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100 Best Tattoo Ideas For Women To Help You Find The Perfect Tat

100 Best Tattoo Ideas For Women To Help You Find The Perfect Tat

Not everyone is a fan of the ink which is totally okay. There are plenty of ways to express yourself through other things without getting a tattoo.

Whether you are a tattoo enthusiast or not, you can check out the best tattoo ideas for women anyway and maybe the pics will inspire you to do something else.

With that being said, there are a lot of people out there who treat their body like a canvas so they want to save their secrets, fears, achievements or their desires on their body forever.

They want to take their thoughts and forever keep them close.

The varieties and options are endless. You can literally do whatever you want.

Some choose to artistically express themselves through abstract designs, some commemorate important people who are no longer around.

Some of them write quotes of support to believe there are better days ahead and to bring back a faith that is long gone.

The point is, you can do whatever you want and no one has to understand what your tattoo really means and it doesn’t matter anyway, as long as it has a message, a reminder or any kind of meaning important to you.

You wouldn’t ask Picasso why he painted what he did, right? Inspiration is internal and the result is beautiful.

If you need some help deciding on the design, shape or the place of your tattoo, check out the 100 best categorized tattoo ideas for women and find your perfect tat!


Feather tattoo

This symbol represents the divine. It connects the real world to the spiritual one.

of choosing an angel, or just a feather, you can blend this beautiful feather with an important message or the image of birds, usually cranes, which also represent peace, prosperity, hope, and purity.

Colorful angel tattoo

This tattoo was made using a watercolor technique. Although many think that it takes a different approach to create such a tattoo, that is not true.

They are done the same as regular tattoos but with a different style of coloring and shading.

This technique breathes life into your angel and it makes it look happy and cheerful. And don’t worry, despite the rumors, it doesn’t fade over time.

Simple angel tattoo

This tattoo is for someone who wants to keep their tat on the down-low. It’s very simple with clean lines and no details.

It’s a perfect tattoo for women. The image of an angel can mean different things to different people but an angel’s aura represents the light the angel has lit within.

The perfect place to put such a discreet tattoo is on the back of your neck so you can hide or show it whenever you want.

Minimalistic angel wing tattoo

As you can see, this tattoo is not made in detail. There are no shades or color. It’s minimalistic and clean.

In contrast to a broken pair of angel wings which represent a struggle with someone’s faith, wings or one wing represents freedom, protection and the need to be closer to God.

Wings on a heart tattoo

When you want to commemorate someone you love who is no longer with you, you can try something similar to this tattoo—wings with a heart.

Design a tattoo with the name of your loved one, or something that reminds you of them.

Anyhow, it’s a beautiful way of honoring the person you miss and keeping the memory of them close to your heart.

Unusual angel tattoo

The tattoo of a sad and broken angel represents a person’s inner pain. There is obviously a tragic connotation to this image.

The person with this tattoo is going through a lot and this is the way to deal with it.

It’s a simple tattoo with shading in black and white but with a bit more detail. The wings are not traditional and nor is the angel.

Detailed angel tattoo

The amount of effort put into this figure of an angel is out of this world.

The artist paid attention to every single detail and carefully played with shadow and light to make the angel more vivid.

Such a unique tattoo design for women is a bold choice because the tattoo is fairly large and it needs to be in order to get all the details to show.

Baby angel tattoo

If you’re aiming for something much cuter, then I suggest you go with a baby angel.

The lines are clear with little detail and the shadowing gives depth to the image. Baby angels are usually associated with Cupid, which is a symbol of innocence and romantic love.

Woman angel tattoo

This angel is not a fallen angel but it’s an angel that was defeated, that had its spirit crushed.

It’s an image of a female angel with her wings almost broken. The blue shadow in the background represents the aura; a blue aura is a symbol of intuition and support.

Winged letter tattoo

The best way to honor someone who is no longer alive comes in different variations.

Some choose the name of the person, some choose an angel and some combine a letter with the wings.

This tattoo is made in a black and white technique with a black shadow which gives the tattoo additional depth.

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Lion tattoo

It is said that lions are creatures of the aristocracy. They represent nobility and self-confidence.

Lions stand proudly and until the end. Nothing can tear them down.

This tat is incredibly detailed in black and white and placed on an incredibly sexy part of a woman’s body.

