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Sagittarius Tattoo: 50+ Tattoo Ideas For Women

Sagittarius Tattoo: 50+ Tattoo Ideas For Women

Sagittarius lady is magnetic, authentic, fierce, and super energetic. There’s no one who can compete with her charm.

She’s a fierce woman with a vagabond soul, liberated from all social taboos.

If you’re a Sag lady looking for an idea for a Sagittarius tattoo to best represent your strong spirit, keep on reading.

We’ve collected the most beautiful Sagittarius tattoo ideas to inspire you.

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1. Simple and elegant one-word tattoo

one-word sagittarius tattoo on woman`s back

Via Pinterest by hugocaldeira.tattooartist

This is a great zodiac sign tattoo for someone who’s decided to get their first ever tattoo. It’s super simple and easy to hide under work clothes (if necessary).

Elegant and delicate, it will suit any lady.

2. Blue haired girl pulling an arrow tattoo

blue haired girl pulling an arrow tattoo on the arm

Via @lealiogt

A beautiful archer girl with blue hair is one of the prettiest Sagittarius tattoos ever. It has some color, but not too much, and it’s great for someone who’s bold but in search of something simple.

3. Centaur constellation and Jupiter symbol arm tattoo

half horse half human tattoo with sagittarius constellation

Via @_han.zhen_

This half human- half horse creature placed perfectly within a Sag constellation with an added Jupiter symbol is complex and yet so simple. It’s a great choice for anyone.

4. A Jupiter symbol tattoo on the neck

jupiter symbol tattoo on the neck

Via @cosmicladysix

Sweet and small but super effective for anyone looking for something petite but meaningful. It doesn’t have to be a sign tattoo to be related to your zodiac.

5. Jupiter and Sagittarius tattoo

jupiter and sagaittarius tattoo on the arm 


Sag’s ruling planet, Jupiter, accessorized by Sag’s constellation going through it. In these colors, it’s a great option for this fierce fire sign girl.

6. A breathtaking watercolor back tattoo

moon and sagittarius constellation tattoo on the back

Via @bel_tattoo

When it comes to zodiac tattoos for women this is one of the prettiest. Its watercolor starry design is truly refreshing.

7. A constellation Sagittarius tattoo

colorful sagittarius constellation tattoo on the arm

Via @tattoobambam

You’ve gotta love this tattoo if your sun sign is in Sagittarius. The color, the design, the creativity – it’s a piece of wonderful body art that anyone would appreciate.

8. Detailed bow and arrow tattoo with tribal symbols

Via @purepainparlor

If you’re into tribal tattoos but also want something connected to your astrological sign this tribal bow is perfect for you.

9. Floral bow, feathered arrow, and constellation ankle tattoo

floral bow feathered arrow and sagittarius constellation tattoo on the anckle

Via @tanistartattoo

We’ve got a wonderful ankle tattoo right here. It will give you the charm of a Greek goddess with its floral bow and silver details.

10. Woman shooting an arrow – amazing back of the arm tattoo

woman shooting an arrow tattoo on back of the arm

Via @ nastia_tsymbalyuk

A beautiful woman is shooting an arrow, her shirt made out of the stars in Sag’s constellation. This is possibly the most subtle, gorgeous astrological sign tattoo out there.

Congrats to this tattoo artist, they sure did a great job.

11. Arrow with angel wings wrist tattoo

arrow with angel wing tattoo on the wrist

Via Pinterest by Ellen Nesbitt

If you’re looking for a not-too-obvious zodiac symbol tattoo, this is a great choice for. A simple arrow on your wrist, decorated with angel wings.

12. Arrow with details – zodiac tattoo

sagittarius zodiac tattoo with flower details

Via Pinterest by Emily McNeill

Another subtle Sagittarius zodiac tattoo for someone looking for simplicity. Its location though is not as subtle as its content.

