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25 Clear Signs Someone Is Manifesting You And What It Means

25 Clear Signs Someone Is Manifesting You And What It Means

We all have certain wishes. You’ve probably manifested finding a new job, rebuilding relationships with old friends, or finding a soulmate.

But, have you ever stopped to think: “Someone might also be manifesting ME!”

Yes, they indeed might be.

But, how can you be aware of it? What are the signs someone is manifesting you? How do you know it’s the law of attraction and not just coincidence?

Well, I guess you’ll have to read on to find out!

How To Know If Someone Is Manifesting You

It’s very simple – just pay attention to their behavior.

If you notice a sudden yet intense change, then they’re probably practicing positive affirmations because they want their manifestation to work.

On the other hand, if it’s someone you don’t know at all, they will probably appear in front of you in many different ways.

Their strong feelings will find their way to you, and you will just KNOW.

What on earth am I talking about, right? Well, you’re about to see.

25 Signs Someone Is Manifesting You

If you want to know if someone is manifesting you but aren’t sure where to start, take a look at these 25 telltale signs:

1. You see them when they’re not there

Have you ever been so convinced that you saw a specific person, but it turned out to be somebody else? You probably even waved at them only to embarrass yourself in the end.

Maybe you even heard their voice in the midst of many other voices.

When we have these sensations, the person is rarely there, are they?

But the interesting thing is that they ARE there…in a way. They are just manifesting you.

2. They suddenly appear in your thoughts

You rarely think of this person. You don’t even talk to them. But, all of a sudden, something hits you, and they suddenly come to mind.

You can’t even explain it. Since you’re not connected in any significant way, it makes no sense.

Yet this is an obvious sign of a manifestation method at hand.

They are thinking of you and inviting the Universe to help them manifest you. And, the Universe has indeed offered its help.

3. It’s not all about you

Just because someone is manifesting you doesn’t mean your life will change in any way. Sometimes, it’s not about you at all but about what you represent to the other person.

Yes, maybe you changed the life of that old lady you helped cross the street or that guy you had a brief but intimate conversation with at the train station.

Some encounters can be really brief but life-changing. Maybe a conversation with you is just what they needed at that moment.

Isn’t it amazing? How many lives do you think you’ve affected deeply without even realizing it?

4. You’re ready for change

Have you ever felt a strong desire to change your life all of a sudden? Have you felt so ready for something new without knowing what it was exactly?

Yes, that is one of the signs someone is manifesting you.

You want something different because that ‘something’ will lead you to them.

And I’m sure that, once you finish your soul’s journey, your mystery person will suddenly appear because you will finally be ready to meet them.

5. Their energy isn’t the same

If you notice a change in energy in someone you hang out with often, they could be manifesting you. Manifestation is all about energy, after all.

This person is filled with positive energy because they know that’s the only right way to manifest someone. They just radiate love and happiness.

This is especially noticeable if they’re usually a negative person.

They are trying to accomplish their manifestation journey successfully without their negative energy ruining it like it always does.

6. You see them way too often

Do you keep bumping into someone wherever you go? And the strangest thing is… YOU RARELY SAW THEM BEFORE!

It’s so obvious that you can’t help noticing it and thinking about it. And that’s exactly what that person wants. It’s a sign from the Universe that they’re trying to manifest you.

Their goal is to be aligned with you, and this is just a start.

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7. You want to reach out to them

One of the signs someone is manifesting you is when you suddenly feel the urge to call or text them. This is especially weird if you were never that close.

You don’t know where this wish to be in contact with them came from. It just pops up all of a sudden.

Well, no. It’s not a coincidence.

They are thinking about you so often that it reaches you. They don’t even have to say anything.

8. They start acting differently

Do you have a friend who suddenly started being all romantic? Do they give you more compliments than usual?

Well, they could just be manifesting love. They are aware that visualization isn’t enough. That’s why they’ll try to change.

The Universe helps them only if they believe it can happen.

So, they act differently towards you because they know it’s the only way to fulfill their wish – by opening their heart and trusting the Universe.

9. You’re having visions now

Yes, you read that right. But you can only have visions when you’re in a state of peace like you are during meditation or in your dreams.

Have you ever seen a person you couldn’t recognize in those moments?

If you have, that’s one of the signs someone is manifesting you.

They are trying to reach out to you when you’re not being bothered by your conscious mind. And look! It’s working!

10. You start seeing angel numbers

This one’s tougher to notice because you have to connect someone with the angel number you keep seeing.

For instance, if you see the 2442 angel number, the combination 24 could represent the day you saw them the last time or their birthday.

If that person is really manifesting you, you’ll make the connection eventually.

Search for additional information on numerology, too, so the Universe can guide you towards the right path.

11. You feel a connection

Have you ever felt connected to someone you barely know?

It’s not just a sign of chemistry or the wish to get to know them better. You’re being drawn to them. You can feel that your energy matches theirs perfectly.

And once you start talking, you feel as if you’ve known them forever.

You’re not just comfortable in their presence. I’m talking about a deep spiritual connection. It’s the weirdest thing ever.

But yes, that’s one of the signs someone is manifesting you.

12. You suddenly feel cheerful

Every little thing could be a reason for happiness. This is why you first need to determine if anything has happened that has affected your mood.

If nothing has happened, it might be one of the signs someone is manifesting you.

You are being affected by their mood. This is especially likely if you’re an empath. Their happiness becomes yours without you even realizing it.

13. You’re having a hard time

I know it’s not easy to see the good stuff and have unwavering faith when you’re hurting. But just keep in mind that something extraordinary might come out of it.

Maybe you need your struggles because they’ll lead you to the one who is manifesting you. Your growth will allow you to get closer to them.

