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How To Make Him Want You: 31 Proven Ways To Get Him Hooked

How To Make Him Want You: 31 Proven Ways To Get Him Hooked

Are you wondering how to make him want you? Or how to make him miss you and want you back? Today you’ll learn everything you need to know about the art of making him chase you and stick to you like glue!

Let me guess what’s going on in your head right now: “If I text him first, he’ll probably think of me as desperate.

If I put him on a pedestal, he’ll probably take me for granted. Seriously, will anyone tell me what men want in a woman?”

Not so long ago, I was thinking about the same things and asking myself the same questions.

I’ve realized that my biggest mistake was pressuring and “begging” a man to notice me, which is a huge turn off in every sense of its meaning.

I’ve learned the hard way that the only way to make him want you is to give him some space to win you! Men fall in love with women they are afraid to lose.

Men LOVE confident women who know what they want and who never settle for less than they deserve.
Know what you want, and you’ll make him want you!

Show him that you’re a once-in-a-lifetime kind of woman, and you’ll make him want you!

Stop overthinking things and realize that you don’t need to be perfect to fit the definition of his dream girl.

Don’t beg for respect and appreciation, but demand it. Don’t try hard to hide your imperfections, but embrace them. Be a challenge, and that’s how you’ll make him chase you!

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Be carefree

I don’t know about you ladies, but I know for sure that I DON’T need a man to make me happy. Do you know why? Because I am happy with or without him.

Acting carefree is all about being content with yourself and not needing a man to make you feel complete. Once he sees that, he will see you as a challenge. He will be ready to do anything to win you.

Now, being carefree is not about acting like you don’t care. It’s about enjoying your life and doing what makes you happy.

Carefree and laidback girls are the most interesting ones to be around.

You could look like a model on the cover of a magazine, but if he senses that you’re having difficulties living your life and being who you are, he will not chase you.

Impress him with your intelligence and creativity

Yes, we all know that guys are visual creatures, but there are still other ways to impress them than with just your looks. Trust me. No guy can stay indifferent to a woman who is witty, charming, and creative.

Impress a guy with your intelligence and creativity, and he will stick to you like glue.

He will enjoy your every conversation (virtual or face-to-face), and he will do his best to make you realize that he’s the one for you.

Again, good looks may attract him, but it’s your personality that will keep him hooked. Contradict him, have powerful arguments, tease him, and be creative in every field and you’ll make him want you BADLY.

Allow him to entertain you

Girls often forget that it’s not their job to keep their men entertained. Of course, this doesn’t mean that they should never crack a joke and make men laugh, but it means they shouldn’t try too hard.

Instead, allow him to entertain you. Yup, let him make you laugh, and he’ll be determined to become the only man who’ll ever make you laugh (maybe I’ve exaggerated it a little bit, but you get the idea).

Compliment his great sense of humor, and you’ll make him feel special for being capable of making you laugh.

Remember that guys are really sensitive about this. A girl enjoying their company is every guy’s biggest achievement!

Set boundaries

Regardless of if you want to make your ex want you back or if you want to attract someone new, remember to always set boundaries. What does this mean?

It means that you shouldn’t let them take you for granted or that you go out of your way only to please them.

Setting boundaries will show them that you’re a strong, independent woman, and you won’t tolerate disrespect or him mistreating you.

If he does something you’re not okay with, make sure to let him know. Don’t make him think that you’ll always be there for him no matter what and no matter how he treats you.

Also, don’t make excuses for his behavior. Expect him to explain himself and apologize for his actions. If he doesn’t, then you know he’s not worthy of being with you (and he’ll know that as well).

Take care of yourself mentally and physically

I understand. When you really like someone, you can’t help but think about them 24/7, focus only on their needs, and daydream about being with them when you’re not.

All this can make you neglect your own needs. Once you stop prioritizing yourself, he will start taking you for granted.

Don’t EVER forget to put your well-being in first place no matter how much you like him. Take care of yourself, mentally and physically.

Meditate, hit the gym, go for a walk, read a good book… Don’t let negative things and people drain you. Taking care of yourself means investing in your own happiness.

Remember the following words: NO MAN can resist a woman who oozes confidence and feels good in her own skin!

