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This Is Why She’ll Never Go Back To You

This Is Why She’ll Never Go Back To You

I know that you are convinced that this girl will always come running back to you, no matter what you do.

You are sure that she will always find the strength to forgive you for all of the pain you put her through and that she will always give you endless second chances.

You are convinced that there is nothing you could ever do to make her leave you for good.

Because even when she walks away from you, she does it just to get your attention. She does it just to prove a point and to make you see what you’ve lost.

After all, you always had a way of sliding back into this girl’s life. You were always able to sweet talk her into getting back together with you, no matter how badly you screwed up.

And why would this time be any different? Yes, she left you and she told you she couldn’t put up with your bullshit anymore.

But she left you and went back to you numerous times. And this time will surely be no exception.

For years, she’s been trying so hard to keep this relationship alive. She’s been chasing you and trying to keep you around, even when that was the last thing you deserved.

For years, she felt trapped in this endless circle of trying to move on from you and going back to you.

For years, she was trapped between loving and hating you, trapped between letting go and holding on.

But this time she’s done. This time is the last straw and the last nail in her emotional casket.

Even though you don’t believe me now, wait and you’ll see that this time will be different. And you know why?

Because now, for the first time ever, she isn’t going back to you. And there is nothing you can do about it.

This time, she has closed all the doors to her heart and changed the locks. This time, you’ve lost all the keys to her forgiveness.

She’ll never go back to you, simply because she’s had enough. Enough of your lies and manipulation.

Enough of you deceiving her that things will eventually be better and that one of these days, you’ll change. She isn’t coming back because she’s had enough of you.

She’ll never go back to you because she is done hoping that she can save you and that she can make your relationship better.

Because she finally accepted that you are the piece of trash you’ve always been.

She’ll never go back to you because you’ve hurt her one too many times and because she’s given you one too many chances.

Because she’s given you too much of herself without getting anything in return.

She isn’t going back to you because you are the one who caused her heart to bleed. Because you are the one who spiritually killed her and you can’t be the one to revive her.

And because now she has finally realized that you can never be the one to heal her. Because she realized that you only deepen her wounds, every time she lets you back in.

Because she decided it’s time she starts fighting for herself instead of being the only one struggling for this relationship.

She’ll never go back to you because she realized she is stronger than you and stronger than all the feelings she might have for you.

She isn’t coming back this time because she finally realized that you are the one who was never enough. Because she realized that you never deserved all the love or efforts she was giving you.

She’ll never go back to you because she finally saw her worth. Because she finally learned how to put herself first and how to love herself.

Now she knows that somewhere out there exists a man who will be worthy of her.

A man who will give her everything she deserves, needs and wants. A man who will cherish her love and give her his love back.

Now she knows that you never were and never will be this man. And she finally stopped looking for him in you.