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Why Do Women Like Tall Men? 12 Reasons You Didn’t Know

Why Do Women Like Tall Men? 12 Reasons You Didn’t Know

Does height really matter? And outer appearance in general? It clearly has some influence because the majority of women will choose a tall man over a short guy. But why do women like tall men?

Although tallness isn’t what ultimately decides whether we will be with someone or not, it has a significant influence on that decision.

Unlike men, who, according to numerous studies, don’t care if they date short women, a lot of women prefer taller men for multiple reasons.

So, ask yourself: Do I really like him? Or is he just tall?

Why Do Women Like Tall Men? 12 Revealing Reasons

We all have our preferences regarding appearance, but height preferences are usually characteristic of women.

However, two women who like tall men will probably have different reasons why that’s so. Why? Because height tells us that a guy has some valuable traits due to that height.

So what are those traits?

1. Evolutionary background

You’d be surprised how evolution may play a role in sexual selection. Evolutionary speaking, women would choose taller men over shorter guys. Why?

Back then, men did all the work. They hunted, provided better protection against predators, and generally were more likely to survive in dangerous situations and adapt to change.

This evolutionary psychology may have unconsciously stuck with some women.

2. A tall man is a strong man

This reason is similar to the previous one but has nothing to do with evolution.

People, in general, associate size and strength with each other. So, the taller the man, the stronger he is, and dating a strong man has many benefits.

They help us lift heavy things, protect us, and sex can be awesome! But does being taller make one stronger?

3. The genetics of tall guys

You may be surprised by the reasons why women love taller men. This one is very primal and, again, has something to do with evolution.

Many women want a taller guy because he will provide offspring that are most likely to survive in a changing environment and have the highest chance of survival.

Therefore, a tall man will pass his desirable traits onto his children, who will have a greater chance of survival.

4. Women can wear high heels

Women love fashion! They love makeup, hairstyles, and beautiful dresses. But what is a good look without high heels? But what does this have to do with the question ‘’Why do women like tall men?’’

But we all know how men can be easily offended by that. If they date a girl taller than them, they may start to lack self-esteem, and the girl may feel less feminine.

However, this isn’t something women worry about when dating tall men!

5. We can use oversized clothes from taller guys

Yes, we love fashion and beautiful dresses, but at the end of the day, there’s nothing better than getting into an oversized shirt that smells like him.

This isn’t a big reason, but it’s definitely a plus for many women.

6. Tall guys do more household work

Although it may sound silly, it’s statistically proven that tall males do more housework than short men.

This is because they are generally stronger and can lift heavy things and get things from the highest shelves.

So, if you’re considering marrying or moving in with a tall guy, you won’t have problems doing all the housework. I mean, who wouldn’t love them?

7. We can easily find them in crowds

We all know how annoying it can be when you can’t find someone in a crowd. But that’s never the case with tall people!

You can always spot them at a party, concert, or rave! Despite that, a tall man can easily be seen in crowds, so that’s also a plus if you’re a short woman and can’t see a thing when you’re in a crowd.

8. They give big hugs

Women are affectionate creatures, and sometimes, all we want is a big and powerful hug! We appreciate hugs immensely as they show affection and promote physical and emotional closeness.

So, when we hug taller people, our ears are directly at the level of their hearts, and we can clearly hear their heartbeat.

Shorter women especially love this fact, and I can’t judge them! Listening to someone’s heartbeat has a calming effect and can make a woman feel loved and protected.

9. We feel safe with them

Women like to care for themselves, and most of the time, they don’t need protection from anyone.

However, it’s nice to know that you can count on someone. It’s nice to know that someone will catch you if you fall and protect you no matter what.

Women always go for tall guys – they believe they will provide them with the necessary protection and care because they are taller.

Also, women may prefer guys above average height from an evolutionary standpoint, which we’ve mentioned previously.

10. It makes us feel more feminine

Guys know a lot of tips and tricks on making women feel more feminine but often aren’t aware that height difference also plays a big role in that.

Being hugged by a tall guy is something that makes us feel like this. You will feel so little and protected when he puts his arms around you. His hands are like a shield under which you’re safe and cherished.

11. They seem more confident

Tall guys know that height is their biggest advantage and use it successfully. They know that women like tall men.

Therefore, they have no problems with self-confidence, and confidence brings other benefits. Men with self-esteem are strong, know what they want, and have self-control.

12. Some women believe in stereotypes

Many women believe that taller men are stronger and more confident, making us feel safe and protected. This might be true, but it has nothing to do with whether he’s tall or not.

They heard somewhere that taller guys have better traits than shorter guys and go with the stereotype that they’re better for them.

Do Shorter Men Stand A Chance?

Yes, short men definitely stand a chance when compared to tall guys. Thankfully, many other traits are valuable, like having a great sense of humor, respecting you, caring about you, and loving you unconditionally.

If a woman cares about height and won’t be with someone just because they are short, it may be a sign that she’s shallow and more interested in someone’s outer appearance than their mind.

Besides that, some women prefer short guys for different reasons. They are okay with having a boyfriend who is shorter than the average man.

Does Height Matter In A Relationship?

We all have our personal preferences. In the past, a guy being shorter than his girlfriend was considered socially unacceptable, and men usually had low self-esteem.

However, nowadays, a modern woman doesn’t care about a man’s height, and perfect examples are famous couples who break stereotypes, like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Jason Statham.

We can all have our personal preferences, but people who want stable and healthy relationships will turn a blind eye to height.

Height may be a factor that helps to attract someone, but your personality is what will keep them around!

To Make A Long Story Short

Why do women like tall men? Is height difference really important?

I hope we’ve answered all your questions on this topic. Yes, dating a taller guy may have its benefits: he may be stronger, have more social confidence, you can wear high heels when you’re out with him, and you are safe and feel feminine.The point is that you’re happy with your choice – tall or short, it doesn’t matter. Many other traits may be more important than height difference but are totally ignored.