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I Swear This Was The Last Time You Made Me Cry

I Swear This Was The Last Time You Made Me Cry

Don’t try to look for me because the girl you used to know doesn’t exist anymore.

She died that night when you made her cry by telling her the worst things that can come out of someone’s mouth.

With every word of yours, you killed the hope that I would get the love I deserved.

You did so many bad things to me and you didn’t even feel remorse about that.

And I was the one trying to figure out what I did wrong because every time something bad would happen, you would tell me that I was guilty of it.

And I, blind in love, believed everything that was coming out of your mouth. I spent so many sleepless nights crying because you made me feel bad.

Every time I wanted to be happy, you would come to cut off my wings.

woman looking at the sky

With you, I never knew what it felt like to be high in the sky. With you, I was always down and I was just getting the crumbs from your table.

And you know what the worst part was? That you thought that you were doing the right thing.

You said that I needed to earn your love, so you only gave me as much as you wanted to give.

But in fact, that was never enough for me. I wanted so much more than an ordinary love but you couldn’t give me that. You were only good at making me feel like shit.

You were good at making me cry in front of our friends, humiliating me and belittling me. So, today I realized it was enough. I swear today was the last time you made me cry.

I don’t want to cry over a man who doesn’t deserve me at all. I refuse to be sad about someone who was never sad about me.

And most of all, I don’t want to look desperate in front of the people who love me. I know that by doing so, I will break their hearts because they care about me.

woman standing on the waterfront

And I can’t find the right words to explain to them what you did to me and why I was crying. So, this time I quit.

No more tears for the man who treated me like shit. No more sympathy for the one who can’t respect a woman.

And no more love for the one who can’t give me the same amount of love I gave him.

So, if you ever try to look for a girl who once loved you, stop doing that because she is dead. She has no more tears for you because they are all dry now.

A woman who loved you once is in a better place now. She is with someone who knows how to treat the right woman.

Even if you thought that she wasn’t worthy of love, someone much better than you gave her all that she has been dreaming of.

And what is the most important thing is that a man like that will never make her cry like you did.

woman looking at the sunset

He will always put her first because that is what people in love do for their loved ones. I know that you will seek her in all other women but you won’t find her.

She will never look at you with her beautiful eyes and she will never smile at you in the way only she knows.

You won’t be able to touch her or wake up next to her ever again. She will never say that she loves you again and she won’t be there when life gives you another slap in the face.

You had your chance with her and you blew it, so don’t blame her for all those bad things that are happening to you now. The truth is that you are guilty of everything.

You messed up, you beat her to an emotional death and you broke her heart.

The least you can do for her is to let her find love in another place because your heart was definitely the wrong place for hers to live.

If you really think that you love her, let her be happy with another man. Let her feel that kind of love people write books about.

Let her be with someone who won’t make her cry!

I Swear This Was The Last Time You Made Me Cry