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How To Make Your Girlfriend Happy: 20 Magic Ways To Her Heart

Have you ever wondered how to make your girlfriend happy?

Even though you love and care for her, you seem to be out of touch with her wants and needs and don’t know how to make her smile. .

Maybe you two just met and you’re trying to prove that you are the right guy for her.

Maybe you’ve been together for a while, fallen into a rut and need to spice things up a bit.

Even though her happiness is your priority, sometimes you are simply out of ideas.

So, what does a girl want? You’ve probably asked yourself this question time and time again.

The fact of the matter is, not all girls are the same, yet there are a few things that all women can agree on. .

Typically, it is the little things that excite her and make her proud to have you as a boyfriend.

Lucky for you, we’ve put together a list of the top “little things” you can do to make her smile.

So keep calm and read on.

1. Send sweet text messages

The text messages you send her should serve as a reminder that you are there and always thinking of her.

It might seem silly, but remember that it’s the small things that will put the biggest smile on her face.

There are many sweet text messages you can send.

Simply saying I love you in a text message is a classic and will almost always do the job. Also, you can always send her one of those cute good night paragraphs for her.

2. Recreate your first date

You’ve been together for a while, so you’ve probably had many romantic dates.

But this is a romantic gesture that is sure to surprise and excite her.

Take her to where you had your first date. Eat the same foods or do the same activities.

Remember the steps you took that day and retake each one.

If this is a bit out of reach, get her a gift that in a way reminds her of that very first date.

She’ll be thrilled that you remembered every detail.

3. Spend one whole day with her

You both have probably spent a lot of time together, but have you ever tried spending one whole day with her?

From the moment you get up to the moment you go to sleep?

This is not a big romantic gesture, but it is a very nice way to deepen your connection and make her happy.

You may find that it has helped you to get to know each other better.

Your girl will be left with a smile to last days.

4. Cuddle more

There are girls that are not big on cuddling, but even hugging her more often will do the trick.

If she’s the type that likes to cuddle, try and do it as often as possible.

When you’re watching TV together, put her hand on your lap and softly brush her hair and cheeks with your fingers.

While having a conversation, try to hold her hand.

The feelings of comfort and safety she will get from these actions are sure to make her happy.

5. Write her a love letter

Yes, we’ve mentioned texting, but why not try something more old-fashioned.

Love letters (or short romantic bedtime stories) tend to be more romantic than the short yet sweet text messages you send her.

Allow your letter to make her feel like a princess.

Sure, not all girls are the princess type, but having your boyfriend treat you like one is a true reason to be happy.

While you can do this for a special occasion, it would be even more romantic to do it on an ordinary day.

Simply write things you love about her. Or if you want to be wildly romantic, incorporate a poem.

It can be something you’ve written on your own, or a quote by her favorite author that you know she’d adore.

6. Give her a massage

Now, we can confidently say that almost everyone loves massages. .

Your girlfriend must be carrying tension in some part of her body.

Maybe it’s her back or her feet. Surprise her and give her a massage without her needing to ask.

Maybe even light a few candles and play some soft music to set the mood and help her relax.

Massages are a big turn-on so don’t be surprised if she makes a move on you.

If you wonder how long the massage should last, a good rule of thumb is: the longer, the better.

7. Bring her ice-cream when she’s feeling down

It doesn’t actually need to be ice-cream. Any food she likes will do.

It can be chocolate, donuts or pizza, but ice-cream seems to make a girl content even on her worst day.

Be the one to bring it to her and let her share whatever’s bothering her with you.

Eating her favorite food with you and talking about her problems will make all the difference.

Depending on her situation, the stress may linger, but she will remember this as something very nice you did for her.

8. Say good morning in a new way

Of course, you can text her good morning, but why not do something different?

Consider calling a florist to send her one or more flowers with a note saying good morning.

Or maybe bring a bag of bagels with a cute message to her doorstep, ring the bell and leave.

Never forget that small things can add an element of surprise to an otherwise boring day.

Circumstances like distance and your financial situation will determine what you can and can’t do, but don’t be afraid to get creative and bring originality to what you say to and do for her.

9. Make a big, bold romantic gesture

I know I keep saying that the small things are what make a girl smile, but sometimes you can go all in and opt for a big romantic gesture.

Go overboard and do something outrageous.

Feel free to save this one for a special occasion, though any moment is fine. .

You know your girl best. Surprise her with a candle-lit dinner or take her on a weekend getaway.

Throw her a surprise birthday party or maybe arrange a helicopter or boat tour of the city for just the two of you.

That last one will largely depend on your budget, but I’m sure you can find something to work with both her and your wallet.

10. Bring her breakfast in bed

It’s alright if you don’t know how to cook.

