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Taurus And Aquarius Compatibility In Love And Friendship

Taurus And Aquarius Compatibility In Love And Friendship

Can two zodiac signs with the same energy but completely different approaches to life get along? Are they able to make any kind of relationship work?

The answers to these questions can give us a look into the Taurus and Aquarius horoscope pairing. Most people believe in the theory that opposites attract, and today, we have the opportunity to test that theory out on this exciting couple.

Heads up, this is a very challenging and adventurous match, so prepare yourself because it’ll be a real adventure exploring them and their compatibility.

Are Taurus And Aquarius Compatible?

Unfortunately, Taurus and Aquarius are one of the most incompatible horoscope matches. Actually, it’s known that earth and air signs don’t generally make the best matches.

On one side, we have the easy-going, independent, and optimistic Aquarius, and on the other side, there is the grounded, down-to-earth, stoic, and very stubborn Taurus. It’s no wonder this horoscope pairing doesn’t get along well.

A much better match for the earth sign Taurus would be Virgo, Pisces, or Capricorn. And the sun signs Gemini, Libra, or Sagittarius would match the air sign Aquarius so much better.

Aquarius is ruled by the planet Uranus (and Saturn, in the traditional horoscope), making this sun sign unpredictable and prone to changes. They try to live life to the fullest every single day.

On the flip side, Taurus is governed by Venus, plus they belong to the group of fixed zodiac signs. That’s probably why Tauruses hate change so much and prefer a more secure, routine-based way of life. Unlike Aquarius, Taurus takes life day by day.

One thing (and probably the only thing) Taurus and Aquarius have in common is that they’re both fixed signs. Both of them are stubborn and very single-minded, but they also long for a stable, committed relationship.

Do Taurus And Aquarius Get Along In Love?

Most astrologers agree that the Taurus-Aquarius love compatibility is rock-bottom low. The truth is that these two zodiac signs could form a stable long-term relationship, but they usually don’t stick around long enough to make it happen.

Their differences make them give up on their relationship way too soon. Unfortunately, they don’t even give their love a chance to build a bridge that would bring them closer and connect them forever.

However, and this is really one of those important ‘howevers,’ they have that crazy chemistry that not too many couples get to feel. The first moment they meet, they feel intensely attracted and simply are infatuated by each other.

Experts say that when that infatuation phase ends, the ‘true love phase’ begins. Unfortunately, that’s not the case with this love match.

Their infatuation is rooted in passion, and it rarely evolves into something bigger and deeper than that. This horoscope match isn’t able to form a strong emotional connection, and that’s why they’ll never have what is needed to build a stable and healthy relationship.

Taurus Man And Aquarius Woman Zodiac Compatibility

Even though the overall Aquarius-Taurus compatibility is low, this combination actually has a chance to succeed.

The Taurus man knows the path to the gentle and fragile Aquarius woman‘s heart. She’s emotional and very sensible, but the Taurus man knows how to approach her and be very understanding of his Aquarius partner’s needs.

That warm and protective nature of a Taurus man will make the Aquarius woman instantly fall hard for him. Another thing she’ll admire about her Taurus partner is his ability to take the lead without being dominant or controlling.

To be honest, this zodiac combo can be challenging because both the Taurus man and Aquarius woman have their differences, but despite them all, they can form a healthy relationship and be a very powerful couple.

They can be that couple all the other couples are envious of. The epitome of the Taurus-Aquarius zodiac pairing is the lovely couple George Clooney and his wife, Amal Alamuddin.

Aquarius Man And Taurus Woman Love Compatibility

An Aquarius man and Taurus woman can actually complement each other in a very special way, but their differences will tear them apart before they are able to understand it.

Aries, Sagittarius, and Aquarius men are known for their easy-going, happy-go-lucky, and optimistic personalities, which is probably the number one reason they don’t get along with the uptight Taurus woman.

An Aquarius man also has a very flirtatious nature, and a Taurus woman is one of the most loyal females of the zodiac, and she won’t like it at all. She’s one of those fiercely loyal women who simply can’t stand their partners flirting or even talking with someone else.

Both the Aquarius man and Taurus woman are stubborn as mules, and they will never compromise to reach an agreement. They’re truly unable to find common ground, and that’s why their relationship has a very low chance of success.

The fact is that the Aquarius man matches better with Sagittarius or Leo women, while men born under Scorpio and Pisces have better chances of winning over the Taurus woman’s heart.

Taurus And Aquarius In Bed

When it comes to the Taurus-Aquarius sexual compatibility, it seems like this couple can’t get on the same page no matter how hard they try. It’s probably due to their different sexual styles.

Taurus is known for their love of routine. They don’t like surprises in the bedroom, and they prefer a more, let’s say, traditional love-making routine.

Long-lasting and sensual foreplay is the biggest turn-on for people born under the zodiac sign of Taurus. They need to feel the passion to feel it – if you get what I mean.

When it comes to Aquarius, it’s really impossible to shock them in the bedroom. They’re used to everything, from different and exciting sex positions and sex toys to all kinds of fantasies and role-playing.

Aquarius doesn’t pay attention to foreplay at all. They get to the point immediately, and they actually find foreplay a waste of time.

Taurus and Aquarius simply want completely different things in bed. Aquarius will start feeling sexually bored, and the truth is that Taurus won’t ever be able to get used to their partner’s kinky desires in the bedroom.

10 Tips For Making The Taurus-Aquarius Relationship Work

Due to such low Aquarius-Taurus compatibility, we can say that the odds are against this horoscope match. However, if they bring the following things to the relationship table, they can beat all the odds and form a beautiful, lasting relationship:

1. Setting clear boundaries is a MUST.

2. Compromise without being resentful.

3. Be receptive to each other’s concerns.

4. Practice healthy communication.

5. Fight fair: attack the issue, not each other.

6. Show kindness and respect.

7. Cooperate with each other.

8. Strike a balance in your sex life.

9. Tip for Taurus: Get out of your safe cocoon.

10. Tips for Aquarius: Keep things nice ‘n’ slow.

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Taurus And Aquarius Friendship Compatibility

The truth is, Taurus and Aquarius have greater chances of succeeding as friends (even as best friends) than they do as lovers. Despite all their differences, the bull and the water bearer can form a stable and deep friendship bond.

Both Aquarius and Taurus have strong personalities, making it difficult for them to maintain any kind of relationship with other people. However, that’s actually why they get along so well.

They’re also intelligent and very dedicated to everything they do. Those are the personality traits that will bring them closer and allow their friendship to grow.

Taurean‘s neediness and the emotional detachment of an Aquarian can be an obstacle in their friendship. But, with a bit of understanding and patience, I’m sure this pairing will find a way to overcome it and keep their friendship going.

In Conclusion

Some of you may think that the ‘opposites attract’ theory is a myth or a very flawed theory. But, I think this couple has proved that it’s an absolute truth.

However, the thing is that attraction leads to infatuation, and that almost never ends up in true, undying love. No matter how much Taurus and Aquarius feel attracted to each other, it’ll be very difficult for them to form a deep emotional bond.

Without that kind of alignment, they constantly feel like something is missing. They’ll feel disconnected, and sooner or later, it’ll tear their relationship apart.

The bottom line is that Taurus and Aquarius have a very low zodiac compatibility score. Actually, it’s so low that most people wonder how they even make it past the first date.

But, if you did make it past the first, second, and fiftieth date… Let them wonder, and you just keep letting your love grow. ✊

Or, as the astrologer Molly Hall says: “If the two can handle the odd clash that naturally exists here, the relationship might work—to the shock of all their friends.”