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17 Signs Your Ex-Girlfriend Has Moved On (And How To Get Her Back)

17 Signs Your Ex-Girlfriend Has Moved On (And How To Get Her Back)

Yes, breakups are tough. But do you know what’s even more sorrowful?

The realization that the breakup was actually a terrible mistake. However, if your ex-partner insisted on it, there was nothing you could do about it.

So, I suppose the reason you’re here looking for signs your ex-girlfriend has moved on is that you still have feelings for her (or you suddenly realized the mistake of letting her go).

Is there something you could do about it now? Yes and no.

For starters, you can check out the signs your ex-girlfriend has moved on so that you can decide what to do next. Don’t worry, if you want to get your ex back, we’ll also cover that part below.

And no, you can’t force your ex to magically come back to you because we’re talking about a process, and the decision to reunite needs to be unanimous. So, let’s get started!

17 Signs Your Ex-Girlfriend Has Moved On

Some of the following signs are totally obvious, and some are more subtle. However, if the majority of the signs below resonate with you, then you know your ex-girlfriend has probably moved on with her life. You know your ex-girlfriend has moved on if:

1. The friend zone is real (a reference to “the struggle is real”)

If you’re still in contact and see each other occasionally, you have probably noticed that she friend-zoned you like a pro. Well, if she did, it means she no longer has romantic feelings for you.

Here’s one of the wisest things my best friend told me recently: Don’t stay friends with your ex if you still have feelings for them. Otherwise, you’ll be friend-zoned.”

If she no longer even tries to be funny or emotional with you (in any way possible), then it’s a sure sign she stopped caring about you in a romantic way.

2. She never initiates contact and takes a lifetime to text you back

Does your ex still text you? Have you noticed that her texting patterns have become a little bit more irregular or non-existent? Does she take a lot of time to text back or answer your phone calls?

If she never initiates contact or leaves you waiting for an eternity to text you back or call you, I’m sorry to tell you, but she has TOTALLY moved on.

We girls are really sentimental and thoughtful regarding text messages. If we don’t make an effort while texting (or if we don’t bother about texting you back), it means we don’t really care about you.

So, yes, this is one of the signs your ex-girlfriend has moved on.

I understand how painful this is for those who still have feelings for their ex. It’s hard when your ex is ignoring you, and you can’t stop thinking about her (well, below, you might find a solution to that problem).

3. She’s busy dating others

Do you know what’s worse than being unable to think about your ex? It’s when you can’t stop thinking about your ex with someone else. Period.

Do you think she started dating others and that she’s been on dating apps for some time now? If yes, then she’s definitely moved on from her previous relationship with you.

While you might still be convinced that she’s your soulmate, she no longer considers you as a potential partner, and that is why she’s started dating others.

However, this, too, can be changed if there is a slight hope that she might be interested in getting back together with you.

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4. Or she has a new boyfriend

While you’re in the middle of realizing that leaving her was a mistake, she’s in the middle of a new relationship. If this is true, then you know she no longer thinks about her ex-boyfriend – i.e., you.

If your ex still loves you, it would be natural for her to avoid entering a new relationship (or should I say a rebound relationship). If she doesn’t, finding a new partner will be easy for her because you’re no longer on her mind.

5. She refuses to hang out with you (whenever you ask her)

If you were the one who initiated the breakup, then refusing to hang out with you makes perfect sense. Well, there’s another reason she would refuse to hang out with you: the fact that she moved on.

Maybe she’s in a serious relationship with a new boyfriend (see the sign above), so spending time with you wouldn’t be reasonable.

Have you talked about staying friends after breaking up? If you haven’t, then you have no right to blame her when she refuses to hang out with you. Don’t force her. Just give it some time and see how things develop.

6. She upgraded her appearance and lifestyle

Is this a good sign? Not really.

When a woman upgrades her appearance and lifestyle, it’s a clear sign that she’s entering a new chapter of her life (without you).


I don’t know why we women do it, but it’s absolutely true. When we’re 100% ready to move on with our lives and leave the past behind, we start working on ourselves.

To be more exact, we start upgrading our appearance, mindset, finding new hobbies, and doing millions of other things that will improve our lives in general.

Why do we do it?

Because creating a new life and new ourselves (in a symbolic way) helps us heal faster and forget about the past. It’s like being reborn.

7. She no longer flirts with you (neither virtually nor in person)

Flirting is a part of her past life with you, and now it has all vanished into thin air. If you try to flirt with her via text, she will not reciprocate but instead, find a way to ignore your attempts at flirting.