Butterfly tattoo

This won’t come as a surprise but butterfly tattoos are the most popular choice among women.

When you think about it, there are so many shapes and colors you can choose from if you want to have a butterfly.

Also, they have a symbolic meaning—they represent natural beauty, faith, and freedom.

Bird tattoo

This design is called bird couple art. One of the things birds represent is love and when you choose to put two romantically involved birds on a branch, facing each other, you’re celebrating a couple’s love.

This tattoo is a symbol of togetherness and freedom to love.

Usually, bigger tats are placed on the back but when you choose a smaller one, then it’s best to put it in the upper corner at the back of your shoulder.

Deer tattoo

Deer tattoos symbolize different things and a few of them are motherhood, love, and family. Now this particular tattoo includes birds, too.

Birds can also represent children which makes this tattoo a perfect match for both meanings

. Motherly love keeps the children safe. There are two birds placed on the antlers of the deer and one bird flying away which sadly represents miscarriage.

Elephant tattoo

Those who choose to tattoo an elephant on their body don’t do it just for aesthetic reasons, they do it because those people are truly connected with nature.

There are, of course, different variations of elephant tattoos and I’ve chosen a cartoon elephant.

They symbolize innocence and curiosity and often remind the owner of their childhood.

This particular tattoo is made in a black and white technique with a touch of blue and purple color which brings the image to life.

Bat tattoo

The meaning of a bat tattoo is dark and not so pleasant. Bats are the creatures we meet in our darkest nightmares.

They represent death and suffering. In the case of the tattoo shown below, things are not as dark as they seem.

On one of the lady’s feet, there are black bats which show her dark side, her fears, and her evil thoughts but on the other foot, the bats are white and innocent.

This tattoo is actually a representation of the good and the bad – an unusual version of Yin and Yang.

Dragonfly tattoo

Legend says that dragonflies are the descendants of dragons and they were named after their mystical ancestors.

Dragonflies are a symbol of freedom, elegance, the mystical and luck. Also, a dragonfly is a creature of transformation.

Like butterflies, they go through a metamorphosis into a beautiful being which also has a double meaning which one can interpret it themselves.

This particular tattoo is made in a sketch style which gives it a certain amount of something special.

Sparrow tattoo

This beautiful image was made in a watercolor technique which breathes life into the tattoo.

Sparrows mean so many things but two of the most common are loyalty and an ability to love for eternity. Another one is hope. Why?

Because sailors knew there was land ahead when they saw a sparrow on the horizon, which gave them hope of being saved.

There are no restrictions for where to place the tattoo. Any part of the body will do the trick.

Cat tattoo

The term for this tattoo is known as the outline technique. An outline is the first thing a tattoo artist does on your body.

If you like the outline, then follows the filling of the tattoo, or in this case, it stays minimalistic.

The symbol of a cat is quite simple here, although there are so many interpretations of what it actually means.

The cat represents feminine power, mystery, spirituality, the afterlife, and intelligence.

Cat face tattoo

Or to be more precise, half of a cat’s face. The emphasis of this tattoo is on the eyes of the cat which are deep black and the whole tattoo is done in the form of a sketch which gives it a spiritual tone.

The eyes are incredibly deep and mysterious. A cat’s eyes are a symbol of intellect and the divine.


Lines tattoo

The position of this tattoo is perfect. Being placed on the wrist leaves the impression of a tattoo made in the form of jewelry—some kind of unusual bracelet.

The style of the tattoo is minimalistic. It’s simple and fairly small. These female tattoo designs are symbolic to the wearer but not always clear to the observer which is kind of the point of a tattoo.

It doesn’t matter if everyone gets it. It’s important it means something to you.

Lace tattoo

Talking about feminine tattoos, this one is pretty sexy but in my opinion it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. It’s a bold choice which not everyone can pull off.

It’s a black tattoo with clear lines combining pearls and flowers—all the girly stuff.

The place of the tattoo is just perfect because it’s intimate and it reminds you of sexy lingerie.

Flowery shoulder tattoo

This flower tattoo is made in a sketch style, all in black. Not many decide to get a tattoo of black flowers but if you’re not a fan of coloring a certain part of the body, then this is the way to go.

