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What Triggers Emotional Attraction In A Man? (+ How To Build It)

What Triggers Emotional Attraction In A Man? (+ How To Build It)

Picture this: you’re on your third date with a man you thought was only kind of cute at first, but by now, you think he’s REALLY cute. Every date is better than the last.

As you’re talking and laughing, you look into his eyes and realize you want to spend more time with him and give him your undivided attention. What you’re feeling is a developing emotional attraction.

How do you make a man feel the same way about you? In other words, what triggers emotional attraction in a man?

What Is Emotional Attraction?

Emotional attraction is the feeling of being attracted to someone’s personality, mind, heart, and soul. It means wanting to share their dreams and hopes. It’s a deep connection that makes you want that person to be a part of your life.

In a romantic relationship, physical attraction is important. Like the tip of an iceberg, it’s the first thing you notice; something that draws you in. However, for the relationship to be stable and long-lasting, the foundation of an emotional connection has to exist underneath.

Emotional attraction creates the basis of deep, intimate relationships. This emotional connection is what makes us want to love a person.

This is also a reason why it’s possible for people who have only met through online dating to fall in love before ever meeting eye to eye.

True emotional attraction grows stronger with time. On the other hand, someone we feel an emotional connection with often also becomes more physically attractive in our eyes.

It’s the powerful combination of physical and emotional attraction that makes you feel like you’ve met your soulmate with whom you can experience romance and true love.

What Triggers Emotional Attraction In A Man?

Now that we know the definition of emotional attraction, the next logical question is: What triggers emotional attraction in a man?

There are many things that can trigger emotional attraction in a man, and the most important ones are the following:

• Letting him know that he can trust you

• Sharing experiences

• Being vulnerable

• Feeling comfortable in your company

Playful banter

• Knowing your value

You see, for a man to emotionally connect with you, you need to make him feel safe doing so. Men don’t see an emotional connection as something logical and necessary as we women do.

Mostly, they’re scared of it because it naturally leads to something more meaningful. (I see commitment-phobes and emotionally unavailable souls rolling their eyes right now. ? )

So, your task is to let him know that he’s perfectly safe with you and that you’re a fun person to be around. That way, you’ll trigger his desire to emotionally connect with you.

How To Trigger Emotional Attraction In A Man

To develop emotional attraction in a man you like, you need to show him that you’re a high-value woman who is worth the emotional investment.

Men want the same thing as women: someone they’ll be happy sharing their life with, and if he recognizes this in you, there is a possibility of developing a meaningful relationship.

1. Be prepared to get vulnerable

Emotional attraction grows when you get to know the other person the way they really are.

Truly knowing someone can lead to the development of a strong bond. Revealing authentic parts of yourself can make you feel vulnerable.

Emotionally attractive people overcome their fear and show the sides of themselves that they don’t usually share with others.

It’s hard and it takes courage, but if you’re interested in having a deep emotional connection, be open, genuine, and don’t hide your true self.

Don’t hide your dreams, insecurities, or big plans. True love requires honesty and trust.

2. Give him your undivided attention and support

On the flip side, how do you get him to share his innermost self with you?

All of us want to be heard and understood, and not judged or criticized. We want to talk to people who are genuinely interested in what we have to say.

The way to get him to open up and show him you value him is to be a good listener. Face him with open body language, and make meaningful eye contact when he decides to share. Give him your full and undivided attention, with empathy and without prejudice.

When a man understands that you’re supportive and validate his feelings, he’ll feel a deep emotional bond with you.

If he knows you’ll listen to him without judgment, respect and accept him as he is and honor his self-esteem. He’ll feel comfortable sharing his feelings with you, even during a hard time. In this way, your relationship will grow more intimate and your emotional attraction will become deeper.

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3. Share experiences

What triggers emotional attraction in a man? When you experience something together, your connection becomes stronger. It’s something you did together, and you both get a sense of fulfillment as well as create memories.

These experiences can be special moments or everyday occurrences, and the companionship you provide to each other is one of the most important emotional triggers.

For example, if you decide to create a habit to take a walk together in the evening and talk about your day, it’s something you can both look forward to regularly.

