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10 Easy-To-Miss Physical Signs A Virgo Man Likes You Revealed

10 Easy-To-Miss Physical Signs A Virgo Man Likes You Revealed

Usually, when a man is into you, you have no problem figuring it out since everything is pretty much clear.

But, now that you’re interested in a Virgo, things got a little complicated. The trick is that you’ll rarely see any obvious physical signs that a Virgo man likes you.

Instead, in most cases, this guy will send you nothing but subtle hints. Besides, politeness is a part of his nature so you have no idea where you stand.

Worry not because there is a way to hack this man’s mind. Here are some easy-to-miss physical signs that a Virgo man likes you.

Trust me: if you can find your guy in all or most of these behavior patterns, he is crazy over you.

He’s the reason why you look down at your phone and smile.

When a guy keeps on texting and calling you, you don’t see it as a big deal. Let’s face it: they do this all the time and it doesn’t have to be a sure sign he likes you.

Most men have a habit of texting multiple girls at the same time. After all, what do they have to lose?
They’ll send a bunch of women the exact same text, lay back, and wait to see which one will dig it.

But, when it comes to Virgos, everything is different. If a Virgo man is not interested, he won’t waste his time on endless conversations with someone he doesn’t care about.

On the other hand, he craves communication with the woman he likes. Therefore, he’ll use every opportunity he gets to stay in touch with you.

If you two don’t have a chance to meet as often as he would like, he’ll never forget about your existence.

With him, you’ll never find yourself trying to figure out the reasons why he stopped texting you all of a sudden.

Instead, this man’s name will constantly appear on your phone screen.

It doesn’t matter if he is on a break from work and just calls to hear your voice or if he is too busy and just texts you to know that he’s thinking of you- a Virgo man will go out of his way to reach out.

You’ll keep getting cute good-night and good-morning texts.

He might not be clear about his feelings just yet, but if you have your doubts- just reread your old text messages and everything will suddenly become crystal clear.

He lets his guard down for the woman he loves.

One of the most obvious physical signs a Virgo man likes you is the fact that he takes off his shield when he is around you.

You already know that people belonging to this sun sign are quite guarded. Despite their age, they’re always serious, and sometimes even appear to be overly strict.

Virgos are formal and professional on most occasions.

Therefore, if a Virgo has no love interest in you whatsoever, they’ll let you know. No, they won’t be rude or impolite, but they will reduce your communication to the bare minimum.

On the other hand, when a Virgo is into you, all of this will change. He will put his guard down and he will allow you to break down his walls.

All of a sudden, you’ll meet his other side. You’ll see that he has an amazing sense of humor and that he is incredibly fun to be around.

You’ll notice that he’s relaxed around you because he started trusting you more than anyone and he became less cautious in your presence.

There’s nothing bigger than the small things.

For this Earth sign, everything is about little details. They notice things most people don’t even get a grasp of, and they form an opinion about you based on these details.

Therefore, one of the physical signs that a Virgo man likes you is the fact that he has an eye for little things. This man will remember literally everything about the object of his affection.

Of course, this is nothing strange when you’re already in a relationship. After all, your boyfriend should memorize everything about you.

But, we’re not talking about that situation here. You two are just friends or are getting to know each other, and his ability to pay attention to details regarding your life and personality is fascinating.

You could have mentioned your birthday just once, but nevertheless, he didn’t forget it. Not only that: he’ll also make sure to surprise you or to get you a little gift as a token of his affection.

Virgo’s attentiveness doesn’t end here.

This is the man who will notice that you’ve changed your hairstyle (even though you barely see it), he’ll remember your favorite ice-cream flavor, and he’ll make references to the song he once caught you singing.

You might not know it, but Virgos are amazing listeners and observers. They will never meddle in things and affairs that don’t concern them directly, so you’ll never hear this guy gossiping about someone else.

Nevertheless, everything changes when it comes to the woman they’re crazy about. In that case, they become extremely perceptive.

He examines you to the core.

Virgos belong to the overthinkers of the zodiac. They’re so analytic about everything in life that they can’t afford to miss anything around them.

That is, when they’re interested in someone. And, this guy is obviously madly interested in you. Otherwise, he wouldn’t play detective in an attempt to find out more about you.

You might find this insulting and see it as a sign of distrust, but when it comes to this Earth sign, analyzing you is one of the biggest compliments you’ll ever get from them.

