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25 Top Signs From The Universe That Someone Is Thinking Of You

25 Top Signs From The Universe That Someone Is Thinking Of You

Here is the truth: some bonds last a lifetime. You may be physically apart from your soulmate, but you’ll still feel their presence all around you.

You know very well that you two are meant to be. And the best part is that, deep down, you know they feel the same way.

To be exact, you’ll be receiving signs from the Universe that someone is thinking of you. If you’ve ever experienced something like that, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Can you sense when someone is thinking about you?

Yes, your higher self can definitely feel that someone is thinking of you. Trust me – you’re not crazy, and you’re not imagining things. You’re just picking up on their energy directed to you.

There is a spiritual dimension of this world that cannot be seen or touched. But it doesn’t make it any less real – those who engage in soul work know this is true.

So, if your gut is telling you that someone is manifesting you, that you’re present in someone’s mind, it’s because you are.

25 Signs From The Universe That Someone Is Thinking Of You

How do you know if you’re occupying someone’s thoughts? How do you know if they’re manifesting you? Well, here are the most obvious psychic signs you occupy someone’s thoughts.

1. Your dreams are valid – have trust in them

The first sign from the Universe that someone is thinking of you is your dreams. No, they’re not just a product of your imagination or subconscious mind – they’re hidden messages the Universe is trying to send you.

You know how they say, “If you can’t fall asleep, you’re probably awake in someone else’s dream”?

Well, your loved one is wide awake and can’t get you out of their head. This is especially true if you’re not thinking about that person too much during the day, but somehow, you’re unable to kick them out of your dreams.

Pro tip: if you keep forgetting your dreams, make a dream journal. Write everything down as soon as you wake up, and you’ll see if you have recurring dreams about one person. Or just get yourself a dream catcher!

2. Angel numbers are all around you

Numerology says that angel numbers are recurring sequences of numbers. The same numbers are everywhere around you: when you look at the clock, when you get someone’s phone number, or a receipt.

Do you keep on seeing angel numbers 111, 222, 333, 444, 555, and others? Let me tell you a little secret: these aren’t just random numbers – they actually have a spiritual meaning. Keep in mind that the type of thoughts depends on the angel number you’re seeing!

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3. You sense their presence

How weird is it to be physically apart from someone but strangely sense their presence, despite that? If this has ever happened to you, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Maybe you haven’t seen this person in ages. You haven’t heard their name, and you have no idea what they’ve been up to.

And then, all of a sudden, you feel them near you, and it’s like you feel their non-physical touch.

Or you get excited as if you’re about to run into them, even though that’s impossible since you’re miles away from one another.

Well, if that isn’t one of the signs of the Universe that someone is thinking of you, I don’t know what is. You don’t actually feel their presence – you feel the presence of their energy.

Their thoughts of you are so strong and powerful that they’re drawing you to them.

4. You experience random hiccups

I’m sure you had no idea that random hiccups can be one of the signs from the Universe that someone is thinking of you. Many think that this is just a superstition, but it’s actually quite true.

And you know what the best part is? It’s that you can figure out whose thoughts you’ve been haunting.

According to some beliefs, it’s enough just to say the name of the person who is thinking about you out loud. You can give it as many tries as you want – the moment you guess the name, the hiccups will stop.

5. Your eye twitches randomly

If you’ve experienced random right eye or left eye spasms, the Universe is trying to send you a message: you’re being missed. Of course, these eye twitches can also be a sign of something else, such as stress or excessive caffeine and alcohol consumption.

Nevertheless, if neither of these applies to you, plus you experience some of the other signs someone is thinking about you – it’s clear.

6. You keep on smiling for no reason

Keeping a positive outlook on life is amazing. But randomly smiling out of the blue, even if there is nothing that could make you smile, has a deeper meaning.

You’re so strongly connected to this special someone that you’re picking up on their energy, no matter how far away they are from you. They’re, without a doubt, thinking about you, and you’re subconsciously happy because of that.

Or they’re just in a good mood, and you can’t help but feel it.

7. An intense desire to have them near hits you out of the blue

Have you ever been in a situation where you’re positive that you’ve forgotten about that special someone? You’re sure that they’re out of your mind and heart for good.

You no longer talk about them, and you almost never remember them. After so much time, you’ve managed to get over this person.

But then, out of nowhere, they strike you like lightning. Before you know it, you start obsessing over them as if no time has passed.

And you know what the strangest thing is? You didn’t see them, nobody mentioned them, and nothing reminded you of them.

They just reappeared in your thoughts, and you can’t get them out of there. Well, you’re experiencing this because they’ve remembered you.

8. Emotional changes and mood swings

You’re usually not a moody person. At least, you haven’t been. But all of that changes when you’re so powerfully bonded with another human being.

