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What Do Guys Like To Hear? 35 POWERFUL Compliments

What Do Guys Like To Hear? 35 POWERFUL Compliments

What do guys like to hear? Do they enjoy the same things women do, or are men inherently different after all?

That’s what we’re here to decipher. People in general love certain things a certain way. It’s unlikely you’ll meet two different women who’ll appreciate specific things in the same way.

When it comes to men, it can be challenging to find a powerful compliment that they’ll appreciate on a deeper level.

Lucky for you, I’ve tested a whole bunch, and I’m going to share my findings with you.

If you’ve found true love and are in a healthy, romantic relationship but still can’t figure out how to make your man blush, I’ve uncovered the best ways to hit the mark.

The best thing about this? It’ll strengthen your bond (at least a little bit) and make your man feel as desired as he (probably) makes you feel all the time. Isn’t that cool?

Contrary to popular belief, guys like to hear they look great too (among many, many other things).

Whispering sweet nothings in his ear is a great way to increase his self esteem and make his daily life so much better.

I’m sure you’re already doing a good job at being an awesome girlfriend. But little things like occasional compliments will make the best times that much better and the bad days much more bearable.

After all, a relationship is a two-way street. If he does the little things so well, it’s time you kick it up a notch!
Without further ado, here’s what every guy LOVES to hear but will (probably) never tell you.

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What Do Guys Like To Hear? These Sweet Nothings Work Like A Charm

I’m not a relationship expert per se, but through my extensive research on this topic, I’ve found that THESE sweet compliments make all the difference.

I feel so lucky to have you.

Complimenting his physical appearance certainly does the job. But for a long term relationship, you need to think deeper. I’ve found that guys respond well to this one.

Men love knowing how important they are in their girl’s life and what a difference they make.

Don’t think for a second that it’s cheesy. This is important for any relationship. Never forget that your words are his safety net for bad days.

I love how you always say the right thing.

I can tell you at least 5 things that my man will say and brighten my mood instantly.

I’m sure yours is similar. I don’t know what it is, but when you’re with someone for so long, they just know how to always say the right thing. At least my man does.

If you lucked out in this department, by all means, tell him. Judging by how all men from my research responded to this, you’ll make him one happy dude.

Your ability to get along with people is astonishing.

Who doesn’t like to be told that they’re super friendly and nice? Personally, one of my favorite things about my guy is how much he genuinely loves people.

I don’t think he’s ever met someone he couldn’t find common ground with. Is your man anything like that? Congrats! Now go out there and make his day.

I believe in you (and always will).

Sometimes, life happens, and your dreams are put on hold. Times get tough, and some encouragement is deeply needed. Tell him you believe in him.

Be the wind beneath his wings and support him no matter what. These things go a long way.

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Just know that I appreciate every single thing you do for me.

The way he listens to you ramble on about Becky from work without rolling his eyes. All the times he has picked you up from a drunken night out when you couldn’t drive.

Every “little thing” he does that makes your daily life more bearable means a great deal. Acknowledge it.

Babe, I need your help fixing this!

What do guys like to hear? That they’re needed! ESPECIALLY to fix things around the house.

It could be opening a jar of pickles for you or fixing the faulty faucet in the bathroom – anything to make him feel capable and appreciated.

Thank you for always listening to my drama.

We all know that guys aren’t into discussing every little thing that happens to them during the day.

So, when you have a man who’ll gladly go over your entire day and jump in, sigh, and get annoyed FOR you, girl… Thank him. Not all men will do that, you know.

Wow, you look so buff today!

Even if he’s not built like Jason Momoa, he’s going to appreciate the sentiment.

Maybe he works hard at his physique, and it’s finally starting to show. Never neglect to notice the progress he’s been making. It’s most likely that you’re one of the reasons he wants to look good in the first place.

When you work hard at something, being acknowledged for it does make a difference.

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I love your new haircut!

It’s not only women who like to hear this compliment. Men love it too.

