner who can be his friend as well.

Are you only his girlfriend? Or are you his partner in crime and a life companion?

That’s one of the most significant tests this guy will put you through.

12. Will you fit in his life?

How does a Gemini man test a woman? He checks whether she fits in his life or not before making her his girlfriend.

We already know that this guy is a social butterfly. He’s got a lot of friends, and he doesn’t plan on changing his lifestyle just because he’s in a relationship.

Being adventurous is also one of his most important personality traits. Let’s not forget that his family means the world to him.

What does all of this mean for you? Well, the question is: Are you the type of girl who has the energy to keep up with him?

Do you have what it takes to fit in with his social circle? Are you willing to bond with his family?

Are you ready to follow him around on his adventures? Or will you hold him back from living his best life?

13. Are you mature enough?

I’ll be dead honest with you here: sometimes, this guy needs a parent instead of a girlfriend. No, this is not an invitation for you to try to control his life or start nagging about his childish behavior.

But the truth is that he’s quite immature. And as much as he wants a girlfriend who can keep up with him, he also needs a woman who will take care of him.

He’ll probably do this subconsciously, but this guy really expects you to be the adult in the relationship.

If you’re willing to remind him of his doctor appointment, take care of his tax reports, and make sure he remembers his mom’s birthday, you’re his type of woman.

Sounds exhausting, I know. His immaturity is not an attractive personality trait, but it’s a part of his charm.

14. Can you put up with him?

This man is a piece of work.

He’ll cancel plans at the last minute, is a born procrastinator, flirts with other girls no matter how much he loves you, fears commitment, frequently plays mind games, and is an excellent manipulator.

So, it’s no wonder a lot of women have a hard time dealing with him.

But you know what the catch is? It’s that he is perfectly aware of all of his flaws.

He knows he’s not easy to handle. Nevertheless, he’ll test you to see if you think he’s too much to deal with too.

The last thing he wants is a woman who thinks she has what it takes to put up with him at first but nevertheless gives up after a while once she realizes that he is too complicated after all.

Don’t be that woman. Know what you’re getting yourself into the moment you start anything with him and ask yourself if he’s worth the trouble.

15. Are you worth the trouble?

And he’ll be asking himself the same question. Throughout all this time, he’ll be trying to figure out if you’re worthy of his time, attention, energy, and love.

Most importantly: are you worthy of commitment? Are you worthy of him changing his ways and abandoning the bachelor life he so enjoys?

If you think you are – it’s your job to show him. On the other hand, if he is not the type of man you see yourself with, save you both the unnecessary trouble and walk away immediately.

Are Gemini Man players?

Yes, Gemini guys are known to be players. Their personality traits, charm, and amazing communication skills make them appealing to women.

It’s easy for a Gemini guy to knock every woman off her feet, so basically, he’s only using the chances he gets.

Let’s not forget that they cherish their independence over everything. Basically, they’re afraid of love and serious relationships, so it’s more convenient for them to jump from one situationship to another.

Nevertheless, all of this doesn’t mean they’re unable to commit. When a Gemini man falls in love for real, he leaves his games in the past.

How do you know if a Gemini man is playing you?

If a Gemini man doesn’t respond to your phone calls, ignores your presence on social media, cancels plans at the last minute, doesn’t make room for you in his life, distances himself, and refuses to even think about commitment, he is playing you.

He probably won’t break up with you because you’re convenient. This is not something he should be proud of, but he’ll take advantage of the love you give him for as long as he has the chance.

Nevertheless, if you don’t fit into this guy’s future plans, he’ll let you know. It’s up to you whether you see these clear signs or choose to ignore them.

How do you know if a Gemini man is serious about you?

When a Gemini man wants a serious relationship with you, he’ll chase you. All of a sudden, he won’t mind spending most of his free time with you, he’ll forget about every other girl in the world, and he’ll try his best to capture your attention.

When he falls in love, this guy changes from an immature player into a committed man in no time. But the trick is that he has to do it himself without any pressure from you.

What does a Gemini man like in a woman?

A Gemini man likes women who are independent, easy-going, adventurous, fun, loyal, and confident. He’s attracted to women who are not clingy and emotionally codependent.

Instead, he wants a free-spirited partner who is trustworthy and non-judgmental.

That’s exactly why he’s attracted to Gemini women the most – they’re the ones who understand them best.

Gemini Man Compatibility

Who is Gemini compatible with?

Guys born under this horoscope sign have a great connection with other Air signs, especially with Gemini women, Aquarius, and Libra. But they’re also highly compatible with Aries, Capricorn, Leo, and Sagittarius.

At the same time, they don’t get along well with Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, Virgo, and Taurus.

To Wrap Up:

Now that you no longer have to wonder, “How does a Gemini man test a woman?” it’s time to figure out if this man is really worthy of you having to pass through all these tests just to make him yours.

Well, I hate to break it to you, but this is a question only you can answer.

Here’s the deal. He has some amazing personality traits. He can be the most loyal boyfriend in the world, and he can give you the love you didn’t know existed.

But it will take a lot of work before you get to this point. And you’re the one who has to decide whether he’s worth the effort.