Be ambitious

Do you have any interesting hobbies? What are your passions? If you need more time to think about the answers to these two questions, then something needs to change.

Think about all the things you enjoy doing in life. What are the things that make your eyes sparkle with joy when you talk about them? Well, these are the things that will attract him.

Nothing is more powerful than an ambitious woman ready to conquer the world and do anything (okay, not really anything) to reach her goals and make her dreams a reality.

They say that we are what we think. Our thoughts represent our wishes. Our wishes become actions, and actions become achievements.

Every man wants to win an ambitious, passionate, and successful woman because they know it takes real skill to achieve that! And that is the answer to your question: How do you make him want you?

Be mysterious

A common mistake that many girls make when it comes to guys is revealing too much information about themselves.

By that, I mean telling them everything from your favorite food to your funny childhood memories.

It’s okay to share a few things with a guy you like because how else would you get to know each other, right? But you shouldn’t overdo it.

Here’s one of the most helpful tips to keep him interested in you forever: Remain mysterious. Give him information about you bit by bit, but don’t serve it all at once to him on a plate.

Don’t share every single detail from your life with him. I understand that you may feel the urge to share everything with him, but still, don’t do it if you want to make him chase you!

He won’t be that interested in the things you’re sharing with him, but he’ll get excited about all the things you’re about to share with him in the future. That is how you’ll get him hooked.

Make him feel like your protector

Remember all those movies where a guy protects his girl from her enemies and helps her deal with life’s hardships?

This is no coincidence because it actually happens in both real life and in movies (even though in movies, their protective attitude is often exaggerated).

The thing is, every guy wants to know that he’s capable of protecting you! Men LOVE it when you make them feel like they can take care of you and protect you from all those villains and life’s challenges.

Dear ladies, all you need to do is allow them to do so. You need to make your guy feel like he’s your protector even though you’re perfectly capable of taking care of yourself.

By allowing him to show off his strength and help you out, he’ll feel powerful and useful. Through time he’ll become addicted to this feeling, i.e., he’ll become addicted to you.

Be spontaneous and unpredictable

Recently a guy told me that he could never guess what I would do next. I asked him if he likes that about me, and he said, “Maybe.” We all know that maybe actually means yes, so I took that as a compliment.

If you want to win a guy’s heart and make him want you badly, then you need to learn the art of being spontaneous and unpredictable!

Why? (I’m warning you, I’m going to be brutally honest in the following few sentences): Because guys don’t like boring, generic girls who don’t know how to have fun or girls who take themselves too seriously.

They want to be with a girl who will make them feel alive and always make them wonder what she will do next. They don’t want to be with someone who is predictable in every aspect of their life.

You don’t need to be a reckless and untamed girl to be considered spontaneous and unpredictable. All you need to do is change your behavior and routine from time to time.

For example, don’t send him the same generic text messages over and over again, like What are you up to?  How are you?

Be creative, send him a funny video or funny selfie, ask him thought-provoking questions that will make him think.

So, if you’re wondering how to make him want you over text, that’s how you do it, girl!

Give him some space to miss you

Don’t shower him with your undivided attention 24/7, don’t bombard him with one hundred text messages after the first date, don’t insist that he spends all of his free time with you.

Instead, give him some alone time to miss you! Yup, did you know that guys fall in love with your absence and not your presence?

They need more time to sort out their feelings, and they can’t do it in your presence. They need some space to figure out how they really feel about you.

If you give him that space, he’ll think of you as a true goddess and, best of all, you’ll make him think about you all the time! Yes, you read that right.

Honestly, if you want a guy to miss you and only think about you, you need to give him some space and show him that you’re not needy or clingy.

I remember when I was losing my mind over one guy, and when I finally gave him some space for the first time, I felt truly loved and appreciated.

Now I’m always extra careful about not spending too much time with someone I’m crazy about.

Be confident and comfortable in your own skin

Whenever I think about self-confidence, I imagine a woman proudly walking down the street with a straight posture and an enticing aura that screams: I’m in love with myself!

If a guy passes by such a woman, he will instantly turn his head and absorb her divine personality filled with plenty of self-esteem.

