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What Do Men Want In A Woman? 15 Things That Will Wow Him

What Do Men Want In A Woman? 15 Things That Will Wow Him

Your dating life would be a lot easier if you just knew how to win a guy over and keep him by your side, wouldn’t it?

However, you can’t help but wonder what men really want in a woman because everywhere you look, you’re bombarded by different advice.

Some tell you to play hard to get him to chase you, while others advise you to make the first move and always be clear about your feelings.

Consequently, you’re confused and don’t know who to believe.

What should you do to be the best possible girlfriend without humiliating and losing yourself in the process?

What are the traits that men look for in a girl and how can you become more desirable to the stronger sex?

What do most men think is a perfect girl? What do men want in a woman?

Well, if these are some of the questions going through your mind, congratulations!

You’ve come to the right place where you’ll get all the answers you need and find out everything there is to know about what men want in women.

The truth is that every guy has his own preferences when it comes to girls, but despite that, there are some universal things almost every man is looking for in a woman and here are 15 of them.

Just follow these tips and I assure you, you’ll have any guy you want.

1. A woman he’ll be physically attracted to

embracing a smiling couple in the woods

Let’s face it – the first thing that draws you to someone of the opposite sex is physical appearance.

You don’t know whether you’ll like a guy for his character, but there is something in his smile, his look, the way he talks or walks that you find appealing.

And the same goes for men as well.

Even though your character and other things about your personality are the ones that will keep a man by your side, firstly, this guy has to be attracted to you and that means that he has to like your physical appearance before he gets a chance to meet the real you.

I don’t mean to be harsh, but the truth is that it doesn’t matter if you’re the best person in the world – if a guy doesn’t like you physically, it is quite unlikely that he’ll be interested in getting to know you better.

However, it is not hard to draw a man to you when he first sees you because that it’s a piece of cake for most women.

The difficult part is to keep him attracted to you after the initial stage of the relationship is over.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that you should be perfect all the time.

I’m not saying that you aren’t allowed to wear sweatpants or that you are constantly required to have full makeup on.

This is just me advising you to take care of your appearance, no matter how long you’ve been dating someone, in the same way you were doing it in the start of your relationship.

This way, your man will be forever attracted to you and you won’t have to be afraid of him ever being attracted to anyone else.

2. A woman with character and great personality

a girl leaning against her boyfriend’s chest

Even though the physical appearance is what draws a guy to you, your personality is what will keep him by your side for longer.

So, if you’re wondering what men want in a woman and what the things you ought to work on are, your character is the first one on the list.

First and foremost, this man you’re interested in has to see that you are a good, kind, and warm-hearted person.

This doesn’t mean that you necessarily have to pretend you are nice all the time just so a guy would like you back.

However, what you should forget is being mean to this guy and to everyone else surrounding you.

Forget about selfishness and egocentrism and replace them with empathy, compassion, and other positive human qualities, and I assure you that he’ll consider you a catch.

3. A mature woman who knows how to be playful

a girl running across a field with a boyfriend

The truth is that most men want to feel like they can protect their other half. If a man loves you, he wants to take the role of your guardian angel and your savior.

However, many women think that they have to pretend to be vulnerable, innocent girls just to stroke their partners’ ego and to make them feel like bigger men.

Of course, the ability to be playful and to act like a high school girl without a worry on her mind is always a good quality.

Nevertheless, life isn’t always a game and there are times when you have to show your partner that you are a strong, mature woman who can be an equal in a relationship.

That you have it what it takes to go through life with him side-by-side and that you are ready to take whatever fate throws at you.

On the other hand, being spontaneous and having the ability to help your partner relax and make him laugh is always a plus.

So, basically, the important thing is to find a balance between a mature woman and a playful girl and to know what role to take in a given moment.

4. A trustworthy and honest woman

beautiful smiling young couple

If you are trying to find out what men want in a woman, know that honesty is one of the first things every real man looks for in his other half.

Yes, immature boys might be into playing mind games and enjoy the chase, but mature guys don’t dig any of these things.

Instead, what they want is a girl who will be true to herself, a girl who won’t lie and deceive them.

A girl who will always tell them the truth, no matter how painful and harsh it may be, and a girl who won’t hide any secrets.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should be telling your boyfriend every little thing that might not even concern him, but what is important is to be completely honest regarding your emotions toward him and your relationship overall.

It’s to always be clear about what you want and expect from him, and not to think that lies are ever a better solution.

Besides, what men want in a woman is to be trustworthy, as well.

They want to have a girl who they can tell everything to and will never violate their trust, no matter what happens with their romance.

A girl they can be their true selves around, without the fear of being used or taken advantage of.

5. A woman who’ll be his best friend

a beautiful young couple kissing on the street

What men want in a woman is not a buddy to play video games with them, one who will swear and compete for who can eat more.

No, they don’t need you turn into a guy who will follow them around to football games and check out other girls together with them.

However, this doesn’t mean that they don’t want you to be their best friend because true friendships are much more than that.

They want you to be their family, their companion, and their partner in crime, besides being their girlfriend.