When a Virgo dissects your behavior, he is giving you his time, energy, and effort.

This means that you’re important enough for him to try and get to the bottom of your personality, which is not something a Virgo does for just anyone.

Also, this is a sign that he wants to take things to the next level.

You already know that Virgos are extra cautious; therefore, this man is assessing whether it’s safe to let you in his life.

He analyzes you to check whether you might hurt him and if he can open up to you without worries.

Of course, he wouldn’t do any of this if he sees you as something temporary. Why would he reveal the layers of your character if he plans on forgetting you soon enough?

His respect is one of the greatest expressions of his love.

A Virgo is a gentleman by nature. Even though this is an amazing and rare quality, it also makes things harder for the girls who are trying to figure out his feelings.

Why? Because a Virgo man is a gentleman towards literally everyone in his surroundings. Yes, he is distant and he won’t be extra friendly, but he’ll always be polite.

So, you can’t claim that this guy is into you just because he opens the door for you or holds your coat, right?

After all, this is just a part of his personality and not something that distinguishes you from every other female around him.

But, if he displays all the other clear signs that he is interested in you, all of your doubts are pointless.

Besides, when a man belonging to the Virgo zodiac sign is hooked on you, he’ll show enormous respect for you.

This guy will never see you as a physical object, and he’ll never do anything to make you feel like you’re not good enough.

A Virgo man values his personal space and time, so he’ll respect your boundaries as well. As long as he is in love with you, it means that he thinks highly of you.

Therefore, he’ll always see you as more than his potential girlfriend. This guy will respect you as a friend, as a sister, as a lady, and most importantly: as a human being.

He’ll never do anything to ridicule or humiliate you. A Virgo will be especially careful about his behavior when you’re surrounded by other people.

He will make sure that he never puts you down or make you feel bad in front of others.

He goes out of his way to help you.

One of the signs that a Virgo man likes you is the fact that you have his unconditional aid regarding everything in life at your disposal.

This is the man who will go out of his way to help you out. When you need a hand, he is the first one you’ll call because you know he’ll never stand you out.

It doesn’t matter if you have a flat tire that needs changing, help with painting your walls, or just a piece of advice regarding an important matter- he is there.

But, the best part is that this guy has no hidden agenda. His intentions are honest, and he isn’t going to do anything to get under your skin or to manipulate you into liking him more.

He is helping you because it makes him feel better. He wants to take a part of your burden and make you a little happier and more relaxed.

Yes, this is also a part of his character. He is a polite man who doesn’t mind doing small favors for people around him.

Nevertheless, let’s be clear about one thing: no man would waste his entire Sunday on fixing your car or helping you move… no man, except the one who is definitely crazy about you, that is.

Now that we have that sorted out, I’m begging you not to use his kindness. Just because this man is there for you, don’t see it as a green light to take advantage of him.

He becomes a little possessive.

Just like any other zodiac, a Virgo guy isn’t perfect either. In fact, if you’re wondering how to tell if a Virgo man likes you, pay attention to his jealousy since he belongs to the most jealous zodiacs.

Try and be extra perceptive because he hides his possessive nature from the entire world, which sometimes includes himself.

When this guy feels insecure about your behavior or about his place in your life, he will remain quiet about his emotions and fears. He’ll do his best to process them alone.

It’s just that Virgos are overly rational; therefore, they’re perfectly aware that jealousy is always pointless.

If you have the intention of walking away with another man, nobody can prevent you from doing that. So, what’s the point of racking your brains over something he has no influence on?

At least, that’s what a Virgo’s mind is telling him. On the other hand, he often has a hard time controlling his jealousy, and even more, his possessiveness.

A Virgo’s curse is an eye for details. This man can’t miss a thing, so it’s better not to even try making him a fool.

When it comes to his girlfriend, he forgets all about what’s “normal” in modern dating. For him, texting and flirting with others is emotional infidelity and something he would never tolerate.

Before you know it, you forget that you’re dating a Virgo man and start to wonder if this is a Cancer man next to you.

He exposes his vulnerabilities.

I’m sure you’ve got it figured out by now: A Virgo is everything but open. On the contrary, they like to keep a lot of things private, and their true colors are one of those things.

Don’t get me wrong: this doesn’t mean that people belonging to this zodiac sign pretend to be something they’re not.

Some might just call them two-faced since they really have one face for the public and another one that nearly no one sees.

