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A Heartfelt Letter To The Man I Love

A Heartfelt Letter To The Man I Love

Have you ever met someone and felt instantly connected, like sparks were flying from your body to theirs and made it tremble?

That little voice inside your head kept whispering silently: “This is fate. This place between his arms is where I’ve always supposed to have been.”

Well, that’s just a part of everything I feel when I am with him. That’s why this letter is addressed to the man I love.

I was just about to go to sleep when all these emotions came over me, and I just had to start writing. There are so many things I want you to know, and I never get the chance to say them, so I think it is high time I do that.

For starters, I want to thank you for teaching me what true love is.

All I felt for some other people before you doesn’t even come close to what I feel for you now. Your presence in my life, your way of loving me, overshadowed all those toxic periods of my life. Now they are just a memory that’s slowly fading away.

You showed me that love doesn’t have to be pushed, pulled and forced. It flows effortlessly when two people are on the same page. I wish I had realized that sooner. I would’ve spared myself a lot of heartbreak.

I want you to know that I became the best version of myself because I was loved by you.

Because I was loved the right way to be more precise. You were the one who believed in me even when I wasn’t able to do that myself. You turned my ‘can’ts’ into ‘cans’. You are my inspiration.

I am excelling at my job. I am earning more money, and I’m planning on buying myself a car. I am learning new things. I am traveling and exploring the world close to me as well as parts which are a bit further away.

I have a better social life, and my friends and family are seeing all the positive changes this relationship has brought me. They are also thankful because I am with you, and they love you because you are making me happy.

I am not distracted from my goals anymore by somebody who is planting insecurities in my heart and holding me back.

Now I have a confident self-loving man by my side who wants to see me thrive, and I am so grateful because of it.

Tears come rolling down my face sometimes, but don’t worry. They are tears of joy because now I see that everything in my life was just a path to you.

I think that it all had to go this way. I had to go through all that heartache and pain to be able to appreciate all this harmony and happiness that I have now.

I was broken and bent more times than I can remember. And I am not just the love wrecks I survived. Life was so cruel and unfair to me at times that I thought that I wouldn’t make it out alive.

But I did. I would get up from bed in the morning no matter how I felt. I pushed forward with all my strength as I knew deep down, that at the end of this road, I will be rewarded with love.

Thank you for being someone I can really talk to.

Maybe it will sound silly to you, and you will say I am crazy for thanking you for a simple thing like that, but for me, it really means a lot.

I love that I can come to you with anything. That I can talk to you about my plans for the future, my dreams as well as my problems. I am thankful because you share yours with me, too.

My day lights up when you send a text asking how my day went. It’s one of those little things that bring the greatest joy.

Thank you for bearing with me through my small dramas.

I know I have those. I know I have moments when I snap at you for no reason or because you said something I didn’t want to hear at that moment.

It’s not your fault, and you can’t read my mind. I know I can be a handful at times, but you are managing more than fine. You have your ways to calm me.

Thank you for not allowing us to go to bed angry.

Whenever we fight, we do our best to make up. Sure we might need a few hours to cool our heads and see things from a different perspective, but we always manage to find a solution.

We compromise. We meet each other halfway because we always put our love before our issues.

And it’s never about who wins or loses the argument. We know that if we don’t find the solution, we will both end up being the losers.

I love that you apologize when you realize that you’ve done something wrong. I love that you don’t place the blame on me.

I love those moments when we are waking up and still half asleep, and you reach for me just to pull me closer and kiss my neck.

I love that being affectionate comes so naturally to you. I never have to ask for a kiss or a hug because you are giving me plenty.

I cherish every moment we spend together. Everything that to others might seem so insignificant is so special to me.

I love when we watch movies together and how we comment on things. I love when you tickle me even though I am pretending I’m upset, and I’m begging you to stop. I love when you tuck me in. I love the way you are.

Everything with you just seems right.

I guess that’s what happens when you find yourself in a healthy and loving relationship. It all seems so natural and effortless.

It’s because we both want each other. We both want this to work, and we are ready to do anything for it. It’s because we both care deeply for one another. It’s because we are on the same page.

I guess that’s what happens when love is true. You feel that you’ve ended up where you’re always supposed to have been. You find your home in one person that God sent to this planet just to find you.

And you took your time in finding me. I waited a long time for you.

And you know what? I have to admit that you were worth the wait, and in the end, you came just when you were supposed to.

I always rolled my eyes when people would say: “The right one will come when you least expect him.” I know now that they were right. But I have to be honest. I would have preferred if you had hurried up and come a bit sooner.

But you are here now, and none of it matters. Maybe your timing was right because I was stronger when I met you. I had learned how to love myself by then. I was satisfied with my life, and I was on my way to make something of it.

You just added to my life. You added to my bliss. You added to my happiness and made it bigger.

I really am grateful for you, for us and for the chance to feel this way. Thank you for being your incredible self, and please, don’t ever change. You are everything I ever wanted in life and more.

To the man I love….
… with all my love.