Whether you like it or not, you start to feel exactly what they’re feeling. You don’t have to be an empath by nature for this to happen.

If they’re sad, you feel their pain. If they’re happy, you become joyful as well.

So no, you’re not crazy because your mood suddenly changes for no particular reason: it’s just one of the signs from the Universe that someone is thinking of you.

9. Everything reminds you of them

Wherever you look, there is something that reminds you of this person. You were certain you got rid of all of their stuff months ago, but out of nowhere, their old T-shirt pops up in your closet.

You hear a song that you know they liked, you turn on the TV, and the show you two used to watch together is on. The examples are endless, but I’m sure you get where I’m going.

Even if you don’t want to think about them, you just can’t help it – they’re everywhere around you. Well, this is no coincidence.

After all, we’re not talking about one thing only here. We’re talking about multiple reminders – all connected to one person.

This is a message from the Universe that they can’t get you out of their head. Not only that: they want you to think about them too.

10. You run into people who look like them

It doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re emotionally and spiritually apart from someone just because you two are not physically close. In that case, it’s almost impossible to accidentally meet since you’re miles away.

But your souls are not. That’s why you keep on running into people who look like this specific person.

They appear in front of you for a reason. The Universe sends them as a reminder of someone you’ve been trying to forget.

Why? Well, because this person is thinking about you somewhere far away.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to encounter someone who actually looks like your loved one. It can be something about this person that reminds you of them – the way they emphasize a certain word, the way they smile, or the way they walk.

11. Everyone starts mentioning them

One of the signs from the Universe that someone is thinking about you is that all of a sudden, those close to you start mentioning this person.

Let’s say this is your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend. You two broke up a while ago, and everyone knows you’re over them.

But then, out of the blue, people start asking questions. It’s like you’re not the only one who remembers them – others do too.

Maybe you start running into mutual friends or their family members. Either way, I’m not talking about one person casually mentioning their name.

12. You run into them unexpectedly

Is accidentally meeting someone from the past a sign from the Universe or pure coincidence? Well, let’s put things this way so you can get the answer by yourself.

Have you ever mentioned a certain person even though they haven’t been a part of your life for some time? Suddenly, they crossed your mind, and you thought of them.

A few hours after that, you run into them. But keep in mind that this is someone you don’t normally bump into.

What do you think went on here? Well, isn’t it clear: your thoughts attracted this exact person to you.

It doesn’t mean that you had the intention of doing so. But the fact is that the spiritual energy you were sending them was so strong that you saw them in person.

That’s exactly what happens when you see someone who’s been thinking about you, just the other way around. Their thoughts drew you to them.

13. You’re involved in their life

As much as you try, you can’t move further away from this person. You two parted ways, but something keeps bringing you back to each other.

No, I’m not talking about one of you contacting the other. I’m referring to all the “coincidences” that keep you in the same place at the same time.

You get a new job. Guess who’s your coworker. Or you’re going on a blind date with a friend of a friend. That’s right – it’s them.

This doesn’t happen by accident. The truth is that this person refuses to let you go. Maybe they’re doing it involuntarily or even deliberately, but the fact is that their energy is keeping you around.

14. Consecutive sneezes

Here is another physical sign someone is thinking about you: uncontrollable sneezing. It’s one thing if you have an allergic reaction or are around pepper – this sneezing comes out of nowhere.

According to some stories, if you sneeze three times in a row, someone is sending you positive thoughts and positive vibes. They have loving and kind thoughts regarding you.

Nevertheless, if you sneeze more than three times in a row, someone misses you. Not only that: this is someone who is physically attracted to you. They’re probably thinking about kissing you or sleeping with you.

In Asian culture, it’s enough if your nose itches – you don’t even have to actually sneeze.

15. A burning sensation on your cheeks or ears

You know that burning sensation you get after you’ve been slapped? Well, if it appears on your cheeks or ears out of nowhere, it’s a telepathic sign that you’re present in someone’s thoughts.

But this one is different from sneezing or hiccups. If this burning sensation on your cheeks or ears doesn’t seem to go away, this person doesn’t wish you well, and they’re sending you negative thoughts.

They’re probably badmouthing you. So, think twice and figure out who might be talking trash about you behind your back. That’s the person who’s hitting you with their words and bad thoughts – therefore, the burning sensation.

16. White feather or butterfly

Angels might be the first thing that goes through your mind when you see a white feather. Well, there’s a reason for that.

They do carry strong symbolism. So, the next time a white feather floats past you or lands on your coat – your loved one from heaven is looking after you and wants you to know that.

The same goes for butterflies. If a butterfly lands on your hand or appears near you, it comes with a message.

They can’t verbalize it, but they’re definitely there to remind you of someone. Pay close attention to the person you think of when you see this beautiful butterfly – that’s exactly who’s thinking of you.

