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Do Guys Like Being Called Cute? (17 Reasons For Yes And No)

Do Guys Like Being Called Cute? (17 Reasons For Yes And No)

When we are in love or find someone physically attractive or both, we just can’t help ourselves but compliment them all the time.

Those compliments come from the bottom of the hearts and are said with the best intentions. But, what about men? What are the best compliments or nicknames for them?

Do guys like being called cute? Well, it all depends on the guy himself. Some guys do like it, and others simply don’t. This article is all about this topic!

If you want to know the reasons why a lot of guys like to be called cute, but others think that it’s a bad thing, get stuck into this article, and you’ll know all the details.

Do Guys Like Being Called Cute? The Real Insight

Even if there were an instruction book on how men think, it wouldn’t help us, considering how different we are from men.

What we think will make them happy and confident might actually do the complete opposite.

It’s not about following a manual; instead, it’s about how each of us is unique and that we need to get to know someone before we can properly compliment one another.

9 Reasons Why Men Like Being Called Cute

This is a section for those who asked: ‘‘Do Guys Like Being Called Cute?’’ and saw positive feedback. So for what reasons do men like being called cute? Here is a list:

1. They feel soft

There are different types of guys – some of them simply like being called cute as it makes them feel soft.

Most of the time, society tries to impose the attitude that men are strong and tough creatures. Well, normally, they are.

However, sometimes, they just want to let their guard down and enjoy the feeling of softness.

When it comes to men, cute is only used when we describe something they said or did. For example, ‘‘Thank you, that is so cute of you.’’ Maybe just for once, they want to be in our shoes and feel everything we do.

Most compliments directed at guys are of a physical nature. If a guy is recognized for something other than their physical appearance, they might start to feel softer and warmer.

When someone has spent most of their lives suppressing their emotions, that feeling might be a relief.

2. It promotes closeness

A man feels more connected to someone when they are told they are cute because it is uncommon to receive such a compliment.

They think that person sees them in a way that others do not. Calling your lover cute can help your significant other feel closer to you.

But besides this emotional closeness, it also promotes physical intimacy. I mean…you can’t tell someone they’re cute and not hug them, right? After a hug, cuddling will follow!

3. Reduces shame

Men are told by society that they cannot be cute. It conveys to them the message that only girls can be cute.

As a result, many guys experience some guilt when they engage in what they consider cute. A guy will appreciate it if you call him cute, though, as it decreases his sense of embarrassment.

When you describe someone as cute, you’re essentially supporting the behavior that got you to react that way in the first place. And as it’s a form of praise, your mind will always crave more of it.

In two simple steps, you will be able to reduce his shame: don’t make fun of his actions and always embrace them with a compliment.

They may then be able to use this to boost their confidence and self-esteem. By labeling a guy cute, you can alter how he sees himself.

4. They feel loved

When you are in a long-term relationship, compliments start to lose their value over time. But if you start calling your man cute, especially the first time, it will come unexpectedly and be fresh.

This is just another way of showing you how loved he actually is. It can also have a good effect on becoming more open and vulnerable.

This is a great act as it shows that you aren’t trying to tease or humiliate them – you just love what they’re doing and how they’re behaving.

5. They become more confident

In our society, men hardly ever receive compliments. If a girl compliments a guy and says he’s cute, it will boost their confidence.

They love being called cute, as this doesn’t happen often. Usually, girls compliment them with…well, any other compliment, but never by calling them cute.

As a result, guys might feel uncomfortable engaging in a particular behavior or experiencing a certain emotion.

This will have a huge but positive impact on their self-esteem. This way, he will feel extremely proud of something he does.

6. It improves their mood

If you want to lift someone’s spirits, telling them that they are cute will do a nice job. The reasons someone isn’t in a good mood can be various.

Maybe he missed his coffee this morning? Has he had a bad day at work?

No matter the reason, calling him cute will boost his mood like he never had problems in his life.

Being called cute is one of the ways you can improve a guy’s mood. That’s because it’s usually an uncommon compliment. You see, a single compliment from a loved one has the power to dramatically change the course of their day.

Instead of dismissing it as just another instance of someone sexualizing him, it catches him off guard and makes him feel the full weight of the compliment.

7. They feel special

We compliment someone based on how they look every day. Wow, you look great! Oh my God, you are beautiful today!

Those are just some of the compliments you’ll hear. But do any of those compliments make you feel like you are special to someone? Well…not really.

Although those compliments are great and may boost your confidence, you don’t really feel special to the people paying you the compliments. But when somebody calls you cute?

Those are the compliments that have a huge impact on us. The same applies to guys. A guy will feel special when you call him cute.

This is due to the fact that they think you are the only person who can truly see them as they are.

A compliment about being attractive, seductive, or having great eyes can be given to almost anyone, but not everyone gets one about being cute.

They’re seen in a way that they don’t even recognize in themselves. Feeling special is a great feeling. It makes you feel as though you stand out instead of simply being another human in the world.

It makes them feel as though they matter to that person. Guys like it when someone calls them cute because it makes them feel special.

They are perceived in a way that they are not even aware of. It’s wonderful to feel special. It gives you the impression that you are unique rather than just another person in the world.

It gives them the impression that someone cares about them.

8. It is both romantic and platonic

Another reason guys appreciate being called cute is that it may be applied in a platonic or romantic context.

Despite the fact that the term “cute” frequently evokes some strong feelings, not all of those feelings are necessarily romantic.

It is also capable of being equally loving in a platonic way. So, for example, it is totally normal and even loving when your friend tells you that you are being cute, no matter if you did something or are just looking cute.

