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A Letter To The Guy Who Realized What He Lost But Too Late

A Letter To The Guy Who Realized What He Lost But Too Late

Maybe it’s true that people care only when it’s too late…

While she was walking away, she told you that you will remember her. She didn’t mean you’ll remember her by the way she wore her hair or how she loved to dance to Ed Sheeran songs or how by the way she looked.

She told you you’ll remember how she made you feel. In the moments you feel most alone and in the moments when you feel like you need this one friend and you’ll remember her.

Nobody made you feel like she did. She looked at you as if you were the only man in this world.

Whatever you did was special for her and she observed it with a dose of admiration.

In her eyes, you could see how she felt about you. From the things she did for you, you could see how much you meant to her.

She was always there for you. She wanted to be your best friend and only then your girlfriend.

She was one of those girls who did everything in their power to make their loved ones happy and like they’re the most special people in this world.

With her, there was no need to think that you’ll ever be lonely because no matter what, she was there for you.

She was there to make dark days a bit brighter. She was there to light you up when you were sad.

She was there to ease the stress after a bad day and she was there when you needed someone to make you laugh or someone to share the silence with you.

Simply, she was there for you. Whatever it took, whatever you needed, she was enough.

She would’ve never walked away from you if it was up to her. She planned to stay, but you pushed her away. You treated her poorly.

All your efforts were only half done. And you traded a good girl for a few temporary ones. The worst part is you were not aware of that up to this point.

You realized you did wrong. Only now you figured you should’ve been there.

Now you see that you shouldn’t have let her feel alone when she was obviously with you.

You should’ve cared for her like she did for you. You should’ve taken her hand when she tried to reach out to you. You should’ve listened when she tried to tell you how you make her feel.

But you chose to go the other way. And now you know why women leave men they love.

You took her for granted because she cared too much. Her kindness towards you became something that you expected to get any time you wanted.

You expected her to be there for you whenever you needed her, but you never felt the need to give her anything in return. And that’s not how you do love. That’s now how you make her stay.

Because regardless of how much she loved you, regardless of how much she wanted to stay, she had a damn good reason to walk away.

Now you think how good it would be to have her back. Now you’d like to relive all those moments with her.

You wish she’s there with you to hold your hand and tell you how everything is going to be okay.

You wish to feel the warmth of her body and you wish to have her kiss all your worries goodbye.

And you think about reaching out to her again. But that’s so selfish of you.

Let’s imagine you manage to get her back. Will you be able to erase all the pain she went through?

Will you be able to erase all the bad memories she still has in the back of her head? Will you manage to erase the image of you letting her walk away? Yeah, I thought not.

You had a chance to fix things already, don’t you remember? You have no idea how much she wanted you to stop her from walking away.

She just wanted you to take her hand and tell her to stay, tell her how you need her, how much you love her and how you’re going to figure everything out together. She just needed you to make her laugh.

She’d forget all the pain and she’d turn back and stay. But you missed that chance.

While you were running after all those temporary women, she had enough time to think about everything.

She had the time to see how you took her for granted, how you didn’t bother to give her anything she gave you back, how she was the one who loved more and who tried more.

She had enough time to see you for who you are and to realize she was the one dragging your relationship forward.

While she was walking away she told you that you will remember her. What she didn’t tell you is that once she’s gone, she isn’t coming back. You might’ve realized what you lost, but you realized it too late.

Girls like her don’t wait for anyone. And there is probably now someone who gives her everything she deserves without her needing to ask.

There is someone who just waited for you to make a mistake so he could swoop in and sweep her off of her feet. You lost her.

May this be a lesson to all men, too. You don’t leave a good girl for those temporary ones.

Because when you wish to come back, there won’t be anyone waiting for you anymore.