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10 Signs Your Wife Just Slept With Someone Else

10 Signs Your Wife Just Slept With Someone Else

Do you keep getting that gut feeling that something isn’t right? You’re not 100% sure, but it most probably has to do with your wife.

You might be feeling like something is off and that she is not acting herself. What you are thinking is that she might be cheating on you. This is a serious accusation, so make sure you have the evidence to back it up.

In most cases, it’s just your mind playing tricks on you. I will provide you with 10 signs your wife just slept with someone else to help you figure out if your significant other is seriously sleeping with someone else.

Also, I will outline a plan of action if this is really true to help you in these trying times. Hopefully, we are wrong.

10 Signs Your Wife Just Slept With Someone Else (Without You Knowing)

Here are the most important 10 signs your wife just slept with someone else:

1. Change in sex life

A change or absolute cease in sexual activity with your spouse is a giveaway sign something is not going right. I mean, who carries on with marriage when there is no consummation of it?

In other words, the woman is often emotionally involved with her lover, meaning that she might have a problem with “cheating” on him. This could be why she is not engaged in your sex life.

It could also be that she is not interested in sexual activity with you and proceeds to only engage in intercourse with her lover.

2. Your girlfriend or wife lied

It just doesn’t add up. Sometimes she takes too long to get back from work, driving the kids to the park also takes ages, and you are starting to wonder if this is all true.

It’s even worse if she loses track of the details. This way, you know for sure that your wife is lying about her whereabouts. If combined with other signs your wife is cheating, it might reveal that it is true.

3. Spending time with the girls out and never home

Excuses, excuses everywhere! Your wife never seems to be home, and you are starting to get lonely. Is she at yoga and hanging out with the girls every night?

This might just be a cover-up for her actual location. In fact, lying about where she’s going and never being home are two of the biggest signs something is up with her.

4. Taking care of her looks

Is she wearing more makeup than usual? Is she shopping at new boutiques and picking out clothes that accentuate her best features? And even worse, is she wearing them to events you’re not attending?

If your wife is exhibiting this unusual behavior, it might mean she is emotionally cheating on you with someone. In any case, when was the last time she made herself pretty for a night out with you?

5. Talking about ending your relationship or marriage

Has she mentioned ending your marriage or relationship before? Then this might be one of the telltale signs she is involved with someone else.

Saying these kinds of things might mean she is over you or that she no longer wants to be married. In any case, it’s not a good sign, even if she is not cheating on you. Even worse, this can be an interlude to infidelity or a breakup.

6. Overusing social media and using dating apps

Let’s be honest here, if your wife uses a dating app, it’s almost undeniable she either has or is looking for a lover. It’s even worse if she uses social media constantly and texts people you don’t know almost all the time.

Let’s look at what we have so far:

Your wife uses a dating app even though she is married, she is always on her phone texting, and her phone is locked. If she isn’t cheating, she is either planning to or something fishy is going on.

7. Becoming overly private and distant

Does she head to the bathroom or outside to talk? What does she have to hide? In any case, no marriage is that private. And to add to it, she is even pulling away from you and becoming emotionally distant.

It’s like you don’t know your wife or girlfriend anymore. This is one of the telltale signs she is hiding something.

8. Not her everyday behavior

You know your wife all too well, as most men do, and you know what her everyday behavior is like.

If you see a change in this behavior and feel like she is becoming someone else, it might be a sign she is, in fact, changing for the worse.

My tip is to look at her body language and decide. If it is off, it might mean that she is avoiding something.

9. Constant mood swings

She’s up and down all the time. Today she showers you with affection, and tomorrow, she is as cold as an icicle. This is a huge red flag as acting hot and cold is not normal behavior.

Remember, she is under pressure. She has you, who she cares about, but another she is attracted to, which gives her emotional support. She has a hard time choosing between you two.

10. You’re suspicious

The last and definitely most important of our 10 signs your wife just slept with someone else is that you’re starting to suspect something.

Let’s be honest, you’ve spent so much time with your wife, and after all this time, you can feel bad news coming. The same goes for cheating.

You suspect something is up and trust your gut feeling.

Of course, the gut can always play games with us, but if you gather evidence combined with some of these other signs I mentioned, you can almost be sure that your hunch is true.

My Partner Is Cheating! What Should I Do Now?

Cheating in a relationship is a very sensitive topic, so be careful when you bring it up, and only do it when absolutely sure.