The place is perfect since it stretches out—starting from the neck to the lower part of your upper arm. It gives the impression of life in the flower.

Tribal tattoo

Tribal tattoos feature bold designs and they celebrate our ancestors.

This one, for example, was inspired by Indian or Middle Eastern culture.

If this is something you want, then don’t think twice. On the plus side, your arm will look amazing.

Abstract tattoo

These kinds of tattoos are popular because they are very artistic. You are free to design whatever you want, whatever is on your mind and in your heart.

It doesn’t have to make any sense and it doesn’t have to have any order.

Flower cross tattoo

Instead of two simple lines intersecting, try to be more creative by throwing in a flower design of a cross.

In Christianity, the cross is a symbol of faith.

This particular tattoo is not made in the form of a classic cross but out of two flowers that form a cross.

It’s a very imaginative way of expressing yourself and your beliefs.

Finger tattoo

This is a classic decorative tattoo design. These kinds of tattoos don’t have to have a particular meaning, they can serve solely as a decorative touch.

Usually, women choose to do tiny tattoos on their fingers but the following example is a bit richer than the average.

Flower trail tattoo

This tattoo is an ideal choice for a woman because of her femininity.

The trail tattoo bellow is a very hot and bold choice. It goes from the neck down to the elbow and frankly, it won’t leave anyone indifferent.

Rose compass tattoo

The rose, naturally, is a symbol of love and the compass is a symbol of guidance.

When you put the two together, it’s simple; this fusion of roses and a compass expresses guidance in love.

This tattoo is made in a hyper-realistic style—it almost looks like a real picture. Realistic tattoos have depth, shading, and flow of reality.

Artistic trail tattoo

Just like the flowery trail mentioned earlier, this trail is yet another way to express yourself artistically.

You can have whatever lines you want and throw in some leaves and flowers to make it more romantic and natural.

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Carnation flower tattoo

Pretty and small tattoo designs are always the way to go for some women.

This particular tattoo is placed on the inside of the arm but its discreet design allows you to put it on more hidden and intimate places, like on the back of your neck or behind your ear.

The design is simple—black lines with pink watercolor flowers. The carnation flower symbolizes love and affection.

Pink rose tattoo

Roses are the most common flowers in the women’s tattoo realm. They are known for their endless beauty and their elegance with a touch of danger—their thorns.

This pink rose tattooed on this model’s back has no thorns, which basically makes it a delicate flower like any other.

Also, pink roses are a symbol of elegance and grace. There is nothing dangerous about them.

Flower finger tattoo

This is a minimalistic tattoo and perfect for somewhere as feminine as a woman’s finger. It’s decent and cute. You can choose whatever flower you like and
the best way to go is probably to have it at the back of your finger, with clear lines and without so many details. Keep it simple!

Triangle flower tattoo

A pink flower beautifully designed inside of a triangle. This tattoo idea is very creative and special because it’s not just a flower and it’s not just done in a geometric style.

The triangle represents a cold harsh exterior with a delicate flower inside—the true portrait of yourself perhaps.

Tiny flower tattoo

This is a beautiful, tiny tattoo for the ones who are not brave enough to have anything bigger.

It’s an excellent choice for tattoo virgins. Although the ankle version is beautiful, it would also look amazing on the inside of your arm.

Big flower tattoo

Flowers have definitely become the sign of a woman’s femininity. It’s up to you whether you’ll choose a bolder version, like this one, or something less noticeable.

One way or the other, flowers are a good choice. This tattoo was made in a black technique with a hint of pink.

Wrist flower tattoo

Such a beautiful and tiny design in just the right spot.

This tattoo is done in black and white with a bit of shadow thrown in to emphasize the depth of the drawing.

Flower blend tattoo

Create a magnificent mixture of flowers if you can’t choose just one.

The different colors will contrast with each other which will create a stunning image.

This tattoo is made in the style of a drawing with color included, making the flowers look more alive and vibrant.

Daffodil tattoo

The daffodil is a harbinger of spring and everything good that comes with it. It’s a symbol of hope and a totem of victory.

A person with a daffodil tattooed on her has probably been through some kind of a personal battle and came out as a winner.

This daffodil is colorless with simple clean lines and a lot of detail.

