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Aries And Taurus Compatibility In Love And Friendship

Aries And Taurus Compatibility In Love And Friendship

When it comes to any kind of relationship between Aries and Taurus, it should come with an explicit warning: Handle with care!

You will never know what to expect from a partnership between two such mulish and ardent people like Aries and Taurus. No matter whether it’s based on romantic love or a pure friendship, the final outcome is always uncertain.

One thing is for sure when it comes to this zodiac match, and it may be funny to you right now, but after you finish reading this article, you’ll see what I’m talking about…

When it comes to an Aries and Taurus pairing, the only thing that’s sure is that nothing is for sure. However, that opens the door to many possibilities… Exciting and beautiful possibilities.

Do Aries And Taurus Get Along?

This zodiac pairing is complicated and undefined. The surprises never end when it comes to these two zodiac signs.

Even though the TaurusAries compatibility score isn’t very good, this zodiac match still has very good chances of forming every kind of relationship. It’s only because they find balance and hope through their differences.

That balance helps them maintain their relationship. And the hope… Well, it actually gives them the strength and motivation to keep putting effort into making their relationship work and making their bond last forever.

The Aries zodiac sign is known for its passion and relentless determination. They’re confident, courageous, and ready to take on the world.

That, actually, is no wonder because Aries is governed by the planet Mars. It’s the planet that rules our passion, determination, and energy. It’s also a fire sign (together with Leo and Sagittarius), which once again confirms its passionate and spontaneous nature.

Its Taurus partner belongs to the group of the earth signs (along with Virgo and Capricorn), and they’re grounded, stable, realistic, and calculated. Taurus is ruled by the planet of love, balance, and relationships, the magnificent Venus.

What connects them the most is that both Aries and Taurus love to be in love. Seriously, they both long for a stable relationship. It’s like being in love is their emotional fuel.

However, as I said, the zodiac compatibility of these sun signs isn’t very good. But both of these zodiac signs are hard-working and dedicated, and that’s why I don’t doubt them or their love. Especially if their moon signs are compatible

Aries And Taurus Compatibility In Love

The Aries and Taurus relationship will be full of ups and downs, but does this mean that it’s not worth giving it a shot? Definitely not. Can Aries and Taurus be soulmates and form a stable, lasting relationship? Definitely yes.

A TaurusAries love will be based on pure passion and attraction in the beginning, and it won’t look like something that could last forever.

However, once feelings get involved, they won’t be able to stay away from each other. If they learn how to compromise on their differences, their love will be immortal.

The most important personality traits of Aries are risk-taking, courage, determination, straight-forwardness, and restlessness. There is nothing the strong-willed ram can’t achieve once they put their mind to it.

So, once they lay their eyes on a Taurus, they won’t stop until they make them theirs.

Taurus’s personality traits are stubbornness, logic, dependability, intelligence, confidence, and determination. Taurus also never gives up on their goals. They can stop to take a break or think about their next steps, but they’ll never stop to give up…

As you can see, Taurus and Aries are actually very similar, which is a huge plus for their relationship.

Oh, while we’re talking about the pros of Aries-Taurus love… Aries is a cardinal sign (along with Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn), and Taurus is a fixed sign (together with Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius), and it’s known that cardinal and fixed signs get along extremely well.

Aries Man-Taurus Woman Relationship Compatibility

This is a very powerful alliance that is capable of making a very strong relationship. Both the Aries man and Taurus woman need someone willing to commit and be faithful, and they’ll find that person in each other.

They’ll be aware of their differences, but instead of trying to change each other, they’ll actually come together and try to learn through those little things that separate them.

The Taurus woman is reserved and a bit cold by nature, but the patient and emotional Aries man will help her open up.

On the other hand, an Aries man can become possessive and controlling in a relationship, but his Taurus partner will prove that she’s trustworthy, and she’ll try to avoid situations that can lead to unjustified suspicions.

Taurus Man-Aries Woman Love Compatibility

The astrologer Molly Hall said something very interesting about this love match, and I really have to quote it here; “The Aries Woman and Taurus Man combination is a switcheroo of yin and yang. This works when Aries respects his need to go slow, and Taurus respects her need to go fast.”

The Taurus man and Aries woman have different approaches and perspectives on life, that’s for sure. The Aries woman is very similar to a Gemini woman; both are direct, energetic, and eager to explore new things. On the other hand, the Taurean guy is steady and rarely steps out of his comfort zone.

However, this doesn’t have to be a bad thing. If they learn to balance each other out, the Aries woman can help her Taurus partner leave his comfort zone and enjoy life more, while he can help her cultivate stability in life.

If you’re a Taurus man who is in love with an Aries woman or vice versa, you can rest assured because the zodiac compatibility is on your side.

You just need to fight for your love more and not allow it to break under pressure. And that pressure will come out of your differences, which is why you need to accept and embrace them as soon as possible.

Are Aries And Taurus Sexually Compatible?

Well, the fact is that their sexual compatibility isn’t so good, and both Aries and Taurus will have to put some effort into making things work between them in bed.

In the beginning, they’ll feel deeply attracted to each other, and their sex life will be fulfilling. However, after a while, they’ll understand that they have different sexual styles, and it’ll harm their intimate bond.

Aries is more flexible and accepting in bed than Taurus is. They have a high sex drive, and like it rough in the bedroom, which can include anything from spanking their loved one during foreplay to BDSM.

On the other hand, Taurus enjoys having more casual sex. Their sex drive is also high and along with Pisces, they’re considered the most passionate lovers of the zodiac, but it’s just that they like to keep things casual and hate experimenting in bed.

8 Pieces Of Advice For A More Successful Aries-Taurus Relationship

Your relationship already has the potential to be strong and lasting; you just need to put a bit of work and balance into it. Here’s how you can do it:

1. Communicate, communicate, communicate.

2. Be empathetic.

3. Keep your expectations realistic.

4. Create rituals.

5. Plan for roadblocks.

6. Giving each other space is a must.

7. Tip for Aries: Cook more often for your Taurus partner… The way to their heart is through their stomach.

8. Tip for Taurus: Let your Aries partner take the lead.

Aries And Taurus Friendship Compatibility

A friendship between the fire Aries sign and the earth Taurus sign will be based on support, respect, and loyalty. These two horoscope signs are neighbors in the zodiac wheel, and they actually get along very well.

Both of these zodiac signs are very ambitious and strong-willed when it comes to achieving their dreams and goals. Giving up is never an option for Aries and Taurus.

The support and encouragement they give each other are simply admirable. They help each other grow and become better people… Aries motivates Taurus to take more risks in life, while Taurus tries to warn Aries about being more cautious.

Both of them don’t get along well with Leo and Scorpio, so we can say that they also have the same enemies. And as Abraham Lincoln once said, “A friend is one who has the same enemies as you have.”

In Total

Aries and Taurus aren’t a soulmate match. They don’t have high zodiac compatibility. But, despite all those things, this zodiac pairing still has great potential to achieve some amazing things.

Love isn’t enough to make a relationship work. You need sacrifice, respect, admiration, and loyalty to make a relationship succeed and keep it real.

However, I’m always rooting for love, no matter what the circumstances are. That’s why I’m rooting and keeping my finger crossed for this interesting couple, and I truly hope they’ll find a way to make their love last forever.