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666 Meaning And 5 Reasons Why You Keep Seeing This Angel Number

666 Meaning And 5 Reasons Why You Keep Seeing This Angel Number

Here it is, the angel number most people are afraid to say out loud… 666… The number of the beast. Most people recognize it as the number of the Antichrist, but is this number really that ‘bad’?

If you keep seeing this number everywhere you go, I’m sure you’re interested in the 666 angel number meaning. Actually, I’m sure you’re panic-stricken because you think that it’s a sign from God that something bad will happen to you.

666 is known as the mark of the beast, and that’s why most people see it as a cursed number in a way.

But trust me, and I’m not saying this just to comfort you, but there’s no need to be afraid. This number is like any other angel number, and, of course, it has some negative meanings, but it also has some pretty good and positive ones.

What does 666 mean? Why do you keep seeing this number everywhere? What does the Bible say about it? These and many more answers are waiting for you below, so scroll down to find them all out.

What Is The Meaning Of 666?

What is the meaning of the number 666? Is it really the devil’s number, and does it mean that Satan is coming to get you?

Yes, it’s true that this repetition of the number six is mostly used by followers of the Antichrist, but that doesn’t mean that it’s unlucky or that something really bad is going to happen to you.

We’ll talk more about the biblical meaning of the number 666, but let’s talk about its numerical value first.

I don’t know if you have ever heard of gematria because this practice has a lot to say about the meaning of the number 666.

Gematria is the Jewish study that adds a numerical value to every word, phrase, or sentence of ancient Greek or Hebrew.

That’s why this sequence of the number six is mostly associated with the most infamous Roman emperor, Nero Caesar. Most people actually hated him because he killed his own mother and two of his spouses.

The name Nero transliterated in Greek is spelled Neron and, using the study of gematria, produces the number 666. As you can see, it’s perfectly reasonable why Romans didn’t like this number and why they considered it evil.

On the other hand, it’s the most favored number in China, and they consider it a very positive number. It’s actually the tonal equivalent for ‘things go smoothly’ in the Chinese language.

A fun fact is that if you add the first six symbols of the Roman numeral notation together, you’ll get the number 666.

Also, the ‘number of the beast’ is connected with roulette. When you add all the numbers on the roulette wheel, you get the number 666. It’s no wonder people say that gambling is the devil. Haha, just kidding, of course.

And now, let’s find out why the number 666 keeps popping up on your path and what you should do about it.

Your guardian angel is trying to warn you

There is nothing bad about the meaning of the number 666. It may simply be a warning message your guardian angel is trying to convey to you.

Maybe he’s trying to tell you that you need to back off and distance yourself from everything for a while and think about where you’re standing in life and if it is a place where you really want to be.

Your life needs balance

Don’t manage yourself, manage your time. Accept that you can’t deal with everything by yourself all the time. Sometimes you need to ask for help, and there is absolutely nothing bad about that.

Celebrate even the smallest success and accomplishment you make. Don’t be too hard on yourself when you make a mistake because, after all, we’re all human and making mistakes is in our nature.

It’s encouraging you to reach new heights

The number six hundred and sixty-six really has an encouraging and motivational message for you. It’s trying to encourage you to grab life by the horns and achieve everything you put your mind to.

Don’t be afraid to try. Even when you don’t succeed, you should look at it as your greatest success because you won against your greatest enemy.

You fought against your fear and won that battle. It’s truly the greatest success a person can achieve.

Some things need to be let go of

Is there something that is bothering you in life? Is there a person who keeps hurting you and your feelings? Is there someone who keeps ruining and affecting your inner peace?

If there is, you need to let it go or let them go. Don’t allow anyone or anything to affect your inner peace or sabotage your happiness.

Learn the great art of letting go, and you’ll see what great power it truly has that will make your life a whole lot better instantly.

You’re ignoring your inner voice

Just try to trust yourself and your inner voice a little bit more. If you don’t have a good feeling about something, don’t simply do it because your gut feeling is probably right.

Consider your inner voice as your best friend. And sometimes, you really need to mute both your mind and heart and listen only to your gut.

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666 Meaning Spiritual

As we already saw, this number has a few beautiful spiritual meanings too. However, the most important one is that it symbolizes the spiritual awakening call.

It’s how your guardian angel is trying to warn you that it’s time to wake up and reconsider your life.