If you’ve noticed that he’s done something different with his hair, especially if he drastically changed it, be sure to notice it. He’ll be wondering what you think anyway, so you might as well beat him to it.

You have the sweetest personality out of all your friends.

In no way should you diss his buddies. But casually mention how you’ve landed on the right member of the crew. His buddies are probably cool and all.

But your guy just oozes sweetness that you can’t help but marvel at your impeccable taste (hehe).

You are such an amazing dad (if he has kiddos)!

If your guy is a dad (or if you two have kiddos together), tell him what a great job he does with them!

The role of a father is undoubtedly the most important one in his life. Hearing that you think he’s a good dad will make his day.

Being a parent is no picnic, as I’m sure you’re aware. There are beautiful days, as well as more challenging ones. Complimenting his skills as a dad will mean a lot to him.

You handle challenging situations with such ease.

There are two types of people: Those who get frustrated at the first sign of trouble and those who react rationally and calmly. I’m the former.

If your dude has the unique ability to stay calm and collected during unexpected mishaps, marry him! (Kidding).

But for real. Having someone around like that is life-saving. Don’t you agree? Yeah? Okay, go thank him ASAP.

I’m sorry (for anything you may have done wrong recently).

Sometimes, I suck at apologizing. It’s not one of my best qualities, but I’m working on improving.

If you’ve been at fault recently (for any number of things) but found it hard to tell your man he was right, go right that wrong instantly.

Guys rarely hear the famous “I’m sorry, it was me.” So go and apologize for any tiny thing and watch his face be confused AF.

You’re nothing like the other guys I dated.

Maybe even add something like: “You’re the best guy I’ve ever had. In EVERY aspect.”

Who wouldn’t go nuts for that? Even if it’s not true, it’s not like he’ll know. Stroke his ego and watch him be all proud of himself and his abilities.

There’s not a single thing I’d change about you.

I’m talking physically, emotionally, and mentally. He’s an amazing support system, he gets you on an emotional level, and he’s a real hunk!

When you think about it, he’s a jackpot boyfriend. Why not tell him? It’ll make him love you that much more.

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I love your friends!

It’s so important to get along with your man’s crew. These are the people he chooses to have in his life, which means you’ll see them regularly.

Why not make an effort to connect with them? Your man will LOVE hearing that you approve of his buddies. It makes his (and your) life so much simpler.

Want to get frisky?

This one’s self-explanatory. Guys will never say no to this question. Okay, maybe 0,1% of the time.
I bet that his pants will be down before you even get to finish the sentence.

You light up my world.

Of all the things you can say, something like this will light up HIS world. But honestly, having someone whose mere presence has such a soothing effect on you is priceless.

Whenever I’m having a bad day, just seeing my man’s face lights up my mood. And you know that he’d be elated to hear something like this.

I feel safest in your arms.

Again, I don’t know how this happens, but I feel invincible whenever I’m with him. I don’t have a single worry in the world, and it’s like all my problems disappear.

Kind of like magic. While I don’t like to be cheesy (okay, sometimes I do…), when something’s true, you can’t NOT say it, am I right?

Your cooking skills are on a whole other level!

I love a man who can cook. Thankfully, I lucked out on that front. If you can relate to this, you’re one lucky gal.

What do guys like to hear more than most things? That they’re cooking is TOP-NOTCH. Just trust me on this one.

I’m on your side.

Whatever happens to him, you’ll always be by his side. Tell him that he never has to question your loyalty.
Not that he ever has, but it’s important to reassure him from time to time.

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You have my full trust.

What do guys find attractive? A girl who trusts him. Girls who are perfectly okay with their men going out on the town without blowing up their phones ROCK.

Be that woman. Trust your man to be loyal to you. Trust him enough not to question his motives. If he’s never done anything to suggest otherwise, give him your trust. It means the world.

How do you manage to always make me smile?

