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Who Knows Me Best? 300+ Questions For Couples And Friends

Who Knows Me Best? 300+ Questions For Couples And Friends

I bet you believe you know everything there is to know about your best friend or significant other. I hate to burst your bubble, but you’re living in denial and I’m here to prove to you that there’s always something more to know – always deeper questions to ask.

Who Knows Me Best questions game is here to test your knowledge about your partner or a bunch of your closest friends. It’s also a guaranteed fun night in.

This game can also come in handy for couples’ nights to see who the power couple is. You can also use these fun questions to create a BFF quiz that will show which friendship bond is the deepest.

It’s time to check the questions listed below and see! I think you’re going to be pretty astounded at how much you still have to learn about your best friend or significant other.

So, turn to your person and ask them: “Are you the one who knows me best?”

Who Knows Me Best Love And Relationship Questions

I don’t know if you knew this, but this fun party game can also be played with just two people. So, it means that it’s a good couple game, too.

Well, it won’t reveal to you who knows you better, you or your partner, but it’ll definitely serve as a great bonding activity and it may help you to get to know your partner better.

Check out the following list of great questions for couples and use this fun game to refresh your next date night.

1. What are the things I do not share with others?

2. Was chemistry between us there from the start?

3. If we had to pick a couple to go on a double date with, who would I choose?

4. What do I like most about you?

5. When we are together, what is one thing I love to do?

6. How old did you think I was when we met for the first time?

7. Where is my favorite place to be kissed, besides the lips?

8. What’s something I can’t live without?

9. What is my dream destination?

10. What is my favorite part of your body?

11. Where is my favorite place to kiss besides the lips?

12. What are my turn-ons?

13. What is my favorite sleeping position?

14. What are my turn-offs?

15. Have I ever lived with a significant other before?

16. What are the top 3 things I like about you?

17. What is that one thing about me which only you know?

18. What outfit of yours is my favorite?

19. What are my thoughts about divorce?

20. What’s my shoe size? Can I have too many shoes?

21. How do I show someone that I love them?

22. What is my idea of a romantic weekend?

23. How old was I when I had my first kiss?

24. Am I the jealous type?

25. Do I prefer to go out on a Saturday night or stay at home?

26. Am I still friends with any of my exes? Does it bother you?

27. What are my thoughts about marriage?

28. What is the one thing that I won’t tolerate in a relationship?

29. Do I like to be affectionate in public?

30. What are my thoughts on open relationships and polygamy?

31. Do I think that women and men can just be friends?

32. What is the sexiest thing I have hanging in my closet?

33. What is the worst date that I have been on?

34. What type of hug is my favorite?

35. How many people have I dated before you?

36. What is one thing that can make my body shiver?

37. How do I feel about your parents?

38. Do you know the exact moment I fell in love with you?

39. How did my last relationship end?

40. What is the thing I like about you the most?

41. Which unconscious gesture reveals that I feel uncomfortable with the situation or conversation?

42. What’s my biggest fear in our relationship?

43. What is the longest relationship that I have been in?

44. Do I take long to get ready?

45. What do I wish we could do more?

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Who Knows Me Better Personal Questions

Only those who really know you extremely well will know the answers to the following personal questions about your past, your family, and your life in general.

1. Do I have a middle name? If you think I do, what is my middle name?

2. What is my zodiac sign?

3. Is there an interesting anecdote related to the day I was born?

4. What is my mom’s maiden name?

5. What town did I grow up in?

6. What’s my favorite childhood memory?

7. What was my favorite bedtime story as a child?

8. What’s the name of my favorite book?

9. Do I speak any foreign language?

10. Do I like swimming?

11. What’s my favorite place in the whole world?

12. Who do I resemble more – my mother or father?

13. Am I close to my relatives?

14. Who was my best friend when I was a child? Is that person still in my life?

15. What year did I graduate from high school and what do I miss most from my school experience?

16. Was I a good student or a slacker?

17. Did I have a celebrity crush when I was growing up?

18. What was the name of my first dog?

19. Do I have a pet name I am ashamed of?

20. What is my biggest pet peeve?

21. What is the first thing I do as soon as I wake up?

22. What’s my height?

23. What’s my favorite color?

24. Did I play any sports in high school or college?

25. What is my favorite band?

26. What is my favorite movie?

27. How many siblings do each of my parents have?

28. What was the TV show I never missed an episode of?

29. What was my favorite subject in high school?

30. What is my least favorite childhood memory?

How Well Do You Know Me Travel & Vacation Questions

Below is a list of great travel questions to ask your friends or siblings and find out which one of them really knows you by heart.

