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Keep In Mind These 6 Signs He’s Completely Fallen For You

Keep In Mind These 6 Signs He’s Completely Fallen For You

The signs of a guy who likes you are pretty well-known and standard, but how do you know if a guy is really into you? In the dating world, there are 6 signs he’s completely fallen for you.

Some are more obvious than others, some are body language signs, and others are reflected in them spending time with you or making you happy.

If you’re curious whether your potential partner is falling for you, here are the most common and obvious signs he really is!

What Are The 6 Signs He’s Completely Fallen For You?

Women like to know everything when it comes to their romantic relationships.

They aren’t satisfied with knowing their potential partner likes them – they want to know if they’re head over heels in love with them. That’s why we’ve made this list of the 6 signs he’s completely fallen for you.

1. He always tries to make you laugh

When a man develops strong feelings for you, the first thing he’ll want to do is to make you laugh. He knows how important your well-being is in this relationship.

So he will try to make jokes out of everything that’s appropriate. He wants to cheer you up on your bad days and get you in an even better mood on good days.

A big plus is if you have the same sense of humor, but even if this isn’t the case, he will try his best to adapt to yours. Sometimes he will act goofy because he’ll run out of good jokes.

He knows that good humor is a shortcut to your heart, but this isn’t why he’s making you laugh – you being in a good mood is all he cares about.

2. He is always there for you

Another great sign he’s into you is if he is constantly there for you…and I mean CONSTANTLY, no matter if it’s on weekdays or over weekends.

He wants to build a good foundation for your relationship. He wants you to become best friends and lovers after that, so he will be concerned about even the little things.

If you call him in the middle of the night asking for a shoulder to cry on or any other type of help, be sure that he’ll be there in a matter of minutes.

A man who has fallen for you will try to protect you at all costs. The best part is that he won’t speak about it – he will show you how much he cares about you through his actions.

3. Constant kissing and cuddling

Physical intimacy will be inevitable if he’s in love with you. You can always expect kisses, no matter the place or occasion.

He loves showing you affection, but most importantly, he can’t resist your beauty and cuteness. There also won’t be a lack of cuddles.

The fact that he’s close to you and able to cuddle with you is enough to make him the happiest man alive. Each time he kisses you, his heart will start beating so hard that you’ll hear it.

This way, both of you will feel safe and secure. So, trust his body language. It will reveal many things he’s too shy to say.

4. Constant eye contact

One of the early signs he is slowly falling for you is the prolonged eye contact you will definitely spot.

This sign is pretty obvious: he’s so attracted to you he can’t take his eyes off you. The eyes are the windows to the soul, and his intention is to make sure who you really are.

When you’re talking, looking at you in the eyes will also be a sign that he understands you on a deeper level. Besides this, it’s an intimate moment that can lead to more intimate contact.

So if you catch him looking into your eyes, it’s a sign he’s definitely into you.

5. He introduces you to his friends and family

If he develops true feelings for you, one thing is for sure: he will introduce you to his loved ones.

I don’t even need to say how much of a good sign this is. He values and loves you so much that he’s ready to introduce you to his family.

He even calls you in front of them by the adorable pet names you gave each other without any shame. So if he hasn’t introduced you to his family, it could be that he’s not ready for that kind of commitment.

On the other hand, if he’s introduced you to all of his friends and family, girl, you are winning it! Be prepared for a wedding ring.

6. He talks about the future with you

One of the tell-tale signs he’s falling in love with you is talking about the future with you. Long story short, if he’s talking about his favorite baby names, it’s a clear sign he wants to enrich his love life with you.

Talking about your perfect home, work plans, children’s names – all of this is a sign he doesn’t want a casual relationship with you but a mature, committed relationship.

He sees you as someone he could marry and who’ll be a perfect mother to his children. But the real question is, are you ready to spend the rest of your life with him?

The Rush Of New Love

One important behavior of a guy falling in love with you is that they are pretty impatient when it comes to you.