They’re not hypocrites or liars- they just keep their weaknesses to themselves. This is especially the case with Virgo males.

They don’t play the role of macho men, but they are proud of their emotional stability, firmness, and maturity. But, that doesn’t mean that they don’t have bad moments.

It doesn’t mean that Virgo men have no fears, dilemmas, emotional baggage, or deeply rooted traumas. They just hide it from the public.

Well, all of this changes when they meet the woman they love. Therefore, if a Virgo man lets you see his vulnerabilities, one thing is for sure: you’re the woman he wants to marry.

Basically, he shows you his human side. A side that deals with a lot of issues that is not always as brave as it appears to be, and a side that deals with a bunch of emotional pain.

You better consider yourself lucky because for a Virgo, this is the ultimate expression of trust. When this man gets emotionally naked in front of you, he is all yours and he isn’t going anywhere.

He turns into a bundle of nerves around you.

Sometimes, it’s easy to miss the signs that a shy guy likes you. He gets all nervous around you, doesn’t have any clue what to say, his palms get sweaty, and his voice starts to tremble.

Sound familiar? Well, if you have gotten similar treatment from this Earth sign, it’s a physical sign that a Virgo man likes you.

He is not too expressive about his feelings. Instead, he prefers to keep things low-key until he’s sure that he’ll get positive feedback from you.

That’s why you should pay special attention to body language signs he secretly likes you.

Does he use prolonged eye contact or look back whenever you look in his direction? Is he using every opportunity to touch you?

Does he always try to sit as near to you as possible? Does his face light up whenever you enter the room?

Do you have a feeling like this man has been trying to tell you something, but never did? Do you see him blushing when you two flirt?

If most of the questions above check out, it’s more than obvious that this man is crazy about you. In fact, he is so overwhelmed by his feelings that he is unable to act on them.

He has no courage to make an actual move or to come clean about his emotions because your refusal would crush his heart into a million pieces.

He becomes your guardian angel.

Virgos are born protectors. They take care of their loved ones and are always the parents of their friend group.

Your guy is no exception. If he likes you, he’ll immediately turn into your guardian angel.

This man sees you as his Princess. He doesn’t think of you as helpless- he just wants to prove to you that he has what it takes to be your Prince Charming.

He wants you to see that he is the only one who can defeat all the monsters threatening you.

He is so crazy over you that he is willing to do whatever it takes just to keep you safe. Even though he isn’t prone to conflicts, he would fight an entire army just to wipe away your tears.

This is another aspect of his personality that you can never use against him. You’re this man’s weakness, so you better appreciate the privilege you have.

His romantic side awakens.

One of the physical signs that a Virgo man likes you is a sudden awakening of his romantic side. People belonging to this zodiac are usually quite practical and tactful.

Nevertheless, when this guy falls head over heels for you, he will turn into a hopeless romantic.

Don’t get all surprised when you start getting flowers delivered to your home address or when he starts writing you love poems and letters on a regular basis.

Besides, he is a perfectionist who can’t stand anything going wrong, so all of your surprises will be flawless and one of a kind.

But, don’t expect something like this from the very start. Don’t forget that this man has a hard time opening himself up to the fullest, so it will take him a while to reveal his romantic side.

He craves commitment.

The best part about a Virgo man in love and relationships is the absence of mind games. This guy is not a player and he will never lead you on unless he wants something serious.

You won’t have to chase him into commitment, which is the most obvious sign of his love for you. He is not into makeups and breakups nor does he play hot and cold games.

Instead, if his feelings for you are strong enough, he’ll be the one to label your relationship and he’ll make it a priority.

Not only that: he’ll also make you a part of his life. He won’t mind introducing you to his family and friends, he’ll make your relationship public as soon as you make it official, and he’ll be 100% devoted to you.

How refreshing is this after all those wrong choices, right?

Virgo Man Compatibility:

Every astrologer will tell you that dating a Virgo man means meeting his high standards. These are the rare signs that have what it takes:

Compatible with: Taurus, Libra, Scorpio, Capricorn,

Not compatible with: Aries, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Sagittarius, Aquarius, Pisces

To Wrap Up:

I know that spotting physical signs that a Virgo man likes you isn’t always easy, but trust me- it’s worth it because this guy’s love is unique and everlasting.

Now that you’re aware of his feelings, give him a little push. There is nothing else stopping you from showing him that you like him back.