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List Of 350+ Top Sexy Girl Names To Choose From & Meanings

List Of 350+ Top Sexy Girl Names To Choose From & Meanings

Are you renaming yourself? Or are you looking for a new dating app name? Well, look no further because we have the sexiest names ever.

Choosing sexy girl names is no easy task. There are many factors to consider, such as the meaning of the name, its popularity, and how it sounds. The meaning of a name is important because it can affect how people perceive you.

The popularity of the name is also important because it will help you stand out from others. If you choose a popular name like “Anna,” people will be more likely to remember it but associate it with someone else.

50 Amazingly Sexy Girls’ Names

Here are a few of our favorite hot girl names:

1. Alina

2. Zoey

3. Natalia

4. Sue

5. Scarlett

6. Elle

7. Agnes

8. Zora

9. Alessandra

10. Summer

11. Blair

12. Sophia

13. Chanel

14. Eva

15. Naomi

16. Eve

17. Olivia

18. Audrey

19. Sophia

20. Lennox

21. Sophy

22. Sunny

23. Becky

24. Sophia

25. Anais

26. Valentina

27. Carina

28. Sophie

29. Delilah

30. Nicole

31. Freya

32. Syble

33. Jasmine

34. Hera

35. Kayla

36. Dany

37. Nadia

38. Aletta

39. Ruby

40. Anette

41. Sasha

42. Veronica

43. Simone

44. Danielle

45. Aaliyah

46. Ariella

47. Alexa

48. Katrina

49. Alexandra

50. Rose

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50 Sexy Names For Girls + Meanings

Looking for baby names? Well, these are no boy names for sure. Here are a few meanings of sexy girl names:

1. Kailani

Hawaiian name with the meaning of sky or royalty.

2. Angelique

The meaning is the angelic one.

3. Sienna

Red pigment or red one is its true meaning.

4. Aria

Royal one, of pure blood.

5. Lady

It says enough and is true to its meaning!

6. Aurora

It means light after dark or light in the dark.

7. Dolly

This name means attractive young woman.

8. Elina

Helen in short or a bright light in the darkness.

9. Kenzy

This is a Scottish name, meaning the fair one.

10. Fleur

How do you say flower in French? This is how.

11. Sasha

Both a girl and boy name, helper of humans.

12. Francesca

Are you French? Well, this girl is because her name is of Frech origin.

13. Dephny

A female nymph or laurel is also known as Daphne.

14. Gia

Our mother Earth was also known as Gaia in Greek mythology.

15. Daphne

Just like Dephny, Daphne is a laurel.

16. Gigi

Modern names often don’t have meaning, as is the case with this one.

17. Kerma

Just like Karma, Kerma means one’s faith or destiny.

18. Giuliana

This name means youthful or young.

19. Raymon

This name means promise.

20. Heather

Heather is an evergreen plant that produces flowers.

21. Ricky

Is she going to be a leader? Say so with her name.

22. Juliet

A gentle girl can be named Juliet.

23. Skylar

While you might think her name bears meaning to the sky, in fact, it means scholar.

24. Lacey

This is a nobleman’s name and surname in France and England.

25. Skyler

This name means sky.

26. Lenore

The meaning of this sexy girl name is light.

27. Abigail

Is she her father’s joy? Well, this name is for her, then.

28. Alyssa

This name means rational.

29. Monique

If you want her to be wise and warm, then give her this name.

30. Devon

This is a county in England.

31. Brandi

Comforting is the meaning of this name.

32. Uma

This name has numerous meanings. It can mean tranquility, splendor, positivity, fame, or night in Arabic and Hindu.

33. Esme

If she carries this name, she is sure to be beloved.

34. Binny

Just like many other names, this name doesn’t have any true meaning.

35. Bianca

Since Bianco is “white” in Latin, this name means “white one.”

36. Alex

This name means helper or defender.

37. Lucy

Just like Lucia, this name means light.

38. Caska

This name of Slavic origin has no meaning.

39. Amy

She sure will be beloved if you give her this name.

40. Leilah

The evening beauty is her name’s meaning.

41. Milah

The beloved one is the meaning of this name.

42. Wynona

Is she your first born? Well, you might as well give her this name.