Spending time together in your ordinary life helps develop intimacy.

Or, you can take a trip somewhere one of you has wanted to visit, and in that way, you include the other person in your dreams and wishes.

You can also take up a new skill or hobby together. Sharing interests can inspire you, and especially sharing a feeling of accomplishment will strengthen your emotional connection.

Whatever you choose, it’s important to enjoy the moment, but as you anticipate your future shared experiences, you both become someone the other person can’t wait to be with.

4. Be reliable and build trust

A man will get emotionally attached if you meet his needs for companionship and support. To make him feel like this, he needs to be able to trust you.

Building trust is easier than it seems:

• Keep your promises no matter how small. If you said you’ll meet him at seven, don’t be late.

• If something is bothering you, tell him. Don’t let yourself bottle it up and turn a nuisance into a big fight.

• Apologize if you’re wrong. Arguments will happen, but instead of trying to win, try to find a compromise.

• Say what you mean and don’t make him guess. Avoid trying to get an upper hand or being manipulative.

• Be there for him in good times and in bad. He needs to know that he can rely on you.

• Give him affection, attention, and respect and you will trigger deep emotional attraction in him. Men want women who are caring and kind.

5. Show him that you value him (and that you value yourself)

Attractive people are confident and secure in themselves, and they don’t feel the urge to be clingy and needy.

Being in a romantic relationship doesn’t have to mean spending all your time together. Give him space, and take it for yourself as well. An important emotional trigger of attraction is when he likes the person he is with.

Trigger his hero instinct by asking him for favors and help when you need it. When he knows that you rely on him and trust him, a man feels needed and useful.

Let him know what you appreciate about him. Show him, but also tell him how you feel. Many men are rarely on the receiving end of warmth, affection, and gentleness, so those are some of the things men desire in their love life.

If you’ve ever heard any dating advice, talked to a relationship coach, or read an article concerning dating advice for women, the first rule you’ve seen is probably ‘Don’t try to change him.’

Well, it’s a popular belief for a good reason: it’s true that it never works. Instead, be the best person you can be so that with you, he can be the best person he can be.

How Do You Know If A Man Is Emotionally Attracted To You?

You know a man is emotionally attracted to you if your communication has great flow, if you can be vulnerable with each other, and if you trust each other. There are also many other signs that suggest he’s emotionally connected with you, and you’ll find them below:

1. You laugh a lot

What are the signs that you share a deep connection with a person of the opposite sex? A shared sense of humor is one of the biggest signs that there is potential for a deep relationship.

If you like his sense of humor, it means you probably like the way his mind works, but also that you probably lean towards similar attitudes in life (which is another emotional trigger in a developing relationship).

A romantic relationship should be fun, and being playful with each other is a sign that you’re emotionally connecting.

2. Your values match

This relates to the previous point: your values, attitudes, and moral opinions have a great impact on how you live your life. So, to be able to connect to someone on a deep level, a certain level of agreement is necessary.

If your values don’t align, there’s a high chance of problems in your life together.

For example, if your attitudes about whether you want children or how to raise them don’t match, then your relationship would probably not last very long.

3. You respect each other’s opinions

When someone is emotionally attracted to you, your mind and your ideas are interesting to them. They want to know what you think, and even if they don’t completely agree with you, they respect and value your opinions and never brush them off.

When a man shares a genuine concern with you, he does it because he cares about your opinion, and your reaction and response are of great importance.

Listening to him attentively while maintaining meaningful eye contact, and thinking about the words he has shared with you before responding, goes a long way in assuring him.

4. Communication between you is easy

How can you tell if what he’s feeling is fleeting or something that has the potential to develop into a deep emotional connection? Simple.

You can have a deep conversation for hours, but you don’t feel the need to fill silence with chatter. You never run out of topics of conversation, but sometimes you’re happy simply being in the same space together. Both of these can be very satisfying.

One of the signs a man feels emotional attraction for you is that when something happens, you’re the first person he calls. Also, he’s the first person you want to tell your good or bad news to. This shows how important you are to each other.

You’re both eager to hear about what they’ve been doing, and how they’re feeling. You’re able to talk to each other about important things that have deep meaning and significance to you.