Guess what, you can be that woman, too, only if you want to! No, you don’t need to wear heels or skirts to catch his attention.

You can wear pajamas if you want to as long as you’re wearing them with pride and confidence. Nine times out of ten, a guy will not even notice what a girl is wearing, but he will notice her attitude.

My advice is: Don’t worry too much about what you’re wearing but pay attention to how you’re wearing it.

Also, don’t worry too much about what you’re talking to him about but how you’re doing it. You don’t need to always be right to be considered self-confident.

Admitting when you’re wrong is also a strong sign of self-confidence.

Stay interested and passionate

You’re probably thinking to yourself: Stay interested in what? The answer is simple: Stay interested in life and all the small things around you.

By staying interested, you will stay interesting, which is the key to catching and KEEPING his attention!

Do you like drawing, singing, or playing with your pet? Then take a picture of your drawing and show it to him, or make a funny video with your pet and post it.

Whatever you do is better than doing nothing. Don’t worry too much about how to make a man want you, but think about living your life to the fullest.

Keep nurturing your passions and relationships with the people closest to you, keep doing things that mean a lot to you, and HE WILL notice it.

He will see that you’re not a passive observer but an active participant in your life, which is the HOTTEST quality one can have.

Understand what makes him tick

Do you think that you know what he wants at the moment? If you want to make him want you, you need to know what exactly is going on inside his head.

Have you ever dealt with emotionally unavailable men? If he’s giving you mixed signals, then you know something is off, and he’s not ready to commit or open himself up to you.

In that case, the worst thing you could do is keep pushing him and demanding him to connect with you.

You need to understand what makes him tick, and you’ll do that by finding the best approach that will naturally draw him to you.

If you know that he’s been hurt before or you notice a few signs of trust issues, you need to learn the art of making an emotionally unavailable man fall in love with you.

In other words, you need to give him some space, and he’ll come to you when he’s ready. He will appreciate your understanding and patience.

In a nutshell, you need to know how to communicate in the right way, and that will make him want you BADLY.

Be invested (but not too invested)

I’m not a relationship expert, but I can tell you for sure that being too invested will only backfire on you (speaking from experience).

I know how much you want him to like you back, but you shouldn’t try too hard to win him.

If you do that, then you’ll no longer be a challenge to him. He will think that he’s already won you, and now he no longer needs to make an effort.

Surprise him from time to time, compliment him, organize a romantic dinner, but don’t make him think that you’ll do it every day. Text him first sometimes but don’t be the one to always initiate conversation.

Be invested but don’t be too invested because he might lose interest.

If you want to master the art of how to make him want you, learn to find a balance between your affection for him and a reasonable amount of attention and time you should give him.

Ask for his help or assistance

I don’t know about you, but I’ve never been the kind of woman to ask men for help or assistance. I’ve always been too stubborn, thinking that I can manage it and that I don’t need their help.

Perhaps I’ve seen it as a game of dominance, and I certainly didn’t want them to win. Boy, was I wrong. I didn’t realize one important thing: Men are the ones who want to protect you.

I didn’t want to allow them to help me with things because I thought this would make me appear weak in their eyes.

On the contrary, if you ask them for help, you will give them an opportunity to feel powerful and useful to you.

Men want to know that they are capable of protecting their woman and helping her deal with things.

If you tell a man that you have a problem, he will instantly stop doing whatever he’s doing and start thinking about solutions.

It’s in their nature to take care of their women, and all you need to do is allow them to act like superheroes because this will make them want you.

This is what will motivate them to keep impressing you with their skills.

Take initiative sometimes

Did you know that men LOVE women who take initiative from time to time? I’ll explain to you why.
Because this shows self-confidence and, let’s say, dominance.

Also, it shows him that you’re interested and invested.

Men don’t want to always be the ones suggesting or initiating things. If they see that a woman is doing nothing but only waiting for them to do everything, they will lose interest.

It’s the law of the universe. It’s how dating and relationships work. Okay, it’s not really the law of the universe, but it definitely should be.

Reciprocity is the key. If he’s always the one asking you on a date, surprise him by being the first one to ask him on a date for a change.