What do guys like when flirting? Making you smile! Just saying it will make him giggle (even though he’ll try to hide it). Just watch him!

You are SO hard-working.

Tell him how much you admire his work ethic. Tell him you’ve never met someone as ambitious and driven as him.

Being acknowledged for being a true professional in your line of work is a nice feeling.

I want us to make it work.

What kind of things do guys like? Effort and commitment. He likes to know that you’ll be there come hell or high water.

Show him you’re invested in your relationship. Nothing is more attractive than two people adamant about making it work against all odds.

You’re the gift that keeps on giving.

Meaning his presence continues to make you happy daily. Every time you think he couldn’t possibly be more amazing, he proves otherwise.

Nobody can surprise me like you.

Being with someone who can surprise you (especially in a long term relationship) is very important!

After having been together for so long, it’s hard not to predict each other’s every move. If your dude can STILL catch you by surprise, let him know how much you love it.

You’re so knowledgeable about (insert his areas of expertise).

What compliments do guys like to hear? Being told that they’re smart is for sure one of them.
Who doesn’t like to be admired for their intellect?

Your family is the sweetest!

Meeting his parents can go well or badly. If you’re one of the lucky ones who actually gets along with his family, kudos.

Now, imagine how much he’s going to love hearing this from you?

Thank you for sticking by me even when I’m super needy.

We all get needy and difficult sometimes. But having a partner means having someone who’ll stick by you no matter what. If your dude is a source of constant support, thank him for it.

Some guys run the moment it gets serious. Only real men stay even when you’re pushing them away.

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You make me a better person in every possible way.

This is not something to say lightly. If your man truly does make you feel like a better person, tell him that.

I feel exactly like that with my man. There’s just something about him that makes me want to be better and do better. I guess that’s what happens when you find your other half.

I’m at my happiest when I’m with you.

Tell him he’s your happy place. Tell him that when you’re by his side, there’s nowhere else you’d rather be.

The thing is, you have to mean it. Otherwise, who are you lying to? If your man makes you feel the happiest you’ve ever been, return the favor and make him the happiest he‘s ever been.

You’re a ROCKSTAR!

My dude LOVES hearing this. He gets all excited and pretends as if I’m just being silly. But secretly, he loves to hear it almost as much as I love to say it.

I just love watching his reaction and his face going all red. He does play the guitar like a true rockstar, to be fair, not to mention his hunky singing voice.

Find something your man is amazingly good at, go out there and tell him. We all secretly want to be rockstars, don’t we?

You’re cuter than Ryan Reynolds and Channing Tatum combined!

Or any other celeb hunks that you (and him) find cute AF. Tell him that during a sweet, intimate moment when you know that he’ll know you mean it.

Sure, those guys are cute as hell, but if you’re being honest, you wouldn’t trade your guy for all the famous Ryan’s combined. He’s just too cute!

You were phenomenal last night.

Trust me. Guys LOVE hearing that they hit the right spot in the sack. If your guy does it for you (and I sincerely hope that he does), be sure to tell him!

He’ll blush like never before, and it’ll work wonders for his self esteem. And you know what that means: He’ll be at 101% during your next rendezvous between the sheets!

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Never Think Twice About Complimenting Your Man

It shouldn’t even be a question of whether men like to be told nice things. They do! And I believe I’ve done a pretty thorough job answering your question: What do guys like to hear?

Tell him he does it for you in bed. Tell him you feel invincible in his arms. Go on about his ability to make you smile when that’s the last thing you feel like doing. Men live for these things.

Besides, we live in the 21st century. Rules that used to apply are outdated and don’t work in today’s society when people are no longer expected to abide by their designated gender roles.

Men get to have feelings too, and it’s silly to expect your guy to hide his just because he’s a man.

Encourage him to be in touch with his emotions. Show that you love his willingness to be vulnerable. THAT’S what being a man is all about.

Out with the ancient macho stuff, in with being unapologetically yourself (no matter the gender).

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