5. You can be vulnerable with each other

When you allow yourself to be emotionally vulnerable with someone, you’re making it possible for them to hurt you.

For this reason, we all hide some parts of ourselves from the world, and the people we chose to show them to are special to us. It means they make us feel safe enough to show the deepest, most delicate parts of ourselves.

This is especially difficult for men who are taught by society that the only feelings that are okay to show are the ones that are “masculine“, and that showing vulnerability makes you appear weak.

If he’s able to show his softer, vulnerable side to you, that’s definitely one of the signs of emotional attraction toward you.

And, if his vulnerabilities make you like him even more, you are feeling an emotional connection, too.

6. You feel accepted and understood

Do you only like what you see on the surface, or do you like ALL of him?

He feels like someone who gets you, and you have no problem talking about any topic with him. You value his input and his advice. You feel like he understands you and doesn’t judge you, and that makes you comfortable to be around him.

There’s probably nothing that can emotionally attract men like the feeling that he can be fully himself with you without hiding anything.

This is something that everyone has in common; the dream of a person who sees you as you are and accepts you and loves you regardless.

If you want to be an emotionally attractive person, approach relationships without prejudice or expectations. Let him be who he really is and it will pay off with a meaningful connection.

7. You trust and support each other

He feels an emotional attraction when he knows that he can trust you: trust you not to hurt him, trust you to always be on his side, trust you to support him through a hard time.

A man who knows that a woman is in his corner regardless of the situation will fall in love and want a long-term relationship with her.

Putting trust in him and his hero instinct to come to you whenever you need him, as well as lending you his strength and comforting you, doesn’t only show your feelings, but it deepens his as well.

One of the things men find empowering is being able to protect and provide for you, so when he has a chance, a man who feels an emotional bond with you will show up to help when needed.

8. You set your own boundaries and respect each other’s

Emotionally attractive people know themselves, their own boundaries, and how to communicate them. It’s a well-known, popular belief that a deep connection with another person is impossible unless you love and respect yourself first.

A high-value woman is aware of her needs, and she will say when something isn’t okay. A high-value man respects this and appreciates her self-esteem. Her well-being is important to him.

9. You feel like a unit

You start using the words “we” and “our”. You feel comfortable in their presence. You feel like you share an important part of your life with the other person, and it’s mutual.

Sometimes, it feels like the two of you are in a bubble or in a world of your own.

It’s everyone’s goal in their love life to have a true partner, and when there exists a deep emotional attraction, this is possible to achieve.

10. You remember things about each other

He remembers if you like sour food, he knows your favorite color, and he gives you those cute earrings you mentioned in passing as a gift for your birthday.

What this all means is that he pays attention to you. This makes you feel like you’re important to him, and that there is a meaningful connection between you.

In the same vein, if you want to make him feel appreciated, be attentive and caring, and show genuine interest in the things he says and does, and it will make you even more attractive.

What Makes A Man Fall In Love With A Woman?

The idea of emotional connection can seem like something abstract, but in reality, it’s something that we build with someone.

Love isn’t something that happens… we chose to love.

Of course, there’s an initial moment that makes us interested in someone, but romantic chemistry is more than just physical attraction.

For anyone to have the wish to take things to the next level, we have to feel both physical attraction (sexual attraction) and emotional attraction.

For a man to want to fall in love, the secret really lies in emotional attraction.

The feeling of physical attraction is exciting and fun, but it happens often and easily. Emotional attraction is what gives him the feeling of being deeply connected to you just as you are, and it makes him look at you as a potential partner.

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In Conclusion

For a man to want to fall in love with you, it’s not enough that he feels physically attracted to you. The key is to trigger emotional attraction in him in order to make him feel an emotional connection.

Emotional attraction is the feeling of being attracted to your personality… to your mind, heart, and soul. So, what triggers emotional attraction in a man?

You form a deep emotional attraction by trusting each other, sharing experiences, being vulnerable, and connecting on so many levels.

When you trigger emotional attraction in a man, he feels a deep connection, which makes him want to fall in love with you. This creates a foundation for a deep, intimate relationship.