1. What would my dream vacation look like?

2. What’s the first thing on my traveling bucket list?

3. If I had the chance to travel anywhere in the world, where would I go?

4. Do I prefer to visit touristy attractions, or go ‘off track’ (explore where others don’t usually go)?

5. List all the places I’ve visited so far?

6. Am I scared of flying in an airplane?

7. Do I like boats?

8. Do I like spending time outdoors?

9. What’s my favorite outdoor activity?

10. Do I like camping?

11. Do I hate any countries?

12. What is the farthest I’ve ever traveled?

13. What’s my favorite holiday?

14. Do I like Halloween?

15. What was the last country I visited?

16. What is my favorite season?

17. What is my favorite summer activity?

18. What’s the one thing I absolutely have to do on a snowy winter day?

19. What souvenirs do I like the most? Do I collect any of them?

20. How many countries have I traveled to?

21. Where would I rather spend my time: a lake, a mountain, or the ocean?

22. Who or what would I bring to a deserted island?

23. What is the most surreal place I’d like to visit?

24. What are 3 places that I have been to and would love to visit again?

25. What’s my favorite means of transportation during my travels?

26. Do I know how to start a fire?

27. Have I ever flown business class on a plane?

28. Which holiday gets me more excited, Christmas or Thanksgiving?

29. Do I want to live overseas?

30. Do I like to travel?

Who Knows Me Best Food & Drinks Questions

If you ask me, this list of How Well Do You Know Me questions is absolutely my fav because, of course, I’m a foodie.

If you’re a food lover too, then these are the right questions for your little BFF quiz. I’m sure only your best friends will know the answers to these questions. You know the saying; friends who eat together, stay BFFs forever.

1. What’s my favorite food?

2. What is my #1 favorite fast food to eat?

3. What’s my favorite take-out cuisine?

4. Do I like wine? If I do, red or white?

5. What’s the name of my favorite cocktail?

6. What’s my favorite restaurant?

7. Have I ever set anything on fire while cooking?

8. Do I like hot chocolate?

9. Why do I eat so many sweets?

10. What’s my favorite fruit?

11. What’s my usual breakfast choice?

12. Do I prefer Coke or Sprite?

13. My favorite snack?

14. Do I prefer my ice cream in a cup or a cone?

15. Do I like spicy food?

16. My favorite cereal brand?

17. What’s the one food I could eat every day?

18. Who can eat more – you or me?

19. What is my favorite kind of cake?

20. What’s my favorite pancake filling?

21. Have I ever sneaked food or drinks into a movie theater?

22. Am I a good cook?

23. What’s my favorite ice cream flavor?

24. What is my most hated food?

25. How do I take my coffee?

26. What is my favorite dessert?

27. Would I choose eggs or pancakes?

28. Do I like hot dogs or hamburgers?

29. If I opened a restaurant, what kind of food would I serve?

30. Vanilla, yes or no?

Who Knows Me Best Funny Questions

Everything’s better when we add a bit of humor into it, right? I’m sure these funny questions below will be the highlight of the night because they won’t only help you find out which of your friends knows you the best but they’ll also make all of you LOL.

1. When was the last time that I peed in my pants?

2. What embarrasses me the most?

3. Does my car have a name? If so, what is it?

4. What’s my favorite brand of toilet paper?

5. How do I feel about putting pineapple on pizza?

6. What will people say at my funeral?

7. What is the nastiest thing I have ever eaten?

8. What do I think of hairy legs?

9. How often do I have to pee?

10. Sigh, what was my most embarrassing moment?

11. Do I take my car to have it washed or leave it dirty until it rains?

12. When and how did I find out that Santa isn’t real?

13. What is the worst pickup line I have ever used on a girl?

14. Would I rather date a stupid or ugly person?

15. Which fictional character would I like to marry?

16. What would I do if I could be invisible for a day?

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Who Knows Me Best Questions For Friends

Use these random questions to make your own best friend quiz. Then, forward it to your friends in the group chat or ask them in person.

I’m sure this little friendship quiz will help you determine who is really your best friend. That is, who is that one person who knows you inside out.