Violet flower tattoo

Purple violets combined with white flowers create a beautiful contrast. Although violets may not have been in the first plan, this tattoo wouldn’t be this beautiful without them.

Even in the form of the background, they are the main focus of the image.

White violets are a symbol of innocence which can relate to the white flowers in this tattoo, while the purple violets are a symbol of giving love.


‘Let it be’ quote tattoo

This quote tattoo design represents the pain a person is feeling. Images of birds are a symbol of optimism, ease and family values.

So, taking that into consideration, this tattoo represents letting go of a trauma or struggle that happened and moving on. It’s done in a simple font on a foot, all in black.

‘Honoring a lost one’ tattoo

This is the image of a heart tattooed as a symbol of love and words tattooed as a symbol of life which has sadly ended.

The writing ‘Until I see you again!’ refers to meeting that person when this life is over. This message is very emotional and very personal.

‘Letting go’ tattoo

A lot of us hide certain memories deep inside. There are some things we don’t want to share with others.

Maybe some of them happened just recently or when we were a kid. This tattoo is showing a girl letting go of something.

She might be letting go of a loved one, someone she lost at a very young age.

This tattoo is made in a realistic style in black ink with a heart-shaped red balloon emphasizing the love she had to let go.

Feather memorial tattoo

The feather is connected to the divine, to another world. This tattoo is clearly dedicated to a person with the initial P, followed by a heart representing love and the line of life which stopped.

Birds are flying away which can be interpreted as a soul finally finding its way to heaven. The tattoo has a lot of details and it’s done in a black technique.

Dad tattoo

The greatest loss a child can bear is losing a parent. This tattoo is made in honor of a deceased father.

Incorporated with a heart in an infinity symbol means that although he’s gone, he is going to be loved forever.

Dove tattoo

A dove tattoo holding an olive branch dates from early Christianity and is a symbol of peace.

The words ‘I love you the most’ makes it a very personal message. The tattoo is made in a sketch style in black color—very simple and elegant.

Child memorial tattoo

A mother and child have an unbreakable bond which even death itself cannot break.

There are no words that can express how a mother feels when she loses her child but maybe a tattoo can.

Handwriting tattoo

If you want to make your tattoo unique, try a tattoo made out of someone’s handwriting.

If that person is gone, the best way to commemorate them and keep a piece of them forever with you is to take something they wrote and tattoo it on your body—for example, a handwritten letter.

Feather memorial 2

This tattoo is the perfect example of painting the image of someone’s soul flying away to a better place and you not losing hope that someday you’ll meet again This tattoo sums that up perfectly.

Pets really get under your skin. You can truly love a dog, cat or any other pet like a human being.

That’s why some choose to tattoo the memory of their pet after they are gone.

This paw with a heart in the middle is a true example for remembering your pet forever and it can be a great inspiration if you’re looking for something similar.

Paw tattoo

Pets really get under your skin. You can truly love a dog, cat or any other pet like a human being. That’s why some choose to tattoo the memory of their pet after they are gone.

This paw with a heart in the middle is a true example for remembering your pet forever and it can be a great inspiration if you’re looking for something similar.


Celtic motherhood knot tattoo

Two hearts intertwined together—the lines are not cut, which is a symbol for an unbreakable bond.

The stars, which can be inside or outside the heart, signify children—the number of stars is the number of children.

Usually, dots represent the number of children, but there are variations on the theme with stars or flowers.

Mom trail tattoo

This mother carrying a child tattoo is kind of abstract and in a trail with decorative lines.

Any place you decide to put it is good but on your back, it’s intimate and personal.

Single mom tattoo

This tat is perfect for all the single moms out there. The mom is clearly strong and independent and she keeps everything under her control.

The tattoo is done in a cartoon Bomb Girl style in black and white, with a hint of bright red which perks the whole image up.

Infinity mom tattoo

A mother’s love is eternal, just like a tattoo. It cannot fail over time. It can only grow stronger and more meaningful.

This tattoo is made up of an infinity symbol and two years engraved in it—the year of the mother’s birth and year of the the baby’s birth.

It’s done in a simple style in black ink.

Two-heart tattoo

This tattoo is special for so many reasons. Firstly, it consists of two hearts and an infinity sign that binds them together.

