We tend to sometimes be busy while working or studying. In those times, when our boss wants us to finish that project by the end of the week, we make our job our priority. During our final exams, we make them a priority. And when we have priorities that take up so much of our time, it’s hard to keep up with everything else. We neglect our social life and with that, we neglect our relationship.

And during those periods, our partner could get hurt. He realizes he’s not being a priority to you and that makes him mad. The result of his anger is constant fights between the two of you. There are times when you even forget what it is that you are fighting about. You simply get lost in all that yelling and anger. And what to do in those times? Most couples break up. They end their relationship right there, on the spot. No matter how much they care for each other, they choose to break up, simply because all they see in that relationship now is anger. Both of them have turned into one giant ball of madness and they keep rolling downhill, thinking they won’t stop for a second.

So, in case you’ve been neglecting your loved one lately and you’ve never seen him this mad before, read this carefully. Don’t be with someone who doesn’t understand you. If he doesn’t get your priorities, he’s not the one. And vice versa. You need to respect his priorities, too. If you end up fighting a lot for no good reason, then you must pause. Pause and reflect on your whole relationship. Remember why you are with that person. Remember the first time he made you feel loved, the reasons that kept you interested in him, the beginning of your whole journey together. When you remember how much you love him and how much you care about him, those feelings will be prioritized. They will become more important than the anger you both have toward each other. Reflecting on the beginning will keep you motivated to work on your relationship and to stay in love with that person. Of course, you shouldn’t force love if there isn’t any. But if you still deeply care about each other, then you are obligated to work on your relationship.

Don’t let your work ruin everything else you’ve been building in your life. Let it be your priority at times but in those times, still try to spend a couple of minutes with someone who loves you. You need to do that in order to keep the spark alive. You both should be understanding. If you want to stay a part of each other’s lives, then you need to know how to handle your time. When you go out on a date, be free to talk about your priorities and goals. Let him know what you’re dealing with and let him be your support in that process. You should be his support as well. If there’s love, there should be support and understanding. The flower you don’t water will never grow.

You should rate your partner based on the way he’s able to handle life’s priorities. And if sometimes you end up not understanding each other’s needs, then pause. Remember the spark you felt the first time you saw him. Remember the first time he made you smile. Remember those butterflies you felt while you were getting ready to go out on your first date with him. Let that spark live inside your heart. Let it be a reminder of everything good you and that person have.

While remembering your past with your partner, also try to imagine your future together. Try to imagine if that person has a part in your future plans. Can you see yourself being married to him? If the answer to this question is yes, then it is, by all means, the kind of love worth fighting for. Don’t let your potential husband get away so easily. Fight for the love you deserve to have.

Never let your emotions take the wheel. Of course, you must be aware of them but you should never let them lead. Listen to them. Understand them. Understand why you’re angry but listen to the love that lives inside you. Don’t let yourself be blinded by bad things that have happened. Don’t let yourself be blinded at all. Love someone with all your heart but also keep both your both on the ground. Do what you have to do during the day but when you go to sleep, remember what you are working forwhat kind of a future you are building for yourself. If he’s a part of your future, then don’t let him go. Text him at night if you’ve been busy during the day. Simply remind him of your love. If you don’t pause, reflect, and imagine, then your relationship will fall apart before you even know it.