If he’s the one always initiating cuddling and steamy sessions (if you catch my drift), then change the roles and show him how bold and confident you are. Send dirty text messages for him or choose some of these freaky things to say to your boyfriend. Show him how much you want him in person. Trust me. This will make him TOTALLY crazy about you.

Meet his friends

Here’s one of the most helpful pieces of advice from me to you: If you want to make him want you, you need to make his friends like you as well.

Let me demonstrate this to you. Let’s say that you’re going to a party with your guy and his friends or just a casual hangout (pizza, movies).

After you go home, be sure that his friends share their impressions of you with him (especially if this is the first time they meet you).

If you haven’t made an effort to meet his friends and socialize with them, they will notice. The best way to win over his friends is to relax, have fun with them, and see them as your friends as well.

Once your guy hears cool things about you (from his friends’ mouths), he will want you even more.

He will see you as girlfriend material, and his friends will probably be jealous of him for having such an inspiring and fun woman in his life.

Be playful

If you want to win that one guy, you need to learn how to talk to a guy in a fun and playful way both virtually and in the real world.

When it comes to texting, the best way to make things interesting is to ENJOY texting with him.

If you yourself are bored with the texts you’re sending him and the overall conversation, then you know something needs to change. Then you know that you need to step up your game!

Spice things up with playful emojis, GIFs, or memes, and tell him about that funny situation at work. Be creative.

The goal here is to make him want MORE texts from you where he’ll read them with excitement because he’ll never know what you’ll send next.

Keeping things interesting and playful is one of the most important ingredients that will make him addicted to you.

Forget about playing hard to get and ignoring his texts for three hours. There are so many brilliant ways to make him chase you without playing hard to get, and my favorite one is by being your authentic self.

Be thankful

Now you’re probably wondering: how will being thankful make him want you? Let me tell you how.

Let’s say that he does something nice for you or helps you with something. He’ll expect that you say thank you to him as a sign of appreciation for his effort and willingness to ‘be at your service.’

This will make him feel important and protective of you. It will also motivate him to keep doing his best to help you in the future as well.

We often forget to express our gratitude for both small and big things. So remember to be thankful, not only for the big things but also for all those little things he does for you.

Be thankful, and he’ll want to do more good things for you. Be thankful, and you’ll make him want you.

It’s as simple as that. Also, if you’re having difficulties practicing gratitude, here are some amazing thankful quotes to inspire gratefulness all year long!

Enjoy life

A woman who knows how to have fun alone, with her guy, or with her friends is a real jewel. Ask any man, and he’ll confirm this.

Let’s be real. Not a single person in the world enjoys being with someone who doesn’t know how to be in the moment and enjoy the little things in life.

If you’re wondering how to make him want you more or how to make him want you again, here’s a recipe for success: Live your own life.

Have fun with your best friends, discover your passions, follow your heart, dance, and do whatever makes you happy (of course, if it’s not harmful to you or the people around you).

And that’s how you’ll make a man fall for you. He would kill to be with such an inspiring woman. He will want to spend every single minute with you because you know how to enjoy life.

You know how to turn every moment into a special memory for days to come.


The media often bombards us with all that perfection, which is fake, of course. We begin to think that being something we’re not will bring us happiness and potentially attract that guy or girl we’re into.

Well, it won’t. The only way to win someone is to be you – an imperfect human being with a unique personality.

I’m happy to say that in my current relationship, I don’t have the urge to be anyone else but myself. My love life has always been a huge burden for me, but now I can say for sure that I’ve never been happier.

After working on my self-confidence, I no longer worry about what other people will think of me. I feel free to be me.

I feel free to tell my partner ‘I love you’ whenever I want to or communicate without overthinking things.

The world is full of copycats, so the easiest way to stand out from the crowd is to just be yourself. Don’t be perfect. Don’t be anything that others tell you that you should be.

Be who you really are, and he will definitely notice.

If You Want To Make Him Want You, Then Avoid Doing These 10 Things:

Don’t be too nice

Do yourself a favor and don’t be one of those girls who would do anything and everything to make their guy happy. Don’t be too nice.