17. Goosebumps hit you out of nowhere

It’s one thing if you get goosebumps when you remember someone from your past. In that case, your emotions are causing a physical reaction.

But what if these goosebumps hit you out of nowhere? You’re not thinking about your ex-girlfriend or boyfriend, and you haven’t remembered anything important.

Nevertheless, you can’t get rid of this sensation. Well, that’s the power of thoughts right there.

But in this case, I’m not talking about your own thoughts. I’m talking about how you’re so vivid in someone else’s mind that their energy causes a physical sensation in your body.

How wild is that?

18. Shivering and chills soon come along

But these inexplicable sensations don’t stop here. Goosebumps are followed by shivering and chills.

You can be on the beach at noon, but suddenly, you’ll feel like you’re freezing. Once again, it’s your body’s physical reaction to someone else’s thoughts and energy.

19. Coincidences and synchronicities

These usually happen when you’re both thinking about each other at the exact same time. For example, you can’t sleep because you can’t get someone out of your head.

You’re rolling around in bed, and you grab your phone to check the time. You don’t know why, but you remember it.

In the morning, after you wake up, you check this person’s messenger or WhatsApp status. Guess what: they were last seen online at the exact time you checked your phone.

It looks like they’ve been thinking about you as well.

Or you’re literally looking for someone’s social media chat window, wondering if you should say “hi.” What happens? You see them typing or liking your old post. It’s obvious that you’ve been picking up on each other’s energetic thoughts.

20. You ask for a sign, and you get it

You might be getting all of these powerful signs from the Universe that someone is thinking of you, but you’re still not sure – are they really signs or one coincidence after another?

Do you want this person to think about you so badly that you end up imagining things?

The best way to resolve this dilemma is to ask the Universe for a sign. Just say it out loud. It’s even better if you’re specific about the sign you crave, but make sure it’s something possible.

For example, if you hear the person’s name in the next 24 hours, they’re thinking about you. Or turn on the radio – if there is a song playing that reminds you of them, you’re in their thoughts.

You can also ask your friends to give you a 3-digit number. Add the digits and find the corresponding letter in the alphabet. The person whose name starts with that letter is thinking about you.

21. Their voice

How many times has it happened that you hear someone’s voice? You’re perfectly aware that they’re not around, but you could swear that you heard them calling your name or whispering something to you.

Good news: you’re not crazy, and you’re not hallucinating. Somewhere, this person is probably addressing you.

Maybe they’re thinking about contacting you or talking about you with someone. Or maybe they’re just thinking of you. Either way, you’re on their mind.

22. Your gut feeling tells you

Sometimes, you just know that you still exist in someone’s heart. Maybe you haven’t talked to each other in ages and have nothing in common anymore.

Even your closest friends and family members keep on telling you that you’re imagining things. You have no contact whatsoever with this person, and nothing indicates that they still love you or that your spiritual connection is alive.

Nevertheless, your bond has always been so strong that you know it’s unbreakable, no matter the time and the distance. Despite your physical distance, you feel their presence all the time.

You just know that they’re still thinking about you, the same way you’re thinking about them. It’s not love anymore – it’s some kind of unexplainable deep connection that will never disappear.

Well, let me tell you one thing: don’t listen to whatever people are saying. Your gut is telling you the truth, so don’t lose faith in it.

23. Your shoelaces

Okay, here is one of the weirdest signs from the Universe that someone is thinking of you. And it’s connected to your shoelaces that keep on untying.

You know you tied them firmly when you left the house. But somehow, during the day, they’ve untied multiple times.

Are you that clumsy? No, you’re not. Someone is sending you energy so strong that it’s capable of untying your shoelaces.

24. Their scent

It’s the same as with their voice. You’re in a crowded room (or even home alone), and out of the blue, you sense this person’s scent.

No, I’m not talking about their cologne or perfume only – even though this can be a strong sign as well. I’m talking about the individual scent every person and house has. Yours is the only one you can’t identify.

So, how is that possible? This person is nowhere near you, but somehow, their scent invades your nostrils. Well, the only explanation is that you’re picking up on their energy.

25. You can’t stop thinking about them

Is it true that if you can’t stop thinking about someone, they are thinking about you? Yes, it most definitely is.

No, you’re not obsessed with them for no apparent reason. The Universe wouldn’t let you waste your energy like that if there weren’t any feedback from the other party – it’s the foundation of the law of attraction.

To Wrap Up:

At the end of the day, none of these signs from the Universe that someone is thinking of you won’t make any sense if you don’t believe in them. On the other hand, if you do keep your faith alive and go through a spiritual awakening, the hints will become stronger and stronger.

It’s up to you – do coincidences exist, or is it all spiritual energy?