Needless to say, cheating can lead to physical and emotional abuse. Therefore, only bring it up if you are absolutely positive your partner is cheating, and you have proof.

If all of your fears are true and almost all of the 10 signs your wife just slept with someone else apply to her, you will need proof your partner is cheating. Here are some of the actions you can take:

• Look for the red flags: Be objective when looking at your “clear signs.” It could just be your insecurities playing games with you.

• Seek out help: It can be a professional, understanding coworker or best friend, but let them know about the signs of cheating you’ve seen so far and ask them what they think.

• Talk to your partner: The best way to get it off your chest is to confront the probable cheater and ask them if your suspicions are true.

• Keep a low profile: If you’re still not ready to confront them, wait and look for other signs of infidelity.

• Look out for your well-being: Remember that you and your health are a priority in this mess.

• Leave: If things get ugly, and if your wife or girlfriend just slept with someone, leave immediately and try to move on with your life without them.

• Make a list of pros and cons: Why are you with your partner? Is it worth staying? Can you forgive her?

Choose your next actions carefully. Your marriage might be at stake. Remember, don’t come off too harsh but stand your ground and don’t let your partner manipulate you.

There are many reasons why people cheat in relationships. Some people might cheat because they are not getting the attention they need from their partner, while others might do it because they are bored with their current relationship.

In the end, it’s never the fault of the one who is being cheated on (you). It is always the cheater’s fault because they soon become liars with a sex life outside of their marriage or relationship.

People who have cheated on their partners often feel guilty about what they have done. They may feel like they cannot stop cheating or that the only way to stop is to break up with their partner and find someone new.

So, choose your plan of action carefully, let someone else know your suspicions, and tread with caution once you decide to confront your wife about this problem. Remember, it doesn’t have to be true. If you talk it through, you are most likely to understand.

How Do I Trick My Wife To Admit To Cheating?

As said before, cheating is a serious allegation, and getting someone to admit to it is going to be hard. So, you will need to play some serious mind games with your wife and catch her red-handed.

This means that you first need to find proof that she is cheating. This can be incriminating text messages or locations where she met up with someone.

Next, you will need her to confess. This is going to be the hardest step because you need to talk to her and confront her about her behavior while pointing out the proof you found.

Here are some of the things you can do to corner her and find out where she is going:

• Track her location

• Spy on her by tracing her steps throughout the day

• Check out her text messages (and e-mails)

• Snoop around her computer and browsing history

• Check her Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat accounts, as well as other apps on her phone

• Install cameras at your entrance

• Look through her finances

Once you have the information on where she is going all the time, here are some things to get her to admit to cheating:

• Talk to her

Catch her lying

• Confront her about her recent behavior

• Catch her off guard

• Listen to her

Ask her questions

• Extract a confession

Hopefully, there will be no confession in the end, but make sure that you have the courage backed up by information and proof of her cheating when confronting her. Of course, don’t let her gaslight you and make herself out to be the victim.

How Can You Tell If Your Wife Is Lying To You?

If your wife lies, she will act differently when talking to you. She will be secretive, things will not add up, and she will try to distract you from it.

Here are some of the warning signs someone, including your wife or girlfriend, is lying or are trying to hide something from you:

• Fidgeting

• No eye contact

• Mood swings

• Sudden change in volume

• Body language

• It doesn’t add up

• Distracting you from the topic

Telling if someone is lying is an easy task, but considering cheating and that we are talking about your spouse, it might be hard for you to be realistic about it. In other words, if you’re under a lot of pressure, you might think different kinds of behavior can mean they are lying.

Therefore, try to be realistic and objective when determining if your wife is lying to you. If you only see one sign, don’t assume the worst immediately. Of course, some obvious signs might be left out or minimized. It all depends on the person.

It’s Time To Think!

I truly hope you didn’t recognize any of these 10 signs your wife just slept with someone else. It would be great if it were only happening in your head, but we all know how cheater vibes look.

In the end, you still might ask: How do you know she is cheating? Remember, it’s the little things that give it away. It’s not all gloom and doom. Look for good signs like saying “I love you” and spending quality time together that prove your partner is still being faithful.

Most couples drift apart at some point in their relationship, so it’s no wonder you might think your significant other is cheating, while she might not be interested in someone else but in a new hobby.

In any case, if you already have evidence your wife is cheating on you, I hope you gather the courage to tell her what lies in your heart. But don’t forget to be objective. Not all hope is lost, but always stick to what you believe in.