1. When was the last time I tried something new?

2. What gets me excited about life?

3. Is there anything I regret not doing in the past?

4. Are there any things I wish I had never done?

5. Do I have a bunch of friends or a few close ones?

6. Do I like my name?

7. Which personality trait of yours is my favorite?

8. What’s my favorite social media account and why?

9. What are the things that make me proud of myself?

10. What are the things I am ashamed of?

11. Would you describe me as organized or messy?

12. What is my greatest concern?

13. What’s the name of the last book I read?

14. What’s the name of my favorite author?

15. Who is my role model?

16. Who are the people that are the most important in my life?

17. What is the thing I would most like to change/improve about myself if I could?

18. What are my life and relationship goals?

19. What’s the best compliment I could ever receive?

20. What is the thing that annoys me the most?

21. Do I know how to do my own laundry?

22. Do I know how to iron clothes?

23. What’s the longest period of time I was sleep-deprived?

24. Was I ever awake for 24 hours straight?

25. Do I let my hair air dry or do I use a blow dryer?

26. Is there one color that seems to dominate my life?

27. Do I prefer cold or warm weather?

28. Am I self-conscious about being short/tall?

29. Would I rather do laundry, dishes, or nothing at all?

30. Do I have a favorite sports team?

31. Reality television shows, yay or nay?

32. What is my favorite TV show?

33. Do you know my phone number by heart?

34. Did I ever have to rush down to the ER?

35. Have I ever broken any of my bones?

36. What’s my guilty pleasure?

37. Do I like movie theaters?

38. Would I rather watch a horror, action, romance, or comedy movie?

39. Have I ever had any kind of paranormal experience or something that most people would cosider crazy?

40. What’s the best stress relief according to me?

41. How much do I weigh?

42. Is this my natural hair color?

43. Do I like tattoos?

44. Do I already have a tattoo or would I like to have one? What would it be?

45. Am I a morning person or a night owl?

46. Is there anything I like more than sleeping?

47. Am I a good or bad drunk?

48. Do I believe in second chances?

49. Do I prefer sleeping with the lights on or off?

50. Can I ever remember what I dreamt of the night before?

51. What was my worst nightmare?

52. What’s my opinion about gay rights?

53. What is my opinion about abortion?

54. Do I have a piercing?

55. Have I ever laughed so hard that tears rolled down my face?

56. Have I ever dated somebody I met online?

57. Have I ever had a near-death experience?

58. If I could own my own business, what would it be?

59. What would the top 3 things in my “before I die” bucket list be?

60. Have you ever heard me cursing?

61. What makes me nervous?

62. Do I have any hidden talents?

63. Who’s had the biggest impact on my life?

64. What was the last concert I attended?

65. Have I ever had some odd sexual experience?

66. If I was a superhero, what would I want my superpower to be?

67. DC or Marvel?

68. Have I ever been arrested or in jail?

69. Am I into politics?

70. What’s my dream car?

71. What does my dream house look like?

72. Is there anything in my life I’d like to change?

73. What’s the best thing that can cheer me up when I’m sad?

74. Do I want to have kids? If I do, how many would I have?

75. Career or family? Which one would I pick if I was forced to choose between the two?

76. If I could get one wish to come true, what would it be?

77. What do I always have in my purse/pocket?

78. What do I keep on my nightstand?

79. Do I exaggerate with makeup?

80. Have I ever stolen anything?

81. How many times have I changed my hair color?

82. How would my singing performance sound?

83. Can I play any musical instrument?

84. Android or iPhone? Which one is my style?

85. PC or Mac?

86. Do I know how to ride a bike?

87. Can I roller skate?

88. Can I ice skate?

89. Do I smoke?

90. Do I like snowboarding or skiing activities?

91. Do I prefer casual wear or to dress up?

92. Do I drive?

93. Do I know how to ride a horse?

94. Have I ever cheated?

95. Jeans or sweatpants?

96. What’s the shortest hairstyle I’ve ever worn?

97. Do I prefer hot or cold water when I shower?

98. Do I have any allergies? If yes, what are they?

99. Do I have a bad habit?

100. Do I wax or shave?

101. Pool or beach?

102. Swimsuit or skinny dipping?

103. Is there something I am incredibly good at?

104. Is there a person I can talk to 24/7 on the phone?

105. Showers or bubble baths?

106. Am I right or left-handed?

107. Am I an introvert or an extrovert?

108. Do I have any phobias?

109. Do you suspect I have some secret?

110. What do I do out of pure boredom?

111. Do I have any hidden birthmarks?

112. What’s my favorite pastime activity?

113. Do I believe in life after death?

114. Do I believe in aliens?

115. Do I believe in all those conspiracy theories?

116. Do I lead a healthy lifestyle?

117. Do I prefer city or village life?

118. Do I prefer noise or peace and quiet?

119. Am I a people person?

120. What’s the song I sing while in the shower?

121. Have you ever heard me snore?

122. Have you ever heard me talking in my sleep?

123. Am I a blanket hogger?

124. Do I toss and turn while I sleep?

125. Do I prefer a high or low pillow?

126. When did I start living on my own?

127. Am I addicted to my phone?

128. Online games or comics?