Don’t just nod at every single comment and sentence of theirs. Have your own opinion on things, and don’t be afraid to contradict him.

THAT’S what will make him think that you’re a self-confident woman who knows how to express herself.

A healthy relationship or attracting someone is not about being too nice but about knowing how to communicate your ideas and feelings.

If you want to learn how to make him want you bad, you’ll need to be more flexible. You’ll need to fall in love with yourself (if you haven’t yet).

If you don’t trust me on this one, then trust these lyrics from one of Billie Eilish’s amazing songs:

“All the good girls go to hell

‘Cause even God herself has enemies

And once the water starts to rise

And heaven’s out of sight

She’ll want the devil on her team…”

Let’s just say that being too nice is overrated, but being yourself and knowing how to express yourself in interesting ways is trending.

Don’t showcase clinginess or neediness

“I was waiting for you to call/text me, but you didn’t! Why do you always ignore me? I need you. I feel so lonely.”

If you’ve ever said some of these sentences or all of the above to a guy, from this day forward, stop doing that. Why? Because it SCREAMS clinginess and neediness.

Remember what we said: You don’t need a guy to make you happy because you’re already happy on your own, and it’s up to him if he wants to join you or not. Either way, you’ll be just fine, and you’ll still have fun with or without him.

A needy girlfriend is every guy’s biggest nightmare because it makes them feel pressured. No one likes to feel that way. We all like to have a choice in life.

If your guy feels like he needs to be available for you 24/7, he won’t be happy about it.

But, if you give him some space and show him that you DON’T need him, he’ll be more than happy to join you. It’s just how things work.

Don’t play games

Do you think that playing games with him will make him want you? Think again. The only people who like playing games are players. If you don’t want to attract one, then it’s high time you stop playing games.

If you want to attract a quality man and establish a loving relationship, don’t play games but make him kill to be your boyfriend.

Don’t give him mixed signals or play hard to get. I mean, it’s okay to ignore him from time to time but don’t overdo it.

Instead of playing games, focus on living your best life. Nourish your adventurous spirit, stay busy, and make your social network profiles look exciting.

By doing all that, he’ll notice that you’re a high-value woman, and he needs to make a serious effort to win you.

By doing that, he’ll see you as a challenge, and he’ll want to prove to you and the world that he’s worthy of being with you.

Of course, you’ll let him do just that.

When we put it like that, you will be playing games but without actually playing games. (I could write a few more complicated sentences at the moment, but I’ll stop myself right here because I don’t want to confuse you.)

Don’t make him your top priority

This one is closely connected with the first ‘Don’t be too nice’ sign. Don’t jump at his every word; don’t make excuses for him, and don’t break your own rules.

Don’t make him your top priority, and you’ll make him wonder why that is so. He will realize that you have so many exciting things happening in your life that you don’t have time to commit to him in full.

He’ll know that you appreciate yourself more than you appreciate him. Also, he’ll know that you love yourself more than him.

My dear friend, that’s called the art of making him ache for you. Give him some space to show off his skills and shower you with affection.

Don’t be the only one trying hard to make things work. Demand respect and act in accordance with your boundaries.

Don’t pretend to be something you’re not

And don’t pretend to be something you’re not. No, he won’t like you more if you’re wearing flawless makeup, the perfect outfit, shoes, or whatnot.

He will not like you more if you pretend that you’re into things that you’re actually not. Don’t be afraid to be who you really are. Show him how genuine and beautiful you are inside and out.

I have always been a little bit tomboyish, and I really don’t like wearing heels or anything girly like that. Even if I know that a guy likes girly girls, I don’t pretend that I’m one of them because I’m not.

I know that the right one for me will like me the way I am. He won’t mind my natural looks, weird sense of fashion, my flaws, and imperfections.

As a matter of fact, these are the things that guys find attractive in us.

They don’t care about whether you’re wearing makeup or not as long as you feel confident in your own skin. That’s what makes you truly beautiful, and that’s what will make him want you.

Don’t be jealous

Are you in a long-term committed relationship but have some serious trust issues? Or you’re just insecure by nature? Do you have trouble letting your guy hang out with other women (his female friends)?