If you try to flirt with her in person, she will give you a significant smile and wisely skip to another topic. Well, these are obvious signs she is no longer interested in playing flirty games with you because it no longer brings her joy.


Because she’s moved on. Obviously.

8. She told you that her feelings for you have faded

Do you think your ex is pretending to be over you? If your ex decides to tell you openly and honestly that her feelings for you have faded, know that this is a bad sign.

​Why? Because she’s letting you know that you’re no longer a part of her life, and you no longer have a place in her heart. Can it get any worse?

I don’t think so. But, hey, that’s life.

So, if she’s already told you that she’s no longer emotionally attached to you, there’s no need to overthink things. Consider it one of the signs your ex-girlfriend has moved on.

Accept the truth and move on (at least for now). Who knows what will happen in the future. Believe in one thing: If two people are meant to be together, they’ll find their way back to each other.

(I hope I’ve succeeded in consoling you.)

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9. Ignoring your social media posts has never been easier for her

When a woman has feelings for you, she will check your social media multiple times a day, even if you haven’t posted anything new in a while.

When a woman is not interested in you, ignoring your existence on social media will be easy for her. She won’t bother liking any of your posts, sending you Snapchats, or commenting on your posts.

Basically, she won’t be interested in what’s going on in your life. So, while ignoring your social media presence has never been easier for her, getting her off your mind has never been harder for you. Cruel, I know.

10. Her mutual friends confess that she no longer talks about you

If your ex-girlfriend still had feelings for you, she wouldn’t think twice before talking to your mutual friends about it. If your mutual friends tell you that she no longer mentions you AT ALL, consider this a sign that you’re no longer on her mind.

Seeing your ex move on at lighting speed is a painful experience, but there’s nothing you can do about it.

What you can do is surround yourself with loved ones, find new hobbies, drink with your buddies, and try not to overthink the breakup.

I know it’s easier said than done, but sometimes, there’s nothing else you can do about it but move on as well.

11. She told you to find someone new, aka “you deserve better”

Has she told you to find someone new? Oops, boy. If she did, know that she has zero feelings for you.

A woman would never say such a thing to someone she still has feelings for. That’s how you know that this is one of the signs your ex-girlfriend has moved on.

Does she also give you free dating tips that make you ask yourself: What does my ex-girlfriend want from me?

Well, she wants you to be happy with someone else. She’s trying to tell you that your love story has ended, and you shouldn’t hold yourself back from starting a new one (without her, of course).

12. She couldn’t care less if you’re dating again

While you dream about your ex every night, she couldn’t care less if you’re dating again. Sad, I know. “FUN FACT”: If she were still interested in you, she would ask you about your love life.

If she doesn’t ask you or your mutual friends about your love life, it means she couldn’t care less if you’re seeing someone new. You can test this by posting pictures with someone new, and I bet she won’t even blink.

Or you can test it by asking your mutual friend to tell her that you’re seeing someone. Why? Just to see her reaction. That’s how you’ll know for sure whether there is still hope (or not).

13. The excitement about seeing you no longer exists

Why hasn’t my ex tried to contact me? Simple. Because the excitement about seeing you, along with her feelings for you, have vanished into thin air.

Pay attention to how she reacts when you accidentally bump into each other. Is she genuinely happy to see you? Or could she be any more indifferent?

If the latter is the case, then you know she doesn’t even need to pretend that she’s over you because she TRULY is.

If you ask me, this is one of the best methods to test whether she still cares about you because our body language signs NEVER lie.

14. She no longer finds you special or intriguing

In an attempt to get your ex back, you might rely on the things she loved about you. For example, if you play guitar, you will probably post more videos of you playing guitar on social media.

Sadly, you will not receive any feedback from her. Why? Because she’s no longer impressed by this and other things about you. She no longer finds you as special or intriguing as she did before in your past relationship.

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15. She has returned all your stuff

We could say that returning our ex’s stuff is one of the stages of a breakup when we decide to move on for good. You know what they say: Far from eye, far from the heart.

The same applies to your ex, who decided to make the final move of returning all your stuff because these things no longer have meaning to her.

This could also be interpreted as one of the things your ex does to get over you. In that case, she still isn’t officially over you, but she’s definitely attempting to be.

How will you know what’s going on for sure?

Well, if the majority of these signs resonate with you, then you know the former is true. She returned your stuff because she’s moved on.

