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20 Warning Signs Your Wife Is Cheating On You

20 Warning Signs Your Wife Is Cheating On You

If you’re looking for signs your wife is cheating on you, it means that you already suspect that this might be the case because, otherwise, you wouldn’t be here in the first place.

I’m sorry to tell you that sometimes your gut speaks the truth without evidence, but still you hope that you are wrong about it (just like every guy out there).

But, today you are here because you have probably decided that it’s time to reveal the truth and get rid of all of your suspicions in order to regain your inner peace.

And you did the right thing!

Even though I myself am your opposite sex, I still find it necessary to share with you the fact that the number of women who have reported to be cheating on their partners has increased by 40 percent since 1990, according to Esther Perel (psychotherapist, relationship expert and New York Times bestselling author).

Even the most ingenious women don’t have the power of hiding their sinful actions eternally.

If their words don’t give them away, their subconscious will do it for sure!

I guess the time has come where women are equal with men in every aspect, which includes cheating as well.

The truth is that women are also really good at hiding clues and signs of their infidelity (even better than the majority of men) and that is why it is so hard to know for sure whether or not she is guilty of cheating.

But, don’t worry. Even the most ingenious women (ingenious at cheating) don’t have the power of hiding their sinful actions eternally.

If their words don’t give them away, their subconscious will do it for sure!

So, what you need to do is pay attention to her actions and look for the subtle signs of her potential infidelity.

Don’t fret; you will not have to spend 12 hours in libraries or 6 hours surfing on the Internet in order to find everything you need.

The following 20 signs will cover every aspect of her life (and more) and at the end of reading it, you will be one hundred percent sure whether or not your wife is cheating on you!


1. She accidentally keeps calling you by another name

All this time she didn’t have problems memorizing your name, but lately she started (accidentally) calling you by another name.

If it happens once, she probably did it by mistake, but if she keeps calling you by some other dude’s name (especially in the bedroom), she might be guilty of cheating on you.

People do this because they subconsciously think about that person all the time and they can’t control when they will say the name of their secret lover in front of you.

When a Freudian slip like this occurs, they laugh it off, pretending that they did it accidentally, even though they are full aware that there’s a valid reason behind it.

2. She doesn’t post pictures of you anymore

She used to post tons of pictures of the two of you together on social media, and now you can’t remember the last time she did it.

If she keeps posting pictures of herself (especially in semi-provocative poses), then she’s definitely not bored with social media.

The reason why she no longer wants to be seen with you in pictures on social media might be because she wants to appear single so that she can keep doing things behind your back.

She also doesn’t want anyone to recognize her as a cheater (if they are not familiar with her real status) because I believe there are still some guys out there who really do mind whether she’s already in a relationship or single.

3. Her phone is forever on silent

Her phone is somehow magically always on silent and she never answers her phone on time when you’re calling her.

Also, you rarely hear that anybody is calling her (because her phone is on silent) and you can tell that she’s been texting someone all the time, even though you hear no notifications.

Obviously, she keeps her phone forever on silent because she’s afraid that you might ask her with whom she’s been texting all the time and she certainly doesn’t want to reveal her cheating nature.

She wants you to think that she’s all of a sudden antisocial and forgetful about turning on her mobile phone’s sound.

4. She no longer calls you “honey” or “babe”

You can’t remember the last time you heard her calling you by some pet names like “honey,” “babe,” “sweetheart,” or your special nickname.

She calls you specifically by your name or by some generic attention-grabber like “Hey…” or similar.

The reason why she no longer calls you by sweet names might be because she’s no longer interested in you romantically.

She sees you more like a friend than a lover/boyfriend and that is why she no longer can call you by other names than intentionally platonic ones.

If you notice this change in your relationship, ask her why she no longer calls you by specific names like before.

If she starts stuttering when trying to answer your question, then you can be sure there’s something fishy going on.

5. She’s constantly staying late at work

Work, work, work… All of a sudden, she has so much work to do that she’s literally sleeping at her workplace.

Constantly staying late at work is one of the most famous excuses for indulging in adulterous pleasures.

I mean, if you have to work so much, no one will tell you that you can’t because you have your supervisors and you can’t influence it.

That is why this is a perfect excuse when it comes to hiding infidelity.

And while you think that she’s such a poor thing spending so much time slaving away, she’s probably somewhere else (way more cozy), thinking that her excuses are working like a charm.