Sometimes, we’re not ready for a relationship until we deal with ourselves first.

Everything has a purpose, even the bad times. You just need to believe in destiny and its plans.

14. Different symbols pop up

Do you keep seeing symbols of love such as lavender or doves?

You probably don’t even see them as symbols. But don’t you find it weird that you’re seeing them NOW of all times?

That’s a good sign that love is about to enter your life, and the Universe is sending you a message.

15. They appear in your dreams

It’s normal for someone you see every day to appear in your dreams, but why would someone you hardly know appear in them? Or even more strange, someone you don’t know at all?

People say that you can’t dream of someone you’ve never met, but that’s not so true. Someone may be manifesting love, and they’ve reached out to you in your dream.

Are you really going to treat it as ‘just a coincidence’?

16. You want to end a relationship

I know. Ending things with your partner probably never seemed like one of the signs of manifestation. But it is. Think about it.

You’re having a hard time now only to find your soulmate later on. If you stay in an unhappy relationship, you never will.

Listen to your gut feeling. If it is telling you that you need to move on, that’s because the Universe has something better in store for you.

17. You’re suddenly fascinated by them

They always seemed so ordinary, so unimportant. And all of a sudden, you see them in a whole different light.

They didn’t even do anything to change your mind. Something inside you is just pulling you towards them. Everything they do is somehow miraculous.

If you enjoy someone this much for no apparent reason, there could be a manifestation technique behind it.

18. It all happened quickly

If you feel connected to someone often within a short period of time, that’s the number one sign that they’re manifesting you.

Changes ARE normal. Life moves from one thing to the next very quickly. But this is different.

This person keeps coming into your daily life more and more. They’re somehow always there.

Yesterday they were nothing to you, and today you feel like they’re ‘the one.’

Do you really think that’s just pure chance?

19. It feels like you’ve already met them

When you meet this person, you don’t feel like it’s the first time. It’s like déjà vu but not quite.

Maybe it’s their face that you find familiar or the way they smell. It doesn’t have to be about appearance at all.

Maybe it’s their vibe that you recognize from somewhere. Yes, that vibe represents their energy that was reaching out to you all along.

You feel like you know them because, in a way, you do. It may technically be love at first sight, but they’ve actually already connected with you through their thoughts.

20. You sense the arrival of someone new

Yes, sometimes you can just feel your life is about to change. You can feel you’re going to meet someone who will have a huge impact on you.

It isn’t necessarily a twin flame. It could also be a karmic soulmate who teaches you new life lessons or even a friend like you’ve never had before.

Either way, your body and mind are telling you that this person is about to show up. You are ready for them…. as they are for you.

21. You start wishing for a spiritual awakening

If you’ve never been a spiritual kind of person, that’s an even bigger sign. You want to understand your unconscious mind in order to improve your lifestyle.

But why the sudden urge for a spiritual awakening? Well, that’s because your spiritual balance is crucial for the success of the manifestation process.

The person who’s manifesting you is actually manifesting the version you’re about to become.

Indeed, all positive things depend on self-progress. That’s why you need to protect your energy.

22. Others play a part they’re unaware of

Have you ever stopped to think about how you met someone? What things did you have to go through in order for that to happen?

Nothing happens all of a sudden. There are so many steps you have to take and so many people who play a role.

That’s why it’s important to accept new opportunities.

Maybe someone who is seemingly unimportant will lead you to someone else who’s going to change your life as you know it.

23. Others talk about them more than usual

You hear nothing about this person for years. Then out of the blue, your friend tells you they saw them yesterday.

After that, they pop up on your social media accounts (this only counts if you haven’t been stalking them!).

And even though all this seems normal, you experience synchronicity. In other words, you get a strange feeling that it all means much more…

That’s because it does. That person is probably manifesting you.

Don’t be surprised if destiny brings you together very soon.

24. Someone helps you out

Did a guy help you find a book in the library, and now you’re chatting? Did a woman return your wallet after you lost it, and now you’re buying her dinner?

All of this seems like a good Hollywood rom-com plot, but it’s actually just a sign that that person was manifesting you.

Maybe they didn’t specifically manifest YOU, but your energy is just what they needed in their life, and the Universe helped them get it.

25. The Universe confirms it

If you’re skeptical even after hearing all this, and you probably are if you’re a beginner, you can still check with the Universe itself.


Well, you can try something like this:

”If I am being manifested, would you please give me a sign by tomorrow?”

Then, pay close attention because literally anything could be a sign. But either way, you WILL get your answer. Just try it.

What Does It Mean When Someone Is Manifesting You?

It means you are what they need in life right now.

Maybe they feel disappointed by their past relationships and want someone as loyal as you to mend their broken heart. So, they pray to the Universe and patiently wait until it grants them their wish.

Or maybe they want to discover their higher purpose, and you are an essential part of their spiritual awakening.

Either way, you are crucial to them, whether it’s in the long run or just temporarily.

The Universe works in mysterious ways

The funny thing is, not even they are necessarily aware that it was you they were manifesting.

Sometimes, we realize the influence of certain people years after they are gone. But now you know the secrets of the Universe.

Everything happens for a reason. Every event in our lives is perfectly intertwined with other events. They all affect each other and determine our future.

What is your future going to be like? Will your limiting beliefs stop you from accomplishing your goals?

Or will you let it go and take control of your own life?


I hope the concept of manifestation is clearer to you now. I also hope you’ve memorized all the possible signs someone is manifesting you so you can recognize them.

Remember that people don’t only manifest someone specific. They are just looking for something, and the Universe thinks that you’re the one that has it.

So, it directs them to you, and you improve each other’s lives.

It’s a beautiful thing, really, to know that you can influence someone so much, even if you don’t stay in their life forever.