For sure you agree that cheating is the ultimate betrayal in a relationship. It can ruin everything you’ve been building while you two have been together. Cheating means that your partner wanted someone else more than you and it breaks you to the core. But what if you’re doing something in your mind that doesn’t seem to have anything to do with cheating but is exactly that? Cheating isn’t just physical, but emotional and mental as well. Be careful with the heart of your partner. Also, he might be doing these things as well and without knowing, he’s cheating on you. These things are alarming because no one decides over night that they want to break their marriage vows. It’s a long thought process that creeps in from the back door and won’t leave you alone until you’re finally satisfied.

1. You talk negatively about your partner

You wouldn’t like your partner to talk trash about you behind your back as well, right? It’s OK to want to talk about a problem you’re having in your relationship and try to find a solution or advice. But talking about how you don’t know why you’re with him, saying that he’s an ass, useless or boring isn’t something you should be doing. This is where you’re choices come into question because you chose to be bound to him for the rest of your lives, but now you’re talking trash about him. I know it might be comforting when someone listens to you, but if you really want to talk badly about your partner, try communicating it with him in a nice way that will give you a solution to a problem.

2. Cheating with people of the opposite sex

It’s nice to have a guy-friend, but if your man had a best friend who was a girl, you’d probably get mad or want to know what they’re talking about. Are you sure that your getting enough attention and affection from your partner? Are you searching for validation from someone else? Because, if you’re dedicating so much time and energy to another person, there must be something off about that. Also, if he does this, too, confront him about it. Don’t let things be unsaid.

3. Dressing to impress someone else

So, you’re going out and you’ve dressed yourself very well. Of course, you want to feel beautiful, I understand, but did you think about impressing another man this way? If yes, then this is a very dangerous path to real, physical cheating. You should only be wanting to be pretty for yourself and for your partner. No one else can be in this equation in order to stay faithful to your partner.

4. Spending time alone with someone else

Don’t you think that going out to a dinner that’s seemingly innocent can make someone fall in love with you or you with them? You’re spending quality time with that person, being all alone with them, there’s wine and slow music, and you think you’ll stay faithful? Also, you’re talking about pretty intimate things and if someone has enough trust in you to talk about very emotional topics, you will get attached to them, no matter how much you wouldn’t want that to happen.

5. Daydreaming

Again, doesn’t seem like a big deal, right? But thinking about something too much can wake emotions that aren’t supposed to be there. Just think about all those times you were overthinking something and it reflected on your emotions. Daydreaming about you being with someone else, or about other men in general, means that your emotional bond with your partner isn’t really that strong. Be careful. It’s really dangerous. If your partner told you that he thought about another woman naked, you’d probably freak out.

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6. Flirting

Probably the most obvious one. You might be thinking that some innocent flirting with a co-worker or the waiter in a bar is harmless, but it’s not. It’s dangerous. Avoid it like the plague. Flirting suggests that you are attracted to someone in some way, so if someone flirts with you, ignore it. Wouldn’t you want your partner to ignore these people as well? So stay away from it; you can do better than that. Also, it means that you’re not respecting yourself enough. Why? Your putting your worth down by flirting, no matter how innocent you might think it is, because we all know the phrase ‘once a cheater, always a cheater’. I don’t think that this is something you’d people to think of you.

7. Avoiding sex

Your partner needs to be able to trust that you’re always going to be there for him. This of course doesn’t apply to men who aren’t doing anything in return. But if your man is a sweetheart and he wants to enjoy the intimate side of your relationship, it’ll be nice if you do your part. Sexual rejectment creates tension between you two and of course, suspicion. Be honest with your partner. If you don’t want to have sex right at the moment when he’s asking for it, then please talk it through. Communicate effectively about why you’re not in the mood and make him understand, don’t just run off mad.

7 Ways You're Cheating On Your Partner Without Even Knowing It