But, pay attention to her mood when she comes back from her “job.”

Does she seem a little bit too happy for someone who is constantly staying late at work? Hmm…

she seem a little bit too happy for someone who is constantly staying late at work? Hmm…

6. She’s holding back on the sex

This is also one of the biggest signs that your wife is cheating on you.

If she’s constantly complaining about the incessant headaches and shitty mood, there must be something more to it.

Perhaps she’s holding back on the sex because she’s no longer interested in having it with you.

I know it sounds harsh, but it could be the truth and it is better to find out sooner than being ignorant of potential cheating forever.

7. She’s drifted off

Does she seem distant all of a sudden?

Do you think that she spends enormous amounts of time daydreaming and thinking about something else instead of being there in the moment with you?

And does she exhibit a somewhat aggressive attitude when you ask her about all of it?

She is distant because her mind is clearly somewhere else.

She might be thinking about her cheating nature and devising the next excuse that will enable her to leave the premises and meet her secret lover.

And when you ask her why she’s been absent, she instantly manifests her hostile attitude because she’s afraid that you might uncover her little secret.

8. She changed her passwords

All this time you could log into all of her accounts without any problem and she can do the same with yours.

You trust yourself to the core and that is why you don’t have issues about sharing your passwords and everything with each other.

But, all of a sudden, you realize that she’s changed her passwords on social networks.

You can’t think of any valid reason why she would do so and it instantly comes to you that she might be hiding something from you.

And you may well be right about it.

She has probably changed her passwords because she no longer wants you to be a part of her life on social networks.

Because, clearly, she’s got some secret business to do there without you knowing it.

9. She’s suddenly working too much on her looks

She has always taken good care of herself, but now she’s gone to extremes.

Suddenly, she’s spending too much time at the gym and too much money on sexy clothes, makeup, and some more clothes.

Her wardrobe and all the shelves in the house have become full of her new beauty arsenal and you’re wondering about the real reason behind it.

She might be working too much on her looks just to impress you, but if she’s constantly having her headaches when it comes to sexy time or exhibiting some of the other cheating signs, she might be doing all of this to impress someone else instead.

10. She’s protective of her phone

Her phone has become the most valuable possession to her and she simply can’t let you near it.

And she’s certainly not afraid that you’ll somehow break it, yet she’s scared that you might find out something that she doesn’t want you to.

When her phone rings or she receives a text message (if she’s forgotten to put it on silent), she instantly grabs her phone at the speed of light so that you don’t have a chance of seeing who is calling or texting her.

A secret lover perhaps?

11. She’s overly curious about your whereabouts

She never really paid that much attention about where you’re going, what you’re doing, and with whom, but now she’s overly curious about your whereabouts.

She demands to know specifically every single detail of your daily plan and you start thinking how lovely she actually is.

But, she might be doing it because she doesn’t want you to intercept her amid her cheating actions and that is why she needs to know where you will be and when you will come back.

She is constantly devising perfect plans that will enable her to do whatever she wants, whenever,  without you having a clue about it.

12. She’s avoiding your friends

Your friends used to be her friends as well, but now she is kind of avoiding them.

Maybe she is desperately trying to avoid them because she’s afraid that they might know something about her or that they will ask her some tricky questions to find out more about her mysterious nature.

Also, she’s constantly too busy to hang out with you when you invite her because she got some other plans, or she has too much work to do.

But, in reality she’s probably spending time with her secret friend and thinking of her next excuse.

13. She’s avoiding certain places

Before, she wouldn’t mind where you were going to eat, as long as you were going. And she wasn’t so picky about other things either.

But, now she seems to avoid certain places for no apparent reason.

She also pretends that she no longer likes the food there only to avoid entering that particular premises.

Maybe her secret lover is working there? Or she was there with him many times and he might appear there at the same time as you?

There must be a valid reason behind it. You would certainly want to ask her more about it and insist that she explain it to you in detail.

14. She claims she’s unhappy

Many affairs start with a woman claiming that she’s unhappy in a relationship.

Many men don’t take this one too seriously because women are famous for PMS and constant overthinking about everything.

But, if she keeps reminding you of how unhappy she is, there must be more to it.

Maybe she’s trying to tell you that she’s no longer attracted to you or that the two of you are stuck in a rut and all of this makes her unhappy.

