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When Will He Propose? 13 Signs He’s Ready To Pop The Question

When Will He Propose? 13 Signs He’s Ready To Pop The Question

Open your eyes wide and engage every possible sense you have. Only then will you get the answer to your question of when he will propose, and might I add, you’ll get the correct answer to a very important question.

Why is recognizing the right signs so important?  You don’t want to get yourself into a situation where you’re ready to be proposed to and furthermore, you’re convinced he will pop the question, but nothing ever happens.

You must have read his subtle signs incorrectly and imagined a marriage proposal was on the horizon.

You even had a manicure and pictured that ring from your favorite jeweler on your ring finger. You even have your bridesmaids picked out.

Imagine the heartbreak and disappointment you’d be faced with just because you thought something was a sure sign and it turned out to be nothing.

That’s why it’s important to recognize all the subtle ways he lets you know something’s up, and he’s getting closer to revealing an engagement ring.

Anyone can surprise you at any given moment and usually when you least expect it.

Just make sure you don’t make a terrible mistake by assuming a romantic proposal is going to take place, if you’re not sure.

That can create an uncomfortable situation or it can even lead to a sudden break-up.

For example, I had a friend who took his girlfriend on a romantic getaway to Paris on Valentine’s day.

I get it, Paris is the most romantic city in the world (at least that’s the city’s reputation), so crazy ideas start running through your mind and you can easily get carried away.

He took her to the Eiffel Tower and she thought, ‘there it is, he’s going to pop the question’, already imagining the ring size and thinking about calling her family members.

Of course, he didn’t plan on proposing to her, he just wanted them to have a nice trip and enjoy a few date nights in a romantic city to the fullest.

I cannot stress enough that the ride from the tower to the hotel was a very awkward one, since she was convinced he was going to propose to her, and he hadn’t.

After he asked her what was wrong, she just said in a very disappointed manner that everything was fine, but it was so obvious that she was terribly disappointed.

A few weeks later, they broke up because their relationship took an unexpected turn for the worse after that little incident.

Read the signs right and you’ll get the correct answer to your question of when he will propose (or whether you should stop waiting for him to propose)!

When Will He Propose? 13 Signs He’s Ready To Pop The Question

1. He’s seriously thinking about marriage

His conversations with you start having a more serious tone. His questions are future related.

He’ll suddenly be interested in what you want to do in five years, where you want to be.

He is interested in topics related to kids and parenting. He’ll ask about more serious topics than he usually does.

Your political beliefs and your outlook on life in general will suddenly interest him a lot.

Not only will he be more interested in your life by asking you a ton of questions, he’ll talk to your family and friends more.

No guy will ask you to marry him unless he is absolutely sure you’ll fall into his arms with a big fat, “YES!”.

So, in order to be sure you’ll say yes, every guy will do everything in his power to get a positive vibe on the marriage issue.

2. The timing is perfect

This sign you have to figure out on your own, but be careful not to ‘imagine’ things which are actually not happening just because you want to tie the knot so badly.

The biggest reason why men decide to settle down and get married is that the timing is right, and they are sure that they are with the right person.

They reach a certain age when they no longer have the need to chase different women and avoid commitment, and actually want the complete opposite of that.

They spent a lot of time living it up, and now they want to settle down, find a good woman, and spend the rest of their lives together.

Usually, they won’t settle down before they have their life planned out, before they have a secure future with a steady job.

And if your man checks these boxes, that is indeed a good sign he’s getting ready to propose.

3. He becomes serious about saving money

Weddings cost money; everyone knows that. Also, life together and starting a family costs money.

Before deciding to settle down and taking things to the next level, every guy wants to make sure their future is planned out financially. After all, they have to buy the ring, which is not a small investment.

So if you’ve noticed your significant other is starting to put some money aside without hiding it but he’s not telling you why he needs that money and he kind of avoids that topic in general, he’s most probably going to ask you to marry him.

4. You attract each other

You can tell yourself whatever you want but looks matter. There has to be some kind of physical attraction between the two of you if you want to spend the rest of your life in a happy marriage.

Just liking each other on the first date isn’t going to cut it. You really need to feel a great sexual attraction to each other, and out of that attraction, love will be born.

Having said that, hotter people don’t easily get married like average-looking people.

Maybe this sounds a bit too harsh but it’s true. The reason for that is perfectly logical. Hotter people don’t look like people who will stay faithful.

Their options are wider because technically speaking, their chances of seducing someone are a bit higher.

