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7 True And Tested Flirting Tips To Attract Any Guy

7 True And Tested Flirting Tips To Attract Any Guy

Some people are just naturally born with the art of flirting. It is sort of like getting up in the morning; they just know how to do it, while on the other hand, some just can’t catch a break no matter how hard they try.

Your pickup lines end up sounding clumsy or inconvenient. You just can’t seem to find the right words. Or sometimes, you are just not brave enough, especially if you are shy by nature and have a hard time loosening up in front of strangers.

Don’t let a lack of flirting confidence stop you from connecting with someone you like. If you wonder how others can do it so easily, it’s not that much of a science. You have it in you, too. You just have to release your flirtatious inner goddess and believe in yourself more. Get your flirting confidence over the roof.

If you have difficulties in the confidence area, go to the link for more information on how to boost your flirting confidence:  How to relax and flirt with confidence

Here are some tips that will definitely help you loosen up and release that flirting talent you’ve got hidden deep inside which no man can resist:

1. Compliment him

Men like to be complimented as well, so don’t think they don’t. Who doesn’t want to hear they look good every now and then? It’s a perfect ego boost for every person alive, the same for women as for men, so don’t think they are exceptions. If by any chance he needs an opinion on his let’s say, new shirt, make sure you compliment him to make him feel sexy. You will definitely score some points there.

2. Use humor

How to seduce a man? Well, humor is possibly the strongest weapon women have to seduce any man. You can compliment them, you can smile, but if you don’t know how to have fun at your own expense or someone else’s, then you’re not that fun and immediately, not that interesting. Humor is a very effective way of flirting because, in reality, you can say something you really mean packed in a joke and see how he reacts to what you’ve said. You can also use some flirty jokes and funny pick-up lines.

3. Body language is your friend

Make constant eye contact. Body language is the best thing you have and the best way in which you can make a man emotionally attached to you. Eyes are windows to the soul. You can tell exactly what the person is like just by looking into their eyes. So, if you want to make clear to him that you like him, keep eye contact and he will get it, sooner or later.

4. Don’t overdo it

You have to hold back from flirting, not to overdo it. No one likes a person who tries too hard. It will create an awkward situation and the outcome will be completely opposite to flirting. Be careful with your conversation choices and don’t take everything everyone tells you literally. Don’t reveal everything about yourself right away. A dose of mysteriousness is always welcome.

5. Smile

Okay, so smiling is the easiest way to flirt. No one can stay indifferent to a beautiful smile and each and every smile is beautiful in its own way. It’s perfectly easy and every girl knows to use it. And the best thing is that it’s perfectly harmless. By smiling, you are not committing to anything because a smile can be interpreted as being polite or flirtatious. So, don’t be afraid to smile at the guy you want to seduce. He’ll probably take a hint and play along.

6. Accidentally touch him

Touching is the best indicator that you are into someone. You’re entering their personal space and entering personal space means that you want something a bit more than just friendship. Also, you have to be careful where to touch him. His arm, shoulder or “accidental” brushing is just fine as long as you keep it above the waist. You don’t want to come across as desperate and pushy.

7. Suggest spending time together

This is like an open invitation to flirt. You like him and you have given him a hint that you want to spend some more time with him. Maybe you should try this during a conversation. If you’re talking about some activity, try to ask him whether he like to do together whatever you were talking about. Try to present it as a fun way of spending time together with no strings attached. You don’t want to scare him by acting like you want commitment right away. Take one step at a time.