Even the simplest meal will do. Maybe cook some eggs or buy something from the store and arrange it nicely on a tray.

Fruits and bagels would be perfect.

Stay in bed for a long time, cuddling, talking or doing whatever you like.

The lazy morning you two share will keep a smile on her face for a long time.

11. Leave little notes for her to find

Write little notes and leave them all over the place; on her counter table, her nightstand or in the glove compartment of her car.

They can be silly or romantic, the important thing is to make her certain that she is your special girl.

You can also put a bunch of love notes in a jar or box and give them to her as a gift.

One for each day of the week or month.

Write something as simple as I love you or go a bit further and write a famous love quote or a line from her favorite poem.

You can even write some of your inside jokes or draw something cute.

12. Don’t be afraid to say I’m sorry when you make a mistake

Making a mistake can be a setback in your relationship.

No matter how small, it can bring quite a bit of turmoil, especially if you’re at the very beginning.

Saying I’m sorry will make your girl feel like you are confident and strong, and she’ll be happy to have picked you.

You two are constantly getting to know each other and the mistakes you make will make her wonder if she has picked the right man.

By saying that you’re sorry and acknowledging what you did wrong, you will show her that she has made the right choice.

13. Listen to her

This may seem like a cliche, but seriously and truly listen to her.

Don’t wait for her to finish her story before you offer a response or a solution to her problem.

Be active in the conversation and respond as she goes along.

Listening to everything she says will help prepare you for whatever comes next (birthdays, anniversaries, PMS…)

It’ll make your girl feel happy to know that what happens to her is important to you.

Listen to her talk about her day and respect her point of view on things.

Never make it seem like you could care less about her opinion on things.

Knowing that she’s understood and that her mind is appreciated will make her truly happy. .

14. Dance with her

You can do this anywhere and anytime.

If she is a bold, adventuristic type of girl, it would be best to start dancing with her in the middle of the street.

It will be funny, romantic and sweet.

If you think she is the type of girl that is too shy to dance in public, play some soft music in private and dance with her slowly and gently.

Dancing can also be a turn-on for a girl.

Nonetheless, it’s something that will deepen the way she feels about you and make her feel special.

15. Compliment her

You don’t have to constantly tell her what you love about her, but once a day would be great.

Don’t make it obvious. .

Tell her that her hair smells nice, or that the new jeans she bought look great on her.

Tell her when she does a good job on something or simply that she’s the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen.

Yes, you are allowed to exaggerate a little bit to make her feel special.

16. Offer to help her

If she’s the one doing most of the housework, you should offer to help her.

Don’t wait for her to tell you what to do.

If you see her cooking, offer to cut the vegetables or do something simple if cooking isn’t your thing.

Or if you enjoy being in the kitchen, consider cooking the meal to give her a break.

Make sure you don’t wait for her to tell you to move the boxes or vacuum the carpets.

It’ll make her happy to know that you appreciate her hard work, and she may also be keener to want to help you when you’re doing something in the future.

17. Brag about her in front of others

She will love that you are so proud of her that you feel the need to share it with others.

You can say that she’s an amazing girlfriend, a great cook, or the best bowling partner.

Bragging about her in front of friends will make her feel special.

It’s simple acts like this that show her you appreciate her for who she is and that’s what matters the most.

18. Buy her a little gift

It doesn’t have to be anything expensive.

It can be her favorite chocolate or a book that you know she’s been eager to read.

When you go to the store, pick up a little something for her; a notebook or a cup of coffee.

If you have some extra money, buy her something she’s been wanting but can’t afford.

Maybe you two saw a nice scarf or some other piece of clothing while out. .

It could be anything. Simply show her that you know what she wants and likes.

19. Make something for her from scratch

You’ve got a lot of options here. Do something that you’re truly good at. .

It can be cooking, crafting with wood or paper or even making a webpage to tell her you love her.

You can even make an album of the pictures you two have together and write little comments under each photo.

It doesn’t have to be big, she’ll just be happy that you’ve put the effort into making something yourself.

20. Take care of her when she’s sick

You’re at work and she calls you telling you she’s sick.

If you can, take a day off to bring her soup and tea to help her get through a cold.

If your circumstances prevent this, order something and send it to her place.

Bring her a “get well” box with tissues, a nice tea blend, and some fruit.

She will appreciate this more than you know, and it’ll make a statement that you will be by her side even when times are tough.

Showing your girlfriend that you love her and want to be with her is something that should come from within.

But if you lack the time and originality, you can fall into a circle of never showing each other how much you care.

Learn how to make your girlfriend happy and be the first one to break this cycle.

Step up by doing a little extra. Give her a real reason to smile.