Of course, their looks are just a part of the whole package every person is looking for in someone.

Take their personality and everything else plus looks, and you have the perfect person for you.

The most important thing which can assure you that someday you’ll get married is the attraction—it always has to be present.

5. He says you’d be a great mother

He’s sending you a huge sign that he’s definitely ready to be a father. If you didn’t know, men also have a biological clock, and it’s ticking.

At some point in a relationship, most men will feel the need to become a father, to become someone’s role model and take care of somebody who depends on them to survive.

Having children is the biggest reason why most men decide to get married.

Otherwise, commitment is a big issue that’s always very much present.

6. His friends claim he’s different around you

Not bad different but just different—meaning considerate and loving, careful and gentle.

He most surely isn’t the same person they are used to having around.

None of them have seen him as happy as when he’s with you, and he never treated any of his past girlfriends the way he treats you. One other important thing.

Before you, he would never mention marriage, but now, it’s a frequent topic of discussion.

7. He comments on your friends’ engagement rings

It would be super strange if he came to you all of a sudden asking you what type of engagement ring you’d like one day.

It would raise questions, and you’d definitely suspect he was preparing to propose to you.

Research says that 66% of grooms report picking out the perfect ring for their better half by commenting on other people’s engagement rings whenever they post it on their social media.

That’s how they get the general idea of what you like and what you don’t like.

If you notice your partner trying to get some clues as to what kind of jewelry you like, especially engagement rings, you can be sure he’s going to ask you to marry him very soon. Play it cool. Don’t show you know, it will ruin the surprise.

8. He hangs out with your family and friends without you

Is he sneaking out without you knowing to meet your family or your best friend? If you ask me, that’s a particularly shady behavior, and there must be something hidden behind it. But don’t worry, it’s nothing bad, it’s the complete opposite.

He’s gathering information about you, so that the proposal he’s planning sweeps you off your feet.

Texting your best friend whenever he gets an idea just to run it by her and talking to your family are the best ways to go. Who knows you better than they do?

9. He insisted on commitment right at the beginning of the relationship

If this isn’t a sign he’s going to marry you, I don’t know what is.

We all know at least a few men who’ve been in long-term relationships which failed and right after their relationship, they met someone else and got married very soon. There is only one simple reason for that.

When you meet someone you know is right for you, you don’t wait; you go all in because you don’t want to lose them.

If your guy insisted on commitment early on, you can be almost positive about what the next step is—it’s marriage of course.

10. He wants to know your plans in advance

As far as you are concerned, the proposal came about all of a sudden, and it was a huge surprise.

What you don’t know is that his every move was carefully planned with the intention of keeping you clueless.

You are not aware of how much effort was put into making the proposal a surprise.

Only after he pops the big question do you start thinking about how he did it.

And then you go back and remember all the questions about your plans, where you were going to be, what you were planning to do and when.

All those questions weren’t in vain. They were part of making the plan.

11. Your friends are suddenly so interested in your partner

As you know by now, if your partner starts seeing your friends and especially the members of your family, they are up to something, which also means your parents and your family know what he is up to.

If you’re suspecting he might pop the question, the best way to be sure he’s going to propose is by paying attention to how your family treats him.

Let’s say they weren’t so keen on him at the beginning of the relationship, but now all of a sudden, they show interest in everything about him. Isn’t that a bit strange?

12. He’s a bit edgy and nervous

Of course he is, he’s about to make the biggest decision of his life. No one would stay indifferent before making a decision like that. The general change in his attitude is a huge sign that something is about to happen.

If your relationship is going exactly how you want and there aren’t any problems, then the reason why he’s tense is obvious—he’s going to ask you to marry him.

There are two biggest moments in every guy’s life, and those are asking a girl out on a first date and proposing to someone.

If you see he has changed and is constantly asking for confirmation of your love (assuming that your relationship is not in crisis), prepare yourself to say, “Yes,” when the right time comes along.

13. He’s interested in other people’s weddings

Weddings are usually something men try to avoid, especially if they are not serious about you.

But if your partner shows interest in going to a wedding with you for some reason, I say it’s a huge sign, and you should go in search of a wedding dress.

Think of it this way. He wants to go to a wedding with you because he wants to see your reactions to the music, the decor or he wants to know your general impression.

He wants to find out what you like and what would make you happy.

Don’t be hasty, and don’t form a conclusion before you are absolutely sure he’s going to propose to you.

On the other hand, just be patient and you’ll see, but don’t be crazy and wait for one guy your whole life.