Hearts represent the eternal love that a mother has for her child. The infinity sign is for her husband, an accomplice to the beautiful gift of life—their child.

When you look at the tattoo as a whole, you’ll notice it forms a cross which symbolizes God’s blessing. He has rewarded this mom with love and protection.

The tattoo is tiny and it’s made in white ink, which symbolizes the pureness of the mom’s heart.

The white ink tattoo technique is considered to be quite complicated and delicate compared to standard tattoos.

Since white tattoos are very hard to see, they are very hard to ink, too. It takes an expertly trained eye to do the tattoo perfectly.

Love and devotion tattoo

This is an incredible piece of art. It shows an unbreakable connection between a mother and a child—a bond that can never be broken and a bond that has no match.

There is no greater love than the one a mother has toward her child. The design is simple. There are just a few outlines—a mom on the outside and a child on the inside.

The image represents a mother holding her child in her arms, protecting them from everything.

Two souls one heart tattoo

A mom is holding her hand out to her child, giving them her love and support.

The child is taking that love, the child is secure and loved and together they form a heart—an endless symbol of eternal love.

Baby tattoo

One of the most touching and most beautiful mother tattoos I’ve ever seen is definitely this one.

When I look at it, I get a warm sensation rushing my your body.

This tattoo isn’t detailed at all but the core is captured perfectly, with the outlines of a baby and a mother, not even full outlines, but enough to recognize the whole idea and the meaning behind it.

Mom love tattoo

Unlike the last tattoo which is completely minimalistic and simple, this image of mom holding a baby is much more detailed.

Nevertheless, the feeling is the same—love. The mother’s hair is done in detail and the outlines of her body have shading which makes the tattoo more realistic and deeper.

Baby foot tattoo

When talking about the most brilliant and innovative idea for a mother tattoo, then this tat can definitely be considered as the absolute winner.

Taking something as simple as a baby’s foot and filling the outline with the baby’s information (the date and exact time of birth, the length, the weight, etc.) is just genius.


Staff notation tattoo

There’s one trick, one specific thing, that makes this tattoo different from others. Instead of notes, heartbeat lines are drawn inside.

Other words, this tattoo means that music is life. Regarding the style, the tattoo is made in a simple black ink with no shading or any other additional techniques.

Treble and bass clef tattoo

On this image, a bass clef and the inscription ‘Music is the sound of life’ form a heart—meaning an indescribable love of music.

In the middle of the heart, there is a treble clef sign on top of the staff notation.

PPSR tattoo

Or a play, pause, stop, repeat tattoo. This is a genius way to engrave your love of music and life on your body forever.

This tattoo is so simple and yet so powerful. Play the moments. Pause the memories. Stop the pain. Repeat the happiness.

Music lifeline tattoo

Instead of staff notation, clef or bass keys, or notes, headphones are another way to pay tribute to your love to music.

This tattoo is made up of a simple lifeline which continues from the set of headphones. It’s unbreakable, it’s continuous, showing that the love for music never dies for as long as you live.

Clef tattoo

Another way to say that music lives forever is by having a tattoo with a clef key in the middle of a heartbeat line.

It’s a perfect way of depicting that music is a part of your life—at any moment, every day of your life.

This tattoo is done in simple black ink without any special details or techniques.

Watercolor staff tattoo

There are different variations on the subject of staff notation done in a watercolor technique.

Instead of notes written down, there’s a splash of color done in watercolor with a big clef key at the beginning. All in all, it’s a very interesting choice to go with.

Designer clef tattoo

This tattoo is showing a clef key image designed in a different and fun way.

The tattoo is done in black ink with shading on the side and decorative lines along the way of the whole symbol.

Notes tattoo

The place of this tattoo is not that usual and it’s a pretty bold choice.

It’s visible almost all the time, so if you don’t want everyone to see your tattoo it’s better to consider another, more intimate place to put it—for example on your back.

Mic tattoo

A vintage microphone on a tattooed bracelet—perfect for around your wrist but also, if you don’t want the tattoo to be visible or to get in the way because of your job or anything else, you can have it as an ankle tat so you can hide it when you have to.

This tattoo is done in a classic way in black ink with a lot of shading.