To be honest, we are all a bit preoccupied with material things and possessions nowadays, and we are all neglecting that spiritual side. That’s the reason why we have all become so cold and distant.

Seeing this sequence of the number 6 is simply a warning that we need to take a break from this world and devote ourselves to our spiritual growth.

Think about things that are really important in life. Is it your job, house, your car, or is it actually your family, friends, and your relationship with God?

I think the answer here is the same for all of us, but the truth is that we all tend to forget from time to time.

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What Does 666 Mean In The Bible?

So, what does the Bible say about this angel number? Unfortunately, all these negative meanings of the number 666 are greatly influenced by the Bible.

In the Book of Revelation, it’s said that this number is the number of the beast, the number of Christ’s greatest enemy, Satan.

Well, this number is definitely mentioned in the Bible, and I’m going to quote it right here below:

The apocalyptic vision of the Book of Revelation of the New Testament says: “Here is wisdom.

Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man, and his number is six hundred threescore-and-six.”

That’s why most Christians believed that Nero is the Antichrist himself because of the number of his name, 666. They believe that, in the apocalyptic end times, he’ll stand by Satan and all the other false prophets and enemies of Christ.

Even though the Book of Revelation is generally attributed to John the Apostle and his vision from God, we still need to be careful with its interpretation because, after all, the author’s name isn’t completely clear and sure.

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666 Meaning Law Of Attraction

Just to be clear once again, the number 666 isn’t an evil or unlucky number, and the law of attraction is here to prove that.

Also, we have more proof of this. As we all know, Virgo is the sixth astrological sign in the zodiac. And Virgos are truly the representatives of balance and harmony.

Seeing this number simply means that your life is filled with great and positive energy. It means that you’re focused on getting your life into balance.

The universe is trying to tell you that your life is about to get a higher sense and that something really beautiful and true is coming your way.

And we all know how the law of attraction works: you’ll attract only those things you’re focused on…

That leads us to the following conclusion: you’re about to attract someone into your life who is also filled with great energy and positive thinking and with whom you’ll build a wonderful and loving relationship.

It doesn’t have to mean that you’ll meet your soulmate and that the universe will cross your life paths. It may also mean that you’re about to meet a person with whom you’ll establish a true connection that will last a lifetime.

666 Meaning In Love

When it comes to love, the number 666 is some kind of a, let’s say, warning message. Don’t worry – it doesn’t mean that you’re about to lose the love of your life or anything like that.

It simply means that you need to fight harder to keep your relationship. That is, that you need to nurture your relationship every day if you want it to last.

It’s trying to tell you that you need to let your romantic side out and try to be more adventurous and creative with your other half.

Your relationship is definitely missing something, and now it’s up to you to find out what it is exactly and how to fix it.

Also, this may just be a reminder that you should never neglect self-love because of your relationship or your loved one.

Remember, it’s truly very important and beautiful to have someone to love, but it’s even more important to love yourself first. Always first.

666 Meaning Twin Flame

The number 666 has a positive meaning when it comes to a twin flame too. It simply symbolizes that some heavy storms are about to hit your relationship, and your angels are trying to warn you that you should be strong and fight it together.

The sun will shine again, but you need to prove that your relationship is worth the sunshine. You need to stick together no matter what and fight tooth and nail to save your relationship.

And if you haven’t found your twin flame yet and you keep seeing the number 666, it may be a way your angel is trying to tell you that you need to stop obsessing about when you’ll find your soulmate.

You’ll meet your twin flame for sure; it’s just a matter of time. The universe never fails to connect soulmates. You only need to be patient.

The right person will come into your life at the right time. As much as you want to, you can’t hurry fate. And the reason you need to stop obsessing about it is that it’s affecting your happiness and inner peace.

To Wrap It All Up

So, what does it mean when you see 666 everywhere you go?

And if we have to sum up everything about the meaning of the number 666 in only one sentence, it’ll be something like this: keep your life in balance and dedicate more to the most important person in your life, yourself.

​​​​That is the beautiful, hidden meaning behind this mysterious number.

I also hope that I managed to break the prejudice about this number because, as you can see, it isn’t the devil’s number, and it really has some beautiful and encouraging meanings.

Just try to trust the universe and be aligned with it more – let it guide you through everything. No matter what happens, keep thinking positively, and you’ll attract even more positive and beautiful things into your life.