129. Am I ambitious?

130. What is the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me?

131. What is the nicest thing I have ever done for somebody else?

132. How often do I go see a dentist?

133. How many times a day do I brush my teeth?

134. Do I floss?

135. What are your favorite things about me?

136. How do you know if I am upset?

137. Do you know how to behave when I am upset?

138. How do you know I’m happy even when I’m not smiling?

139. Am I stubborn?

140. Am I financially well off or am I struggling?

141. Do I have any trouble returning my student loans?

142. If I hit the jackpot, what’s the first thing I would do?

143. What would I do if I knew the end of the world was really coming?

144. Am I calm and collected or do I panic in serious situations?

145. Am I a balanced person?

146. Am I confident?

147. Do I like your friends?

148. Am I afraid of snakes?

149. Am I afraid of spiders?

150. Would you describe me as a sore loser or am I graceful even in defeat?

151. Am I a good friend/romantic partner?

152. Am I a party animal?

153. Have I ever been a maid of honor?

154. Have I ever attended a bachelor or bachelorette party?

155. Would I make a good boss?

156. If I could choose a vacation spot for the two of us, where would we go first?

157. What is the craziest life story I have ever shared with other people?

158. Do I like to run?

159. Am I into muscles?

160. Do you know what names I’d give to my children?

161. Do I wear contact lenses or glasses, or do I have perfect vision?

162. Do I prefer to read hardcopy books or e-books?

163. Facebook or Twitter?

164. Do I have an Instagram account?

165. Have I ever won an award for anything?

166. What is one of my biggest regrets?

167. Am I always on time or do I always run late?

168. Do I read the fine print?

169. Do I have a favorite newspaper or magazine?

170. What’s my favorite flower?

171. Do I have any plants around my home?

172. Am I part of any volunteering organization?

173. Do I watch the news?

174. Have I ever changed my name?

175. Could I survive without electricity for a month?

176. Who is my favorite villain?

177. Do I like cheese?

178. Which song gets on my nerves the most?

179. Would I rather lose all of my money and possessions or all of the photos on my phone?

180. What’s my favorite photo of us? Why that one?

181. Do I prefer the real world or would I much rather live in some kind of virtual reality?

182. Have I ever wanted to be invisible?

183. If I believed in reincarnation, what would I like to come back as?

184. Is my current job my dream job, too? If not, what would my dream job be?

185. Do I want to know the future or do I prefer to be surprised?

186. Do I prefer milk and sugar or honey in my tea?

187. Do I know anything about Japanese history?

188. Have I ever lost my keys?

189. Selfies or group photos?

190. Am I a good photographer?

191. What’s the last thing I got in the mail?

192. Have you ever received a postcard from me?

193. What’s my favorite perfume?

194. Do I like hoodies?

195. Do I like high heels?

196. Does it take long for me to get ready when going out?

197. Am I a girly girl, a tomboy, or something in between?

198. Do I like romance or do I consider it corny?

199. Do I like scented candles?

200. Do I get along with my colleagues at work?

201. Am I an approachable and down-to-earth type of person?

202. What is the first thing I would toss from my apartment if I could?

203. What are my strengths?

204. What are my weaknesses?

205. What’s the last thing I ate?

206. Which food do I crave during PMS?

207. What are three things I hate and three things I love?

208. Do I wear jewelry?

209. What’s my favorite blog?

210. Do I prefer sweet or salted popcorn?

211. Is there anybody I miss all the time?

212. What is the hardest thing I’ve ever been through?

213. Would I make a good babysitter?

214. Do you know the story about how I got my name?

215. What makes me nostalgic?

216. What’s the best piece of advice anyone has ever given me?

217. Who I consider to be the most intelligent person?

218. What is my favorite quote?

219. What phrase do I use the most?

220. Do I get grossed out easily?

221. Have I ever gone skinny dipping?

222. Do I own a gun license?

223. What’s my favorite accent?

224. What’s my go-to party trick?

225. What is the weirdest thing I can do with my face?

226. Do I use Snapchat often or maybe even too often?

227. What’s the longest time I’ve gone without the internet?

228. If I could spend a day in somebody else’s shoes, who would that someone be?

229. What’s my favorite sex position?

230. If you had to describe me using only three words, what would they be?

231. For how long have I been using Wattpad?

232. What is the longest road trip I have ever been on? Did I enjoy it?

233. What is my favorite emoji?

234. Netflix, or Amazon Prime?

235. Do I use WhatsApp?

236. Am I a GIF or a meme person?

On A Final Note 

Use these great Who Knows Me Best questions to create your own quiz about yourself and test which of your friends or even siblings or co-workers really knows you the best.

I’m sure you didn’t know that this fun party game can also serve you as the perfect icebreaker on your next gathering and all of these questions work as great conversation starters, too.

Once you’ve finished asking and replying to all these perfectly good questions, there is still one crucial question left: “Are you the one who knows me best?”