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7 Things You Should Say To Yourself After A Toxic Break-Up

7 Things You Should Say To Yourself After A Toxic Break-Up

When you’re going through a difficult period in your life, your closest ones are there to give you some words of comfort. All of them advise you on how you should feel and act in the given circumstances.

A painful break-up is one of these situations. Whomever you turn to gives you words of encouragement and tries to help you get back on your feet.

Well, even though all of these people mean well, everything they tell you is pointless until you really start believing in a better tomorrow.

That’s why telling yourself certain sentences every day in front of the mirror is more effective. 

You don’t even have to believe in these statements in the beginning but they will get to you sooner or later and you’ll realize this is the only truth. 

I’m beautiful, smart and good enough

blonde woman in gray jacket sitting outdoor

Whatever this man tried hard to make me believe, I will not fall into his trap. He will not manipulate me into not loving myself.

Even though he spent years trying to diminish me, I won’t allow him to do so. 

I’m perfectly aware of my own self-worth. I know that I’m a high-value woman who has a lot to offer. 

I’m pretty. I’m intelligent. I’m interesting. I’m good enough and nobody can take that realization away from me. 

Whoever can’t treat me right doesn’t deserve to be a part of my life

woman with curly hair touching her neck outdoor

My heart is kind and I will open-handedly welcome anyone with good intentions into my life. However, whoever doesn’t treat me right can’t have my presence. 

It doesn’t matter whether I still love this man or if I want to believe that he loves me as well. He never gave me a place on his list of priorities. 

He never respected me, nor did he appreciate my sacrifices. Instead, he acted like I was a doormat. 

He used me and led me on. He broke my heart and that is not how you treat someone who gave you everything they had. 

I’m meant to be loved

blonde woman in black top looking at water

Just because this one man didn’t give me the love I needed, it doesn’t mean that I’m not meant to be loved. It doesn’t mean that one day, someone will see something beautiful in me. 

There are a lot of things many people might find appealing in me. Others would be enchanted by a lot of my characteristics.

So, contrary to what my toxic ex told me, one day, a man will love me. It doesn’t have to be him but I sure as hell do deserve someone’s love. 

Not all men are the same

blonde woman in white shirt standing in the field

Not every guy I meet out there will take advantage of my good heart. Not all of them will be unfaithful, nor will they be players.

Not every man’s intention is to get me to fall in love with him just so he could end up breaking my heart.

Not all of them will be assholes who pretend to be emotionally unavailable just to make me fall for them even harder. 

Just because I had one lousy experience, it doesn’t automatically mean that all men are the same. My ex was just one of the frogs I had to kiss before finding my Prince Charming.

I’m not to blame for being a victim

woman with brown eyes touching her hat

I’m not stupid or clueless for allowing a guy like this to win over my heart. It’s not my fault that I was so naive to believe his endless lies or empty promises.

I’m a victim of this man’s emotional abuse and manipulations and the victim is never to blame.

Yes, I made some wrong choices. However, that doesn’t make me responsible for everything that happened.

So, I forgive myself. I forgive myself for not knowing better but I certainly don’t put all the blame on me. 

I’m stronger than everyone might think

woman with pink lipstick standing near wall

Even though I might appear like a vulnerable little girl, I’m actually a beast. I’m powerful and I have tons of inner strength even I’m not aware of. 

I will make it through this. I have the capacity to get over this awful man and everything he did to me.

I’ll be honest; this guy broke my heart. However, he can never break me because I’m unbreakable and made of steel. 

Time will heal my wounds

woman with hat standing in forest

Time heals everything and it will heal my wounds as well. Yes, there will probably remain scars but they will only serve me as a reminder for all the tough lessons I had to learn.

I will rise like a phoenix from the ashes and one of these days, I will forget all about my toxic relationship.

In fact, it will only be a distant memory from my past. I will recover and I will be better than ever. Sadly for him, he didn’t succeed in destroying me.