43. Agatha

The meaning of this name is good.

44. Frida

Since this is a German name, it means peace.

45. Suazanah

This name of Egyptian origin means true beauty.

46. Suzy

Just like Suzannah, this name means beauty.

47. Britney

Are you British? This name says so.

48. Una

This name means the only one.

49. Sana

If this girl is brilliant, give her this name.

50. Sage

This name comes from a beautifully smelling plant.

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50 Sexy Female Names

Next up are some hot names for girls:

1. Basani

This is an African name meaning clear or white.

2. Liah

This name has numerous meanings in different cultures: mistress, lioness, and weary.

3. Katie

Short from Katherine and means pure.

4. Lola

No true meaning corresponds with this short name.

5. Katja

This means pure, but this name sure is too hot to be pure.

6. Jenna

Is she your heaven? Then this is a fitting name.

7. Gisela

If this girl is a pledge to the world, then this name fits her right.

8. Margot

The meaning of this name is pearl.

9. Kaylani

This girl is majestic.

10. Natasha

Natasha is born on Christmas since her name means: Birthday of the Lord.

11. Karla

This name can mean that she is a queen or that she is a free woman.

12. Zora

This name has Slavic origins, and it means dawn.

13. Carolina

This name has a beautiful meaning: The song of joy.

14. Ramona

This girl is wise and a protector at the same time.

15. Sativa

Sativa is a cultivated plant.

16. Paulina

If she is small, this name fits her perfectly.

17. Connie

If you want her to be steadfast in life, give her this name

18. Renee

This girl is born again.

19. Karter

This name has a mediocre meaning or person that transports.

20. Regina

This girl is an empress of the one who reigns.

21. Kira

If she has dark hair, this is the perfect name for her.

22. Samantha

This name means: “God has heard.”

23. Tira

Tira or Tyra is the God of battle.

24. Ursula

Her name means “bear.”

25. Rebecca

Rebecca is the one who ties.

26. Vanessa

This name carries the meaning of butterfly

27. Nadya

This name is of Slavic origin and means “hope.”

28. Tara

This name symbolizes the light of the soul.

29. Natalie

Natalia or Natalie means Christmas Day.

30. Zara

This name means morning or dawn.

31. Lexington

Want her to be an attorney? Then choose this name, which means the new law.

32. Joalene

A modern twist on Dolly Parton’s song, with the meaning of beauty.

33. Jaylene

If she is pretty, choose this name.

34. DJ

If you believe in truth, choose this name.

35. Jojo

Another modern name without meaning.

36. Melissa

This is a beautifully smelling plant.

37. Sandra

Is she your protector? If so, choose this name for her.

38. Anisa

This girl is a pleasant companion.

39. Tania

This girl is a fairy queen.

40. Anny

In Hebrew, this name means “prayer.”

41. Kortney

Just like Courtney, this name has a particular meaning of a person with a short nose.

42. Stoya

If she stands tall, this is her name.

43. Anis

This is an interesting tree

44. Sylvia

The one who lives under moon shine is this name’s meaning.

45. Kayden

This name’s meaning is “companion.”

46. Christoff

She holds Christ in her heart.

47. Leyna

This girl is a ray of sunshine.

48. Melody

This name’s meaning is self-explanatory.

49. Ania

A girl that has this name is gracious.

50. July

July, besides being a month, is named after Julius Caesar.

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50 Names Hot Sexy Girls Have

Italian, Spanish, or Mexican badass and beautiful girls have these names:

1. Jada

2. Anya

3. Jade

4. Cyntheriya

5. Monica

6. Mindi

7. Kelsi

8. Haley

9. Mint

10. Katya

11. Adra

12. Adrianne

13. Kesse

14. Luca

15. Liza

16. Tina

17. Spicy

18. Cathrine

19. Kelly

20. Avayah

21. Billi

22. Denisse

23. Persia

24. Jianna

25. Peter

26. Capri

27. Grace

28. Rosalia

29. Ellie

30. Denise

31. Nora

32. Zhuri

33. Hazel

34. Autumn

35. Aura

36. Zoe

37. Hanna

38. Haisley

39. Hannah

40. Sabina

41. Sabrina

42. Novah

43. Lilly

44. Murphy

45. Kucy

46. Scarlett

47. Lillian

48. Eleanor

49. Naomy

50. Madison

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50 Sexy Cute Girls’ Names

You might be a defender of men’s names, but you can’t say these sexy girl names for a little girl are not hot:

1. Claire

2. Layla

3. Ivy

4. Penelope

5. Madelyn

6. Ariya

7. Savannah

8. Chloe

9. Arianna

10. Alison

11. Audrey

12. Naveh

13. Emira

14. Natalie

15. Everly

16. Quinn

17. Leigh

18. Almy

19. Lydia

20. June

21. Kolla

22. Royal

23. Nika

24. Telina

25. Brie

26. Brienne

27. Adela

28. Adnah

29. Peyton

30. Vilma

31. Wilson

32. Aliani

33. Pyper

34. Cara

36. Eden

37. Carla

38. Eleanor

39. Zassa

40. Carmen

41. Elisa

42. Caroline

43. Eloise

44. Cecelia

45. Elora

46. Celeste

47. Yassa

48. Emily

49. Jazzy

50. Enya

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50 Sexy Women’s Names

And last but not least are a few sexy girl’s names for your baby girl:

1. Mia

2. Elizabeth

3. Lizzy

4. Nata

5. Taylor

6. Eli

7. Jesse

8. Jessica

9. Esse

10. Sara

11. Callie

12. Nikita

13. Callie

14. Carlisle

15. Abby

16. Camie

17. Cadence

18. Camille

19. Candace

20. Dolores

21. Devon

22. Devie

23. Emmy

24. Holly

25. Lacy

26. Jadina

27. Rubina

28. Rada

29. Ziry

30. Jenne

31. Juna

32. Kennie

33. Arian

34. Lex

35. Laura

36. Lucia

37. Marissa

38. Mary

39. Mila

40. Nady

41. Nadiah

42. Molly

43. Padme

44. Rege

45. Sarah

46. Selene

47. Selma

48. Tatiana

49. Shelby

50. Stacy

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51 Top Sexiest Names Guys Like

And last but not least are a few more hot girl names:

1. Arabella

2. Sary

3. Milana

4. Journee

5. Cleo

6. Harmony

7. Iyla

8. Blake

9. Illy

10. Alaina

11. Ria

12. Aspen

13. Illyria

14. Juliana

15. Cynthia

16. Finley

17. Ena

18. Presley

19. Hana

20. Zarah

21. Anidah

22. Leila

23. Enidah

24. Marley

25. Annie

26. Miriam

27. Andi

28. Alayna

29. Xena

30. Adelaide

31. Drew

32. Daniela

33. Bailee

34. Jane

35. Hunter

36. Mikaela

37. Rayne

38. Aliya

39. Anaista

40. Galilea

41. Layne

42. Harlee

43. Scout

44. Gene

45. Zaniyah

46. Jaylah

47. Amelie

48. Tat

49. Dulce

50. Savy

51. Lea

What Is The Most Attractive Female Name?

It is believed that the most sexy girl names are Brooke, Brianna, and Lexi. The most attractive female names are generally ones that are short, simple, and easy to pronounce.

This is because people tend to find names that they can easily pronounce more attractive than those they have difficulty pronouncing.

The most popular female names in the United States are Mary and Jennifer. But these names are not that attractive. A study by the University of Texas found that people with names that are considered more attractive are more likely to succeed in their careers.

The study found that when people with more attractive names applied for a job, they were more likely to be interviewed and offered a job than those with less attractive names.

The most attractive female name is not a simple answer. It is usually a matter of opinion and varies from person to person.

Some experts believe that the attractiveness of a name may depend on where it is from. For example, some cultures have traditionally found names like Maria or Rosa more attractive than those in other cultures.

The Ultimate List

Naming someone or yourself is not just about coming up with an attractive name but also about choosing one that will be memorable and easy to pronounce.

Another effect of a hot name is that it will increase the number of people who are searching for your product or service. This will lead to an increase in sales and revenue for your company.

This is why this ultimate list of the top sexy girl names is so important when renaming or naming yourself or someone else, so make sure to choose carefully.