Jealousy is one of the leading ‘romance destroyers.’ Don’t be one of those girls who freak out over every single text message a guy receives from other females.

I know such a girl and I feel sorry for her boyfriend because she sees every single female in his life as a threat (because her ex cheated on her).

I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before her guy will decide not to tolerate such behavior anymore.

If you want to learn how to make him want you, work on your self-esteem, and face every possible underlying issue (if there are any). Work on your self-worth and self-love.

Fall in love with yourself first, and he’ll fall in love with you. Don’t let his actions make you jealous or insecure (if there is no reason for that).

If there’s anything I’ve learned so far, it’s the following: Guys HATE drama. Stay away from that, and you’ll do just fine.

Don’t stalk him

No matter how curious you are about his life and what he’s doing at the moment, DON’T stalk him!

Seriously, just don’t. If you do, he’ll think of you as being a legit creep, which is the last thing you want him to think, right? Right.

This rule also applies to social media. I know how tempting it is to spend half of the day going through his interesting posts and those cute selfies – been there, done that (and I’m not really proud of it).

If you spend half of your time stalking him in person or on social media, what will you tell him when he asks you the following question: What have you been up to?

Will you tell him the truth (that you’ve been fantasizing about him and following his every move)?

That you know everything that’s going on in his life, that you’ve memorized every single outfit on his pics, and you know which colors match his face and aura perfectly?

Of course, you won’t say that. Why? Because it would be creepy.

So, don’t stalk him, but live your own life so that you have so many exciting things to tell him the next time he asks you: What have you been up to?

Extra tip: Keep your relationship off social media (you’ll thank me later).

Don’t overthink or analyze every single thing he says and does

Yes, you should definitely pay attention to his words and actions. Otherwise, how would you know that he’s into you or when something’s off, right?

But you shouldn’t overdo it because if you do, this will only make things worse. Pay attention to his body language, but don’t overthink it.

Don’t spend your nights trying to decipher that one little thing he did that annoyed you a lot.

I can assure you that he’s probably not even aware of any of that. I understand that it’s in our female nature to complicate things and overanalyze them.

We always think that there must be a legit reason behind every single action. And if we can’t find one, we’ll invent one just so that we have some material to overthink.

If you convince yourself that something is true (even if it is not), you will act in accordance with your beliefs, which will only make him confused.

To make it easier for you when it comes to the overthinking department, here are some genuine body language signs he secretly likes you:

  • He always faces toward you.
  • He suddenly becomes self-conscious of his appearance.
  • He touches you accidentally.
  • His voice changes.
  • He has dilated pupils and raises his eyebrows.

Don’t text him or call him constantly (especially if he ignores you)

Wondering how to make him want you back in no time? Then forget about double texting, constantly texting, or calling him.

Allow him to live his own life and give him some space to think about what he really wants.

Constantly demanding his attention will only let him know that you’re not living life to the fullest, which is not an attractive quality to have at all.

Think about all the exciting things you could do instead of thinking about him or texting him. Don’t put your life on hold just because you like that one guy.

Let him wonder what you’re doing at the moment. Give him some space for curiosity, and you’ll win him, and you’ll make him want you back in record time – the power of mystery.

Don’t put up with stuff you shouldn’t just because you like him

This rule applies to every single woman out there regardless of if you’re in a long-term relationship, if he’s your ex-boyfriend, or if you’re in a long-distance relationship.

In other words, don’t be desperate! Don’t be willing to do anything to make him want you. If you’re not okay with something he does, let him know.

Don’t tolerate his bad behavior or lame excuses. You’re better than that. Once he sees that he can’t manipulate you because you’re not naive, he’ll be scared of losing you.

Yup, this will motivate him to be his best if he really cares about you. And if he doesn’t, there are plenty of other guys who will. I call this ‘the art of natural selection.’

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Relax And Have Fun!

Don’t worry too much about his body language, his words, or how to make him want you. Just have fun. Remember that dating and being in a relationship is a process that you should enjoy and not overthink.

Someone once said to me: “97% of the things you worry about don’t even happen.” So, don’t worry about those things.

Worry about your happiness, well-being, and spending quality time with your loved ones, and everything else will fall into place.