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8 Ways You’re Subconsciously Keeping Yourself Single

8 Ways You’re Subconsciously Keeping Yourself Single

Do you find yourself thinking: Am I ever going to find true love?

Love is something everyone needs. Everyone wants to feel safe and cared for.

When you have a significant other, it’s easier to face challenges and everyday life is happier and more comfortable overall.

If you’re one of those people who is losing hope when it comes to their love life, ask yourself if these things are subconsciously keeping you single:

1. You haven’t really gotten over your ex

young woman thinking in the nature
You know he wasn’t the one but that doesn’t keep you from feeling nostalgic over the time you spent together.

It may look good in your mind, in your memories, but in reality, it’s probably better you’re not together.

Be honest with yourself and think about this possibility; if that doesn’t help, remember the reason why you broke up in the first place.

2. You listen to your friends more than yourself

two woman talking about problems
Ok, so you meet a guy and you like him; naturally, the first person you’re going to talk about it to is your friend and sometimes friends project their own experiences and worries onto us.

Friends mean us no harm but that doesn’t mean they can’t do any harm. Listen to your friend but listen to yourself first.

If you like someone, go for it; you don’t need permission from anyone.

3. Your standards are not rational

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Maybe it’s because you were hurt before or maybe you’re just stubborn but setting irrationally high standards doesn’t make sense.

Every person is different and every person has their good and bad sides. We can’t think our perfect person into existence; that’s not how it works.

For love to be true, we need to accept the fact that everyone makes mistakes and the fact that what we think is best for us isn’t always best for us.

4. You don’t believe good men exist

woman looking at man
This logic is obviously caused by bad experiences with your past partner or male figures in your life.

It’s hard to believe in the goodness of men once we experience terrible things. However, the reality is that good men do exist.

Once you start believing in the existence of good men, they will appear in your life. Don’t judge all men based on one experience. Give them a chance.

5. You’re afraid of being hurt again

young woman sitting on the sofa
This is a normal reaction when it comes to surviving some type of trauma.

Maybe you’re telling yourself you want to be alone but the truth is you’re just scared of being hurt.

A fear of being hurt could hurt your love life tremendously. We need to heal ourself and move on. When true love knocks on your door, be ready to open it!

6. You’re too focused on your career and other things in life

beautiful woman working on the laptop
Relationships need effort to work out. When you’re busy with things like your career or some type of time-consuming business, you’re putting aside your love life.

That’s okay—if that’s what you want! If that’s not what you want, think about the priorities in your life.

Nothing is set in stone, you’re free to change your life if you want to.

7. You romanticize relationships and rely on fate

man hugging a smiling woman
Believing in fate and true love is a positive thing. On the other hand, expecting someone or something else to do the work for you is delusional.

Take responsibility and take action that can lead you to your goal. In order for something to happen, you have to create the possibility first.

8. You stay in way too much

young woman reading a book and drinking coffee
I know there are introverts among us but that shouldn’t stop you from finding the love of your life.

If you like staying in and spending your time reading a book or watching movies, you can be sure somewhere out there is a person who likes to do the same.

You just need to find each other.

If you don’t like clubs or bars, try online options. List your interests and try your luck; why not?

To sum this up, here’s what I need to say: Don’t deny yourself love.

Be open and good things will come your way. Love takes courage so be brave and don’t give up.

8 Ways You're Subconsciously Keeping Yourself Single