13. Feathered arrow tattoo design

arrow with feathers tattoo behind the ear


An arrow with feathers behind your ear is a wonderful Sagittarius tattoo idea. It isn’t even obvious it’s zodiac sign inspired, so that may be a plus for some people – and its location is adorable.

14. Simple word-arrow tattoo

simple arrow tattoo on the arm

Via Pinterest:

A simple arrow with a word of your choice in the middle of the arrow is super simple, symbolic, and beautiful. It is a truly great Sagittarius tattoo design.

15. Delicate finger zodiac tattoo for girls

delicate arrow tattoo inside of the finger

Via Pinterest by

An arrow on the inside of your finger is the cutest little tattoo idea ever. This archer tattoo won’t draw too much attention but it’s sure to attract someone looking carefully.

16. Watercolor splash arrow inside of the arm tattoo

watercolor splash arrow tattoo inside of the arm

Via Pinterest by Kevin Pena

It isn’t a sleeve tattoo but it covers a huge portion of your inner arm. It’s beautifully colorful and it takes a bold person to carry it off. Who better for this task than a wild Sagittarius girl?!

17. A constellation: Sagittarius girl tattoo

constellation sagittarius girl tattoo on the shoulder

Via Pinterest by tattooness

Similar to one of the amazing tattoos we’ve seen before, this one is a female archer tattoo whose skirt has been sketched by stars in the Sagittarius constellation. Witty and pretty.

18. Large Sagittarius girl bow and arrow wearer tattoo

large sagittarius girl bow and arrow tattoo on the back

Via pinterest by tattooness

This bow and arrow wearer girl is drawn in beautiful detail. She’s strong, she’s fierce, she’s a true Sag.

It’s one of the best Sagittarius tattoo designs in terms of drawing.

A beautiful back tattoo that reaches the nape of the neck is a great choice for someone who really wants to emphasize their astrological sign.

19. A unique small bow and bird tattoo

a unique small bow and bird tattoo surrounded by the stars

Via @lucie.luss

One thing every Sagittarius wants is freedom. This tattoo represents that.

It’s a small tattoo of an arrow flying in the same direction as a bird, surrounded by the stars of the Sag constellation of course.

20. A Sagittarius symbol tattoo above the ankle

sagittarius symbol tattoo above the ankle

Via @lucie.luss

A small Sagittarius symbol above the ankle is a great option for a person looking for a simplest, best Sagittarius tattoo.

21. Delicate Sagittarius constellation chest tattoo

delicate constellation sagittarius tattoo with small red heart

Via @jingstattoo

A simple, elegant, ladylike Sagittarius constellation tattoo for your collarbone. Beautiful.

22. Sagittarius and Capricorn couple wrist tattoos

sagittarius and capricorn couple tattoo on the wrist

Via @themanyao

There are many things you can do with this. Maybe your partner is an Aries or a Pisces.

It doesn’t matter, this idea is amazing. Go for a combined tattoo with your loved one.

23. Rib tattoo idea for Sagittarius

simple constellation sagittarius tattoo on the rib

Via @electricsunlc

The Sagittarius constellation again, this time on the side of the torso. Lovely.

24. Small tattoos: Sagittarius symbol ankle tattoo

simple and small sagittarius tattoo on the ankle

Via @isbllawbb

Now, out of all the small tattoos out there, this one must be the smallest. A cute design for your astrological sign.

25. A colorful Sagittarius elephant tattoo

colorful elephant tattoo with sagittarius symbol

Via @stephanie_tomschitz

If you are one of those Sag girls who’s insane about anything cute, colorful, and child spirited, then this tattoo design idea is an amazing choice for you.

26. Aqua Sagittarius constellation tattoo

ocean-themed sagittarius constellation tattoo in color

Via @flower7808

The Sag constellation, but with a twist. Ocean-themed this time, with sea creatures as stars.

27. Sagittarius symbol tattoos for sisters

small sagittarius symbol tattoo on the two person`s wrist

Via @kjc1126

If you have a Sag sister (you’re most likely twins), go for a matching, small wrist tattoo.