16. She no longer goes places you used to hang out

If you’re trying to reconnect with her, the first thing that probably comes to mind is the following: “If I keep visiting the same places we visited before, there’s a chance I might bump into her.”

Well, if you don’t, then you know she no longer goes to the places you used to hang out. Why? Because you’re no longer a part of her life, and she now has new places to visit.

Another reason she might avoid going to the same places as before is that she doesn’t want to stumble across you. Why? Because she’s not interested in seeing you.

17. She unfollowed or blocked you on social media

If your ex blocked you or unfollowed you, it’s clear she’s trying to minimize your presence in her life. Perhaps she even blocked your phone number.

When you’re totally sure that you don’t want someone in your life, you don’t care about unfollowing or blocking them.

If your ex hasn’t blocked you on every social media platform, you’re probably wondering: Should I block my ex? Well, if you feel like it, then you should. If you hope to reunite one day, then don’t.

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How To Get Your Ex-Girlfriend Back If She Has Moved On

Tough question, right? If you’ve just realized that your ex has definitely moved on with her life, and you want to get her back, consider going through the following steps:

1. First of all, apply the no contact rule

Yes, I know you want her back, and now you’re probably wondering: How in the world will the no contact rule help get her back?

Simple question, indeed. If you give her some space after a breakup, you can expect the following three things to happen:

• She’ll realize that you’re not desperate.

• You’ll give her enough space and time to miss you.

• You’ll have enough time to work on yourself and evaluate your past relationship.

Trust me, the no contact rule does wonders regardless of whether you want to get your ex back or move on.

2. Second of all, think about what caused the breakup

What was the main reason the two of you (or one of you) decided to break up? Was she complaining about your lack of effort?

Or your relationship fell into a rut, which is one of the main reasons couples decide to go their separate ways.

Think about all the possible reasons you broke up in the first place. After that, think about how you can improve things.

The key point here is that it’s not enough to win her heart again and then continue doing things the way you did before. This time, if you truly want to make your relationship work, you need to do things differently.

The same thing applies to her. If she’s not ready to cooperate, there’s no point in fighting for something that doesn’t exist.

3. Work on yourself

I can’t emphasize this enough. Instead of acting desperate and cursing the universe for all the painful feelings due to your broken heart, choose to work on yourself.

If not for yourself, then do it for her. If you want to get her back, you need to find a way to impress her. You need to let her know that you’re a changed man.

This could be anything. You could stop smoking, start exercising a few times a week, find a new hobby, or be more thoughtful regarding your diet.

Think about all the ways you could improve your current lifestyle and appearance. Also, you can seek relationship advice from certified relationship experts yo know for sure what needs to be improved.

4. Make or break part: Have an honest conversation with her

Here comes the toughest part of all. Having an honest conversation with your ex greatly depends on her willingness to talk to you, right?

If your attempts to approach her fail, then your mission won’t be successful (at least, for the time being).

There are a few ways you can contact your ex:

• Send her a text: “Hi [ex’s name], I’ve been doing some thinking, and I really regret how things ended between us. I understand if you’re not up to it, but I would really love to see you.”

• Call her.

• Ask a mutual friend or her friend to tell her that you want to have a conversation with her.

• If you accidentally bump into her, use this opportunity to ask her for a drink (and then talk to her).

• Send her a heartwarming letter where you explain in detail how you’re feeling about your breakup. Also, don’t forget to emphasize that you would like to see her if she wants to, of course.

When it comes to contacting your ex, just keep in mind not to be intrusive or desperate. If she doesn’t text you back or answer your call, be patient. Perhaps she just needs more time alone before she’s ready to talk to you.

If you need some reassurance, then check the following: 20 Definite Signs Your Ex Will Eventually Come Back.

If all else fails, then opt for this method: How To Stop Loving Someone Who Doesn’t Love You Back: 10 Ways.

Final Thoughts

Wondering how to know if your ex will ever come back? Well, you cannot know for sure, but if you’re meant to be, there’s nothing you should worry about.

I hope the above signs your ex-girlfriend has moved on served as a reality check and that you know where you stand. Getting your ex back is an art in itself, and you’ll need lots of patience and understanding.

Remember that there are some things you cannot control, and it’s her decision whether she wants to get back together with you or not. So, focus on the things you can control: yourself.

The more you work on yourself, the more you’ll grow as a person and attract positive things. To change means to grow.

Wake up from the current state you’re in and realize that getting your ex back depends solely on you (and the universe).