That means that you’ll put an effort to find out more about their interests, that you’ll be there to hear them out when they need advice and that you’ll accept them for who they really are, without the desire to change them.

That you’ll be there wiping their tears and putting a smile back on their face, when they’re feeling down.

A man wants a woman who will be his safe haven and his rock.

A girl who will be the wind to his wings and the light at the end of his tunnel – a lover and a best friend, all in one.

6. An independent and confident woman

a beautiful young confident girl

How many times have you heard that men fear strong women?

Well, let me tell you one thing: boys might be intimidated by women who are aware of their inner power, but a real man will always choose a fearless woman who is complete on her own over some clingy girl who needs a man to give her existence meaning.

A woman who loves herself is more attractive and appealing to men.

If you appreciate and respect yourself without allowing anyone else to treat you poorly, trust me, your romantic partner will follow.

So, if you are wondering what men want in a woman, independence and confidence are one of the top qualities every guy wants his girlfriend to have.

I’m not saying that you should act like your romantic partner is on the bottom of your priority list because that would just chase him away, but he needs to know that you can make it without him.

Believe me, self-esteem is sexy and it never goes out of style.

Once a guy sees that you are aware of your own value, he won’t have trouble seeing your worth either.

All men want a woman who is certain in herself and knows how much she can achieve.

This doesn’t mean that you should be an egocentric who thinks she is better than everyone else, but being aware of your qualities and everything you are capable of is, without doubt, attractive to all men out there.

7. An intelligent woman

a girl who writes notes at work

Men love smart and highly intelligent women – there’s no second guessing that – and when a man claims differently, it just means that he is looking for a girl who will be beneath him and someone he can control.

What real men want in a woman is for her to have an opinion of her own, for her to know how to stand up for herself and her convictions.

This doesn’t mean that you ought to be stubborn without caring for anyone else’s opinion or that you should act like some know-it-all who doesn’t take your boyfriend’s advice into consideration.

However, you shouldn’t be a people pleaser who nods her head to everything this guy has to say either.

If you want to turn a man on sexually, firstly you’ll have to turn his mind on.

The best way to attract a guy and to keep him by your side is to challenge his brains and let him see how interesting you are as a person.  

It’s for him to see how educated and informed you are and that you are someone he can talk to about everything.  

For you to show him that you are an open-minded woman who can’t be fooled and will always call him out on his actions.

A girl he can’t play with and a strong individual whom he can’t manipulate.

8. A woman who will understand him

the girl the man kisses on the forehead

What men want in a woman is to have a romantic partner who will understand them, no matter what.

This doesn’t mean that you should constantly justify your boyfriend’s actions or look for excuses for his behavior.

Nevertheless, what he doesn’t want is a girl who judges his every move, without even stopping for a minute to think about his reasons for doing something.

He doesn’t want a girl who spends her day nagging and going around just talking about his flaws.

Instead, he wants a woman who will go the extra mile to get to the bottom of his personality.

Someone whom he can talk to about everything, who will be interested in his deepest fears, hopes, dreams and aspirations.

What men want in a woman is to have a romantic partner who truly gets them and puts an effort into connecting with them both mentally and spiritually.

A girl who knows exactly how they feel by just looking at them, a girl with whom they have a deep, emotional connection that is beyond sexual.

9. A woman who can commit

a man hugging a girl(1)

Even though many people think that most men don’t care about commitment and that women are the ones forcing it, the truth is actually quite the opposite.

It is one thing if a guy is looking for nothing more than a one night stand, but it is something else if a guy is looking for a serious relationship.

What most men want in a woman is loyalty and fidelity – the same things us girls look for in our potential partner.

Men need to know that you are one hundred percent committed and invested in your relationship, without an exit strategy if things go downhill.

When we’re talking about commitment in romance, men and women are actually much alike.

Both sexes are craving for someone who won’t leave them on the first glance of trouble and will fight for their relationship until their last breath.

Men love knowing that their other half is only theirs.

They might feel the need to compete for a girl’s attention with other guys at first, but once they get involved in a long term relationship, they enjoy feeling safe in their romantic partner’s intentions and feelings.

10. A woman who will respect and appreciate him

a man who loves a woman in the forehead

If you’re in doubt what men want in a woman, know that respect is on the top of their wish list.

This isn’t to say that you’re expected to treat him as if he’s above you in any way, but you definitely have to show him that you respect him as a person, as a man, and as your romantic partner.

Contrary to popular opinion, a guy won’t run after you if you put him down.

What you need to be aware of is the fact that his ego is a very fragile thing that can be easily broken.

I’m not saying that you should pamper your boyfriend and be extra careful not to hurt his fragile emotions, but you shouldn’t think of disrespecting him either.

Don’t belittle him in any way and don’t insult him, especially not in front of others.

Instead, always remember to respect his opinion, even when you disagree with him.

The last thing you should be doing is trying to control your man because that would send him a message that you don’t consider him capable of making his own decisions.

