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November Sagittarius Vs. December Sagittarius: 11 Key Differences

November Sagittarius Vs. December Sagittarius: 11 Key Differences

You might be thinking about where the difference between November Sagittarius vs. December Sagittarius lies. Regardless, Sagittarians are adventurous fire signs that are not mutable.

The November Sagittarius is a social person who likes to get out and meet people. On the other hand, the December Sagittarius is more of an introvert who enjoys spending time alone.

This article will discuss the differences between the same zodiac sign, divided by their decans. I will tell you what they have in common, as well as their personality traits.

November Sagittarius Vs. December Sagittarius: 11 Differences And Similarities

Is there a difference between November Sagittarius vs. December Sagittarius? Here they are, together with some similarities:

1. Adventuring

Novelty is one of the most important features of a Sagittarius. Sagittarius people are never bored because they constantly look for new things to do and explore. This is why November Sagittarians are more likely to be adventurous than December ones.

Sagittarians have been known to be some of the most adventurous signs throughout time. They are free-spirited and value adventure in their lives.

2. Risk-taking

Is this Sagittarius man playing you? Or is he just taking too many risks? Well, this is another difference between these two birth months. November Sagittarius is someone who is more risk-taking and adventurous, while December Sagittarius would rather play it safe.

November Sagittarius would be the type of person who would try cliff jumping or bungee jumping. December Sagittarius would not be the type of person to do these things because they are afraid of failure and embarrassment.

3. Everything is business

November Sagittarians are more inclined to work hard and put in the extra hours to get ahead in their career, while December Sagittarians prefer to enjoy life and take it easy.

November Sagittarians have a stronger sense of responsibility and need for order, while December Sagittarians are more laidback with a strong sense of adventure.

November Sagittarians are more responsible and organized than December Sagittarians, but they also need to be in charge. They are more laidback, but they also need to be in charge.

4. Life of the party

If your Chiron lies in Sagittarius, you know what I mean. November Sagittarians are known for their social skills and optimism. December Sagittarians are known for their introverted nature and pessimism.

The November Sagittarius is a happy-go-lucky, friendly person who enjoys life. They love to make people laugh and always have a smile on their faces. They tend to be very social, but they also like to take time out for themselves.

The December Sagittarius is more introverted than the November Sagittarius, but they still enjoy the company of others when the situation calls for it.

5. Philosophy

When it comes to personality, December Sagittarius is more active and assertive, while November Sagittarius is more introverted and observant.

As for the zodiac signs, December Sagittarius has a philosophical difference from November Sagittarius. December Sagittarians search for meaning in life, while November Sagittarians are focused on the scientific method.

6. Religion

Sagittarians are more likely to believe in the existence of God. They are also more likely to be spiritual and open to spiritualism. This is not just because December Sagittarians are religious but also because they believe in the logic of religion and spirituality.

November Sagittarians are known for their lack of faith in religion and spirituality. They tend to be more skeptical and questioning in nature.

7. Live up to their name

December Sagittarius is the most optimistic sign of the zodiac. They are optimistic, happy people who love to be around others. They are also very social, outgoing, and friendly.

The November Sagittarius is less optimistic than their December counterparts, but they still have a lot of optimism in them. They are more introverted and tend to be more private with their emotions.

Still, both of these birth months live up to be true Saggies. They are so adventurous you might even find them getting a Sagittarius tattoo on a whim or even sky diving.

8. Righteous

Righteousness is another difference between December Sagittarius and November Sagittarius. The righteousness of December Sagittarius is more present than November Sagittarius.

This may be because they are both in their respective zodiac signs, only in different months, but it also has to do with the position of the stars in the sky. In any case, December Sagittariuses are usually more hopeful, enthusiastic, and happy.

9. No consideration for other people’s feelings

Yes, the Saggitarius is known for his brutal truth. The Sagittarius sign is ruled by Jupiter and is known for its optimism, enthusiasm, and love of freedom. The sign is also well-known for being idealistic, and this is why they often have zero compassion.

Sagittarius is a very independent and stubborn sign. They are not always considerate of others’ feelings and are quick to point out flaws in others. This is another similarity between these two birth months.

10. Wanderlust

December Sagittarius and November Sagittarius are two different signs of the zodiac. December Sagittarius is the sign of freedom, independence, and wanderlust. November Sagittarius is the sign of rest, relaxation, and home.

The difference between December Sagittarius and November Sagittarius is that December Sagittarius is more about travel and adventure while November Sagittarius is about resting and adventuring for a long period of time.

11. Mental sports (or real ones)

Their love of sports is a big difference between the two zodiac signs. While December Sagittarius is more likely to have a passion for sports, November Sagittarius is more likely to have a passion for arts.

Regardless, this happens because Saggitarius loves rules and mental challenges, so they are sure to look at sports as a challenge. Always pushing forward is their goal.

What Are The Three Types Of Sagittarius?

The three types of Sagittarius include:

• The first decan of Sagittarius (November 22—December 1)

• The second decan of Sagittarius (December 1—December 11)

• The third decan of Sagittarius (December 11—December 21)

First of all, what is a decan? It’s a subdivision under one head zodiac sign. They describe the person’s personality in more detail.

The first type of personality is a fiery, impulsive person who’s adventurous and loves to live life on the edge. They might be spontaneous and always seem to be dressed for the occasion. They enjoy being surrounded by people who are different from themselves, making them outgoing.

A friendly and compassionate person who never stops working hard is the second type of person. They are natural-born leaders, and they operate on their own terms. They are the type that has a good sense of humor and can take care of themselves in any situation.

Third decan Sagittarians are individuals that can be very fiery and adventurous. They thrive on challenges and often have a unique perspective on life that many people are unaware of. Remember, they still are shown as a centaur.

Sagittarius’s ruling planets are Jupiter and Mercury, and the horoscope says they are generally known for being optimistic and adventurous. They are also known to be very social and love to travel. A Sag finds its astrological compatibility best through tarot.

Astrological signs like this, especially the Sagittarius man sun sign, are often tactless to others’ feelings, thrill-seeking, and constantly look for the next trending thing. This sign of the zodiac has zero Venus and Pluto vibes, so they are often very masculine.

What Do Sagittarius Like?

Sagittarius may like some of these things:


• Their best friend

• Challenges

• Wisdom

• Attraction

November Sags like different things than December Sags. This is why we look at the zodiac wheel individually and never collectively.

In other words, I recommend never looking at the Sagittarius personality traits and judging the person. Instead, use the person’s whole birth chart.

Aim At Your Goal

The November Sagittarius is a born leader and very aggressive. They make quick decisions and take charge of the situation. Their leadership skills are well-suited for the business world.

December Sagittarians may feel like they are constantly going on new adventures, but they always know how to enjoy themselves in the process. They love to explore new things and push boundaries.

In any case, I hope I have pointed out all the things that set November Sagittarius vs. December Sagitarrius apart and how to tell which is which.

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