It’s a wonderful approach to bringing friends closer together. Additionally, it fosters a sense of safety among you and helps you all support one another.

Encouraging your friend group to share compliments, more specifically saying that they’re cute, will make them feel more comfortable doing the things they do but also, they will become more comfortable revealing other parts of themselves.

This will create a cozy little safe space where everyone will be welcome to share their thoughts and actions.

Guys like compliments on their looks even when they don’t necessarily come from a girlfriend. When a friend compliments them on how cute they are, they feel just the same way.

9. They feel younger

Some guys love being called cute because it makes them feel younger. When someone calls you cute, it can sometimes make you feel childish – but not in a bad way.

Rather, it pushes you to enjoy the childlike wonder and joy you once had by recognizing the child that still lives within you. They can take a break from the difficulties of adult life at this time.

Because it helps them feel young or like a child again, even for a moment, guys enjoy being called cute.

8 Reasons Why Men Don’t Like Being Called Cute

Some guys don’t like being called cute. They think that it’s completely different when a guy calls you cute and when a girl does the same.

And although it is one of the most popular terms of endearment, they simply don’t like it.

1. It makes them feminine

While some guys like being called cute, others don’t care about it, and the last type can be offended. I often wondered, “Do guys like being called cute?” and then I accidentally heard the ‘“Please don’t call me cute” sentence.

I was pretty shocked that someone didn’t like being complimented, so I did a little research. It turns out that if you call him cute, it may seem as though you are putting him in a feminine context.

This is due to the fact that ‘‘cute’’ is usually linked to girls, and it is obvious why that bothers him.

2. Sign of the friendzone

If you bring up the C word in conversation with a guy more than is acceptable to him, he will start to think that it is some kind of tactic to indirectly friendzone him.

Men like to be called hunks, sexy, and handsome. Therefore, if you keep calling him cute, he might become extremely confused if you additionally flirt with him at the same time.

3. They feel small

Being called cute can have a number of effects on a guy. He might feel silly and ridiculous but also small. They have the opinion that cute can only be used when describing a young girl or a puppy.

It is seen as diminutive, the equivalent of being small. And once more, the last thing a guy wants is for a girl to consider ANY part of him small.

4. Are you serious?

In many cases, men won’t believe that you are serious when you call them cute. They usually think that the word cute is something that was used in high school but not now when we’re older.

When a guy is called cute, he will instantly think that you are making fun of him, and he will never take you seriously. They think that there are better words to describe a guy who is good-looking.

5. They don’t think they’re sexy

Maybe in our ‘‘sweet and pink’’ world, cute is an appropriate compliment, but in real life, the situation is different. The bottom line is that many guys think that being cute isn’t sexy.

Instead of being wonderfully cute and cuddly, a guy wants you to find him breathtakingly attractive and sexy. So rather compliment his manhood.

6. It makes them uncomfortable

We often forget or simply aren’t aware that a certain guy isn’t interested in us. Maybe he doesn’t see any physical attractiveness between you two or doesn’t have romantic feelings toward you.

But you already attacked him with your flirty compliments, and now he is just left feeling uncomfortable. To avoid this, just look at his body language, which will tell you if it’s okay to pay him compliments or not.

Or maybe he just went through a breakup with a girl who used to say that a lot, and hearing you say it may be extremely unpleasant for them.

7. ‘‘I’m your hero. I’m not cute.’’

Being a hero and being cute doesn’t really go together, does it? So yeah, I get why some guys might find it a turn-off. He imagines himself fighting off bandits and fighting wars for your protection and love.

However, the moment you call him a cutie, everything will be completely ruined for him. Men prefer to play the hero, not the supporting role.

8. You see him as a baby boy

As I mentioned before, we are all different and like different things. You never know why someone doesn’t like certain things.

So, for example, maybe a guy doesn’t like being called cute, as this reminds him how his parents see him as a little and immature boy.

To him, cute means that he is still that immature little boy. That’s why you should avoid doing this and start paying him compliments that will boost his manhood. For example, ‘‘big guy,’’ ‘‘champ,’’ etc.

Is Being Called Cute A Compliment?

Being called cute is a compliment. However, it is up to you how you interpret the compliment.

Some people simply don’t like being called cute as it makes them feel small or childish. When it comes to men, they sometimes don’t like being called cute as it makes them feminine.

They often think that this C word can even send them into the friendzone.

What Is The Best Way To Call A Guy Cute?

If a guy doesn’t like being called cute, or you just want to call him some other names, here is a list of nicknames you can use:

• Captain

• Champ

• Bae

• Darling

• Baby

• Bubba

• Any pet name

What Is The Difference Between Being Called Cute And Handsome?

Being called cute is often related to the fact that you did something that made you look cute. It has nothing to do with your outer appearance. In some cases, it may indicate someone who looks younger and childish in a positive way.

On the contrary, when someone calls you handsome, it definitely means they are saying that you are physically attractive and charming,

Bottom Line

To conclude, do guys like being called cute, or is it a turn-off for them?

Well, it depends.

I think that no one really knows the true power of a single compliment. ‘‘You are cute’’ is a phrase that may have multiple effects on a guy. Not only will it make his day, but he will also feel more confident and younger.

On the contrary, this powerful but simple compliment can act as a huge turn-off for some guys. It can affect their masculinity and make them feel silly and small…

However, you can still use other compliments or nicknames to brighten their day, such as my love, bae, champ, etc.

The most important thing is to know the guy you are complimenting. Try your best to get to know them before you start saying the C word around them, no matter if they are your partner, friend, family member, or someone else.