Music heart tattoo

This design is so simple and yet so elegant—a treble clef and bass clef formed into the shape of a heart. It’s a small tattoo and the perfect place to put it is on the inside of your arm but the options are numerous—the back of the neck, the back of the shoulder, on your back… the choice is yours.


Mountain tattoo

A tattoo can represent anything you want it to be.

The common meaning of a mountain is a love of nature but it may represent strength or life’s challenges you’re facing or you’ve won.

A mountain can symbolize a huge burden you’re carrying and the calm water underneath it can symbolize what you’ll feel like when you conquer that big obstacle in your way.

This tattoo is done in black and white with a lot of shading, which gives it a more realistic look.

Flower heart tattoo

With flowers which look like they are drawn on the body in the shape of a heart, this tattoo clearly represents a love of nature, with dragonflies coming out of the heart.

As mentioned earlier in the text, dragonflies are creatures of transformation which give special meaning to a person who is transforming as well.

The bear under the mountain tattoo

Let’s say in this case the mountain represents a huge challenge you’re facing with and the bear is you.

Bears are usually associated with a lot of things but in this context it’s strength—the strength you need to face with whatever is ahead.

Wolf print tattoo

A wolf is a real and true part of nature—wild and untamed nature. But what a wolf actually symbolizes is power.

Wolves have been important throughout history in so many different nations and cultures.

Native Americans believe a wolf is a totem animal, a spirit sent to give us guidance through life.

Although wolves have been given a negative connotation and there is fear connected to its name, they are actually closely associated with family because they live and hunt in packs. It’s how they survive.

This tattoo is especially interesting because it’s not done in an ordinary way.

The image of the wolf, the representer of rough but pure nature, is depicted in a wolf’s paw print, which is a very imaginative and original tattoo design for both men and women.

Nature bear tattoo

One bear and a beautiful landscape inside—beautiful. This tattoo is made in the dotwork technique.

Usually, these kinds of tattoos are done in all black but throwing in some color is not a crime.

Tree tattoo

Trees are known as everlasting and resilient. Trees survive for a long time and they represent strength because they are resistant to storms and winds.

This particular tattoo is done in a watercolor technique but instead of green color, it’s yellow and blue.

The tree is bare but still standing and in the background, you can see the clear sky and the sunshine symbolizing better days to come.

Rose tattoo

A rose is a symbol of promise, hope, and new beginnings. Some choose to tattoo the thorns also but some don’t.

Either way, thorns represent defense or loss. This tattoo is made in a black and white technique on the neck. It’s a very bold decision because the tattoo is in a very visible place.

Leaves tattoo

It’s clean, simple and elegant. This tattoo is made of swirling leaves wrapped around the wrist.

This nature tattoo design is perfect for nature lovers and tattoo newbies.

Boat tattoo

The sea—nature’s biggest miracle. It is a fact that during a battle, pirates didn’t surrender while the sail was up.

They navigated the sea in the hope of finding land and they never gave up trying—like the person with this tattoo.

The sail is up, there is no surrender. Adventurous people like this always see an opportunity to go somewhere and they never ever surrender, they keep going no matter what.

Classic nature tattoo

Some of the best tattoo ideas for women don’t even have to have a meaning. Sometimes, they just have to be pretty.

A nature enthusiast would definitely try a landscape image like this.


‘This too shall pass’

All the bad things you’re experiencing will pass sooner or later. It’s an empowering quote ideal for women who are currently going through a rough patch.

No one has been down on their luck for their whole life and neither will you. If you need to engrave it on your body to remember it, then do it!

‘Still I Rise’

If the words themselves don’t seem so exciting, you can decorate them with an interesting design.

In this case, the simple quote is decorated with a flower which makes the quote pop out.

‘Still I Rise’ is a famous poem by Maya Angelou, which is about overcoming prejudice and injustice—at the same time, a perfect tattoo design for young women.

‘Inhale the future, exhale the past’

Let go of the past and embrace the future. So simple, yet so hard to do.

Instead of bare text, you can try incorporating a symbol that means something to you in your tattoo; this one has birds, which are a symbol of peace, prosperity, and hope.

‘Cheers to the miles it took to get here’

This text is so simple but so powerful. Most people don’t like their scars but whether we like it or not, scars are a part of who we are and behind every scar, there is a great story.

Wear it proudly and let it serve as a reminder of how strong you are.

