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What Do Pink Roses Mean? The Secret Language Of Flowers

What Do Pink Roses Mean? The Secret Language Of Flowers

The language of flowers is a way of communicating through flowers.

If you ever asked yourself this interesting question, What do pink roses mean? I’m pretty sure you’re not the first person to do so.

For thousands of years, people all over the world have been assigning meaning to flowers. From the Bible to Shakespeare, there are references to flowers conveying messages.

In the United States, this custom became widespread during the Victorian era. At the time, a bouquet of flowers was more than just a gift – it always had a meaning.

The choice of flowers, their combinations, and how they were arranged all carried a message from the sender. With that said, below, you’ll find all you need to know about the secret meanings of pink roses and what different rose colors symbolize.

What Do Pink Roses Mean?

Roses have always held a special place among other flowers. This beautiful flower is always associated with gentle love. Different colors of roses communicate different meanings. Sometimes, different shades of the same color send different messages.

What do pink roses mean? More gentle than passionate red roses, pink roses represent elegance, gratitude, and admiration, and depending on the shade, they can send different messages. Let’s take a look at how different shades of pink tell different stories.

1. Light pink roses: admiration and sympathy

A light pastel shade of pink is the most gentle of all. This delicate flower conveys a sense of admiration. It can be given to someone you cherish but for whom your feelings are still soft, and the time for red roses has not yet come.

Pale pink roses also symbolize comfort and sympathy. They are often given to someone who has experienced a loss as a sign of condolence.

2. Medium pink roses: appreciation and comfort

The most versatile of all is the medium shades of pink roses. Therefore, they are a part of the answer to the question, “What do pink roses mean?”

This is the perfect rose to express either sympathy, congratulations, or appreciation. For this reason, it makes a great gift for many different occasions.

This vibrant flower sends messages of compassion and gratitude. A pink rose bouquet can be used as a symbol of comfort for a grieving loved one or as a thank you gift for a family member.

3. Dark pink roses: gratitude and congratulations

Dark pink roses are a popular choice when you’re looking to say thank you or express congratulations. Florists recommend them as a great gift for events such as graduations, performances, or wedding celebrations.

Flower arrangements with deep pink roses are a great choice as a thank you gift. When looking to convey gratitude to someone you appreciate, dark pink roses are a perfect choice.

Pink Rose Arrangements

When combined with other rose colors, what do pink roses mean? In general, pink roses add joy to the overall message of the bouquet.

• Pink and white roses: new beginnings

Combining white roses, a symbol of new beginnings, with the joy and appreciation signified by pink roses, shows pure intentions, admiration, and happiness. This arrangement makes the perfect gift for special occasions, such as weddings, graduations, or anniversaries.

• Pink and red roses: love and appreciation

To show your significant other how happy you are to love them, give them a bouquet of pink and red roses. Red roses are a well-known sign of romantic love, and the addition of happy feelings and deep appreciation symbolized by pink roses can elevate the message you’re sending.

• Pink and yellow roses: happiness and joy

The perfect combination to show you’re bursting with joy. The message of delight and warmth conveyed by yellow roses is intensified with the addition of pink. Together they make a perfect congratulatory bouquet on happy occasions.

What Do Pink Roses Symbolize?

If you are given a pink rose from a romantic interest, your love is still new and delicate. Pink roses aren’t meant to show the deep passion of red roses, but they’re a certain sign that you’re appreciated.

If you receive a pink rose with no thorns, this can indicate that the person has fallen in love at first sight with you. A single pink rosebud sends a message of first love, carefree innocence, and youth.

As we saw earlier, pink roses can express joy, sympathy, gratitude, appreciation, and gentle love. Depending on what you want to convey, you can choose a more specific shade of pink.

What Do The Different Colors Of Roses Symbolize?

We’ve answered the question “What do pink roses mean?” Now, let’s find out more rose color meanings and learn what, among others, orange, red, and white roses mean.

We’ll figure out what feelings we can uncover and what messages we can send through this beautiful flower.

• Red roses: true love

Undoubtedly the most popular among flowers, a red rose is the symbol of true love. Whether a single long-stemmed rose or a huge bouquet, receiving red roses means “I love you.” A show of passion, red roses are a classic Valentine’s Day gift.

• White roses: innocence and new beginnings

The established meaning of the color white and all white flowers is innocence and purity. Often seen in wedding bouquets, white roses mean new beginnings and eternal love. Sometimes they can be used to express condolences.

• Ivory roses: charm and perfection

Although at first sight they might be easy to confuse with white roses, ivory roses have a completely different meaning. A little darker in appearance, they look luxurious and sophisticated.

They signify charm and perfection, and you can give them to someone you want to show your appreciation without romantic connotations.

• Yellow roses: friendship and optimism

The flower of friendship and happiness, a yellow rose is perfect to lift your friend’s spirits. There are no romantic meanings connected to yellow roses, so don’t be afraid to give them to co-workers to show a little optimism.

• Orange roses: energy and passion

Orange roses‘ meaning corresponds to their color: desire and enthusiasm burst from this vibrant flower. Getting them as a gift might not mean eternal love, but it will show that the giver’s heart overflows with fascination, excitement, and passion.

• Peach roses: gratitude

Warm and interesting, peach roses express gratitude and are, therefore, appropriate even for business settings. If you’re looking to say “thank you,” peach roses are a perfect choice. They also show thoughtfulness and loyalty, making them a great gift for a friend.

• Lavender roses: enchantment and fascination

Very rare and unusual, lavender roses are whimsical in appearance and meaning. They can show feelings of fascination and enchantment for someone considered unique.

Give them to a lover instead of red roses to surprise and delight them. Darker purple roses have a similar, more intense meaning.

• Green roses: new beginnings

The color green represents life, growth, and rejuvenation. Giving someone green roses is a great way to inspire them and celebrate new efforts and undertakings. You can join a loved one in the celebration of a new job or a new apartment with a bouquet of green roses.

• Blue roses: mystery

To show someone that they’re unique, mysterious, and almost impossible, a bouquet of blue roses would be the perfect gift.

Since blue roses don’t exist in nature, their uniqueness is bound to make the gift receiver feel utterly special. They can also be given to a lover who seems unattainable.

• Black roses: ending and change

Black roses are usually seen at funerals, but due to their bold and mysterious appearance, some people find them quite fashionable. They can signify death and ending, but also change and new beginnings. Give them as a gift to someone who needs encouragement during a time of change in their life.

• Multicolored roses: fun and joy

Multicolored roses, aka rainbow roses, are fun, joyful, and bright. They’re unusual, unique, and a great gift for parties. In a way, multicolored roses also carry shades of meaning of all the other rose colors, and this comes down to the variety of ways to love.


The meaning of red roses is well-known. Unlike their sisters, pink roses are a little less familiar. I hope you’re satisfied with my effort to answer the question “What do pink roses mean?”

Pink roses don’t signify passionate love. They convey a softer message – usually a sense of happiness, gratitude, and admiration.

Depending on the shades of pink you’re admiring, there are nuances in their meaning. Light pink roses show admiration and sympathy, medium pink roses convey appreciation and comfort, and dark pink roses are common when expressing gratitude and congratulations.

Creating arrangements of roses of different colors provides fascinating possibilities to express yourself.

Mysterious blue roses, the elegant perfection of ivory roses, and the gratitude expressed by peach roses are just a few elements that can be combined.

Any way you choose to enjoy them, you can’t go wrong with the never-ending charm of this beautiful flower.