28. Moon and arrow – a detailed and elegant tattoo

floral moon with arrow tattoo on the leg

Via @kimiduck

A floral moon shot through with an arrow. This tattoo design idea is well executed.

Tattoo designs like this can go wrong, but if you find the right person to tattoo you that won’t be a problem.

29. A small tattoo: arrow tattoo design

small arrow circled by a moon tattoo on the wrist

Via @annarehtattoo

A small arrow circled by a moon, it’s a lovely tattoo for your wrist.

30. Bow and arrow with Sagittarius constellation

bow and arrow with sagittarius constellation tattoo on the shoulder

Via @nothingwildtattoo

Again, classic archer symbols combined. A bow and arrow tied off with a constellation line.

31. Arrow with a planet symbol tattoo

arrow with a planet symbol tattoo on the woman`s back


A beautiful spine tattoo for girls – a long arrow with planet symbols. It shows under summer dresses and shirts and it’s both seductive and charming.

32. Shaded bow and arrow combined with a quote girl tattoo

shaded bow and arrow tattoo combined with quote on woman`s leg


This bow is simple but original. It’s shaded black and there’s a quote (pick something that resonates with you) on top of it adding to its charm.

Body art doesn’t have to be complicated to be beautiful.

33. Sagittarius constellation and Moon symbol tattoo

sagittarius constellation and moon symbol tattoo on woman`s chests


Moon crossing over the Sag constellation. Not the most original but nevertheless beautiful in this particular spot.

Always get a tattoo that works for you, it doesn’t need to be something that has never been done before.

34. Styled bow and arrow unique tattoo

styled bow and arrow tattoo on the woman`s body


The same goes for this tattoo. It might not be wild but it’s unique in its simple style.

This is one of the tattoo design ideas that never go out of style.

35.A minimalist bow and arrow tattoo

a minimalist bow and arrow tattoo inside of the arm

Via @nycolaszanotto

A minimalist tattoo with a beautifully styled bow is sure to work for everyone. This style is a classic in terms of Sagittarius tattoo designs and works at any part of the body.

36. A rose arrow tattoo with stunning details

a rose arrow tattoo on the arm

Via @earthaltarstudio

A Sagittarius girl would love something like this. A stunningly beautiful arrow as a symbol of your sun sign.

37. Arrow and bow matching couple tattoos

arrow and bow matching couple tattoos on two persons wrist

Via @cherylking78

If you and your partner share an astrological sign what better way to celebrate this than with a combined bow on your wrist, arrow on his (or vice versa) tattoo.

38. Cute puzzle piece unique tattoo for Sagittarius

puzzle piece tattoo for sagittarius

Via @erika_jyo

A little blue puzzle that contains both your ruling planet symbol and your sun sign symbol. Adorable.

39. An elegant arrow wrist tattoo

an elegant arrow wrist tattoo on woman`s hand

Via Instagram

Any girl can pull off this tattoo – a beautiful floral arrow won’t go unnoticed.

40. A spine tattoo of a lotus arrow

tattoo of a lotus arrow on spine line

Via @samanthaleigh1125

An arrow intertwined with a lotus flower shooting up your spine is one of the loveliest back tattoos there is.

41. A minimalist arrow on the wrist tattoo

minimalist arrow tattoo in color on the wrist

Via @nothingwildtattoo

An arrow on your wrist with a small watercolor splash is a super cute tattoo, especially for younger girls looking for something strong but girly.

42. A symmetrical back tattoo of a bow and arrow

symmetrical back tattoo on woman`s back

Via @kelsey_moore_tattoo

A beautiful back tattoo starting at the nape of your neck and spreading down in its symmetrical glory. Simple, elegant, defined.

43. A between-the-breasts floral bow and arrow tattoo

floral bow and arrow tattoo between the breasts

Via Instagram

Now this is a bold tattoo that a lot of Sag ladies would like. It’s a dominant, fierce tattoo that covers one of the most intimate parts of your body.