Or she’s glum because she already did something shitty behind your back and now she feels bad about it.

Whatever it is, her claiming that she’s unhappy is never a good sign in a relationship.

15. She’s ignoring you

She’s ignoring you in bed by constantly making excuses, ignoring you when you want to talk to her about your relationship, and ignoring you when you ask her certain questions about her whereabouts.

She instantly feels insulted about it and blames you for controlling her.

But, the real reason why she is doing it is because she’s trying to avoid eye contact and any contact with you at all so that you don’t reveal her cheating nature.

And her acting insulted works like a shield for her sinful deeds, because the easiest way to ignore someone is to pretend that you’re insulted by them and they will likely soon stop questioning you.

16. You spend less time together

You no longer spend that much time together as before because of her being too busy and not in the mood to go anywhere with you.

You’re more like friends than husband and wife and it is seen in every aspect of your together life.

There are no more cuddling sessions in front of the TV, you no longer go out for a drink, and you don’t do fun things together.

The only thing you do is sleep next to each other without having sex because of her constant headaches and mood swings.

You see, if you no longer spend quality time together because she’s sabotaging it, then you can be sure she’s doing it because of other selfish reasons of hers.

She might be spending her free time with someone else while continuing to sell you excuses.

17. She suddenly insists on taking solo trips (instead of going with you as before)

You no longer go together for groceries, for a walk, or somewhere else that you used to go together.

Now she insists on taking solo trips everywhere, telling you that she needs some alone time for herself.

But, deep down in your soul, you know that this isn’t true.

She’s doing it because it is a perfect opportunity for her to visit her secret lover too and spend some time with him while telling you that she was in the middle of rush hour and she couldn’t make it earlier.

If you suspect that she’s doing all of this just because she’s driven by other selfish motives, you might want to ask her a little bit more about it.

But, remember not to be pushy. Just play it cool and smart, and I’m sure that her sinful nature will be revealed sooner than you think.

18. She brings new moves into the bedroom

Suddenly, she insists on trying new positions with you and she brings some new moves into the bedroom.

She’s no longer the same wife that you used to make love with.

She’s become wilder and her moves make you question where she has learned them.

Well, maybe her secret lover has taught her and now she’s trying to implement it in your bedroom, too.

And if she accidentally screams his name while having sex with you, there you have it!

Then you can be sure that she’s changed because of someone else and not because of you or because she’s googled new hot positions day and night.

19. She spends too much time on her phone/computer

If you’ve noticed that she spends too much time on her phone or computer telling you that she’s doing things for work (even though she is already spending too much time at her workplace), you can be sure that she’s lying.

She’s probably spending her time on social apps texting with other guys out there and waiting for the perfect time to meet with them.

20. She seems nervous and uncomfortable when you ask her questions

Furthermore, one of the biggest signs your wife is cheating on you is her being nervous and uncomfortable when you ask her questions.

If you ask her about her late arrival home and she stutters while trying hard to find the perfect excuse, then you can be sure she’s playing dirty and trying to hide it from you.

And if you keep pushing her to tell you more about it, she will seem more and more bewildered until she bursts out, blaming you of being too controlling of a husband.

If she does this, don’t let her blame you for something that is her fault.

Keep in mind that if you constantly have to ask her questions and second-guess her actions, then there is something utterly wrong with her, and not you.

And if she keeps neglecting the truth, you are free to give her an ultimatum and see if she admits the crime or keep it a secret.


In case that you’ve concluded your wife is definitely cheating on you, do not freak out or do some unnecessary actions that you might regret later.

No matter how stupid it sounds, just try to stay calm and see the bigger, positive picture of it. Also, prepare for affair recovery.

You see, if your wife is cheating on you, it is better to find it out now than never, where you keep living your life in ignorance and false happiness.

The rage and disappointment that you’re feeling now will disappear with time and, eventually, everything will fall into place and you’ll be truly happy as you deserve.

The best thing to do is to get your mind in order and try to talk to her about it.

Ask her about her recent behavior and to tell you honestly if she’s been hiding something from you.

And if she confirms your suspicions, try not to do anything stupid and make things even worse than they are already.

Remember that you deserve to be happy, that this is your chance to cleanse your life from all the negativity and start writing a new, healthier chapter, instead of wasting time on the old one that is simply no longer worthy of your time.