I know that sometimes you are convinced that you know what’s best for your man and that you want to help him, but trust me, the last thing he wants is for you to treat him like a little boy who needs to be saved and guided through life.

Appreciation is also something what men want in a woman.

No, you shouldn’t be grateful for some things that are expected of him and you shouldn’t admire this guy for having the decency not to be an abuser or for remaining faithful – this is how it should be.

However, don’t forget to show your partner how much you appreciate all he’s doing for you and your relationship.

Don’t forget to show him that you are happy for having him and that you wouldn’t trade him for the world.

11. An ambitious woman

a girl running in nature

What men want in a woman is for her to have ambitions of her own, instead of blindly following their lead.

They want a girl who has a life of her own and her own goals that she isn’t ready to give up just because she fell for a man.

Someone who is determined in accomplishing something and in getting the best out of herself.

They want a fierce woman who can’t be stopped, a woman who isn’t afraid of the obstacles in her way, and a girl who is ready to do whatever it takes to achieve her goals and make her plans and dreams come true.

A fearless woman who knows exactly what she wants from life and who can’t be put down or held back by anyone.

They want a woman who has it all figured out, is determined to succeed, and is fearlessly heading toward her goal.

What men want in a woman is for her to believe in herself when no one else does and for her to push both of them forward.

They crave for a woman whose worth cannot be diminished by anyone and who can’t be put down that easily.

What they want is someone who will constantly work on self-improvement and at the same time, inspire them to become the best possible version of themselves.

12. A woman whom he shares sexual chemistry with

a couple making love in bed

Without doubt, sex is one of the crucial parts of every successful relationship.

This is something you don’t see when everything is going great in the bedroom, but you’d sure notice it if your sex life isn’t as satisfying as you would want it to be.

So if you are wondering what men want in a woman, one of the most important things for them is without doubt sexual chemistry between them and their partner.

It is crucial for a couple to get along under the sheets and be sexually compatible.

You need to understand one thing: different people have different sexual preferences and for every guy, it is quite important to find a girl who loves the same things he does.

This doesn’t mean that you ought to cross your boundaries or to pretend to enjoy some things you don’t just in order to please him.

The most important thing about a quality sex life is good communication.

It’s the ability to tell your partner what you want and the desire to be ready to improve.

It’s being open to new things and forgetting about prejudices and shame.

Every man wants to make sure his loved one feels good and safe around him, and trusts him enough to be completely relaxed in bed, because that is the most important precondition for an amazing sex life.

13. A woman who will support him

a couple holding hands

Anyone can stand by you when all is going smoothly in your life.

Anyone can laugh and party with you when you don’t have a worry on your mind, but it takes a special someone not to back out on you when things get rough.

That is why what most men want in a woman is unconditional support.

They want someone who won’t leave them hanging when they’re in trouble and will always have their back, no matter what.

What men want in a woman is to have someone they can rely on, someone who will hold their hand through thick and thin, sickness and health, and good and bad days.

A woman who will be there to tell them everything will be all right when things are going downhill and who won’t abandon them when they need her the most.

A woman who will push them forward, without the intention of changing them.

A woman who will always see the best in them and who will be their biggest inspiration to become better in their relationship and in life in general.

They crave a woman who will take care of them without acting like their mother.

A real woman who will be there to put them back together when they break into pieces and there to catch them when they’re falling.

14. A woman he’s compatible with

a couple holding hands and walking along the beach

When you’re younger, you want a fairytale.

You think that all it takes for a relationship to work out is for two people to fall deeply in love with each other and things will magically turn out the best.

However, as you grow older, you learn that sometimes love isn’t enough.

You understand that you need to find a partner who is similar to you, someone you can get along with and who you’ll be compatible with.

And guys are no exception. When they’re falling in love, they pay attention to whether you both have similar ambitions and future goals.

A woman who will be their other half and missing piece of the puzzle.

A girl who will make their life easier and all of their problems and challenges bearable.

This is why it’s important for both you and your partner to be honest about the things you expect from your relationship and life overall.

Nobody is telling you that you should find someone identical to you because every couple has its differences, but there are some crucial things you should see eye-to-eye about if you hope to have a successful relationship.  

15. A woman who loves him unconditionally

a couple hugging tightly

Even though love is not the only thing that matters in a relationship, it is without doubt what men want in a woman.

Love is one of the pillars of every happy relationship and where it doesn’t exist, everything else is in vain.

You might think that some other things are more important for guys, but trust me, they are also in search of real, unconditional love the same way we are.

Every guy wants to know that his girlfriend or wife loves him unconditionally and wholeheartedly, without any second thoughts or holding any parts of herself back.

They want a love that stays and won’t disappear after a period of time.

They want a woman who will always try her best to remind them what butterflies feel like, who won’t have trouble showing her true feelings, and who will be ready to do whatever it takes for the sake of their relationship.

A woman who will be clear about her emotions, one who will be happy by their side, and one  who couldn’t imagine herself next to any other man.

Simply, a woman who will love them and always fight for them to love her back.

What Do Men Want In A Woman 15 Things That Will Wow Him

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