He wants to know everything about you and your little quirks; he wants to see you every day and be part of your life. This is a big sign he wants a long-term relationship with you.

With emotional intimacy comes physical intimacy as well. They will kiss you every time the opportunity arises, and cuddling will be an important part of your ‘‘love session.’’

However, some girls might find this a big red flag. They don’t like immediately rushing into a relationship and expressing too much affection initially.

Is He In Love With You Or Is It Just Lust?

Sometimes, even though you are aware that he’s completely fallen for you, you still wonder if he really wants to connect on a deeper level or if it is just lust for him.

You’ll recognize lust as the constant need for physical intimacy and only that. However, love is both passionate and compassionate.

Also, they won’t talk to you that much on social media as they only need it to arrange meetings with you. They won’t be interested in your life outside the bedroom if it’s just lust.

These are all signs he doesn’t want a new relationship, that this is just lust for him and nothing else.

What Stops Him From Confessing To You?

So if you sport these 6 signs he’s completely fallen for you, you might wonder why doesn’t he confess to you directly.

There are many reasons for this, but we will elaborate on the most common ones.

1. He isn’t sure about your feelings

Most of the time, the only thing stopping him from openly confessing that he’s madly in love with you is that he isn’t sure you feel the same.

He is scared confessing might ruin your great relationship and make things even worse, especially if you’re coworkers… It would be pretty awkward seeing them in the office every day if you break up.

Therefore, he’s waiting for some obvious signs from you so he can put a label on your relationship.

2. He is shy

Being shy and not knowing the right approach to confess his feelings is another reason he hasn’t done it yet.

Some people aren’t the greatest at opening up – they are introverts – even if you’ve been dating for a while. They don’t like talking about their emotions, but their actions speak louder than words.

That’s why you shouldn’t force things – let him take his time. You don’t need a confession if you see that he respects and loves you in every way.

3. Bad past experience

Fear of rejection is real, especially if the person has had a bad experience in the past.

Maybe everything was looking good with his ex, but she rejected him when he started talking about his emotions. This can leave a big mark, and understandably, he developed a fear of rejection.

So now he is probably waiting for you to make the first move because he can’t risk getting hurt again.

4. He has commitment issues

Commitment issues can be a problem for your happiness in a relationship. If he had a bad experience in the past, it would be extremely hard for him to open up again.

Maybe he devoted years to his ex-partner, and they still ended up leaving him. It’s normal for him to have a fear of commitment.

He is scared that you might do the same thing but still isn’t capable of ending things with you because he really likes you. So now he’s struggling between these two things.

5. He’s waiting for you to confess first

The reasons why he may be waiting for you to confess first are numerous. Maybe he’s shy and insecure and fears rejection or has commitment issues.

Either way, he prefers to hold back and for you to take the lead. The problem is if you also have a reason for not being the first to talk about your feelings.

Maybe you don’t have a problem, or maybe you’re just very proud. Either way, someone should make the first move.

How To Tell A Guy You’re Also Falling For Him

If you like him back, the last thing you want to do is give him the impression that you’re not interested in him. I know that this can be hard if you have had bad past experiences in the past and developed certain insecurities.

However, the best relationship advice I can give you is to trust your intuition and these 6 signs he’s completely fallen for you.

You don’t have to say to him directly, ‘‘Hey, I like you a lot.’’ Instead, you can go with a few subtle signs that you’re into him.

Try using the same cues he does. Take advantage of prolonged eye contact, cuddles, and kisses. Talk about your future, and arrange meetings with your family members and friends.

You won’t say a word this way, but he’ll know you’re into him!

To Sum Up

Yes, there are many other signs he’s into you, but these 6 signs he’s completely fallen for you will definitely be a game-changer.

They are clear signs he wants to connect with you on a deeper level and that this whole thing is really important to him. So, what will be your next move?

If you’re ready for a new relationship and think that he’s the right person for you, girl, go for it! But take it slowly – even the worst people are able to hide their bad traits.

However, only for a short time!