44. Zodiac symbol under a starry night

Zodiac symbol under the starry night on the shoulder

Via Instagram

A glorious Sag symbol topped off with a lovely starry night. This shoulder tattoo isn’t for everyone but it sure is beautiful.

45. “Holding my own fate” arm tattoo

A hand holding arrowand flowers tattoo on the arm

Via @upsettertattoo

Out of all the tattoos on this list, this Sagittarius tattoo design has the deepest meaning. A hand holding arrows and flowers symbolizes the tattoo wearer holding their fate in their own arms. Stunning.

46. A girly universe and arrow tattoo

the universe and moon tattoo with planets surrounding a long arrow

Via @tattoo.umg

The Universe, Moon, and planets surrounding a long arrow, combined with Roman numbers. A delicate tattoo for any Sag.

47. The warrior girl tribal tattoo

warrior girl triball tattoo with two arrows

Via @tanner_minock_tattoos

A beautiful warrior girl design in strong black hues, holding arrows. Anyone belonging to this fire sign is sure to love this strong design.

48. Pulling the stars – a creative Sagittarius constellation tattoo

hands holding sagittarius constellation tattoo in the rectangle

Via @_han.zhen_

Hands holding stars and moving them as marionettes. A witty symbol of a person being the creator of their own destiny.

49. Shooting for the stars Sagittarius tattoo

shooting for the stars tattoo with stagittarius on one ankle and stars on other ankle

Via @ii.tatt.ii

An arrow on one ankle shooting for the stars on another. It’s one of the simplest but also one of the best Sagittarius tattoo ideas.

It also carries a lovely symbolic image of.. well, shooting for the stars.

50. “Something is missing” watercolor bow tattoo

watercolor bow tattoo on the chests

Via @bellezatattoo_irisyang

A stunningly beautiful infinity tattoo that says ”something is missing” and leaves one part of the infinity sign undone. A bow and arrow are beautifully incorporated into this best tattoo ever.

51. An archery girl tattoo for the mysterious Sagittarius

archery girl tattoo on the arm

Via @cajurine

A mysterious archery girl with red lipstick, going for the black and red color combination that almost any Sagittarian would love.

52. Arm Sagittarius tattoo

archer surrounded by flowers tattoo on the arm

Via @tattooming

An archer surrounded by flowers. This is a beautiful tattoo for a Sag lady looking for something bigger but still kind of delicate and not too rough.

53. A glittering archer chest tattoo idea

glittering archer tattoo on the chest

Via @amandacreek

A beautiful tribal tattoo of a native archer shooting for your heart. Symbolic and meaningful, and so well executed.

54. The broken pieces – a unique back tattoo

face in pieces tattoo held by the arrows on the back

Via @eddie_dit

A strong tattoo of a face in pieces that seems to have been held together by arrows. If you’re looking for a tattoo with a deep meaning to represent your life and personality, this is the best Sagittarius tattoo to pick.

55. The archer – moon phase Sagittarius tattoo

archer and moon phases tattoo on the back

Via @mitatink

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A silhouette of an archer wrapped in a sheet like a monk, shooting for the sky and surrounded by a representation of moon phases is a beautiful astrological, spiritual tattoo for your back.

Picking the best tattoo to show off your Sagittarius zodiac sign is not an easy task. There’s a lot of options to choose from.

We’ve shown you the best ways to go if you decide for something small and symbolic, or if you opt for a large tattoo.

There are many beautiful options to choose from, centaur tattoos, Jupiter symbol tattoos, the Sag constellation, amazingly beautiful lady archers, or a combination of some or even all of them if you’re up for it.

Remember to pick something that resonates with you. Your personality and your life. Also, it’s incredibly important to find a professional tattoo artist to design a beautiful, unique Sagittarius tattoo for you.

Sagittarius Tattoo: 50+ Tattoo Ideas For Women Pinterest