‘Think positive’

Staying positive is impossible all the time. We all fall sooner or later but the important thing is to get up every single time.

Sometimes our bad side gets the better of us, so we sadly lose hope but making a lifetime reminder to stay positive is the way to go.

This particular tattoo is made up of words and a symbol—the letter ‘t’ was replaced by a cross which is a symbol of faith. You got to have faith if you want to move on.

‘But without the dark, we’d never see the stars’

No matter how hard your situation is, remember that there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

There is always a way out of everything. You just have to take the first step and make a decision.

Even if you make a mistake, it doesn’t matter. Mistakes are made so we can learn from them.

‘Through every dark night, there is a brighter day’

Women often choose an empowering quote that will serve as an inspiration to fight their struggles and to keep solving the problems they are faced with.

Things cannot be bad forever, so it’s important to think positively.


One word, so simple. More often than not, only one word can replace so many things you want to say.

‘Love the life you live, live the life you love’

This is Bob Marley’s famous quote. Actually, these two sentences look similar but they don’t have to necessarily mean the same thing.

Live the life you love—life challenges you in every possible way but in the end, it’s up to you to live your life the way you want.

Love the life you live—it’s not about only enjoying what life has given you, but to nurture it and value the gift you were given.

These two sentences are formed here as an infinity sign, which means live like this forever.

‘You are beautiful. You are valuable. You are enough’

This is a simple monochromatic tattoo made up of text and the image of flying birds. Birds represent free spirit.

Along with encouraging words, this is a pretty cool tattoo design for women in search of confidence and self-support.


Arrow tattoo

The arrow is a symbol of moving forward and not going back—an arrow cannot be shot backward.

arrow means you’re going toward your goal.

tattoo idea is based on moving forward despite the obvious obstacles life has faced you with, hence the curves on the arrow.

The flock of birds tattoo

In the top ten tattoos for women is definitely a flock of birds flying, or birds as a symbol in general.

The flock on the move obviously represents freedom. The tattoo is done in black ink and every bird is shaped differently.

The smaller birds are more distant which gives an illusion of a big flock.

Compass tattoo

Compass tattoos are a very popular choice among women. They give the person a sense of direction if they for some reason feel lost.

Putting aside its deep meaning, a tattooed compass looks so cool, so it’s no wonder a lot of people decide to go with this symbol.

Crown tattoo

A woman who chooses to tattoo a tiny crown on her finger does it for a very good reason—she wants to remind herself she is a queen.

She doesn’t want to forget the importance of self-love and respect.

Tree of life tattoo

As far as trees as symbols are concerned, the tree of life is by far the most common tattoo for both men and women.

The tree of life holds so many meanings but the general one is the connection between man and nature and every living creature in the universe.

Feather tattoo

In Native American culture, feathers symbolize spiritual protection. In a dream catcher, feathers are attached to the bottom in order to wash the bad dreams out.

So, in this context, two feathers joined like this symbolize protection from bad things happening to you.

This tattoo is done in black ink with a lot of detail on the feathers.

Stars tattoo

Finger tattoos have become very popular among women and one of the popular designs is the symbol of the star.

star of the multiple stars tattooed here represents achievement—one star for each achievement. Also, the place of the tattoo is important.

If the tattoo is done on the middle finger, it’s symbolic because the main vein which leads to the heart is placed in the middle finger, which gives a tattoo a very special meaning.

If the ring finger is tattooed, it represents your commitment or loyalty to something.

Dreamcatcher tattoo

A dreamcatcher consists of a wooden hoop and feathers attached to it. Inside the hoop, there is webbing which serves to filtrate bad dreams.

In other words, good dreams go right through the hoop and the bad ones are trapped in the webbing forever.

The feathers attached to the hoop are there to help the good dreams slide through the feathers to the person sleeping under it.

This tattoo is made in black ink with nice and calming blue-colored feathers.

Heart tattoo

This tattoo may be tiny but the statement is big. It’s done very simply in an outline technique—very tasteful and very girly.

Anchor tattoo

Anchor tattoos have become more and more common as a symbol women choose for their tattoo.

An anchor has a lot of different meanings and the oldest ones are associated with the sea and sailors. An anchor symbolizes hope, salvation, and composure.